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this way to heidi
A window into my soul, a doorway to my world. Sharing whatever experiences i have and encounter in this mad, mad, mad world
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Work, fetishes and sticky handshake. What was my point again?
Posted:Mar 26, 2018 4:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2018 9:33 pm

It’s four days before I fly back and exactly a week before I start work again. Fuck. 😝. I’m not complaining (actually, I am aren’t I...) but it’s just all happening a little to quickly for my liking. At least I got my accommodation sorted, I’m gonna be staying with a Friend these two weeks.

I went looking for clothes earlier, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I actually had a 3-hour call this morning with my employers, talking about, well, work. 😳. Imagine that. So I kinda used that as an excuse to go on a little spree, to try not to let the impending workload overwhelm me. The excuse was, to get clothes for work. But seriously, who was I kidding? Here? 😝. I ended up with a white one piece swimsuit and an almost sheer, beige onesie. 🙄

So....not exactly uh....useful for work. Even the swimsuit is giving me second thoughts. I like that it’s cut quite high at the bottom, but I’m not too pleased with the chest pads. Maybe I’ll bring it to a seamstress and get them removed. Clearly, they’re not meant for Swimming. The bf has a liking for one piece swimsuits, and his constant asking has kinda spurned me into liking them. Of late, at least.

And it’s really quite weird when you find out what people’s fetishes are, when you actually find out. Cos it takes awhile to really get it out, so to speak. Aside from one-poece swimsuits, the bf also likes schoolgirl outfits and women taking charge (no issues there 😋), which is a really weird combo, if you ask me. The Husband, on the other hand, isn’t big on dress up...well, except maybe short skirts cos he likes upskirts and bouncing tits, amongst other things. I suppose in the grand scheme of fetishes one can find on the interwebs, those are generally common. Let’s not get into what I like, I doubt we have time for that 😝

Also, yesterday I sent the Husband to the airport, which is quite rare coz I usually don’t. But seeing how I woke him up at 4am only to get him hard enough for me to ride him, I figure that was the least I could do. You know how it is, at times when you just need to ride a dick, you need to ride a dick. And damn I rode hard yesterday. 😉. So on the way to the airport, one of the things we were talking in the cab was how it was normal to be in shorts that cover only half your ass here but not in most other places. Granted, we are pretty close to the beach. Also, yesterday was my last nude yoga class for awhile. When I get back here, she (the instructor) will be away for awhile too, so there’s that.

Amidst the dread (I think it’s more nerves, really) of going back to work, I am pretty excited too. I know I fucking fickle minded 🤣. I’m actually dreading having to go pick up my work clothes from storage. Lol.

Oh! I was hanging out with some friends from the gym and one of them introduced his Friend to me, and damn did he have a sticky handshake. Eeeeewww. It. Was. Nasty. I really don’t want to know what he was doing before (blech) but for fucks sake, why would you shake someone’s hand when yours is dirty?!? Urgh. One of the worst things that can happen. What a waste coz he was quite cute too. But daaaamn....sticky handshake killed it!

Wait, there a point to this post....ah heck. I forgot😐
Strictly a rant. Nothing to see here. Move along now.
Posted:Mar 23, 2018 11:29 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2018 3:34 am

Move to the island paradise, they said.
Enjoy the sun soaked beaches, they said.
Remember how you always enjoyed yourself when you were here on holiday? Yes! I said.

This is the fourth day in a row I’ve been stuck in the rain and frankly, I’m quite tired of it. My helmet is perpetually wet. It’s soaked now cos I made the mistake of leaving it by the bike when I decided I’d make a quick grocery stop on my way back. This sucks. It’s raining so hard it’s actually flooding in some parts. And it’s cold. I’m not dressed for cold 😐. Dammit. What is up with this rain?

In other news, I took up a job offer. It’s weird cos I kinda agreed to the interview half heartedly. Before this interview though, was another interview that I was psyched up for, but I yanked that interview so badly I was soo close to just hanging up (it was via Skype). So I was a bit bummed out, and licking my wounds when I took another one. Someone I used to live with threw my name into the hat, and they had called me just to see if I was suitable, and turns out I start in a week. 😳

So now I’m gonna be flying back to Singapore, at least for the first two weeks. Well my tickets are booked for two weeks, so that’s that. Unless it changes.😣 It’s weird how things pan out, cos I was supposed to be travelling back and forth in my last job too, but then things happened very quickly and I wasn’t travelling anymore. And just as I’m settling into a routine, it changes again. Ha. Fate must think this funny 😑

It just reminded me, I saw something really funny a few days ago. The Husband and I were by the beach and (surprise surprise) it started pouring. So we hauled our asses over to the closest eatery and grabbed lunch. Then I saw this guy coming onto the beach from surfing. He ran to his bag, slung it over his shoulder, then whipped out an umbrella, and walked somewhere. So surfboard under one arm, and umbrella in the other arm. Umm....does he already know he was wet from surfing? That was soooo weird.

It’s been 2 hours, and the rain’s not letting up. The fuck is up with this rain?

