Sperm Extraction  

oldman1973 73M/36F  
179 posts
5/26/2020 7:22 pm

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5/13/2021 3:12 am

Sperm Extraction

I Phon love cum, and will take it anywhere a guy wants
Over my face, Hair and in my mouth
In my mouth on vid and see me swallow
Over my tits and body
In my pussy (cream pie)
In my Ass ( Cream Pie)
On my back

LuvWmn_N_Sex 67M
156 posts
5/26/2020 10:29 pm

I thoroughly enjoy making "Cream Pie" with all of the extra ingredients that she provides with her cum/ sweet nectar.
She can use my cock to provide her share of Cream Pie, while I lick her pussy into another orgasmic frenzy. If all works according to schedule, we can then start again with another sexual adventure!!!

pb661010 55M
4 posts
5/27/2020 3:58 am

Nothing like the feeling of every last drop of cum being sucked from you
That's while I love to taste a woman's juices as well

scar1029face 41M
150 posts
5/27/2020 6:52 am

Lets doit!

Littlhunt4 41M

5/27/2020 12:19 pm

In your mouth but watch you play with it a bit before you swallow

SophieNew98 23F
76 posts
5/27/2020 1:56 pm

The guy I’m seeing prefers to cum in me and I do love it but I also miss a good messy facial

oldman1973 replies on 7/4/2020 8:37 pm:
I love the hot messy facial and in my mouth, U swallow as much cum as my husbands friends cam muster for me

hookerman 67M  
26 posts
5/28/2020 8:51 am

in my mouth please, straight from the source, fresh and tasty

saillll55554444 66M
3 posts
9/9/2020 12:59 pm

love a wet pussy filled with cum


timexxx691a 52M
85 posts
12/22/2020 5:39 am

Try doing a "Snowball" with him.Start by blowing him & take as much cum as possible in your mouth (careful not to swallow).Then stand up & kiss him full on the mouth.The two of you then pass the sperm between ya t' ill it's all gone.

oldman1973 replies on 12/22/2020 10:28 pm:
Done that a few times with my and other guys sperm, and share it with them too

DevlishMiles1965 56M

1/23/2021 7:31 am

Phon, I'd love to cum hard in your mouth and enjoy a sloppy kiss after!!

oldman1973 replies on 4/1/2021 2:16 am:
Cum and do it while husband vids the fuck my naughty sweet ass for him to see too

DevlishMiles1965 56M

4/14/2021 12:05 pm

Sounds absolutely ideal, thick sperm oozing from your sexy ass........

oldman1973 replies on 5/13/2021 3:09 am:
So when are you coming to service me slt hols while husband film me getting that cock

oldman1973 73M/36F  
617 posts
5/13/2021 3:12 am

I want that sperm ozzing from all my holes while husband films, I am a dirty cock and cum loving slut Thai wife

Hummthis69 41M
1 post
8/29/2021 12:49 pm

I wiuld love to feel that sexy little ass slide down on my pulsein cock mmmm

sunluver6922a 51M
29 posts
11/16/2021 5:29 am

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