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Stockings vs pantyhose
Posted:Oct 25, 2021 7:04 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2021 9:49 pm

For me I like stockings. Not only on me but also on any woman I would be sexually involved with. Pantyhose does make legs look very nice and sexy at times. Enjoying sexual activities are limited when wearing pantyhose unless they are the open bottom type that I believe are called overt. I am also not a big fan of garter belts for me. They do look great on a woman as long as the panties are worn over the belt’s straps. Doing this does not look as good as under the straps but it does allow easy removal of the panties and still keep the stockings on. Lace top thigh high stay up stockings are my favorite. They feel wonderful older my jeans while walking around in public. Another wonderful feeling is when worn after freshly shaven legs and under a nylon night gown or slip. If you are the type of person that likes pantyhose I am not saying that you are wrong, this is what I enjoy. You should enjoy what gives you the most pleasure as long as it is with consenting adults.
Lust at first sight
Posted:Oct 25, 2021 1:27 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

Many years ago I gave up on the idea of “love at first sight” and realized that for me at least the it is Really “lust at first sight”. Out of that love grows. The other day I was in Myrtle Beach having breakfast with my wife. Not that it matters but it was a Cracker Barrel on the north side. While we were talking I noticed a different family had sat down in the corner. The mother/wife was seated facing me. I had not noticed her figure when she sat down but did notice her face after a few minutes. She is attractive and desirable. With a little extra makeup she could be more desirable in a slutty way. One of my first thoughts was what she would look like with a cock between her lips and with me next to her helping her suck on that cock. This morning I realized that with most women that I see lately I have the same thoughts of what it would be like sharing a cock with them. When time permits I add to my desires that I am wearing her panties at her request. This is followed by her taking the cock we made hard into her pussy to enjoy it fucking her as I lick and suck on her clit. Later I will add to the daydream that she is filled with his cum and withdrawals so that I can suck him clean at her request followed by me enjoying licking the combined cum from her pussy. I have not been able to put aside my reluctance to enjoy tasting or eating cum but the desire is there, maybe soon. Anyway the main reason for this posting is that my first thoughts after seeing a woman’s face is sharing a cock with her. What the guy looks like is never thought about, it is all her and the cock.
Anal desires
Posted:Sep 13, 2021 9:20 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

My earliest experiences with anal play was when I was about or . As part of my beginnings in crossdressing and being a girly I was in the bathroom playing with a family member’s bra and wondered what it was like to have my body penetrated. I saw a tooth brush and used it to slide into me. Being thin it did enter me easily and did feel different but in a pleasing way. I did enjoy the feeling of something sliding in and out of me. I did not do this often but it was the start. Not long after this I was with family and a friend working in a resort town. Having to share a bed with others I was awoken during the night with a friends finger in my ass. He was asleep and was probably dreaming about my sister who was his girlfriend. I was not thrilled about it but did not make anything of it. Nothing happened for several years but the desire was there every once in a while. For several years I tried a few things to see if I could take more into me. Some worked and some not. My first wife and I would from time to time use anal play as something extra and it was pretty good. Mainly she would use her vibrator on me. One time she held it between her thighs and did me from behind. That was nice, feeling it going in and out of me with her thighs pushing into me felt great. We talked about a strap on but that never happened with her. After a divorce I was getting more into crossdressing. I did have a few toys that I was using from time to time. After getting married again we decided to get a strap on. This was nice but we did not use it to often do to me wanting to be “clean”. I took a bit of time to give myself a good cleaning and was not worth it. Now from time to time when my wife is out for awhile I will take a slender dildo that has a suction base a place it on the bathroom wall, lube it up and back up to it and take it easily into me. I will use it and call myself a slutty cock while thinking of be fucked by a woman while sucking on a real coc Between my marriages I did try to take a real cock twice. The first time did not go well due to lack of lube and the second was a bit better but not very satisfying. The second guy kept wanting to take the condom off but I would go for that. I do fantasize a lot about being fucked by women. I would let a guy fuck me if I was licking his wife’s pussy while she sucked me. Besides that, I do not think of being with a guy for anal, giving or receiving even if fully dressed like a woman. I have tried to take a thicker dildo but have not been able to relax enough.
Nice Cocks
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 3:48 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

