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Women at the top of the list
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 6:01 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2021 5:13 pm

Most of the things I have written about appear to be focused my crossdressing and desires to suck cock. If you look closely there is always something there with a woman. Women will always be my first interest, my main desire. When I see a desirable woman my thoughts are first about what it would be like to kiss and caress her body, to orally please and tease her in all the special places over and over till she breathlessly begs me to let her take a break to catch her breath. I never think of fucking her, it is more like making love to her. I tend to be more attracted to slender women with small tits and butts. Women of medium and a few extra pounds are also desirable as are larger tits. Another thing about the tits are the size of the nipples. I go crazy for large nipples, I want to lick them, nibble on them and suck them into my mouth. Bigger women are not sexually desirable for me as are very dark skinned people. I have no problem with them being who they are, they just don’t spark and sexual desires. If this offends you just understand I am being honest. After the initial thoughts of an attractive woman spark my desires I begin to think about her helping me to dress up and maybe do a little lesbian role playing leading to some play with toys. Then my thoughts would progress to where a guy or two would join us and we take things to another level. With all my extra desires it would look like the woman is second place and that is the furthest from the truth. Having a pure sexual relationship with a woman is very possible without the crossdressing and bi stuff and it could be very satisfying. But those desires will always be there ready for the woman that wants to enjoy them also. If she does not enjoy them with me than there is no reason to involve them. I don’t want a woman to do it just because I enjoy it.
Desire for cock
Posted:Jul 28, 2021 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2021 5:24 am

Besides being talked into trying to suck a cock as a by a older guy than me I did not have any desires to suck cock for many years. That first time did not go very far, it just did not feel right at the time. Later in life and after getting into crossdressing I had one fantasy where several girls got me dressed up and we went shopping at a Sears. They picked out some lingerie for me to try on. While in the changing booth they opened the door and allowed a guy passing by to see me and they invited him to come closer. With them surrounding us they had me suck his cock. With verbal encouragement they led me on to suck him. I did not think of this often but it was the first time I thought of sucking a guy. About this time I saw a story about a guy that sucked his own cock, this started me wanting to be able to do the same thing. With a cock just over 6 inches and not being very flexible I could only think about it. Even today I often think about this and have even had dreams of sucking my own cock. With a wet dream or two when younger I still enjoy these dreams very much. It is only with these thoughts that I take my own cum. I rarely think of taking another guys cum. With encouragement from a woman I think I would try it. My first real cock sucking was after I retired from the Army and was driving a truck. Using the CB radio I made myself available. I finally got a reply from a driver heading my way. We met at a rest area where I went to his truck and sucked and stroked him till he started cumming in my mouth. Before he finished I took him out of my mouth and finished stroking him into a towel while I spit his cum into the towel. The taste was not too bad and I am not sure why I still don’t take the cum and swallow. Having the hard warm cock in my mouth was a wonderful feeling. Having given a blowjob till the guy came was great thing for me, I finally fulfilled that desire. I walked away from his truck very satisfied. He did not give me anything in return and I was not looking for anything. Since then I have had several cocks and one that I shared with my wife. With her and I taking turns on that cock was a great thing. It was even better sucking his cock after he fucked her for a few minutes. I really enjoy sucking cocks at a gloryhole when I can find one. It allows me to enjoy the cock without getting too close to the guy. Like I always say, I am not attracted to guys. I am happy with a guy cumming and going. I would be nice to find a guy that would allow me to suck him on a regular basis, another crossdresser would be fantastic. A couple (woman and man) would be the ultimate. Lately I have been enjoying porn where the guy is fucking a woman while sucking a cock. To do this while wearing lingerie and the woman is playing with my nipples and is verbally encouraging me and calling me a cock , panty boy cock sucker, slutty cock sucker…UPDATE——. There is a part that I forgot to mention. During most of my life up to the latter half of my first marriage I did not have much desire to suck cock. During that marriage we talked about having another woman join us for us both to enjoy. It never happened and I began to think of ways to get her more excited. Having a good feeling that she was “cheating on me” I decided that if I wanted a bi woman maybe she would be turned on by bi guys. As crossdressing was already a part of our marriage I thought it might be a thing to try. The more I thought about it the more I got turned on. Well that also never happened and it may have started the end of that marriage that already had problems. With the thought firmly planted my desires only grew. I have no idea why that important part slipped my mind but had to update and share with anyone that cares.
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Panties every day
Posted:Jul 28, 2021 10:00 am
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2021 3:03 am

