My nipples!  

matahara5 54F
161 posts
6/7/2018 2:25 am
My nipples!

What would you like to do with my nipples
bite them
cum on them
pinch then
suck on them
all of the above

undercover_bi469 57M

6/7/2018 7:53 am

I checked your profile, you don't show your nipples. How can I decide?

sphxdiver 71M
21064 posts
6/7/2018 11:01 pm

All in due time, all of the above !!!

ProfessorNaught 108M
1395 posts
6/7/2018 11:29 pm

It depends on the nipples (can I have a sampling)
ps: there's a lot more to do with nipples than whats included in the list

Rod4277 73M
36 posts
6/8/2018 9:40 am

Cum on them immediately followed by swirling my tongue all around those creamy slippery nipples, then licking and sucking up all my own cream. I'm not down yet and love to dive right back down and eat more nice wet pussy.

I didn't ask to see them as I love them all...........

Veronica_Lynn 43T

6/8/2018 4:37 pm

All of the above

armyguy380 50M

6/9/2018 2:37 am

wouldn't it be nice!!

ajayrajblog 28M
1 post
6/9/2018 4:35 am

Who don't love nipples? 😜

69ereatwetpussy 59M
6196 posts
6/9/2018 8:52 am

the reason I voted to bite them is because if you want me to I can do all the other next.*Y*

Nicolecd1966 55T  
64 posts
6/9/2018 9:02 am

I would also kiss them softly too!!!

lookingtoplay145 64M
128 posts
6/9/2018 9:20 am

And what would you like to do to mine?

aniceride 51M  
117 posts
6/9/2018 11:42 am

for me the question isn't what i'd like to do with them but what would you like me to do with them.but i will say my favorite order is two breasts & some lotion lol.

dewsucku 65M  
328 posts
6/9/2018 1:21 pm

Would like to see them on your profile

PyschoLoco 58M
1550 posts
6/9/2018 3:17 pm

I pinched them cos nobody else wanted to but I'm more of a biter.'re welcome

Standards are people too.....kinda

CaioSantos69 52M
4 posts
6/9/2018 4:12 pm

Besides the options presented, I'd really like to lick them with some ice cubes within my mouth, to slurp chocolate poured on them and also rub my dick on them while playing with you.

spunkyredhead4u 58M  
6 posts
6/9/2018 4:19 pm

That's a good list for starters, I like the way you think, but why stop there? I have more activities in mind that I'm sure you would find very pleasurable as well.

tyrantcapri 48M
24 posts
6/9/2018 4:21 pm

all the above, plus bury my face between them and tit fuck them

86 posts
6/9/2018 6:31 pm

Hello, First timer in your blog. I love to straddle a woman and smear precum from the tip of my cock on a nice nipple and areola. It's a good ice breaker and then we can tend to them from there!

ynot57755 64M
38 posts
6/9/2018 7:15 pm

What do you enjoy??*Y*

Superman4695 36M
168 posts
6/9/2018 10:10 pm

Where's massage, tickle, and lick? Can do first two with hands or tongue and 3rd only tongue or combo move suck and gently nibble while it is in mouth while licking.

Voted just to suck because pinching and biting cause pain/bruising not into doing that. Never cummed on a girl hell half of them don't play long enough to make me erupt.

AK_LoonMan 67M  
4 posts
6/10/2018 12:09 am

The first time..... or the tenth? It also depends on what you like...... if you are very averse to something, then I'd be a damned fool to do it more than once!

mounce99 38M
5 posts
6/10/2018 12:16 am


StonedAbs 33M
3 posts
6/10/2018 4:06 am

All of the above please and thanks.

sexydad1167 54M
1352 posts
6/10/2018 11:30 am

I'd love to see them to decided if my vote of all of the above would complete the list. there may be much more i'd like to do to them.

oncearunner350 31M

6/10/2018 10:43 pm

pretty safe bet to say all of them. but come on you need to attach a pic if you're gonna ask

timmthom 55M
91 posts
6/11/2018 9:17 am

Would you like me to rub my hard cock on-them nips?

Bigdrey36 40M
24 posts
6/11/2018 10:21 am

I would do all of the above

discreetyum 61M
78 posts
6/11/2018 11:21 am

Again, since there is no prelude pic, I would have to also select all the above. Maybe add that I would like to tit fuck them too.....

approachable_one 61M  
19 posts
6/11/2018 1:20 pm

There is tugging on the nipples !