I normally do not search the profiles for guys. Women and couples are my main interest. Cross dressers and transgendered people would be next. I review those that view my profile I do see many guys who have looked at my profile. Some have pictures and others do not. for the guys with pictures my attention is drawn the ones that show their cocks. Most of them stir my desire lick them and then take them into my mouth, sucking them while sliding the shaft in and out of my mouth. Getting more and more into my mouth and if they are not too thick I like to work them into my throat. Now not the cocks are long enough for “deep throat” and that is fine, I still like suck a nice cock. So, what is a “nice cock” . The first thing I notice is pubic hair. My first choice would be shaved or closely trimmed. Next would be circumcised and only because I am and have a better Idea of how treat it. Also being cut gives it a similar look mine. Looking like mine helps link my actions my desire suck my own cock. I would not turn down a cock that was not circumcised nor a cock that was not shaved or trimmed, this is just what I would prefer. Age is not a issue unless you are . As long as your cock can get stiff then I can work with it and enjoy it. Guys with excessive weight are not interesting . I do not have a issue with race but do have a preference for light skinned cocks. For those that read this and have the desire have your cock sucked let know. If you are near and have somewhere that we can relax and take the time have some fun let me know. I am willing suck cock and get nothing in return, I am not looking for a “boyfriend” or a lover. If you desire a crossdresser that is fully dressed then I need more time prepare and would need a hotel room that I would take care of. If a wig and lipstick that is needed then anyplace would work. I am willing travel by train most places in Germany. No matter what I do require a public meeting first and from there we can decide if we feel safe go somewhere else. I do not provide any photos that are not in my profile. Women are always welcomed and I really prefer be part of the playing at any level. I am not submissive at all and do not enjoy humiliation. So if you want a friendly cock sucker to give you some pleasure send me a note.
Getting into your panties
Posted:Aug 22, 2021 12:53 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

I often see women that are very desirable to me and think about getting their panties off so that I can lick and suck on their clit while sliding a dildo in and out of her pussy. Of course after getting the panties off you ask me to put them on while I kiss and caress my way over your body on my way to your pussy. Hearing you telling me to lick and suck it like a “good panty boy” drives my desire to higher levels Getting the dildo deep into you and hearing your moans gives me great pleasure. After you cum for the first time I slide the fake cock out of you and make eye contact with you and see your smile as I lick the cock that was in you. You ask me to suck on it and I do, gladly. I taste you on that cock and enjoy hearing you call me “ a slutty cock sucker”. I say “yes I am” and suck it some more before returning it into your swollen pussy. Orgasm after orgasm your breathing becomes more difficult till you breathlessly beg me to give you a break. I do, till I start again.
Older Ladies
Posted:Aug 20, 2021 9:18 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

Like most I was always attracted to older women. As I grew older my desires have evolved but not for the ladies that are a bit more mature. Of course I do desire a fresh young woman but not as much. The experience the older women bring can not be matched. With my different desires from what some would call normal I have found the older ladies a bit more accepting and willing to try something a little on the unusual side. Even at my advanced age there are some women older than me that turn my head and get me thinking of sexually exploring her body with tender kisses and caresses. Like most desires for a first encounter I lean towards keeping it plain and simple but full of passion. If all goes well then in time I can bring up other desires that can be worked into the relationship. I rarely think of a relationship being a one night thing. It has been a while since I have be involved with another woman but the desires are still there.
Posted:Aug 17, 2021 7:09 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

The enjoyment in your eyes that are made up in a slightly slutty way. Your red lipstick covered lips wrapped around the cock sliding in and out of your mouth. I enjoy watching you as you allow the cock to come out with you looking at me and asking me if I like what I see. As I reply that I do you lean towards me and kiss me passionately. You ask if I can taste the cock on your lips and tongue. While I replay that I can you lick the shaft and then ask if I want to help you suck that coc I reply by leaning towards the cock as you guide it towards my mouth with a smile on your face you tell me to kiss it and I do. You then tell me to lick it and I do. Go ahead and take it into your mouth and suck it is your next request and of course I do. I take it fully into my mouth several times. Your pleasure is growing and your face shows it with eyes wide and a big smile. With our eyes maintaining contact I take the full cock into my mouth all the way into my throat. Now you tell me that I am such a good cock . For quite some time we share this cock back and forth, from your mouth to mine. Sometimes we kiss each other with the tip of the cock next to our lips. We keep going till it is time for me to become a cum slut at your request for our pleasure.
Germany again
Posted:Aug 14, 2021 5:16 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

