openun2016 49M/48F
4 posts
6/5/2017 11:06 am

How many of people on here actually meet with someone from this site. We have meet with 2 different individuals

camper789 66M
2380 posts
6/6/2017 7:20 am

I've actually met some nice ladies on this site.

funincol42 54M/52F  
33 posts
6/6/2017 5:02 pm

We have. And some have became good friends as well.

kentuckiana 65M  
58 posts
7/10/2017 4:30 pm

As often mentioned, it's quality, not quantity, but with that said, I've been fortunate to meet several couples and singles. Yes, there are many fake profiles, voyeurs and other folks that have no intention of meeting, and/or misrepresent themselves.

The problematic profiles & individuals are pretty easy to spot-a single, extremely attractive picture, little narrative on the profile, deactivated accounts, individuals on IM that never seem to remember prior chats, etc. I mean, seriously; is a white, nubile, 25 year old, movie star attractive woman, oddly located in Ghana, Africa really going to be interested in meeting a late middle age man in the midwest USA?

I've been to Ghana, and 1) not that it matters, but there are few white folks there, 2) the country struggles to have reliable telephone connections, let alone high speed internet, and 3) what were they expecting...a short little 17 hour air flight to share a "meet & greet?"

The folks I've been fortunate to meet, are invariable those with whom I've traded a few emails or IM conversations. Sure, there are those that simply want to chat (which is fine), and others that are only interested in trading emails and pictures, some vicariously cheating on a spouse, etc. Some are simply scared to actually meet, so if they appear real; after a few contacts; I'll just ask if they have any interest in meeting in person.

There are real people on the site, that do meet, and as stated in an earlier post, some have become dear, lifestyle friends. Best wishes, and good luck!

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