Stockings vs pantyhose  

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10/25/2021 7:04 am
Stockings vs pantyhose

For me I like stockings. Not only on me but also on any woman I would be sexually involved with. Pantyhose does make legs look very nice and sexy at times. Enjoying sexual activities are limited when wearing pantyhose unless they are the open bottom type that I believe are called overt. I am also not a big fan of garter belts for me. They do look great on a woman as long as the panties are worn over the belt’s straps. Doing this does not look as good as under the straps but it does allow easy removal of the panties and still keep the stockings on. Lace top thigh high stay up stockings are my favorite. They feel wonderful older my jeans while walking around in public. Another wonderful feeling is when worn after freshly shaven legs and under a nylon night gown or slip. If you are the type of person that likes pantyhose I am not saying that you are wrong, this is what I enjoy. You should enjoy what gives you the most pleasure as long as it is with consenting adults.

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10/25/2021 8:22 am

" Pantyhose does make legs look very nice and sexy at times. "

Not to mention they support they provide.

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10/25/2021 8:56 am


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10/25/2021 10:34 am

Thigh Highs yes , XOXO

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