Lost in transition  

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9/29/2021 6:54 pm
Lost in transition

Sometimes I feel like this world is going around and around. But so many people have been lost in transition. The older generation's we have learned and overcome a great advancement in technology. Me personally started with the first Computers. I was still young enough it was easy. Then the internet boy men were quick get there and try figure out how meet woman. Dial- omg so bad. Then cell phones. old flip or small one could just make phone calls. Now everyone has a phone or tablet in their hands. $ 200 - $1000's per phone. Wi fi everywhere. WE can't find any place maps. Sometimes I want go back that simpler time. Without this advancement. With this knowledge people's lives have been saved world made better some and safer. But it has made thing worse easier for some bad people do bad things. But we have take the good with the bad. I hope this world stays safe. Sorry deep of stuff. Had a long dayNot Bling Owner



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