I have returned to Germany and my wife. I did enjoy my time in the States for the most part. I did not do all that I wanted to do but at least I was able to wear panties everyday after arriving in the USA. I did continue that for a week after getting back to Germany. It was very nice. I am not sure if my wife noticed and said nothing but I also did not parade around in just my panties. I did sleep in just the panties and it was very nice whenever I wear something feminine. I was going to go to my favorite pornokino a few days ago but that plan did not work out. When I go there I sometimes see couples there but mostly there is only hard cocks to see. That is fine but not the same as seeing a woman with or without a guy. Most times I do wear lingerie under my street clothes and will remove my top to show my camisole and to be able to freely play with my nipples. Although I have no problem sucking a cock in front of others I find the there is more action at the gloryhole. This is fine with me because I just want the cock to suck on and have no attraction to the guy. Also some guys want to kiss and hug, not my thing so the wall helps control that. A hard cock is all that I need. The cock cumming shows that I did good enough to get it to climax. Sometime soon I hope to talk to the wife about taking overnight trips do another area so that I can fully enjoy my crossdressing even if only to stay in the hotel and have fun with my toys. If the hotel is near a porno theater I may go there dressed but I do not want any problems on the street getting there so I will most likely just wear lingerie under my street clothes.
Being honest
Posted:Aug 3, 2021 6:02 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

A long time ago when I was young and afraid to share my desires with others I read many stories where a guy’s life was destroyed when their wife found out about their dressing. To a point I felt sorry for these guys knowing how the desires to crossdress feel. But on the other hand you should be honest with someone that you want to share your life with. My present wife and my first wife both knew before we got married about my desires. In both cases they accepted me and my desires and enjoyed them with me at times. My ex tried to use it against me for divorce purposes. My present may have just played along because it was something I liked. She no longer plays but has no problem we me dressing under my normal clothes to go out to a adult theater to suck cock. But the point here is to say that you should be honest and share your feelings and desires. When starting a possible relationship you can test the water in a manner to find out if the person you are interested in is open minded enough. If you don’t think it will work out then there is no reason to take the relationship further. It may take awhile to find the right person and depending on your desires it may never happen but it is better than hiding things from someone who you say that you love. Desires that develop after a relationship starts is more complicated but still the honesty with a person that you say you love to me is very important. I know it is scary but so is being caught.
My oldest “Girlfriend”
Posted:Aug 3, 2021 5:40 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

We have been seeing each other off and on for a very long time. She knows and enjoys all my desires. She rarely says no. She pleases me like I want to be pleased. Of course she is me. I guess you can say that part of the reason I continued to crossdress over the years was to pretend to be a girl/woman that I could enjoy when all the real women I was attracted to would most time only go so far. When dressed I would almost always satisfy myself thinking of the things that I found stimulating. The last few years I have accepted the fact that I will not be able to dress when and in the way I really want to. Getting older is what it is. This last solo trip was or is in a way my last attempt to enjoy my dressing as I wanted. As it normally happens I did not do all that I wanted to do. I have been reducing my “things” to avoid any embarrassment to my family should I pass away before I fully quit cross dressing. It is hard to give it up and I am keeping a few things for “just in case “. I have my favorite things like the floral print nylon nightgown that was my ex’s that she gave me. And the camisoles with matching panties that are very hard to find. Just wanted to share a few thoughts about my favorite “girlfriend”.
Women at the top of the list
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 6:01 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 11:34 pm

Most of the things I have written about appear to be focused my crossdressing and desires to suck cock. If you look closely there is always something there with a woman. Women will always be my first interest, my main desire. When I see a desirable woman my thoughts are first about what it would be like to kiss and caress her body, to orally please and tease her in all the special places over and over till she breathlessly begs me to let her take a break to catch her breath. I never think of fucking her, it is more like making love to her. I tend to be more attracted to slender women with small tits and butts. Women of medium and a few extra pounds are also desirable as are larger tits. Another thing about the tits are the size of the nipples. I go crazy for large nipples, I want to lick them, nibble on them and suck them into my mouth. Bigger women are not sexually desirable for me as are very dark skinned people. I have no problem with them being who they are, they just don’t spark and sexual desires. If this offends you just understand I am being honest. After the initial thoughts of an attractive woman spark my desires I begin to think about her helping me to dress up and maybe do a little lesbian role playing leading to some play with toys. Then my thoughts would progress to where a guy or two would join us and we take things to another level. With all my extra desires it would look like the woman is second place and that is the furthest from the truth. Having a pure sexual relationship with a woman is very possible without the crossdressing and bi stuff and it could be very satisfying. But those desires will always be there ready for the woman that wants to enjoy them also. If she does not enjoy them with me than there is no reason to involve them. I don’t want a woman to do it just because I enjoy it.
Desire for cock
Posted:Jul 28, 2021 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2021 5:24 am