I also realised I’m a little apprehensive going back to work in Singapore. Office attire, rush hour. Lunch rush. Shit. What did I sign up for. Heheh. I Guess next month on I might blog a lot less. Or more, depending. 🙄

Batts flat. Gonna conserve what I can. Til next time. Thanks for reading. Wait, you actually read it?!? Bless you then 😊
Apparently deadlifts make my butt hungry 🤪
Posted:Mar 19, 2018 5:46 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2018 8:18 am

This is gonna make me sound like an absolute bimbo, but the struggle is real and I gotta air it out. 😝. Doesn’t matter what I wear, I get a major wedgie every time I deadlift. Like only deadlifting. It happens at other times too, but it always, always happens when I deadlift. It was really funny in the beginning but gawd damn it’s irritating.

Happens when I wear shorts or tights. It’s like I deadlift and my butt starts sucking the material between my butt cheeks! Lol. Anyone else has that problem?
First hungover weekend in a loooooooong time. I don’t miss it
Posted:Mar 18, 2018 4:35 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 11:09 pm

What a confusing weekend. I’m a little hungover today, actually, a lot hungover today🙃. We’ve been out two nights in a row and I kinda pushed it last night a bit. That, plus I don’t drink as much so I can’t hold me alcohol anymore.

Friday night the Husband and I went out for dinner. Just the two of us and we decided we’d go somewhere nice. We put on some nice clothes, went to a fancy place for dinner and we ended up eating too much. So we had this bright idea of walking back. It was at least a 45min walk, which would have been okay if not for heels. Midway through I took them off and went bare feet and ended up stepping on a lot of stones. By the time we got home, we were both hot, sweaty and my friggin feet were hurting. So that kinda killed any notion of any kind of sexy fun time, which was kind of a downer cos we both started the evening looking forward to getting home and fucking each other’s brains out. But! Alas, that didn’t happen. I kept thinking about it while I took off my dress and got quite bitter about it. Lol.

Anyhow, so Friday night, wanted it to happen, planned for it, but didn’t. Saturday morning I got up earlier, and had an urge to play video games. 🤪lol. I know, it was weird. So I got up, brushed my teeth, made myself yoghurt and fruits for breakfast, then parked myself in front of the tv and got reacquainted with the Xbox. I was about half hour into it when I heard he Husband. I didn’t even turn around but I heard him hit the shower, then came round and sat on the couch behind me. I was sitting on a chair with the backrest in front of me, still a little engrossed. (I kinda miss video games, I don’t know why I don’t do that so often😝).

After awhile I thought it was weird, his just sitting there not saying anything so I paused my game, turned around and I see him stroking himself off! What the fuck?! I thought he was stroking himself off from the video game! Which was weird!! Lol. Turns out it had nothing to do with the game, but more to do with me sitting naked, butt sticking out, playing video game! Lol. Who’d have thought that was a thing 😝. After sorting the mild confusion out, we ended up back in the bedroom and, I didn’t even get to save my progress 🤣 lol

So that was unexpected but a nice surprise.

Shortly after that, we showered and decided we’d go to the gym. Which in itself is quite rare cos we don’t usually work out together. I was still feeling the pleasant mood from our morning romp, I had it in my head that I could lead us down that path again. 😉. So my grand plan was to wear booty shorts and a sports bra to the gym. He was already giving me the eye when we left home., except I wasn’t sure if it meant “that’s hot I’m gonna smash that” or “I disapprove but I won’t outrightly tell you”. I can never tell. And they say women are hard to read🙄

Anyhow, he didn’t say anything so we hopped on our bike and rode to the gym, except we didn’t make it there. On our way we bumped into some friends who asked us to join them for a game of Football (that’s Soccer, not the break your spine by tackling you kind). They were on their way to a kickabout. I wasn’t too thrilled but didn’t protest when the Husband agreed. That plus they needed a few more ladies in each team, so we went for Football instead.

I’ve played football before, although that doesn’t stop me from sucking at it😑. So I was a bit out of my element. Granted, I was still feeling the sexy vibe running, kicking in nothing but booty shorts, (which actually are perfect for Football. For most sports really. I mean, there’s so little hindrance) and a sports bra, until I got hit in the thigh pretty hard from just standing in the way of a shot😝. Lemme tell you, it fucking smarts! Then I also got hit in the head and face twice, and that kinda deflated all feelings of sexiness. I sat out the last half hour before we went back. Lol. Needless to say, nothing happened that evening.

Much later st night, we got a call from some friends of ours asking if we wanted to join them for a night out. I was still sulking mildly from my bruising Football encounter earlier but the Husband convinced me and off we went. It HAS been too long since we hit the clubs here. At the very least, we got to dress up again😋. It was soo hopeful in our prep cos we were picking each other’s clothes. He pick out a short, maroon dress I haven’t worn in awhile. It covered the front and half my back, and was sheer on the sides so underwear wasn’t an option. See, hopeful 😉.

