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Erotic Hypnosis
Posted:Nov 9, 2019 5:39 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 3:41 pm

So how does hypnosis work ?

Hypnosis isn't such an alien thing.You get hypnotized when you stare at a screen and get into a movie or television show.They don't tell you it's hypnosis of course.
Hypnosis is aimed at your sub conscious.It's introduced to me and given clear black and white instructions.It's instructed to perform a certain task when given a word or a phrase.For example when it hears or reads the word spank it responds by you feeling a firm well placed erotic spank to your bottom and letting a squeal of pleasure.

I use recordings hypnotize.Recordings can be listened over and over again at your leisure.As anything you get of it what you put into it.If you listen frequently such as everyday it will eventually sink in and you will be giving your sub conscious the message you're serious and mean business.You don't even have to listen consciously and the best results are when you half listen while doing something else and ask your sub con to listen for you.If you're an overly analytical person do a puzzle or something while it's playing.This is the procedure in a hypnosis session for this type of person.

Keep in mind that during recordings you wont feel fireworks.You should feel lovely and relaxed and maybe a little euphoric.If you're a controlling person you may feel little confused as your sub con knows it's giving control .This confusion will subside after further listens.

After listening induction i have setup triggers that will take you back the deep state of trance you achieved.I can take you back that state with a phrase in the recording.I can then use text give you instructions along with that trigger.

I specialize in erotic hypnosis,Read profile for more details.
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When please control me turns into your stalking me in a couple of days- part three
Posted:Nov 8, 2019 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2019 4:15 pm

We had made a no playing with others on Alt deal... for both of us.

I awoke the next morning and she was back on Alt IM again.
She had added friends that i knew of from the chatrooms i knew wouldn't be there .She ignored IMs

................I wrote her.

I dont understand why youre on Alt on IM.Didnt we make a no playing on Alt deal ?

...............her reply

Just because a shitty website that is falling apart says I am there is not enough say I am there and having cybersex with someone. i spent the evening studying, having dinner with flatmate and then logged onto alt before bed to find this repeat shitshow going on. I am shocked that you get upset without any evidence. Its like I am not allowed on alt without you and that feels like controlling behaviour. The bad kind.

I think seems others have clearly betrayed you on there before you expect everyone to be the .

/ yes i have been cheated on a lot
its that kind of site
as i said im kinky but not promisicuous
looking for somebody special
hoping thats you

It sure is but that doesn't mean everyone is the like that.
And I am not going wake up this every morning
You will accuse of something else before long.
I am done.

................contacted her later

me/ i still believe we can work this
.We were planning a future together

And you messed that up, okay? You did!
Now, I am going ask more time. Stop messaging me.

me/ i havent done anything that drastic just got a little jealous
you wanted me in your life just yesterday
its the drastic uturn i have such a problem with

the problem is we made devotions to each other just a of days ago which were beautiful
and now because i jumped wrong conclusions theyre no longer valid ?


The problem is we did make devotions and then you tried use that manipulate . As you are still trying do right now!
There is no point in talking about it.
Now stop messaging me
This is amounting to hassle now
all your messages from now on will be ignored. Okay? That is best for both of us.

me/ would take you back if you change your mind BYE xx

check half an hour later,Shes back on IM adding friends

when please control me turns into your stalking me in a couple of days- part two
Posted:Nov 8, 2019 3:40 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2019 4:08 pm

in hypnotic induction a necklace is offered.

i received this beautiful response

Dear Mistress Ruby,

Thank you so much for necklace. It is so beautiful and as your loyal servant, I will treasure it with all heart. I do not deserve such a beautiful gift. I feel so honoured by the necklace and your presence in life.
I think you are such a good person, beautiful and so powerful. All I could hope have found in Mistress.
I know I can trust you show true path in life.
I am fortunate have met and been chosen by you. You fill me with joy and longing be at your feet. You are so , Mistress Ruby. I just want love and serve you. be a good pet and slave for you always.
Please take control of , please take away loneliness and doubts. I am tired of being alone. Show how love and obey you. I want love you so much.

response was

Wow i was so touched by your message .Thank you for accepting necklace and becoming mine. jewelled collar around your neck
i feel so honored have you in life and am amazed at the bond we already have.
You are so precious and fill with so much joy.So blessed finding such a quality woman that so totally gets .
So excited about our journey together and the prospect of controlling you guiding you and teaching you as you sit at feet..
We will be completing each other as Mistress and Submissive making a very wonderful loving team. pet and slave .
I will always treasure you and take great care of you.I plan on a long special relationship together that takes away any loneliness or isolation.
When please control me turns into your stalking me in a couple of days
Posted:Nov 8, 2019 3:38 pm
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2019 5:35 pm

Finished with a sub just yesterday.The relationship only lasted around a week but was full of ups and downs.

it started wonderfully well and when i contacted her initially on IM we just sparked and it was like i'd found my long lost love.We became each others top fan straight away.We talked for a while and eventually she told me she was really tired and going straight to bed.'Night babe so great to meet you'and we stopped talking so much looking forward to the next time .

But the green IM light stayed on.Just over an hour later a popped out as a friend.Then the green light turned off.I was upset.This wonderful new woman in my life had deceived me.

I wrote to her and told her what i had observed.Her response was that she was upset i was upset.She told me she had 'definately gone to bed' when she said she had and what i saw wasn't. the truth.She added 'why are you questioning me adding friends.The more i have the more chance of getting a free month on Alt'
Umm the of friends wasn't the point.It was the time you added him.

We made a commitment the next day as domme/sub and things were glorious
i'm a erotic. hypnotist and sent her my induction recording to listen to.
Everything looked wonderful.

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