Trolling. Here you go  

luckyhands21 43M
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8/14/2019 6:57 am
Trolling. Here you go

Trolling. So many of you wonder why i do it. Why am I so mean? A hair sarcastic? A touch of a homophobe (even though fags, queers, trannies and crossdressing sickos don't scare me) with a splash of smart assery. Why am I like this? Well for one i can be. See here's the thing. This used to be a place where a guy could meet a woman. They meet up and whatever happens from there happened. Usually for the good but if it went south then him or her got a bad testimonial. And is pretty much where it stayed. Then the couples arrived. Ok, fine. Come on in, the water's fine. Then the swingers arrived. Great! The more the merrier! Until someone comes down with a sore or a bump. 's how it was. Cams were free. Chat was free. Hell even friend invites, flirts and often was free. Now? Obviously the site sucks. I was there when the latinas who were supposedly in their "20s" started to take over the cam section. And then it happened. Somewhere the homos crept on here wanting to hit on ever guy asking if they can give them some head or something. Then it got worse and worse and this site leaned more towards book of face rather than Everyone wants to be "liked" yet does nothing to earn respect. Some of you ladies want good comments on yout disgusting fat asses and then you have your old status out therr from 5 or 6 years ago and you expect nobody to say anything. Well this guy has no problems going in. Hey i can totally accept I'm not the greatest looking guy far but i dont come on here and asked to be liked, leave a status or pull whatever dumb shit the cool are doing on here these days. I get hit on men i will embarass and demean you. You trannies keep trying to hotlist me? I have no idea what you want but you're clearly barking up the wrong tree. You down low, bi males who have your junk all over your profile pic? Stay off my profile. So this is why i . This site has turned to shit, so many people have their feelings on their sleeves and so many people really believe in this internet thing so much they put their all into it. I can tell you do because you get so butt hurt over what i say. Most of the time, well 90 of the time I'm jist chiding you over a status. Harmless ribbing seems to run people thevwrong way. Meh, who cares. The things i say about you boys are loght in your loafers? I mean with every fiber of my being. So in short 's why i . I probably wont stop so get over it. If you want to debate, comment or spill your truth pull up a chair and let me poke holes in your logic.

Special shout out to mamacita, vopesahe and any other real woman out there ( you know the kind born with lady parts) who posts beautiful pictures of women so guys like me can be reminded of what a real woman is. And a special thank you to the real women on here who are tired of men who act like women and put on a show. Beta males, cucks, simps and white knights are the scum of the earth.

I'll be waiting.......

author51 58F  
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9/20/2019 5:27 am

Here is another real woman, except unlike my friends posting photos of women from the internet, mine are very real and all me...Now is that real enough for you?

luckyhands21 43M
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9/30/2019 10:42 pm

yes it is!! thank you for being real my dear

Tmptrzz 59F  
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12/21/2019 1:07 pm

I have to say kudos to you for saying exactly what's on your mind. That is so important here as many people like to sugar coat things. I am as real as it gets, although I don't post naked naughty pictures of myself as I don't need to. As a long time member been there and done that.

If people want to see me they can see me when I am on cam, I also don't use fake pictures of myself on my profile either. Many do this and it irritates the shit out of me because I have met so many wonderful people here from the site over the years and its so important to just be yourself and show who you are. Not try to hide behind someone else's picture pretending to be someone they are not!!!

You know there are many men here that feel the same way you do about them looking at your pictures, hitting on you, or watching other men on cams. As a moderator for the Girls Watching Guys On Cam Group, just let me say that is the number one complaint from the men in that room as they are always saying why are men watching me. I tell them because I have been told by some of the men who do watch other men on cam they are looking for different stroking techniques. I know right not sure about that either but that's what they say!!!

Men are going to watch other men no matter what one says or does, its just a fact of this site. So I get how you feel, and just keep on being you and say what you think..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

Nxtphaze227 61F  
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9/16/2021 4:38 pm

I am real and appreciate your candor.

All the dick pic albums, most times not even theirs. They need to be aware that there are apps like Tineye that confirm authentic from just stock pics...just saying.

And the picture collectors are out of control. I have most all of my pictures private now and no one can see them.

I'm at the point where they need a video clip showing their face instead of just a clip of some guy rubbing one out.

Truth be told, that's like watching paint dry for most women. It's the guys/switch-hitters who are most interested in that.

Hard pass on all of that mess.

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