I was a bit tired but when we got there, the music, pretty people around, alcohol mix got me going. We mingled and I ended up talking to this guy about short skirts. He was complementing me about my dress and was eyeing my thighs the whole time. I looked over and the Husband and I kept eye contact through the whole evening. The conversation started off nice enough, and got me going for a bit until, for some strange reason, this guy and I starting debating about how only Asian women wear really short skirts. Which was really silly. It got quite heated and that was a buzzkill so I excused myself and joined the Husband in his conversation instead, which was no better. They were talking about sports and work 😑

So I did the next best thing, I danced for a bit til I was tired, then started knocking back my drinks. I didn’t even realise how much I had knocked back until I got up and struggled to stand 🙄. Needless to say, we had to leave shortly after. There’s a point where you’re intoxicated, yet high enough to still enjoy yourself. Like those themes would be perfect for me to tell the Husband to take advantage of me😉. Last night wasn’t one of those times. I knocked out in the cab ride back, and when I woke to get into the house, I developed a huuuuuge headache. I went straight to bed, but was conscious enough to not be able to sleep, yet feel like I was carrying a thousand pounds on my back. Yup. Dumbass🤪

So yeah, there we go. Got up this afternoon in no mood for anything, let alone physical contact. I got so cranky I sent the Husband out to go catch up with some of his friends coz they had called and he was about to decline. Heheh. I’m just hydrating, blogging and watching silly videos. He better come home with food😝

Thanks for reading y’all.
Random ranting and a wee bit of reminiscing
Posted:Mar 15, 2018 9:37 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 11:17 pm

This is a bit weird being here posting about this with the Husband seated across from me. I usually don’t do this when he’s around, and I keep this blog more for me as an outlet (it’s waaaaay cheaper than therapy, for ) but he’s doing his thing on his laptop so, let’s try not to weird myself out😝. I wasn’t planning on blogging today but we’re waiting to collect our laundry (laundry people told us to come by after lunch) and we popped out for coffee so, here we be.

A few random things to add today.

We had planned, or rather, he suggested we do an upskirt thing last evening. I like how he always uses the term “we” when it’s really only me every time we go out and have some fun of this sort. I don’t foresee him ever putting on a short skirt or shorts, and flashing me in public 🤣. So yea, we planned for that last evening but instead spent the entire day at home. Which was alright. But the irony of it is, we’re out now and I’m in a dress with no underwear on and we’re both totally not feeling it😝. We’re both just, typing away. Lol. I’m not complaining. It’s a nice short break from being stuck at the hips over the last days since he got back. It’s just, the irony 😉

We DID get a lot d yesterday, come to think of it. We managed to knock sexual fantasies (more of that in a bit) we’ve been craving (that’s each), cooked (he did), cleaned the house (mostly me, while he cooked), AND sorted some of our necessary logistics (bills, registered for a few thing, you know the stuff. Boring things that have to be d on a regular basis). That’s a lot on an off day if you ask me. But anyhow.

of the things we got up to was me getting tied up. I was thinking my wrists to my ankles and forearms to my shin kinda tied up, but he went with strapping me to the bedpost. We did get it right eventually but settled for using a few of his belts instead of whipping out our restraints. Felt a bit like of those cliched married couples, where we set out to do something, and end up just settling on something a little less cos it took too much effort. LOL

It was still enjoyable, so that’s good.
His thing yesterday was a lil strange. Well, strange to write about. We did my thing in the morning, then he cooked us lunch and I cleaned up the house. We took a nap in the mid afternoon and I woke up to his hands between my legs rubbing on me. I was a bit groggy but was down with it, so I turned to my side, parted my legs a little more and grabbed his hand to redirect him to where I wanted him. He then asked me to resist, like pretend I didn’t want it. Took me a few seconds to compute, but I got it and indulged him. It was quite fun. Nothing violent or anything, you know (well, nothing TOO violent, more like). Reminded me of a game I used to with an ex of mine. He’s try to penetrate me but I kept my legs together and straight. The ex would almost always turn me around and went round the back door🤣. Of course I didn’t tell the Husband that. He managed using his own, uh..methods. So yeah, that was our thing yesterday.

What else was I gonna go on about? Oh yeah, clothes. We brought our laundry out on Wednesday evening. It’s all of his laundry from his recent work trip together with mine. And I realised, we go through a lot of clothes. I mean, respectively, we both do. I had managed to fill out a fairly large laundry bag. And that’s taking into account I don’t wear clothes at home! Where is it all coming from? Most of mine are workout clothes, but even that. Sheeesh. Think of the wastage. He’s got a few bags. We both perspire a heck of a lot, I think. And I can relate cos when I was working, I get through sometimes, sets of clothes a day.

I think we should all just do away with dress codes and go nude. If not for anything else, think of the environment 😉.

And on that thought, it reminds me of the few times I’ve had to deal with issues just for being nude at home. This was back in Singapore. I even had a letter sent to me once telling me how it made some families uncomfortable cos they had at home. Then there was that creepy neighbour. Heh....kinda makes me wonder if/when we have to move back how we’ll handle that. I got off light too. Ive has friends who had legal trouble cos they were seen nude in their homes. Some laws. Ah well.. when in Rome I suppose.

