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sensor ship
Veröffentlicht:16. Oktober 2021, 13:19 Uhr
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They block post that tell people about fake shit
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Horoscope Gemini
Veröffentlicht:16. Oktober 2021, 8:05 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. Dezember 2021, 6:44 Uhr
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Wow really like my horoscope today. It is so true.

We all forgot that we arrived on this planet to enjoy ourselves. Of course, a life
without challenges would be extremely dull. But many of Earth's inhabitants believe life is all about working in a job they have to bills they barley manage to . What unpleasant, tedious, or uninspiring routine can you free yourself from now? It is not impossible as you might think.

This is the best one I have ever read and it is so true. Break the routine. Don't get stuck in a rut. Go have fun like I do on here.

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Lost in transition
Veröffentlicht:29. September 2021, 18:54 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. Dezember 2021, 6:44 Uhr
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Sometimes I feel like this world is going around and around. But so many people have been lost in transition. The older generation's we have learned and overcome a great advancement in technology. Me personally started with the first Computers. I was still young enough it was easy. Then the internet boy men were quick get there and try figure out how meet woman. Dial- omg so bad. Then cell phones. old flip or small one could just make phone calls. Now everyone has a phone or tablet in their hands. $ 200 - $1000's per phone. Wi fi everywhere. WE can't find any place maps. Sometimes I want go back that simpler time. Without this advancement. With this knowledge people's lives have been saved world made better some and safer. But it has made thing worse easier for some bad people do bad things. But we have take the good with the bad. I hope this world stays safe. Sorry deep of stuff. Had a long dayNot Bling Owner
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Age is only a number
Veröffentlicht:26. September 2021, 9:52 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:26. September 2021, 9:55 Uhr
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I was reading another persons blog. She is 78 years young. She was talking about her walking in 3 inch heels, dressing sexy, and wearing thong. Her sexual appetite. I just hope I can walk at that age. My knees are already messed up can't wear heels any more. I stopped wearing underwear long time of ago. Just a bother to wear them. I do like to dress nice looking sexy. I hope I still have sexual appetite also. You go girl. Keep telling them to bug off

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How can he hit it so much
Veröffentlicht:25. September 2021, 10:36 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:16. Oktober 2021, 7:47 Uhr
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How on earth can my husband my g-spot so much that I have orgasm after orgasm. He makes so much that my pussy gets to feel like it is going to explode or something. I dont know but I have to beg him to stop. I just can't take any more. He can flick his fingers over my clit and make me quickly.
I guess after 29 years he should know where and what to do. I love him more than anything. He is my rock the family and he is a amazing FUCK.

Wishing all men could make a woman orgasm many times.

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Veröffentlicht:20. September 2021, 3:51 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:29. September 2021, 18:32 Uhr
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We as a world should always help each other. When we are struggling remember someone else is struggling to. Reach out help some how some way. A hug , few words, physically ,spiritually or monetarily. Any of this can help that person. A smile and how are doing today?
Help the next person Please
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Sexy woman
Veröffentlicht:15. September 2021, 4:19 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. Dezember 2021, 6:44 Uhr
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What makes us feel sexy? Men do. Who makes us feel ugly and unwanted? Men do! They have the power to lift us up and slam us back down. Woman need to feel sexy, desirable, needed, and wanted. Ladies next time you walk by another lady that looks down a little smile and tell her you love her outfit, her hair , shoes, anything to make her smile. She will smile for the rest of the day for that simple thing you did.

Lets do this for all
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Veröffentlicht:15. September 2021, 3:47 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. Dezember 2021, 6:44 Uhr
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I am so bored with this site. I wanted to find a woman to play with to share to have a great time with. All I get are men. Which hey i get it they want that woman to. But some of you over step that line. Yes we know you love our pussy. ass, tits, and legs. Yes we know you want to lick bite and fuck it all. But when we say stop please and you guys don't. It is rude ignorant and disrespectful. You make us not want to turn the cams on and play when all you say as soon as we come on is show me your tits your ass or your pussy. Stop think with the other head the one on your shoulders.
Rant over thank you have a fun and sexy night

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Erotic Story's broke
Veröffentlicht:5. Juni 2021, 12:21 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. Dezember 2021, 6:44 Uhr
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Is just me or is every one aggravated with Last week the cams not working. ( I enjoy putting on my little shows). Now this week can't post my stories. How am I suppose to get my freak out if it not working. I need my releases. Writing the stories and reading them. Make me and bothered. I have read most of the stories. Now i have to write my stories and wait. I like getting the messages telling me how made people. Makes me wet.

Hurry up and fix the stories please
1 Kommentar messing up again
Veröffentlicht:5. Juni 2021, 10:02 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. Dezember 2021, 6:44 Uhr
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What is wrong with this site? Again another option is down last week could not cam, This week can't write my stories. That is one of the things I like to do. I have 2 stories saved on my pc waiting to upload them Ug
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Veröffentlicht:4. Juni 2021, 4:46 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. Dezember 2021, 6:44 Uhr
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So bored this morning. Need to get up and do stuff. But it is boring stuff. Need some fun stuff, Guess i am dragging hubby to play in the room
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