DiscreetAffairPA 45M
213 posts
6/11/2018 1:30 pm

In order to really answer, I need to see them.

And taste them.

milfhuntkinky 58M
41 posts
6/11/2018 4:28 pm

if you show us your nipples we can have a better idea what we want to do, please post a photo of your tits and your nipples

juanrico75 61M
11 posts
6/12/2018 9:25 am

Nipples, regardless of size, color age should always be pampered by all of these things. Was this a trick question?

Aldemars13 51M
72 posts
6/12/2018 10:29 am

All you want

allnitelong2063 57M
229 posts
6/12/2018 11:33 am


guyinnova112 56M

6/12/2018 11:42 am

It depends how sensitive they are as to what I’d like to do to give her pleasure. One woman in my life had nipples so sensitive, she could orgasm from the right play. Great fun! Another had a boob job that really reduced nipple sensitivity and she could take or leave nipple play. Not so much fun.

WhyWaitLongerX 71M
15 posts
6/12/2018 12:52 pm

Your photos are nipless

youngPleasure M
15 posts
6/12/2018 10:23 pm

I'd have to agree with the others....kinda have to see em to get an idea of what all would be exceptionally enjoyable....but all of the above usually works

2017Up4You 54M  
165 posts
6/13/2018 6:16 am

I answered "all of the above" which is mostly true, but I would prefer to deposit my juices in your vagina or mouth! I am even more interested in what your answer would be to what YOU like most?

ryandude88 37M

6/13/2018 6:30 am

You had me at nipples hahaha

beingbad_isgood 55M
13 posts
6/13/2018 2:56 pm

You omitted the titie fucking option, is that for a lack of imagination or you do not like that?

Chrome_DiCc 35M
12 posts
6/14/2018 2:59 am

i want to rub the head of my cock on them

fun4all4one 66M
20 posts
6/14/2018 11:02 am

All the above, you can't go wrong.

sassos 55M
41 posts
6/14/2018 1:31 pm

need to see them to decide on strategy...

iron080899 33M
14 posts
6/14/2018 5:42 pm

nipples are my favorite all of the above please

helpfulstranger2 51M
43 posts
6/15/2018 5:35 am

Yes please

FunPassion4U69 55M  
35 posts
6/15/2018 9:00 am

Men have sensitive nipples too.....just say'n. So I will do to yours as you do to mine. Please????

McNaughty101 53M  
45 posts
6/15/2018 4:22 pm

All of the above

Krazyj72 42M
1 post
6/16/2018 1:00 am

I would definitely suck on them and see where what level of comfort that u like done to to you and go from there 😉

jason2371961 60M
432 posts
6/16/2018 2:18 am

love nipple play so all the above cover most all

wildthoughts 66M  
1204 posts
6/16/2018 8:49 am

If you show them that's find ,if not that's OK too. Just as long as you keep everyone a breast of the situation.

RideTheTimes 42M

6/16/2018 11:43 am

In that order

jer206 39M

6/16/2018 6:26 pm

SO many options! Have to pick ALL

spicyfunguy 59M
205 posts
6/17/2018 2:39 am

I would like to bite them, then pinch them, then cum on them and lastly suck them. unless you are riding my cock at which I love to suck nipples as my cock is being riden.

naughtyguy1950 71M
65 posts
6/17/2018 8:18 am

All the above gets my vote. And I don't even need to see your nipples to choose one. I love doing all of them.

niceone380 32M
44 posts
6/17/2018 2:33 pm

all of the above, its the best way to have fun!

Tommy_Tongue4u 64M  
11 posts
6/18/2018 1:12 am

Is nipple play what gets you off most? What about being the meat on a rotisserie?

oralbeast314 41M
40 posts
6/18/2018 9:19 am

Do you have nice nips. I am a fan of thick nipples.