I’ve gotta stop this reminiing and random ranting. My coffee’s finished and we have to go collect laundry. Post again soon. Thanks for reading 😊
Being one with nature. Or my version of it😋
Posted:Mar 13, 2018 10:34 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 11:18 pm

Let’s make this a quick one cos today looks busy. Oh wait, hang on. I should lead with this - I’m officially declaring myself a non smoker😬 The last stick I had was Sunday morning and I’ve told myself to stop. I’ve even made some friends swear to not give me any when I try to sponge a stick off from them. Heh, so yeah. Smoke free. Again. Trying😳. I have found it easier if I just hang out with non-smokers. Then it’s easier to control. So yeah. That has been the plan. It not easy cos I tend to keep a small circle of friends.

But anyhooo. As a result I’ve been hanging out with this couple I’ve got to know at the gym. I’ve hung out with them a few times before so it’s not weird. We’re quite comfortable around each other. So far. So much so, yesterday evening they asked if I wanted to join them to surf. Apparently they found (or rather one of his friends told him of) a good, quiet spot to surf, and they wanted to try surfing nude. I can’t surf for nuts, I’m barely standing on tiny waves so I wasn’t too interested. What I was interested though, is finding a quiet beach. So I got up waaaay too early this morning and they picked me up at 6am and we drove to the beach.

I don’t know why I agreed to it cos the Husband is back later today and I usually don’t do much on the day he gets back. But I agreed and went this morning. I don’t know where this stretch of beach actually is coz we drove for close to an hour (I gotta remember to get the coordinates from him). It was well worth it though. It was a small stretch and we had to park a distance away, there was just a trail and we had to walk in but we were the only ones there.

I was a little bummed out we didn’t get to catch the sunrise cos the sun was already up by then. But anyway. We dropped our bags on a spot, stripped and they went surfing. Which then kinda made the whole thing a bit silly, I thought. Cos while I do like the idea of surfing nude, wind in your face, on the water and nothing else on, I can’t imagine it being very comfortable. I would think, for him, lying belly down, back arched and pedaling out would be....a bit of a ball smasher, wouldn’t it? (I asked him after and he said he did have to constantly make adjustments. For her too. I mean, nipple abrasion hurts.

I didn’t surf, but I did swim a fair bit. But what I found myself enjoying most was just walking. There was no one there so I left our bags on the beach and took off. I was away for over an hour, just walking in one direction. I walked to the end of the beach, climbed uphill, walked through a fair bit of greenery til I hit a padi field. It felt good. I like feeling the sand, and then grass under my feet, the breeze, brushing past leaves. Like being so close to nature. I turned and walked back, then swam a bit more. It’s surprising how tiring this morning was.

We spent a good few hours there, then walked back to the car nude and only started putting my clothes back on in the car when we were driving back and got to a proper road. I’d like to stay home after that but I gotta go grab a slightly late lunch, then grab some food for this evening. The husband’s on a long flight so I doubt we’ll get up to much tonight, so it actually works out. We will rest this evening then see what kind of mischief we can get up to tomorrow. Unless he slept the entire way back and surprises me by coming home recharged 😝. Adding to that, I e been trying to step up my workouts, so I’m a little more sore. So if that happens, then I’m in trouble. Cos I’m not about to let a cranky old man out energize me🤣

This has been a somewhat random post😝. Lol
I’m Low on energy, so brain’s working funny. Either way, thanks for reading😊
The walk of shame, fortunately, didn’t happen
Posted:Mar 11, 2018 1:32 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2018 6:02 pm

Well, for one thing I didn’t walk. I cycled. More importantly though, there’s no shame cos it actually turned out to be pretty pleasant 😋

It didn’t start off that way though. I was FaceTiming with the Husband last evening and it started our cordial. It then escalated into a screaming match, but rather surprisingly, it ended really nicely. We argued about a LOT of things but after the screaming, we actually spoke like adults. We were brutally honest with each other and after about an hour and a half of talking it out, it was actually ok. We ended on a positive note and, who knows, this might be the first step in carrying ourselves back up again. Heh. Fuck me. This relationship thing is one hell of a rollercoaster ride of emotions. At the very least I’m Glad we’re moving forward, in my opinion anyways. He’s back middle of this coming week and I think the positivity will continue. Feels good 😊 But more of this later.

So later in the evening, about 9.30pm last night, there was a black out. No electricity whatsoever. If you e been here or lived here Long enough, you’ll know that it’s quite common. Actually, not as common as before, to be honest. But anyhoo. Blackout. And it literally was pitch black. I texted a friend who lived about 40mins from me to check if they had power, to see how far it extended cos my entire neighbourhood (I Guess you can call it a neighbourhood. Of cluster of houses) went pitch black. So the Friend of mine replied and they had power, and had asked if I wanted to go over to wait it out. I declined at first, hoping the power would come back on, and tried going to bed, to sleep it off. Of course I couldn’t. It was humid as hell. They texted me back about an hour later to check in on me and the power was still out. So I ended up accepting their offer and I went over.

