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Lil Notty Announcement:
Posted:Oct 8, 2021 3:53 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2021 12:04 am

V is home!

Ms V is home!!!!

We hope have her with phone and computer over the next few weeks but no rushing her abilities!

Its enough she is HOME.
Lil Notty Announcement
Posted:Oct 2, 2021 2:40 am
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2021 2:42 am

Mrs V is coming home!!!!

One week from today Ms Venus is coming home. Its gonna be a long haul and many challenges but we'll manage. She wont have a phone or computer for a little longer, as her memory improves and she can remember passwords and the like. We'll be taking her shopping for a few things the week after and getting her established with new doctors and the like. My mom is working VERY hard on all the paperwork and finance stuff and keeping V's mom up to date on everything.

The importing thing is...SHE IS COMING HOME!
Lil Notty Announcement:
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 3:16 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2021 3:18 am

Update on Ms V

I am so very very happy to bring you this update! Prayers can be answered!!!!

Went visit V again and talk her medical team...she is ok come home soon we get some work moms house done. So likely by beginning of Nov!!!!

So mom and I went visit V Tue Aug 31st...exactly 8 months the day from the last time I saw her! OMG She is starting be HER again!!! she puts it, she has only had her brain back for about 2 weeks. She does not remember the majority of the last 2 yrs however. She was in very good spirits and so happy see and more importantly REMEMBER us. She will be staying at the nursing home for another few months continue her improvement. If goes planned (and hoped for) she will be coming home moms house by the end of the year!!

I want thank of you who have kept her in your thoughts and those who started writing her happy notes over the last month. She still adores letters and postcards so please PM for the address.
Pirate Alanna, Lady of the Amber Grove
Posted:Aug 2, 2021 2:18 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 7:41 pm
I lay naked on my back, with my legs spread to his gaze as he stood at the foot of the bed. My nipples were hardened into little pink points, my bare pussy pouting, wet and swollen. I was deeply aroused while on display for him.

"Ask me," he said. "If you want it, you have to ask."

Panting in anticipation, I swallowed, trying to get my squirming body under control. My wet pussy throbbed as I stared at his broad shoulders, his naked torso, his proud, wide-legged stance, and the growing bulge in his trousers.

"I need you to... I want..." I trailed off in uncertainty, the pleasure in my body making my thoughts jumbled and fuzzy.

"Asked me nicely," he admonished.

"Ah, will you spank my pussy please, Sir?"

My request was rewarded - first with a pulsing twitch from his semi-erect, thickening cock still held in check by his zipper, and then with a firm slap of his open hand on my pussy mound, between my spread legs. He made contact with my aching clit and swollen pussy lips. I gasped with pleasure, but kept my hips still.

"Good girl."

Slap. Moan. Slap. Moan.

He slowly spanked my pussy, bringing his hand down on my open, drooling sex. Each slap was a sharp sensation that folded into a warm, delicious ache of sexual need. My clit throbbed with his slaps, swelling and stiffening, as though reaching for more.

"Such a naughty girl - needing this spanking, opening your legs, taking pleasure from punishment. Your dripping cunt is getting my hand all wet."

He slapped my open pussy and eager clit, pleasuring me with the intimate punishment, forcing me to submit to this excruciating arousal.

I panted, moaning my pleasure, babbling incoherently, begging him to continue as he spanked my spread, aching sex again and again.

Then, just as I was reaching for my peak, he stopped.

I let out a whimper and my hips bucked, seeking more contact for my naked, throbbing pussy.

"It's time," he said calmly. "Turn over onto your stomach and crawl down to the foot of the bed."

Moaning softly with need from my highly stimulated pussy, I obeyed, moving down the bed until I knelt, naked, in front of him.

"Tits out," he commanded. I did as he had asked, pressing my chest forward, exposing my stiff pink nipples more fully to his gaze. I painted with lust as I anticipated his next torturous touch. But instead, he said, "play with your tits for me." Taking a deep shuddering breath, I brought my hands to my aching nipples and began to squeeze and roll them, lifting them for him to see how I was obeying him as I teased myself, sending jolts of pleasure straight to my wet and pulsing pussy.

"Good girl, make them stand out nice and hard for me."

I pinched my nipples even more firmly, the pain and pleasure blending together in a rush of swollen, throbbing arousal shooting into my needy clit and wet cunt. I moaned as I pressed my chest further forward, eager to show him my pleasured tits on display for him.

"So sweet, such a good girl."

He took one nipple between two thick fingers and gave it a long, slow tug as I moaned. Then I felt a wave of pain and pleasure as he bit onto that deep red nipple, stiffer and more protruding than it had ever been. I gasped in arousal.

"Yes, I want you to feel me everywhere."

