changes and thoughts for the day  

naughtyultimate1 59M  
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5/4/2021 11:55 am
changes and thoughts for the day

There is a lot going on, not the least of which is my second vaccine on Saturday. We now have an entire change to our interface, and as some of you have noted, you can no longer list “im” as busy. I recently had my 1st ever successful im session, does this mean im mostly works? Honestly, I have no clue. Look on the Brightside, the new interface seems to work better than the 1st attempt made for the live member webcams. Change is a theme we are living within, in my state, New Mexico, we will be able to be outside without a mask after the second vaccine. Looks like I will no longer have to walk to the other buildings at my workplace, and that is a benefit! Any number of anti-vaccine people are out there, to them I offer the opinion that you should get your vaccine for the simplest of reasons, get the damn country open once again!!!!!!!!! After months of covid, people really need to return to familiar things like work, going to dinner inside a restaurant, and for those of us on this site, get back to fucking as nature gave us the talent and desire to have fun with. I would have thought none of this was possible months ago, sadly it did happen. Good news is that we will break out the other side and see where we get to. 1 additional thought, I have read enough in the blogs of people not understanding how to get to the home page, please see the attached picture. All you have to do is click the logo.

naughtyultimate1 59M  
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5/4/2021 11:57 am

just a few thoughts folks, i had seen the comments in the blogs about the "home" button. sadly i did not have time to post till today

be happy, positive things will come from our current dark times

author51 58F  
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5/4/2021 10:33 pm

I do hope my world up here opens up sooner and cases go down my friend. I am getting used to the changes but do not think any of them are better..xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


PonyGirl1965 55F
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5/5/2021 12:22 am

Changes happen. Here and everywhere. It's exhausting.

naughtyultimate1 59M  
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5/5/2021 4:26 am

Change is a healthy thing, right now i am awaiting the change back to normal!!! the idea of not needing to wear a mask is so wonderful.

New2Mexi2021 48F  
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5/6/2021 4:43 pm

Well my sweet, happy to hear IM functionality is finally working for you now…while we’ve discussed & do not believe in this ‘vaccine’ I of course am a logical person & this is a personal choice for all…regardless, I am sure you will find what you are looking for 😉🍸💋

naughtyultimate1 59M  
1383 posts
5/8/2021 4:15 am

thank you my queen

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