I had the idea in my head that I’ll just be going over to hang out for the night, if need be, and then I’ll be back home so I grabbed my toiletries bag and threw on a dark blue wraparound dress. The first sign that nothing was going to go according to what I thought was going to happen in my head, was my friend’s Husband showing up on a bike. I thought they were gonna drive down together. I was already waiting outside for them when he showed up. I mean, a wraparound dress with no undies on isn’t the best idea, but I figured it’s pitch black outside, and I can always sit in the hem on my dress, so I hopped on the back of his bike and we left. I gotta say though, riding 20mins plus through total darkness was quite creepy, and peaceful at the same time. 😊

When we go to my friend’s place, I found that they had already had a few people over. We all knew each other, but I just wasn’t expecting anyone there. One of them was this French guy who I hooked up with once a few years ago. This was waaay back, before I got married, before I moved here. He and his partner used to run a cluster of villas further inland and we got to know each other when I had booked their place for my yearly meet up with my regular fwbs. We had booked their entire compound (there were a lot of us at the time) and they had organised specific activities for us. Incidentally, his partner’s class was the first nude yoga class I attended here. Years ago. Anyway.

I remember not really enjoying myself when we hooked up before cos he was a real douche at the time. So I was a bit taken aback when I saw him at my friend’s place. Turns out a few years will change someone. I joined them in the kitchen where we chatted and nibbles on snacks that they had prepared. Then they started mixing us drinks. I was a bit hesitant st first cos all I really wanted to do was chill, and sleep even. But as the evening (and the alcohol) wore on, we talked a lot more. I found out his partner left and gone back to France, and he was forced to sell his share of the business. We ended up moving to the balcony of one of their guest rooms cos it was getting warm. As the night wore on, everyone left and my Friend and her Husband went off to bed, and this French guy stayed and we hung out a little more cos I was actually enjoying our conversation.

Of course it didn’t take long after everyone had left before things heated up. It was leading up to this. The entire evening there was always the casual brush past here, hand on my back there. I stood up to go to the bathroom and I didn’t even realise that the knot that I had tied for my wraparound dress had loosened, and it had opened at the side. He told me he noticed, but didn’t say anything cos he was enjoying the view. I undid the knot but held my dress together and walked to the bathroom. He followed behind and stood at the door so I couldn’t close it. I get quite conscious when someone’s watching but, alcohol and all, I say on the toilet and peed🤪

I washed myself slowly, and thoroughly (cos I knew what was about to happen😉) and went back to the balcony. He used the bathroom after me, and turned out, washed himself down too. I had defied my dress and was standing in the balcony looking out when he came up from behind me, wrapped his hands around me and untied my dress. It was still hanging on my shoulder but the front was now open. He was running his hands in front, caressing the front of my thighs, and moving up slowly, caressing my tummy before cupping my breasts. At the same time I could feel his dick behind me, trying to slide between my thighs from the back, then trying to slide between my butt cheeks.

He spun me around to face him, and I immediately pushed him a step back, and put my hands on his shoulder and pressed down. Took him a few seconds to get the message. I turned back around, put my hands on the railing, parted my legs, bent over slightly and arched my back. He had his tongue on my ass immediately, which was a bit of a shocker cos I wasn’t expecting him to tongue my asshole immediately. Lol

When he moved down and got to my clit I reached back to grab a fistful of hair and pulled his face tighter in. It was nice having hair to pull cos the Husband shaves his head and the bf has really short hair 🤣. That went on for awhile before we moved onto the bed. I got him onto his back and slapped rubber on him so fast he couldn’t protest. I straddled and cowgirled him, admittedly, quite vigorously, he came within a few minutes. Lol. Which was a bit anticlimactic, well, for me. Right when I was building up to it too🙄.

We rested for god knows how long but I remember trying hard to sleep but was feeling my head pound from the alcohol. He got his second wind and I was actually pretty wound down by then. Credit to him though, he did manage to wind me back up again. This time, I figured I’d let him dictataye the pace 🤪. We did cycle through some fun positions and he did eventually get me to cum three times before I ended up belly down on the edge of the bed. So I put both legs up and basically did a van damme split on the edge of the bed and I Guess he’s never had that before coz it didn’t take long for him to blow his load😝

We got up pretty late today and I was dreading the morning chit chat but everything was surprisingly cool. My Friend dropped us off (drove this time) and we actually had lunch at a place close to his place before I borrowed a bicycle and cycled home. There’s something about the morning after that I was very familiar with but haven’t experienced ex for awhile that, I dunno. It’s not in shame, os we were all quite cool about it, and it was enjoyable😊

I texted the Husband about it when I got back and he seems genuinely excited about it. It could be due to the fact that I told him what I liked and disliked about it and, the specific details on how I want him to come back and do it to me correctly. 😉

Wow. Shit. Sorry, long post, this one. I’ll end here. Til next time, thanks for reading.
Not so marital bliss 😳
Posted:Mar 8, 2018 9:53 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2018 11:38 pm

This relationship thing is....odd. I’ve been married a few now and the Husband is slightly less than decades older than I am. I’ve always thought that if it’s anything that would cause a relationship to fail, it would be infidelity. Well we have an open marriage so...actually that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve caught him rewing around with another lady a few ago. I thought we handled that well. I mean, all he had to do was just tell me, but it was more than that, it we dealt with that and we actually came out the better.