Since I have been back in the states this time I have been wearing panties everyday. Most of the time I don’t think about it but it is still nice. If it were cooler I think I would shave my legs and put on some stockings to wear under my jeans. That would be a great feeling. Adding a camisole is the next level I could enjoy while shopping for more things to wear. While shopping for lingerie I often wish a sales lady would offer to help me find the right thing to try on, with her help of course. Finding a sales lady that enjoys helping guys dress is a long held desire. Most women I tell that I am shopping for myself kinda take it in stride after briefly looking at me slightly puzzled. Not everyone will approve of this fetish of mine and I do understand. I do not wish to parade around but still I would like to get dressed with a woman or two and go out shopping fully dressed or even for dinner, not full time but once in awhile. As I have said in earlier posts I do not dress to attract men nor am I attracted to men. The crossdressing is mainly for my own pleasure and for an accepting woman. The debate I have right now is if I should continue my daily panty wearing when I get back to Germany. My wife knows I like to cross dress and has been part of it a few times. I think she has lost interest in it but has not said anything against it. So time will tell.
Some labels don’t fit and some do
Posted:Jul 23, 2021 3:13 pm
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2021 5:13 pm

I guess the first label that I see often when looking for porn that fits my desires is the term “sissy”. As a part time crossdresser some would think that I am a sissy. Although I like to look as sexy and slutty as possible when I dress I do not want to act girly. I think of myself as a man that likes to dress as a woman from time to time. I often think of myself being a lesbian that also likes to suck cock. I would always want a woman there with me, I do not dress to attract men. I Except for a motel parking lot I normally do not go dressed in woman’s clothes.

Cuckhold is the next label. Most of the time when I think of sucking cock I think of a woman being there by my side as we share the cock. It is more of a turn on if she enjoys seeing me suck the cock with her because we both enjoy it and not because I am being forced to or have to go along with it to please her. She can several things in a loving manner as the cock is sliding in and of my mouth. “Slutty cock sucker”, “cock ”, “cock sucking panty ” to name a few. I have no desires to be humiliated or degraded. I am not submissive but I am very willing to please those that I am with.

One that I like would be “Panty ”. As long as it is used in a playful manner and not degrading. “Girly ” is also OK. One that I often use to help get over the edge when jerking off is “ Slut”. Some of the guys that I have sucked have in my mouth but it is not something I forward to and normally spit it . That could change with a woman that encourages to “Go For It” and shares it with or that I kiss her after a guy cums in her mouth however I have no desire to “Snowballing”. With the right encouragement I could try licking and sucking on cum covered tits or even a “Cream Pie”. The right woman could get me to do almost anything.
Posted:Jul 23, 2021 5:06 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2021 5:13 pm

My first thoughts dress in women’s clothes were as a working in a restaurant. One of my responsibilities was clean the restrooms. While in the women’s restroom I thought that it would be nice be in there and see what women do in there and be closer them in a personal setting. Dressing as a woman would allow that. It never happened but that started my dressing desires. About the time I tried my mother’s lingerie that she had hanging in the bathroom dry. Playing with myself would never be the . Adding lipstick increased my desire dress as a woman. My thoughts while dressing rarely involved men, only being with women. Even today I do not dress to attract men.
Back from Germany
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 5:14 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2021 5:13 pm

Visiting family in Clarksville. Just 2 weeks left. Looking to give oral to both women and men.Ladies, if your looking for a husband I am taken and not here looking for that. Guys, I am not looking to hug or kiss or anything romantic, blow and go is fine for me. Passable cross dressers and transsexual may be a different story.

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