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Most Important Meal of the Day
Posted:Mar 15, 2019 5:28 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 8:42 am

You wake up & look at me. I’m still asleep. You lay there for a minute, then get up out of bed. You go to the bathroom, then walk back into the bedroom, a little disappointed that you didn’t wake me. As you walk into the kitchen you light a cigarette. You smoke half of it before you decide you’re hungry, & maybe I would be too by the time I wake up. You open the fridge & bend over to peer inside, feeling the soreness in your pussy, recalling what made you so sleepy last night that you drifted off in my arms, & why you’re so hungry this morning. You decide on bacon & pull out the pack. You turn the skillet on & start frying up a few slices. You sit down at the table, finishing your smoke, feeling your little pussy press against the chair as you lean forward.

You’re standing over the stove, flipping the bacon. It’s sizzling so loud you don’t hear anything & are a little surprised when you feel my breath on your neck, my hands on your waist. I kiss your neck as you move your head to the side. You feel my cock, hard against your ass even before I pull you back against me. My hands move around your body until both your breasts are cupped in my hands; squeezing them, massaging them, pressing them into your chest to pull you back against me. My lips find yours & I kiss you as I turn you around. You jump just a little as some of the grease pops onto the top of your ass. I reach behind you & turn the burner off, setting the pan to the side as you feel my cock brushing up against your wet little pussy.

I bend down & pick your left leg up by your thigh, putting your thigh just behind the knee over my right shoulder as my fingers spread you open & I lick away at your sore little pussy. Moving my tongue around in circles, first around your labia, then tightening the circle until you feel my tongue probe inside you & my thumb roughly massaging your clit. I eat you so nice, you feel the cum welling up inside you, wanting to explode but at the same time getting so turned on by holding it, letting it build. Finally I talk into your pussy; you feel it more than hear it, but you know what I say, “Cum”. & you let go, not sure if you could have held it any longer with my tongue moving in circles in your pussy, my finger moving back & forth & slightly up in your pussy & my thumb rubbing up & down on your clit.

I stand up & you see your cum dripping off my chin & cheeks & nose, but I don’t let you slide your thigh off my shoulder. I hold your leg until I’m standing & have you in a split, your ankle on my collar bone, your pussy stretched so tight. I look into your eyes as my hand reaches down to grab my cock. I watch you half close your eyes when I put the head inside you & start shaking my cock around in your little pussy, moving back & forth just a little as I ream your tight little walls with my cock. You feel the ache in your leg from it being stretched; you feel the heat from the burner against your back, but you stand there, being fucked like a good little lover. Taking me inside you. Feeling pain & pleasure mixed into one sensation. I press your leg against your chest as I start fucking you hard, one hand cupping your cute little round ass, the other holding you by the hair, making you look at me.

I pull you away from the stove, still holding your leg tight between your body & mine & start fucking you a little differently. I’m going inside you almost all the way, but not quite, then backing almost all the way out, but not quite. Not too fast, but not too slow either. I feel your pussy squeezing me, convulsing & spasming around me as I look into your eyes & simply say, “Cum”. You push me out of your pussy & half collapse as you gush out over me & onto the floor. I hold you up & kiss you, deeply & for the longest time, then tell you to get on your knees & clean your cum off my cock while I finish making us breakfast…
A Country Road
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2019 5:25 am

You lean back against the car door as you look around. The mountains in view – greens & browns with white on the top are visible between the trees that surround the lonely dirt road you’re parked at. You look down & see the top of my face, feeling my tongue push your panties aside to find your clit. Waiting, throbbing, begging to be licked. You keep your eyes open as you feel the first sensation pulse through your lower body; my tongue very lightly moving beside your clit. Brushing up against it as if by accident. But when the same sensation happens stemming from the opposite side you know it’s deliberate, & that you will be teased.

Your pussy drips onto my finger as I trace your labia, still licking circles around your clit – maddeningly close but not the full contact you know will set you off. My eyes finally meet yours as I slide one finger just a few inches inside you. I lean back a bit & ask what’s gotten you so wet today? As you start to tell me that I’m the cause you feel another finger slip inside you & my thumb rubbing your clit in little circles near its’ tip. I stand up & kiss you, tasting you, inhaling you & chewing on your lip as my slightly curved fingers try to join my thumb from inside you, as if to pinch your clit.

I lean down & yank your shirt up, moving the bra cup aside as I nibble with the very edge of my teeth on your nipple. Staring in your eyes you feel your pussy contracting, knowing what’s imminent. Almost unstoppable at this point. I take my hand away from your pussy & spin you around – holding on to your nipple with my teeth as you turn so that it shakes a bit when I do let go of you. I push you up against the car, my hand smacking that plump little ass as I whisper to you: “My sweet little slut. You will when I tell you to, cause you are mine still. I know you want my cock, hard, thick, pulsing, you want it to spread your little pussy open, & show you how deep a woman can be. You want me to fuck you til your numb, but I won’t do that unless you do what I say. Now . fucking now!”

You feel your pussy let go, as if tension from years of repression washed through your lower body & streamed out of your pussy. You hear the sound of your on the road. You feel the stickiness around your thighs. As good as it feels you need to be filled. So you tell me, almost pleadingly that you want my cock. I grab the back of your hair & pull back hard as you feel my thick, hard, throbbing cock up against you, 8” you want by 2” you need. I kiss you cheek & stare into your eyes as I push into you. You feel your pussy open up – fighting me but losing inch by inch as I start. Your body trying to catch my rhythm & then notice I’m only giving you the head…

You feel it building, like an itch you can’t quite scratch. It feels good, but you know it can feel better & right now that’s what you want to the exclusion of everything else. So you open your mouth after taking as much of it as you think you can stand. You know how I think & that I know how you think. You know I’m teasing you to turn you on more than most guys ever will be able to. So you only say one word to me. “Please?” Then you close your eyes & gasp a little as the fucking begins…

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