But anyhow. In the last few months he’s been having really bad spells where he’ll become very negative. He’ll get very cranky, defensive and just downright adopt a very negative outlook to everything. He’ll go through this phase for a few days then out of it and everything will be back to normal. And even I have to admit, our normal is actually very good. Like I had my Boyfriend over a few weeks ago and we all had a blast. But when he gets into his negative mode, faaarkin hell, it is rough.

of the main factors it didn’t seem like it was such a big problem also, is the fact that the Husband travels a lot. On an average he’s out a week to weeks in a month. Because of that we end up arguing less cos we both realise how little time we have with each other. But the last weeks have been bad. He’s been distant 3/4 of a day, then tries to make it up the last 1/4 of the day. I don’t know about you but dealing with that shit is tiring.

I’ve asked him to talk about it and he’s not been very forthcoming. So I suggested seeking professional help, like a Counsellor or a shrink, and he’s even more reluctant. It’s come to a point where I’m actually really tired, trying to and having to tiptoe around what we talk about or what we do in case I trigger him off. I even travelled with him back to Singapore early this week, accompanying him for his work. It was enjoyable for me, it rains less at the moment in Singapore and the sun is mostly out. I didn’t meet any of my friends though cos I thought I’d focus on him, but I did buy a ton of underwear to stock up considering I lost most of mine and I did get a fair bit of sun by the hotel pool.

But I digress. Back to this. We did spend time together but it was strained cos he was in work mode. So now we’re planning a short trip maybe end of this month or next month just to refocus ourselves. I dunno. I’ll still give this a shot but damn it’s trying. Nothing worse than being in the presence of some and still feel al.

I still think we should seek professional but how do you some who doesn’t want help? Jeeeez.

Ah well. Rant over. Will post again on this when illuminated 😊
Thanks for reading
So odd, some people are
Posted:Mar 8, 2018 9:12 pm
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2018 4:12 am

I really should smoke less. To be fair, I didn’t buy a pack, but some offered and I kinda gave in 😝. I went for yoga, the nude variety, this morning and found myself out of breath at certain points. Shit. So yeah, I need to stop smoking. So I came to this cafe after class mainly for coffee and wifi. I was already seated and got online when a guy from this morning’s class came by my table and said hello. I think he’s Portuguese, though I didn’t ask and could be wrong. He’s also the yoga teacher’s boyfriend, so he’s been there since my first class (think he’s always there).

This is the first time I’ve spoken to him, aside from the hi and byes. So he came by and we both ended up have a late breakfast and we chatted for a bit. It was the usual chatter, he asked me where I’m from, I asked him how he and his Girlfriend ended up here and how they got the idea to start nude yoga classes, etc etc. Throughout most of the conversation I caught him staring at my breasts, or looking down my blouse every time I bend over. I’m in an oversized yellow tank top but I’ve got a bra on. The thing also is, we were just from a yoga class where we were completely naked. For fucks sake, I’m pretty sure he’s even seen my anus, and you can’t get any more personal than that🤪. So yeah, it wasn’t a long conversation but still, I kinda found that rather humorously odd.

I mean, right?
15 Comments be reminded of the decisions you’ve made as a 😳
Posted:Feb 25, 2018 1:55 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2018 3:33 am

Posting? Again?! Heh...

I went back after my last post this morning, did some chores, lazed around for a bit and then fell asleep. Turns out I only napped for like 10mins and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now I’ve got a headache. I also needed to stock up on groceries so I decided I’d ride back out, grab coffee and then head to the supermarket. So I got up, but couldn’t find the pants I had worn earlier. Actually I don’t even remember taking my pants off🤪 I settled for a pair of shorts and am now in one of my favourite cafes with my coffee. Bliss 😊

Of late, I’ve also found that I enjoy sitting here with a cup of coffee and reading. And smoking. Yeah, I’m trying to get rid of that last bit. Nasty habit. Thus far, I’ve tried to quit three times, each lasting a few days before I run back out to buy a new pack. I’ll get back to a smoke free life before middle of this year. 🤞.

But yes, back to what I wanted to blog about. Early this week an old Friend of mine dropped me a text, telling me about about a gathering of our school mates. She even sent me pictures that they had taken. I never went back to any of these gatherings. Fuck, I can’t stand them. But anyhow, in the pictures that she had sent, I saw....I’d like to call her an old flame but I don’t know how accurate that is. Actually, yea, let’s go with old flame. We kinda dated a little back then. It was a weird time, we were all teenagers so, you know how teenage dating goes 😝. I was what, 16...

So yes, I saw her in the photos. Wait, I should also point out that she was the first girl I had gone down on, and given an orgasm orally. I had been with girls already by then but it was all fingers and hands before her. So yeah, kinda explains the weird/nostalgic/mortified/rofl feeling I got when I saw her photo. It also gave me the what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking- back-then feeling. You know the one, I literally gasped out loud and held my head in my hands for a few seconds.