Triplej257 51M
1 post
6/18/2018 12:13 pm

If biting and pinching East not on there I would have said all the above. Women I know don't like to be bitten

Leegs2012 48M
86547 posts
6/18/2018 5:37 pm

Take the tip of my tongue and lightly run it across the very tips of your nipples

DiscreetAffairPA 45M
213 posts
6/19/2018 7:48 am

All of the above. Though I'd like to see them before I choose my favorite.

craven_nc 50M  
79 posts
6/19/2018 3:51 pm

pretty much anything you want me to do to them

Tantric_Guru 41M
9 posts
6/20/2018 11:30 am

I would love to do whatever you like, hopefully all of the above. It would be nice to see them too! *Y*

freddie8951 70M/68F
133 posts
6/20/2018 2:38 pm

biting is so much fun

zippie43 59M
75 posts
6/20/2018 10:28 pm

I would vote if I could see them

lovebootylickn 45M
17 posts
6/21/2018 3:18 am

Of course all

Spudboy7 64M
1 post
6/21/2018 1:53 pm

All of them and much, much more. Fetch me the chocolate spread and the whipped cream......

Scott52NixAtGM 59M
277 posts
6/21/2018 8:25 pm

Yes all of the above but many times over and over again.

ronyes69 61M
15 posts
6/22/2018 4:51 am

I could spend hours with your nipples... some vacuum to puff them up... some e-stim to make them tingle or bite... you would be so ready for that magic touch... your hips gyrating, your back arching... what a nice morning that could be...*smile*

plumbboi 28M
164 posts
6/22/2018 4:52 pm

The correct answer will always be all of the above. The only difference is the order in which it is done.😀

There is alot to see out there, so get out & experience the what the world has to offer.......or not

funasianma1e 47M
11551 posts
6/22/2018 9:31 pm

do another poll about another part of your body.

Your comment has been denied due to the following reason: Banned Topics (hate/weapons/under age)

Jammybobby1 63M
11 posts
6/23/2018 12:13 am

mm love nipple play please post some pics and videos x

THICKload4URface 32M
3 posts
6/23/2018 10:17 am

all are great but I like to cum everywhere after you would cum all over my dick

markdaviesm 36M
13 posts
6/23/2018 6:22 pm

suck them.

lookn4yu2day 70M

6/24/2018 12:14 pm

Why stop at just one solution to the nipple dilemma? Might as well dive in and try them all! "Dive in" oops....guess that is the next poll?

vfr800rider 60M  
30 posts
6/24/2018 4:21 pm

Was taught not to bite as a kid, and I always like to cum balls deep, just my thing.

biguno1960 61M
34 posts
6/24/2018 5:45 pm

well I'm a guy that likes to go right to sucking the nipples and getting them good n hard to bite em if you like that

daddyo6910 65M  
21 posts
6/25/2018 4:00 pm

We need to see your nipples before a vote!

SpaceCowboy3021 48M

6/25/2018 8:42 pm

All of the above was by far the easiest choice....

luv2bewached40 53M
18 posts
6/25/2018 9:37 pm

one of those easy want to be a millionaire questions!! no life line needed!

Donald77 67M
31 posts
6/27/2018 5:44 am

Lick, nip, kiss, suck, wrap my tongue around them till you have an orgasm. I know it wasn't an option but just saying

Jack_n_1970_1 51M

6/27/2018 2:03 pm

All of the above. And another load wherever you'd like it!

Luv2Fuck187Pk 32M
28 posts
6/28/2018 6:27 am

Love playing with nipples sucking n pulling on them with my lips

28 years old DTF PAE....ALL DAY BABIE

Saltyballs2005 41M
5 posts
6/28/2018 8:34 pm

Mmmm that's a good question but if I may answer your question then it would be all the above and many more things I got in mind

519bicurious 66M
29 posts
6/29/2018 5:17 pm

Don't care what they are, love to suck nipples

derofromgero 50M  
8 posts
6/30/2018 11:02 am

love boobs and nipples so anything goes

panama0192 39M
34 posts
6/30/2018 2:20 pm

Nothing better then playing with tits by biting and sucking and licking

Dawg2144 56M
9 posts
7/1/2018 7:32 am

I am sure they are very sexy \8

Panokvri 51M
1 post
7/2/2018 2:44 pm

Yeaaaah, I'm seeing something of a pattern here. Maybe the only way to know for sure is to invite some actual demonstrations. It's easy to SAY a thing on the internet. Not so easy to DO a thing, especially in public view. So. You name the time and place where your nipples will be on show, and as many as can make it will come demonstrate their preference(s). That ought to settle it

manu210580 41M
30 posts
7/3/2018 2:56 am

suck them hard

BenCarloz1 65M
5 posts
7/3/2018 11:14 am

All of the above beautiful young lady. Would love to have a peek to see, or in person . Would you be so much better.