His fingers found my other nipple, and he pulled it even farther forward, stretching and stimulating the stiff red bud. I groaned at the onslaught of growing pain and pleasure, aroused by showing him my tits and letting, punish, and pleasure me this way.

He stood back to take in the sight of my tits thrust forward, my nipples stiff and hard, my breathing so erratic.

"You look so beautiful with your nipples look like this for me. I love when you give me your tits like this."

"Yes, sir," I managed on a breathy moan.

He smiled and stepped forward, taking hold of my head. With gentle pressure, he tugged downward, drawing my body from my kneeling position onto all fours, until I was eye-level with his still-clothed cock.

"Unzip me and take out my cock," he instructed.

My hands were shaking with arousal as I unzipped his pants and got my first look at his cock. I could only see the base - his erection was so big that the head was pointing down, his stiff shaft trapped in place by his pants. I wanted to see it, to touch it.

I grasped his cock at the base and lifted it out of his pants. His heavy erection was so stiff that it bobbed and thrust upward, jutting out proudly. Heat flooded my belly, and my cunt started throbbing again. His huge, mouth-watering cock was magnificent. I couldn't believe that he was about to give me his enormous, thick sex.

Precum dripped from the opening at the crown of his cockhead. I wanted to taste it.

"May I lick it, Sir?" I asked eagerly.

"Good girl to ask." He nodded with a smile playing around his lips. "Yes, greedy girl, you may."

Looking into his eyes, I licked that drop, reveling in the feel of his taut, smooth skin and the salty taste of his arousal.

He sucked in a breath. "Yes, that's it. Keep doing that."

I laved the head of his cock over and over, wetting it with my tongue. I moaned, loving the feel of my tongue gliding over him, feeling him pulse and grow even more rigid, hard like steel under that velvety smooth skin.

He groaned, his heavy shaft throbbing and stiffening under my tongue. "Take more of me."

Seeking to please him further, I stuck out my tongue and slowly slid the head of his cock along my tongue and into my mouth, closing my lips around it to massage his cockhead with greater pressure and suction.

"Fill your mouth with my cock." The firm command sent a jolt of electricity straight to my pussy. I moved my lips forward along his thick, throbbing shaft, taking him in as deeply into my mouth as I could.

"Use your tongue like I taught you."

I stroked my tongue along the underside of his shaft, using it to make his cock even wetter.

"Good girl. Pleasure me."

I slowly slid my mouth up and down along his thick hard cock over and over, my only goal to give his cock pleasure.

"Use your mouth and make me as hard as you can if you want me to fuck that tight little cunt."

I moaned, my tight little cunt he referred to pulsing, so swollen and aching to be stretched open and filled by his cock.

I sucked and licked at his cock, sliding my lips firmly up and down the shaft, working him with my tongue, indulging in the feeling of filling my wet mouth with his stiffness. My whole world was focused on his cock, centered on receiving his length in my mouth, giving him (and me) as much pleasure as possible.

"Now open your throat for me. I'm going to slide my cock deep inside."

I fought the urge to gag around his huge cock as it entered my throat, but he placed a hand on my cheek and reassured me. "No, don't fight it. Let yourself gag on my cock - it makes your throat squeeze me and feels so good."

I allowed my reflexes to take over as his shaft slid deeper into me, gagging over and over, my throat twitching tightly around his cock.

"Yesssss, that's it. Squeeze me with your throat - what a lovely mouth tight around my cock!"

I held myself open for him as he thrust harder and deeper into my drooling mouth and down my throat, stimulating his cock with my wet, clinging lips and squeezing gag reflex. My outstretched tongue slid along the underside of his cock with every thrust. As wet as my mouth was for him, my pussy grew wetter and I moaned, vibrating my throat around his cock.

I felt his length throb firmly in response to the vibration my moans sent through his cock. He stilled and held me still, his cock buried deep in my open-stretched mouth.

"I'm going to take your cunt now, kitten."

The answering pulse in my wet sex forced another moan from my throat, again vibrating his cock. With incredible speed and dexterity, he withdrew his stiff shaft from my mouth, strings of wetness sliding off his thick cock muscle. Before I knew what was happening, he had flipped me over onto my stomach, and began to firmly spank my upturned bottom.

"Naughty girl, you almost made me cum in your throat with that moan. I told you, I'm going to fuck your sweet little cunt now. Or I will once I finish this now-necessary punishment."

I knew it was his intent to both punish and arouse, he knew what the stinging spanks on my sensitive ass cheeks made me feel between my legs. A drop of wetness ran down from my already drenched pussy.

After several more spanks, he spread my legs, positioning his cock so that it sat firmly against the outside of my small, wet opening. I moaned and squirmed, wanting to feel his hardness inside my wet and ready pussy, but he stayed still, only letting me feel the blunt cockhead on my twitching, swollen, needy sex.

Again he instructed me to ask for what he knew I needed.

"Please give me your cock, Sir!"