Don’t get me wrong, she still looked good, and is now a proud Mother of two and happily married (I was told). So she’s not bad looking, just not really my type. But know how you recall some of the decisions you made when you were a and just recoil in horror? Lol

Definitely one of those. I remember she broke up with me too, at the time. Heh...
Anyways. The shock I’m still getting from re-telling the story just jolted me and I’m fully awake now.😝. I’m gonna finish my coffee and run.

And! I think I’m not cooking tonight. I’m still going grocery shopping but I’ll bag dinner, head home and chill. One of them days...

Again, thanks for reading😊
This is what I get for caring what other people think😣
Posted:Feb 24, 2018 7:04 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2018 11:25 pm

Oh the sweet irony of this to follow my last post😆

About a week and a half ago I went with the bf for a massage. Now there are plenty of massage places here but a good one is quite hard to find. Over the last year or so I found that I really like a particular massage therapist at a place not far from where we live so the Husband and I have been frequenting that particular place. As with such things, we got familiar with each other and I’m usually there with the Husband in a couples room. So this time, I called to check if my favourite therapist was available and made a booking.

They must have assumed it was going to be the Husband and I who’d show up cos when we got there and they saw that it was the bf and not the Husband who was with me, they got a little awkward. I didn’t notice this at first but I did wonder why my therapist wasn’t her usual chatty self. So we got the couples room, did our massages (which, while still enjoyable, was a little distant, I later realise. Not the usual). After we were done, they left us to shower or at least wash the massage oil off, which I usually do if I wasn’t heading home straight after. Anyhow, the bf and I were both oiled up and our shower quickly became rubbing our oily bodies against each other, which escalated into him fucking me from the back while I was holding onto a cabinet in front of a mirror.

We must have taken too long, or they must have heard us, I think it was both, cos they started knocking, no, banging on our door to get us out. We cut it short (which was quite a turn on actually. Left us both on edge til we got home), apologised and left. Later that day we were all having our dinner, I was telling the Husband about it and he planted the idea in my head that they might have thought I was cheating on him, and that maybe morally they disagreed with it. Normally I’d give a rats ass but it somehow materialised into the potential of not getting good massages from that said therapist anymore. And that freaked me out. Good massages are sooooo hard to come by.


I had this brilliant idea of making another booking for a couples room, with said therapist, the next day. This time, I’ll go with the Husband. This’ll show them it’s all good between the Husband and I. We did our massages, and it was still a bit awkward. We were joking with my therapist after we were done and she wasn’t her jovial self. On our way home I realised she could still be thinking I’m cheating on my Husband! Determined to not lose what has been the best massage therapist I’ve had, I called to me yet another appointment with them the very next day, for all three of us! Ha! That’ll show her we’re all cool! 🤪

So the next day we were back at the spa, trying to prove a point. At least I was. Then first hiccup. They didn’t have a room with three massage beds available. So we settled for foot massages instead. Not the same show of intimacy I wanted to display, but I settled. Then, my usual massage therapist wasn’t even there. You’d think I’d have checked before committing to a forty minute foot massage. She had to take an emergency leave earlier that day. Turns out, her mom was ill, hence her aloof behaviour. Poor girl was worried sick. Of course she wouldn’t be her usual self!

I’ve since been back on my own (yes! Again!!) and have spoken to her and her massages are still fucking fantastic! Of course I didn’t say anything to her, it was all my own self-absorbed, dumbass-ness to begin with! Naturally op blame the Husband for this for putting the thought in my head. And of course the Husband is still laughing his ass off at my....epic dumbass-ness, and he’s even roped in the bf to both gang up on laughing at me🤣

But!! Hey, some things are worth going the distance for, even if going the distance means three full body massages and one feet massage, and a rather significant chunk of change spent, and the embarrassment. Oh the embarrassment.

Anybody. Thanks for reading😁
Nothing like being judged to make your day! 😑
Posted:Feb 10, 2018 1:29 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2018 6:08 pm

This persistent drizzling here is really doing a number in me. I started off my day pretty cheerful, but I swear this weather’s getting to me.

Today started off pretty nicely. My boytoy is visiting and he’s already been here a week. He usually sleeps on the couch when the husband’s home but we caught a movie in bed last night and all three of us ended up squeezing in bed together. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing, cos even in a queen sized bed, every time either one of us moves, I kinda wake a lil. Anyways, so I woke up with the bf half spooning the lower half of my body while I was turned into the husband. I don’t know why, but half awake, I reach down and ran my hands on the inside of the husband’s thigh, slowly moving upwards, played with his balls a lil.

He moans slightly and by the time I reach his dick, it was already semi hard. I turned to face up and continued on the Husband with my right hand while my left found the bf’s already hard. I continued to jerk them off like this for awhile. I then sat up, got them to move closer together while I straddled each of their legs. I really wanted to make them cum like this so when the bf started jerking himself off, I slapped his hands away. Kind of a mistake on my part. This went on for a good 15mins! I started off groggy but at this point, I was perspiring and my hands were fucking numb! Lol

I also realised I couldn’t do them both with equal ferocity at the same time. Lol
I had to lick and suck on their balls before they started to tighten up. I eventually finished them off one at a time but at least it was close. Like 15secs apart 😝 It was a good way to start the day, but damn my forearms were shot! I’m really gonna wonder when I meet people with strong handshakes 😉

We had a bit of fun together in the shower before we had breakfast and I sent them off on their way. It’s been two weeks since the Husband is back and a week since the bf came by so, I kinda wanted a bit of space to myself.

