Chiefs lost 2 in a row UGH  

lorilovingu 54F
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9/26/2021 3:26 pm
Chiefs lost 2 in a row UGH

Hope everyone's summer is going well. Enjoying and being active at home, work , and play. Chiefs lost 2 in a row.........UGH!!! Going to have a frustration F, and hump hard to relieve the anguish and get back to normal. Be safe and be smart, get in your daily dose.

CleavageFan4U 64M  
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9/26/2021 6:11 pm

What happened to the team was that going to be 20-0?

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redrockrascal 63M
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9/26/2021 7:04 pm

Come over to the Black and Silver side - be a RAIDER and Just Win Baby

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seastheday4u 64M/65F
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9/27/2021 6:08 am

Being from KC I know how you feel but we shall return never give up on the Chiefs and remember Coach Gruden knows more about Corona then football LOL

John324864 73M  
1222 posts
9/27/2021 8:07 am

Oh no We've lost 2 in a row..............But I still believe in them........long time fans don't give up.

midhard1 65M
201 posts
10/3/2021 1:07 pm

Hmm .. if they had won 2 in a row, how would the hump be?
Have fun and enjoy.

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