🌮 Patty cakes or holding hands  

pal334 67M  
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2/20/2020 6:33 am

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2/20/2020 3:18 pm

🌮 Patty cakes or holding hands

I was thinking about the human anatomy, and particularly the hand. Other than the obvious practical usages for our day to day life, a hand (s) are delightful method to communicate emotions. I know in anger the hand can be very explicit, but for the purposes of this blog, would like to concentrate on the amorous aspects. And by some miracle of nature there are five digits attached that further enhance ones abilities to communicate. Do you enjoy the soft touch of your partner, the expressions of wants and desires? The use of the fingers to beckon, caress or please? I am a very tactile person and love touching, even when is very fleeting, to feel the soft warm skin.

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pal334 67M  
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2/20/2020 6:37 am

Even walking in the rain is better with holding hands [image]

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SimpleLatina 57F
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2/20/2020 6:52 am

I love holding hands, it is so intimate

Superduper6961 43M
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2/20/2020 7:47 am

Our most sensual point of contact

sweet_VM 63F
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2/20/2020 7:51 am

Yes yes yes hugs V

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Granny872 69F  
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2/20/2020 8:15 am

I never thought much about holding hands with anyone other than my late husband, but I will never forget one of the first men I had a sexual relationship with after he passed. He was younger than me by at least 20 years, and we met for a first 'date' to have a drink. He suggested a walk, and when we started on our walk, he took my hand and held it until we got to our destination. I was stunned, and shocked, and turned on all at the same time. I just never expected that a complete stranger would want to be seen in public holding hands with me, and it touched me beyond words.

Great post, great pics.

Tmptrzz 59F  
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2/20/2020 9:05 am

You holding hands makes you feel so very close to your partner. We even hold hands as were sitting on the couch watching tv. I hope your day is full of hand holding and enjoyable fun..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

Pleasureinc 58M  
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2/20/2020 9:32 am

You bet, touch is important for me!

misskissin 58F
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2/20/2020 1:10 pm

I so agree Pal, hands are one of the best ways to communication with someone you care for.

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