When he still did not move, I continued, "This tight cunt is begging to be fucked. Please pleasure your cock inside my wet pussy."

I had hardly finished my plea when he firmly thrust into me. His cock felt enormous, his thick hardness stretching me open, as his slow, repeated thrusts rubbed my pussy in pleasurable ways.

"Your sweet, wet cunt is so tight; knowing how you will squeeze around my cock when you cum for me makes me so hard."

"After I have fucked you very firmly for several months, your cunt will begin to open more for me. Then you will be able to fuck yourself onto my cock. I will enjoy laying back and making you pleasure us both, impaling yourself on me and fucking your pussy onto my cock. I will teach you to squeeze me firmly with your pussy muscles so that my cock will always receive maximum pleasure. But for now, with your cunt as tight as it is, it will require my firm thrusts fucking into you to spread you open each time. We can enjoy this process of opening that sweet slutty cunt together. I know that's what she wants, because she is always so wet and ready for me, aren't you, pet?"

I moaned my affirmative response, my breath coming in short little pants as he fucked me firmly and fully. My pussy twitched and tightened around his shaft.

"Yes, that's it, squeeze my cock, let me feel your arousal, show me how much your wet cunt needs my cock."

His filthy fuck words sent another naughty spasm of pleasure through my pussy as it spread for his cock, fully impaled on his huge phallus as he steadily and firmly filled my tiny hole, fucking me with slow, firm thrusts.

"Take Daddy's cock, that's right. Open your sweet fuck hole for me and take what I'm giving you."

"Ahhhhhhhh, yes, Daddy! It feels so good - please don't stop."

"Squeeze me tight with your wet cunt."

"ohhhh, yes Daddy."

"Good girl. Use those pussy muscles. This is what we've been training for. It feels so good on my cock, and that's what my little pussy is for. Now be a good slutty cunt for Daddy - do it again."

"Mmmmmmm, oh fuck you're big."

"Yes, I'm making it harder for you to squeeze, isn't that right?"

I moaned in frustration, trying to obey his commands, but struggling as his cock stiffened and swelled even further.

"Ahhh, Daddy, please!"

"Please what?"

"Please can I cum now?"

My Pussy twitched around his cock, trying so hard to give him the firm squeeze he had demanded, on the edge of cumming, out of my mind with pleasure from the constant firm thrusts if his huge phallus.

"Squeeze me hard with your cunt like a good girl, and I'll let you cum."

I put all of my focus and energy into squeezing his thick, steel-hard rod, moaning, shaking, and crying out as I came hard on his cock, my pussy spasming on it so tightly, feeling every inch of him as he fucked me, burying his cock deep in my now cumming pussy.

I felt him throb as he began to empty his balls into my cumming cunt. I couldn't stop cumming as he filled me with spurt after spurt of his hot cum.

Collapsing on to me and the bed with his cock still inside my overflowing pussy we drift off to sleep.
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Lil Notty Announcement:
Posted:Jul 26, 2021 8:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2021 12:02 am

Update on Ms V as of July 2021

Tears of pure joy as I type this!! I am so very happy to hear this news and pass it on to you. With permission of Course!

Hey everyone...some good news, the treatments are working and V is feeling better...she has now been giving 1-2 yrs. She has some fragmented memory return but the dates and things are skewed. She is able write letters too!!!!

Now she is being moved to the nursing facility in a week or so vs the hospital and I have a new address for those interested.

keep sending those happy healing thoughts

Update on Venus- June 2021
Posted:Jun 11, 2021 11:40 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2021 11:42 pm

Hello my Lil Notty Thought readers. I have an update for those of you who are friends wif Venus and want to know how things are going. wif LadyA permission I am posting her blog.

So My mom went to visit Venus on Friday, take her some clothing etc. She is doing much better in many ways. Back in Jan she had to be tied INTO a wheelchair to keep her upright and now she is mobile and taking care of herself with only verbal prompts. She was not able to have any sort of conversations as of Jan and now can, even if she cant remember more then 30 min at a time. She is content and pain free, the best we can ask right now!

The cancer treatment she is undergoing seems to be helping, the tumors are shrinking. She doesn't really know what's going on but does know she is sick, mostly because of the hair loss. The doctors are saying 1-2 years now instead of a few months they told us in March!!

We did find out she loves getting mail/packages. So if you wish to contact Me privately I will forward an address for notes and such. Remember she wont remember you or your history together but something light and cheery would be lovely!
For friends of Venusadora, Ms V, MastersMuseVenus.
Posted:Apr 20, 2021 3:03 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2021 1:03 am

This is for all of you who are friends with Venus. with permission from LadyA I am posting on my blog to help let friends know what is going on with Venus. As more information becomes available I will update my blog.