Besides being talked into trying to suck a cock as a by a older guy than me I did not have any desires to suck cock for many years. That first time did not go very far, it just did not feel right at the time. Later in life and after getting into crossdressing I had one fantasy where several girls got me dressed up and we went shopping at a Sears. They picked out some lingerie for me to try on. While in the changing booth they opened the door and allowed a guy passing by to see me and they invited him to come closer. With them surrounding us they had me suck his cock. With verbal encouragement they led me on to suck him. I did not think of this often but it was the first time I thought of sucking a guy. About this time I saw a story about a guy that sucked his own cock, this started me wanting to be able to do the same thing. With a cock just over 6 inches and not being very flexible I could only think about it. Even today I often think about this and have even had dreams of sucking my own cock. With a wet dream or two when younger I still enjoy these dreams very much. It is only with these thoughts that I take my own cum. I rarely think of taking another guys cum. With encouragement from a woman I think I would try it. My first real cock sucking was after I retired from the Army and was driving a truck. Using the CB radio I made myself available. I finally got a reply from a driver heading my way. We met at a rest area where I went to his truck and sucked and stroked him till he started cumming in my mouth. Before he finished I took him out of my mouth and finished stroking him into a towel while I spit his cum into the towel. The taste was not too bad and I am not sure why I still don’t take the cum and swallow. Having the hard warm cock in my mouth was a wonderful feeling. Having given a blowjob till the guy came was great thing for me, I finally fulfilled that desire. I walked away from his truck very satisfied. He did not give me anything in return and I was not looking for anything. Since then I have had several cocks and one that I shared with my wife. With her and I taking turns on that cock was a great thing. It was even better sucking his cock after he fucked her for a few minutes. I really enjoy sucking cocks at a gloryhole when I can find one. It allows me to enjoy the cock without getting too close to the guy. Like I always say, I am not attracted to guys. I am happy with a guy cumming and going. I would be nice to find a guy that would allow me to suck him on a regular basis, another crossdresser would be fantastic. A couple (woman and man) would be the ultimate. Lately I have been enjoying porn where the guy is fucking a woman while sucking a cock. To do this while wearing lingerie and the woman is playing with my nipples and is verbally encouraging me and calling me a cock , panty boy cock sucker, slutty cock sucker…UPDATE——. There is a part that I forgot to mention. During most of my life up to the latter half of my first marriage I did not have much desire to suck cock. During that marriage we talked about having another woman join us for us both to enjoy. It never happened and I began to think of ways to get her more excited. Having a good feeling that she was “cheating on me” I decided that if I wanted a bi woman maybe she would be turned on by bi guys. As crossdressing was already a part of our marriage I thought it might be a thing to try. The more I thought about it the more I got turned on. Well that also never happened and it may have started the end of that marriage that already had problems. With the thought firmly planted my desires only grew. I have no idea why that important part slipped my mind but had to update and share with anyone that cares.
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Panties every day
Posted:Jul 28, 2021 10:00 am
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2021 3:03 am

Since I have been back in the states this time I have been wearing panties everyday. Most of the time I don’t think about it but it is still nice. If it were cooler I think I would shave my legs and put on some stockings to wear under my jeans. That would be a great feeling. Adding a camisole is the next level I could enjoy while shopping for more things to wear. While shopping for lingerie I often wish a sales lady would offer to help me find the right thing to try on, with her help of course. Finding a sales lady that enjoys helping guys dress is a long held desire. Most women I tell that I am shopping for myself kinda take it in stride after briefly looking at me slightly puzzled. Not everyone will approve of this fetish of mine and I do understand. I do not wish to parade around but still I would like to get dressed with a woman or two and go out shopping fully dressed or even for dinner, not full time but once in awhile. As I have said in earlier posts I do not dress to attract men nor am I attracted to men. The crossdressing is mainly for my own pleasure and for an accepting woman. The debate I have right now is if I should continue my daily panty wearing when I get back to Germany. My wife knows I like to cross dress and has been part of it a few times. I think she has lost interest in it but has not said anything against it. So time will tell.

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