👅👄 How about ejaculation?  

pal334 67M  
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2/22/2021 3:37 am

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2/23/2021 4:35 pm

👅👄 How about ejaculation?

I thought by using the word ejaculation , the title would look more sophisticated . I am sensing that there is a "love/hate" relationship with cum. Do you enjoy watching or making your playmate cum? That is of course or female. Obviously a males reaction is quite visible. Ladies do you avoid your partners cum? I have noticed a variety of reactions. What do you do with his cum? Guys men do you or have you been with a woman that ejaculates (squirts/gushes) or has another manifestation of "cumming"? Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have on this

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pal334 67M  
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2/22/2021 3:42 am

Have a care, being sloppy can cause trouble [image]

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pal334 67M  
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2/22/2021 3:46 am

Keep presentation in mind [image]

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2/22/2021 4:14 am

Ive been told that my cum is a little sweet, and as for a woman that squirts im still searching.

funsnellvillecpl 64M/52F  
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2/22/2021 4:55 am

mmmm hot cum every where

author51 58F  
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2/22/2021 5:00 am

I adore a lovers cum.I am a swallower, I massage it into my skin if he ejaculates on my body.I didp my fingers in it to taste when that happens and then give him a long kiss in order to taste it also.I adore feeling a man ejaculate and shoot up inside me as well..I do not let any go to waste at all..lol. xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


Cuddy29 41M
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2/22/2021 7:49 am

Don't you just love seeing other people cum everywhere, it makes me want to cum 💦💦💦

SimpleLatina 57F
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2/22/2021 10:27 am

With my partner , We like to share. The texture and warmth are sexy

Tmptrzz 59F  
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2/22/2021 2:28 pm

Happy Monday and ejaculations are nice, I wish there was one in my near future, oh well maybe some day..I hope your enjoying some today..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

sweet_VM 63F
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2/22/2021 2:51 pm

Lol love it. More more and lots of fun. You are right not everyone is a fan. Hugs V

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