So we parted after breakfast and both of them went off to do something together, I think. And I rode off to the supermarket cos I wanted to get myself a few things before I got home and just have the house to myself. It started pouring a few seconds into riding to the supermarket and I was mildly drenched by the time I got there. I was in a yellow sundress and no underwear so, it kinda was a little wet tshirt contest-ish. Not completely see through, to be fair. But anyways. I was in the supermarket minding my own when some lady blurted out “why do some people need to dress like tramps? Why can’t you have some dignity for yourself and cover up?”

I didn’t pay any attention to it til I looked up and saw two ladies shaking their heads and eyeballing me. Took me a few seconds for it to sink in that they were referring to me. I then got a lil upset and wanted to tell them to fuck the hell off but they just turned and walked away. So, of course I go after them 😝 I caught up with them at the cashier and one of them went “tsk!” as soon as I caught her eye. So I asked if they had a problem with me, and of course they said no. They just flat out refused to say anything directly to me. I stood there for awhile deciding if I wanted to kick up a fuss, then decided to just let that go. It’s their own fucking issue if they can’t deal with how the human body actually looks like. Cos underneath, we are pretty much the same. Not identical, but... oh you know what I mean. Maybe they were offended cos I had darker nipples..? Haha.. who the fuck cares.

Anyways, so yeah. Not even noon and people get all judge mentalish. Ah well.
I hope they don’t waltz down to the beach cos they are sure to lose their marbles there 😉
The guys should be back soon I think. Lemme appreciate the silence a bit more before that. I think sending them off was a pretty good idea. I’m a bit more enthusiastic about what we’ll be doing tonight now. 😊

Thanks for reading. Hope your weekend is going well.
Til next time
Smoking is such a nasty habit..
Posted:Jan 29, 2018 3:04 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 7:49 am

Why does it feel so good though? 😝

I’m not proud to admit but, I’ve been smoking rather regularly again. Well, started when I got back to Bali this year. Thought I’d kicked the habit for good, and what’s worse, I thought I could resist the urges if and when they came up but ah well, I can’t 😏 I’ve always been a social smoker in the past but I guess this time I’m a little more social than

Anyhow. Today has been quite interesting. I spent the morning at the beach with a friend. He’s an American (I think) who has business here. Actually, he owns the gym that I’ve been frequenting in the last few months. That’s how we befriended each other. His girlfriend also works in the same gym and I’m quite friendly with them both. This morning I met them both at the beach to surf. Okay, they surfed. I didn’t 😋 I was the official bag watcher, meaning I watched all our bags while they both went out surfing. It was quite enjoyable. I took the opportunity to soak in some sun. I went topless, which officially isn’t allowed here but it was quite empty in the beach and as long as no one kicks up a fuss it’s uaually ok.

We were there a few hours, half the time I was by myself and I realised I actually missed city life. Funny how laying in the sun, spurred on my the sound of waves kinda take your mind to places it doesn’t normally go. But I digress. Yeah, I miss city life. Never thought I would, but there you go. When I wasn’t alone, my conversation with them covered many things, but at the back of my mind, I kept wondering to myself if I’d fuck them both 😳 Lol. It then also hit me, that I’m now “that” person who think about fucking their random friends. LOL

In my defence, the wind and waves and little clothing between us does carry your mind to particular places 😋 It was a nice day out til we spotted a few younger guys with their phones taking pictures (it’s so fucking irritating though, isn’t it? Like how do you stop them from invading your space like that? In actual fact, don’t think you can). So we left, grabbed a late lunch and I came back.

Also, the husband’s back. He’s in his study working at the moment so....hence my blogging 😏
He came back over the weekend and only got home early Saturday morning. He dropped me a text notifying me he was in his way and told me not to wait up. I did. It was drizzling quite heavily by the time he got back and I decided I’d meet him outside to help with his bags. I threw on a thin white tshirt with nothing underneath, and made it a point to stand in the rain a little longer than necessary. By the time he lugged his luggage to the gate, my tshirt was quite wet and I was admittedly quite cold 😝 (FYI - cold is quite a mood killer) He just smiled when he was me, and ran over to kiss me. He was grabbing my ass and sliding his hands up my back to remove the tshirt when I stopped him and told him to pick it up in the shower. That, was quite an enjoyable shower. I kept my wet tshirt on the entire time we fucked and I realised, it was such a simple thing to do. Personal wet tshirt show. Heheh...

We spoke a lot on a few things and I’m Glad we’re both in agreement on how we’re moving forward. It was a long talk that night but, we were playing with each other as we spoke. At one point I was alternating between sucking his dick, licking his balls and just stroking his dick slowly while talking about how we feel about fucking other people. It was the openness and the willingness to engage that was such a turn on for me. Heheh...

So yeah, anyways. We’re good for now. It’s going to be a few weeks before he travels again so I might not be on to blog that often.

Thanks for reading. 😘

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