I'm not sure how to say this...its raw and painful and new. My dear friend is...just not there anymore.
Many of you know that she has been having major health issues since early Nov. and has been hospitalized since early Dec. We have had no real answers about WHY she had the seizures or WHY she seems to have taken a mental break from reality. NOW...we finally have answers and its not good!

Our dear friend Venus has stage four cancer in her chest. Started in her lungs and has moved into the lymph nodes OUT of her lungs. We know that this particular type DOES affect the brain. They have given us the phrase "weeks to months" for her continued time with us. I have not been able to even see her since end of Dec and still cant! They are moving her to a nursing home near Charlottesville soon and I hope to see her at least one more time.

My mother and I are taking care of her and her cats/things. Basically acting as executors for her estate. We know that Venus wishes to be cremated and scattered over water/ocean and I'm already planning that. The cost will be covered no matter what! However, I am planning to start a gofund or something as a memorial to hopefully help defray some of the cost. roughly 00-00, but anything would be helpful. Ill be posting this on fb too, hoping to let all her friends know.
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Posted:Feb 16, 2021 2:39 am
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2021 1:52 am
I could barely stand.

The hot water cut across my throbbing skin, the lingering effect of being exposed to Daddy after so long away.

The sweat and cum washing away under the pressure of the shower before long, I leaned back to keep it from my face and hair. I wanted to still look my best for Daddy.

God, it was so good to be at his mercy again, I could feel myself getting turned on by the thought of it. Finally alone, in person, Daddy's sweet little plaything all for him to punish and please as he saw fit. I started biting my lip.

I listened for any movement in the outside room. I couldn't hear anything from Daddy, maybe I could keep myself warm for him while still being clean.

Leaning against the wall, I slid my hands down the length of my body, closing my eyes. With him this close, the idea of Daddy fucking me made me wet instantly.

Slowly I rolled my clit back and forth underneath one finger, imagining the firm hand of Daddy between my legs. My breath became faster, and I slide a finger into the hotter, slicker wetness that thoughts of him produced. I wanted to moan aloud, slipping a second finger in and beginning to fuck myself a little harder.

Without warning, the shower curtain pulled back. Daddy stood there naked, thick cock standing rigid and ready to destroy me.

"Touching Daddy's pussy without permission, I see," came the low growl of the bass voice that haunts every fire-colored dream.

I froze, but had no time to react before Daddy stepped forward into the shower with me. His long fingered hand wrapped around my throat and pressed me to the wall without hesitation.

"I didn't tell you to stop," Daddy commanded, burying his face into my neck and licking up to my ear before pressing me harder into the wall.

I looked deep into his brown eyes and didn't hold back my moans as I began to cum.

" Yes Daddy!" I whispered, wracked by the orgasm and being in his firm grip my hotness poured from between my fingers and as I shook in his grip.

The fire in his eyes did not signal his decision as he grabbed me by the arms and pinned them against the wall and pressed himself into the junction between my thighs.

His long, hard cock slipped against my sensitive clit, wrapped in the slick oil of my desire as he ground against me.

"I bet you want me to take you right here, don't you?" Daddy whispered against the falling of the hot shower. "Do you think you deserve it?"

I nodded vigorously, soaking wet and hot against him, wanting nothing more than to be taken by him right now.

Daddy's hands slid up into my hair and yanked me suddenly against him.

"Come with me, slut," Daddy said, snapping the water off and beginning to drag me out.

I stumbled after him as he threw me on to the bed.

Still soaked from the shower and dripping with want, I looked up at him. His defined body pounced on me, pinning my wrists to the bed as he forced himself between my legs. With one hand, he tilted my face towards him.

"Tell me who do you belong to?" he demanded, grinding against me savagely.

Overwhelmed with need, I pressed along his tense, ridgid body and whispered helplessly, "you, Daddy!"

A low growl emanated from his chest, and he yanked my head to the side with a handful of my hair. Daddy bit me on the shoulder, hard enough for me to cry out.

"Say it again," Daddy demanded. "Tell me you're mine to play with."

I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer.

"I am yours Daddy" I told him, "please play with your girl."

Just like that, Daddy shoved his cock into me, lighting up every center in me that hadn't been touched in ages. I cried out, Daddy's own thighs forcing mine flat as he drove into me.

"Does Daddy's pussy like being fucked?" His cock pounded into me. A shuddering orgasm from with in me was building as Daddy's piston of a cock was driving and pulling me apart.

I was barely able to reply, "Yes, Daddy, yes!" as I came on his cock, his relentless assault didn't stop. His fingers clamped around my throat and he held me in place as he worked and grunted above me, driving me again to the heights of ecstasy.

"Da-addyyy," I screamed, breaking underneath him as he himself collapsed under the cresting tide of pleasure.

i was barely able to catch my breath before he pulled away. Daddy stroked his fingers through my long red hair.