pussylickerindel 51M
16 posts
7/4/2018 3:00 am

wish to have you on a long fun vacation to himalaya where we can have fun indoors and outdoors mohinisadmirer at hngout xoxox

51 posts
7/4/2018 9:03 am

suck on them till u cum!

sameersaxena105 33M
4 posts
7/6/2018 5:41 am

Want to do all things

montecarlo37 43M
298 posts
7/7/2018 7:40 am

I simply love boobs.. and luv to play and do alll things to boobs...

stan9067 59M
22 posts
7/7/2018 4:24 pm

love when a woman likes her nipples pleasured in every way, such a turn on

super1017040 42M
14 posts
7/8/2018 8:19 am

where are said nipples? lol

Suppletitties 61M
290 posts
7/10/2018 8:29 am

what kind of nipples do you have first,,,,,,,inverted, sticking out what?

tuit8848 69M
22 posts
7/12/2018 9:45 pm

I love nipples of all sizes. they all seem to fit perfect in my mouth

22haig 70M  
2 posts
7/13/2018 4:25 am

It would be nice if you showed your nipples. But even without seeing them, I would always do all of the choices

Tkjl569 48M
68 posts
7/16/2018 10:23 am

I love sucking nipples most

PAguy4fun012 37M
14 posts
7/17/2018 8:41 am

Love to suck and nibble a little

Tkjl569 48M
68 posts
7/18/2018 4:30 pm

Suck on them for me

bbisme15 56M
30 posts
7/19/2018 11:49 am

mmmmmm nipples

96 posts
7/20/2018 12:29 pm

Do To You Not Showing Your Your Breasts In Your Profile I Dad To Love Dream You Had Big Lovely Breasts With Delicious SEXY SEX Dream Giving Nipples !!!!

yurnailsinmyback 53M
81 posts
7/20/2018 11:52 pm

They were all good choices...I could not discriminate!

bijuicy 36F

7/21/2018 3:45 am

I like mine gently licked and sucked..never hurts like hell!

TeeJayseven58 61M
22 posts
7/25/2018 8:51 am

Suckle with gentle nibbling and pulling with my tongue

Che6t9 54M

7/25/2018 9:52 am

Im just curious about what woman like to have done to their nipples

Todd0516 50M  
17 posts
7/26/2018 7:51 pm

All of the above!

20ForMILF 23M

7/27/2018 1:49 am

1) Suck on them
2) Cum on them
3) Bite them
4) Pinch them

Let's get started!

cock4cougars34 49M
29 posts
8/1/2018 9:32 am

I would love to explore your niipples and all of the above. I’m in Minneapolis. Let’s meet

Hotfun2day34 46M
21 posts
8/2/2018 8:18 am

Let’s have some fun. I’m in Minneapolis. My Kik is twinsfan72

HotNReadyManX30 41M
130 posts
8/5/2018 2:45 pm

I prefer sucking on woman's nipples. It's more gentle than other methods. At least it's not painful to women.

Hotfun2day34 46M
21 posts
8/8/2018 8:31 am

Let’s have some fun. I am local and would love to meet you!!!

BimaleSeeksfun2 51M
8 posts
8/8/2018 9:59 am

don't know what they look like but I like doing all of the above to any girl I hook up with .

SingerFun 46M
21 posts
8/10/2018 1:02 pm

Many have made a good point.. without seeing the nipples it's difficult to know what best to do with them.

pineconer9 71M
244 posts
8/17/2018 8:30 am

Also.would be more what you would really like as that is what would give me more pleasure knowing that what I am doing is what you enjoy to the max

danthe69er 45M
82 posts
8/18/2018 4:26 am

i love nipples and would say all the above

Scott52NixAtGM 59M
277 posts
8/23/2018 6:16 am

All of the above but not in that order!

Dtts43rt35 63M
13986 posts
8/24/2018 11:36 am

I would like to see your nipples and your pussy too.

Rio flows in its bed and goes around with its waters!

JKD049 55M
62 posts
8/25/2018 6:01 pm

Its a no brainer that most will chose the last option of all the above

ebiz11 42M
19 posts
9/1/2018 2:56 pm

bite em

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