Noise level during Sex Men answer here  

lusciouslips7369 55M/48F
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6/16/2019 12:52 am

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Noise level during Sex Men answer here

How noisy do you want your partner to be when having sex?

Quite no noise at all
soft moans and groans
moaning groaning loader
Random screams of pleasure
Load screams moaning and Groaning
constant noise of some kind
Little of it all
"primal grunt/growl during ejaculation



Mark35160 44M
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7/14/2019 9:14 am

I love to talk dirty. And I talk constantly lol. It turns me on and takes my mind off getting a nut. By the way...FUCK you have some nice titties!

OldTatted 62M

6/18/2019 3:57 am

moans and groans of pleasure. Never was one for a loud session.

tom4u777 54M

6/17/2019 8:18 pm

dirty talk is a turn-on, followed by moans of pleasure

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6/17/2019 9:05 am



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