"Get further up on the bed and get on all fours for me."

I obeyed without thinking, arching my ass into the air for him. "Yes, Daddy!"

It wasn't long before the flogger struck the back of my ass.

"Apologize for touching Daddy's pussy without permission," he demanded, hitting me again.

Everything inside me warmed from crown to toes.

I moaned, "I'm sorry, Daddy."


"What was that?" Daddy's persistence bass voice behind me.


Louder, I repeated, "I'm sorry for touching your pussy without permission, Daddy."

SMACK. Daddy lashed me with the flogger harder.

"Are you really sorry?" SMACK.

I could feel the arousal running between my legs, down my thighs. I arched my back, wanting him, needing him again. I knew craving him would be the dark addiction I could never shake, wanting him to fuck and break me so badly it was all I could think about, would do anything for.

"Yes Daddy, I'm sorry," I cried.

Harder again, SMACK.

"Do you think you've been a bad girl?" Daddy growled between strokes.

"Mmm yes, Daddy," I panted, "I've been so bad." SMACK. "Please punish me, Daddy."

I felt his fingers between my legs, sliding slick and easy into the heat he'd brought there.

I moaned. As I felt the dark fire of desperation and craving, that he stoked in me reaching a feverish pitch.

"Do you think you deserve it?" Daddy's other hand grabbing a fist full of my hair, holding me still with an iron grip.

"Please, Daddy," I breathed.

I could feel him almost laugh behind me.

"Aww, please what?" the bones of his hips fitted in behind mine, I could feel his hardness pressed against me.

"Please Daddy," I moaned, moving my hips against him, "please take me. Please punish your bad girl."

Daddy didn't give me any warning.

He drove his steel-hard cock into my waiting hotness, making me cry aloud each time he bottomed out in me but kept driving me anyway. His fingers tangled into my hair, holding me in place. I was already so close for him.

"Who owns this pussy?" Daddy demanded.

My reply was lost in the incoming wave of pleasure.

It wasn't sufficient for Daddy though. He slowed down, and tightened his grip on my hair.

"I - said - who - owns - this - pussy?" Daddy driving each word into me, I gasped out a reply.

"You do, Daddy!"

Daddy drove into me harder, his grip in my hair hurting me in ways I loved so much.

"You own this pussy, Daddy!"

"You will be a good girl!" he growled, using the pain he brought me to push the pleasure he brought me to greater heights.

"Yes, Daddy, yes!" I panted, so close to the edge.

"Cum on Daddy's cock, baby. Do it for Daddy, cum for me."

He didn't have to ask twice. I screamed out in pleasure as I came hard, his cock forcing another peak and another. Daddy's growl reached a feverish pitch, tossing me helplessly in its midst and I came again with him, his body collapsing against mine with one last shuddering moan.

"That's my girl," he breathed into my ear.
Late coming home
Posted:Oct 29, 2020 12:49 am
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2020 2:29 am
It's 6pm Friday and you are late. You've hurried as much as you can, but you made me wait for you and I am pissed. You run through the door, out of breath from trying to get home quickly and avoid punishment.

I'm waiting in my chair, watching the door, belt folded in half in my hand. Slowly slapping the leather armrest. Whack, Whack Whack.

I rise to my feet as you open the door. I can see the fear in your eyes as you rush through the door. "I'm sorry Daddy", you bleat breathlessly.

"Be Silent!" I roar. " On your knees!."

You freeze, standing there defiantly.

A slow grin spreads across my face. " now your really in trouble Pet!'

I move into you, grab your waist with one hand and grab your hair with the other hand. I love to watch your eyes as you feel me controlling you. I lift you by your hair. Not too high, but enough so that you need to be on your tip toes. I can feel your heart beating and see your chest rising and falling.

My lips are inches from yours, so I give you a hard kiss and end with a forceful lip bite. I can feel you wince and hear a muffled whimper.

"Strip you slut." I give your hair a quick tug to make sure I have your attention. You unbutton your blouse, take off your bra and wriggle out of your skirt.

Looks like it was "No Panties Friday."

My eyes dance over your body, over every curve.

You're going to pay for making wait. I pull your hair snapping your head back. You gasp with pain as I slowly pull your hair down, forcing you to your knees. Once down, I slide the belt across your face. Draw it down your neck. Stroke your breasts with it.

Then a quick slap across your breast with the belt that leaves a stinging red mark. "You little Slut! Never make Daddy wait!" I slide the belt across your shoulder and down across your other breast. Then a backhanded slap across your breast. I love the little gasps you make as I punish you. Slowly drawing the black leather across your face and neck, then a sharp stinging whip across your breasts. Holding your head by your hair so I can watch the pain in your face as I whip you over and over.

You nipples are erect and hard now, so I pause and give them a long hard pinch and a quick twist. Your moans are making me hard, so I force your head into my crotch so you can feel my hardness in your mouth.

The only reason your hands are free are so you can undo my pants and you know this, so you unbutton my pants, unzip , and take my cock into your mouth.

"Take it you fucking slut. Choke on it." I pull your hair, forcing it deeper into your mouth, down your throat. Your lips move further down my shaft as you choke and cough on my cock. I'm so turned by your choking that I jam my cock down your throat and hold you there until you wheeze and gasp for air.

I pull your head off my cock so you can see my erectness and I slap your face with it a few times before forcing your mouth onto me again. Saliva running down your chin, and tears running down your face. I love the way my cock looks in your mouth and I love the look in your eyes as you try to take it , but can't and still try for more.

"Slut, go get your collar and leash."

You crawl on fours over to the chest of sin, open it and bring your leash and collar by picking it up with your teeth. You crawl back with your sweet ass tantalizing me as you crawl towards . The black leather and chrome collar sparkles as the leash drags across the floor.

"Assume the position" I demand. You drop the leash at my feet, bow your head and keep your ass ; ready for me to do with as I please. I kneel down and clasp the collar around your neck. Gazing at your body pleases me and I accidentally tighten the collar too hard and you cough and choke. You look so sexy there with black and chrome around your neck. Your ass , just yearning to be played with.

You know you are not allowed to move in this position. At least not until I've allowed it.

I see you've brought my favorite leash. The one with the wide leather grip. Wide, but lighter leather that provides a nice sting rather than a heavy blow. I give your ass several whips just to make sure you're paying attention. I like to slide the leather down your back first so you can feel it. So you are forced to wait for it. Then a pause. Then a quick flip of the wrist and a sting to your ass. Welts rise and your body quivers after each whipping.

You re-adjust your position slightly, thinking I won't notice, but hoping that I do.

I see everything because I am your Daddy. I freeze as I watch you move ever so slightly out of place. Suddenly there is no sound, as if the entire world is frozen, and you start to get afraid. Start to wonder " fuck, what is going to happen next?" You know something is wrong and aren't quite sure what the punishment will be.

After 15 seconds of silence and not moving, the tension is unbearable for you. I lean down and clip the leash to your collar.

"You broke the rules my Pet. My rules, my punishment. You are mine. Your pussy is mine. Your mouth is mine. Your ass is mine. And I always take what is mine..."

I take the leash and lead you into the bedroom, crawling on all fours behind . As I sit on the bed, I pull on the leash, leading you onto my lap. "You've been a naughty girl and need punishing, you little Slut."

I take my bare hand and rub your ass. It's already sore from the previous whipping; hot and an angry pink. I slide my hand over your cheek and down slowly into your slit so I can enjoy how wet you get when being punished. You moan as I slide down and rub slow circles around your clit. I move my hand slowly back aross your sweet ass and smack it. Hard, so you gasp.

Drawing back, I pause. So you can anticipate the next sweet release of pain and yet you aren't quite sure when it's coming. Over and over. Swatting your sexy ass, then rubbing it. Feeling the soft smoothness and the heat coming off of it. So sexy. The feeling of your ass in my hand makes me rock hard.

Now is Daddy's fun time. I abruptly pull you off my lap with the leash, pulling you onto the bed. The leash handle fits nicely on the hook on the headboard and I pull your body down the bed so the leash is taut against your neck... Choking you ever so slightly.

I break out the purple bondage tape. Pulling you onto your side as the leash chokes you, I force your head onto my cock again. I kneel across you and use this time to bring your hands and knees together and wrap them with the purple bondage tape so that your knees are forced backwards, exposing your damp pussy. Fuck yes. You are helpless now, being choked by the collar and leash. Knees and arms taped together.

I rub my cock over your face a few more times because I love your tongue on my cock. Give you a few more cock slaps, then I move down to the bed.

Your sopping wet pussy needs some use, or abuse rather. I pat it a few times to make sure you know who is in control. I love to rub that clit for you. Press in hard, rubbing in circles. Then slapping it. Your groans and whimpers make me push harder. I lean in and lick your slit, then up to your clit, torturing you with my tongue. Feeling you move against me, trying to get away and not be able to is powerful. Teasing your clit so you are so close to cumming, then stopping and watching you try to push against me. As you try to move down you get choked and have to move back up, or try to.

Finally you beg for me to fuck you.. "Fuck me Daddy, Please Fuck me!." So I move my tongue back into your clit and tantalize it even more. I put two fingers into your dripping pussy and fuck you with them mercilessly. In and out, so fucking deep inside you. I can feel you getting close so I torture you more by rubbing your asshole with my pinky, before slowly sliding it inside you. I finger bang you faster and faster, with your body shaking as I finger your pussy and asshole at the same time. "Please Daddy, may I cum? Please, Please?"


I slap your sweet pussy a few more times, and I've got a raging hard on. I move up close to you and plunge my cock into you and you moan and gasp with the force of being filled with cock.

I raise up and slam my cock into you over and over, faster and faster. "Take it you dirty Slut, take it, take it!"

"Fuck me Daddy, yes, fuck me so hard & deep!"

Pressing in so hard and grinding my cock into your fucking pussy. "Do you like that you fucking Slut? Do you feel that? Take my cock you filthy dirty Slut, take it!" I'm grunting like a primal animal as I fuck you so fast and so hard. " Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, take it you Slut. Fuck yes, Fuck yes!"

Slapping your tits with one hand as I support myself with the other. Pinching your nipples., fucking you so hard, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

"Fuck yes, Fuck yes!" I cum and pump hot cum into your fucking pussy, thrust after thrust, load after load. The feeling of me emptying into you takes you over the edge. "Please let me cum Daddy, please let me cum."

"Cum you little Slut, cum you dirty cum Slut. Fucking do it." Waves of pleasure wash over you as your body shakes with spasm after spasm of orgasm. Your body writhes as I finally allow you to cum hard, over and over.

"Fuck yes, Daddy Fuck yes, so good, thank you Daddy"

"You are welcome my Pet"

I pull my spent cock out of your throbbing pussy and move so you can clean both our juices off of my dripping cock. Eagerly you move onto it, licking it, sucking it, cleaning it off.

"That's my Good Girl!'
Breaking Daddy's Rules
Posted:Apr 13, 2020 6:26 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2020 9:06 pm
I wake before you and decide take a shower before you wake . You wake without my realizing it as I pad into the bathroom and get under the hot water. As the heat runs over my body, I start to get wet, and not from the water. You hear moaning in the shower as I start touching myself. Soon after I climax, I turn the water off and get out of the shower. When I reenter the bedroom, expecting you to still be asleep, you ambush me , throwing me onto the bed. Holding me down by my throat, you use your other hand roughly to finger my cunt.

"What were you doing in the shower?" You see my eyes open wide as I realize that you will not tolerate it if I do not answer the question, but that you will be displeased with the answer.

Stammering, I answer, "well, I didn't know you were awake... and I was umm... touching myself" You look me straight in the eyes, and with your voice deadly calm, you ask me if I came. When I say that I did, you ask me in the same tone if you gave me permission to cum.

I shake my head slightly, at which point you squeeze slightly on my throat and bend your head down to whisper harshly in my ear, "I asked you a question. It's disrespectful not to answer"

Too afraid to really answer, you hear me whimper, No Daddy! at this, you look me in the eyes again and tell me that I should know that I would be punished for this, at which point I lower my eyes from your gaze and again in a whimper say, yes Daddy!

Without another moment's pause, you take your finger out of my cunt and tell me to lick it clean. While I'm doing this, you release your hold on my throat to grab something out of my sight. The next thing I know, you have grabbed one of my wrists, and then have both, at which point you handcuff them together, although not behind my back. You then stand and order me to kneel in front of you. I readily do, opening my mouth hungrily for your cock. You push back slightly and grab me by the chin, forcing me to look up in to your eyes, saying You really want my cock, Don't you my Slut? Well, this is not a reward. I want you to know how disappointed I am that you would cum without permission. At which point I attempt to lower my gaze, growling, You order me to look at you. When I look you in the eyes again, you continue, I'm going fuck your mouth, and I want you to look at me the whole time. I want you to see who your Daddy is, and remember that you are not allowed to cum unless I say so. You may want cum while I fuck your mouth, but if you do, your punishment will be even more severe, so control yourself slut! At which point you grab me by the hair and pull me to your cock. I open my mouth and continue to stare at you as you gently thrust into my mouth.

I start to moan as you continue to fuck my mouth, enjoying the feel of you. All of a sudden, you pull out of my mouth, grab a hold of me and throw me back onto the bed. You secure the handcuffs to a hook you had installed on the wall. Growling, you lean down to kiss me , probing my mouth with your tongue. You make sure to keep your body above me , just out of reach as I writhe and try rub my hips against yours. Moving down, you bite down hard on my neck, causing me to gasp and almost cry out as you also grab onto my breasts and tweak both nipples. As I start to moan louder and louder, you pull back, looking me in my eyes again ask if I want to Cum again. I nod my head while saying, Yes Daddy!

You smile down kindly, but coldly say "Well that's too bad, you still don't have permission to Cum Slut!"
Leaning down closer, You start to press your body against mine, and I feel your rock hard cock against my leg. As I begin to gyrate under you, you pull back and position yourself between my legs. I watch as you insert one finger slightly into my wet pussy, and then pull it out to taste it. I begin to beg you to please fuck me. You begin to run the head of your cock up and down my slit, not touching my clit, or pushing deeper inside, just getting the head slick with my juices. Writhing underneath you, I plead for you to please, PLEASE enter my pussy, Finally, you lean forward and grab me by the neck, your face so close to mine. You tell me " I'm going fuck you now, and I want you to cum for Daddy. But you are not to cum unless Daddy specifically says you can. "Do you understand me Slut?"

My eyes light and I quickly say "Yes Daddy, I understand!"

In one swift, fluid movement, you thrust your cock completely inside of me and tell me " To cum!!" You feel my muscles tighten, squeezing your cock tight. You begin pumping in and out of me, violating my warm, wet cunt. I moan and soon start asking if I could please cum again. After what feels like forever , you grant permission and I cum again. You continue to fuck my greedy pussy, allowing me to cum over and over again. Finally, you grab me by the hair and tell me to cum again as your body stiffens and spasms, shooting your hot cum deep inside .

After pausing for a few moments to catch your breath, you look down and say "You wanted to cum, now I want you to cum as much as you can. Cum over and over again, while you clean yourself off my cock!" As you pull out, I see you reach for something, and realize it is my vibrator. As soon as your cock is out of my pussy, it is immediately replaced with a vibrating shaft. You move my body, kneeling over my chest so that I can just reach your still erect cock. I am straining to be able to lick you, until you finally take pity and move close enough take you deep into my mouth, savoring the taste of my juices mixed with your cum. Very quickly, I am writhing and moaning under you as my body is wracked by one and then another orgasm. I continue to suck your cock more and more vigorously, running my tongue over the head. Surprisingly, you feel yourself getting close again, and tell me to open my mouth wide so you can watch as you cum again, this time shooting your load into my mouth. I greedily swallow your cum and suck you again into my mouth, wanting every last bit that I can get. Soon thereafter, you pull back and get a drink and watch me writhe and pant as the vibrator continues to violate my restrained body.

With the next orgasm, when my hips start bucking, you notice from your vantage point that your cum, mixed with my pussy juices, is running down my pussy to my ass. Without warning, you grab me by the hips and flip me over, my wrists still attached to the wall as I rotate on the hook, lying on my stomach beneath you. You feel me tense under you, afraid of what you will do . When you insert your finger into my ass, I cry out, begging you not to do it. You take another finger and insert it into my pussy, stretching it as you slide along the vibrator. A finger in each hole, you lean down onto me and whisper into my ear, "I'm going to fuck you again, and I'm not taking out the vibrator. You can choose, either I stretch that tight little cunt of yours by forcing my cock in there with that vibrator, or I fuck your ass. Do you want to choose, or shall I slut?"

Too shocked and overwhelmed, I just murmur that I trust your judgment. I fear which hole you will choose to fuck, knowing there is nothing I can do to stop you. Then I feel you pull out your fingers and pressure as you push your cock into my slick ass. I cry out in pain, feeling you in my ass while the vibrator is still going in my cunt, but you let out a groan, enjoying the feel of my tight ass and the sensation of feeling the vibrator inside me as well. Soon, you begin to thrust into me, fucking my ass, aided by our combined juices. My moans mix with pleas, begging you to stop, knowing that you won't, feeling my body spasm over and over again as I can't help but keep cumming.

You grab onto my hair and pull me back slightly, causing my back to arch but also allowing me to turn my head so I can look into your eyes and "You can't help but keep cumming, can you slut?" You ask me.

Panting, I say "No Daddy, I can't!"

You kiss me briefly, and then tell me "You are mine. Your body, your mouth, your cunt and your ass, all mine. Even your orgasms are mine, mine to give and mine to withhold, is that perfectly clear Slut?"

I feel another orgasm coming, and moaning, gasping for air, I say " Yes Daddy, very clear. I am yours, yours to do with as you please"

I see you smile as you softly caress my face, my hair " That's my good girl... my toy, my little slut!" Without warning, you begin to pound even harder into my ass, and I can tell that you are gonna fill me again. As much as possible, I try to push back against you, moving my body with your rhythm. Then, I feel you tense as you thrust deep into my ass, your hips pressing tight against my ass, as you fill me yet again with your cum. After a moment, you reach down and pull the vibrator out of me, as you continue to lie on top of me. Soon, you reach and unhook my wrists from the wall and free them from the cuffs. You gently massage my arms and shoulders, soothing my strained muscles. Then you pull out of my ass and help me roll over, at which point you growl and kiss me again, and then say " that it is time get into the shower together!"
Lil Notty Announcement!
Posted:Mar 22, 2020 8:57 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2020 4:20 pm
Hello! Hey Lil Notty Thoughts Fans. I have been working on a new story. It is in the corrections and spell check phase. I have not been able to replace my laptop but found another way to post my story. So paweezee be on the look out for it. Will be posting it soon.
Posted:Feb 12, 2020 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2020 1:10 am

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