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this way to heidi
A window into my soul, a doorway to my world. Sharing whatever experiences i have and encounter in this mad, mad, mad world
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That didn't go according to plan :/
Posted:Jul 14, 2020 11:06 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2020 7:42 pm

Before I start this rant though, I gotta say, People react really oddly to some things. This morning I was supposed to have a few back to back calls. The plan was for the team to meet up in office (all this was planned a week ago), have a short meeting of our own, then have the big one together in the office.

SO this morning I got up really early and went to the gym, thinking I'll get a workout in before all of that. It helps to keep me alert. So I rush through my workout, and halfway through, I get a series of alerts on my phone. I ignored them in the beginning thinking I'll deal with them in due time. Then my phone starts ringing and I find out the morning meetings have been cancelled. There was supposed to only be four of us in the office, but one by one, cos of the cancelled morning meeting, are pulling out. No ones going in. Well fuck. This was about 8am. My next call was 10.30am. This kinda threw my day's plans out the window. I tried to finish my workout but was a bit too flustered to concentrate, so I packed up and left. I didn't even bother changing. Figured I'd rush back and take the rest of my calls at home.

There was still time so I walked to take the train home. I was in a white sports bra and shorts, and there was a surprisingly fairly large number of people heading in the opposite direction, going to work. Anyhow, a lot of them don't react too well to seeing skin. Maybe it was too early in the morning. It's usually not that big a deal but I think this morning there wasn't anyone else in exercise attire and I kinda stood out like a sore thumb. But either way, I spotted some low lines taking photos. Or videos. I dunno. It's obvious to me but I can't be certain. BUT! I tried walking towards one guy and he fucking turned and walked off.

When did it become okay to take someone else photo or video without permission? Fucking lowlifes.
Anyhow. That was rant number one.

So yeah, that was the morning. It's not so bad now that I'm comfortably at home. I get to take my calls nude, which is always a plus. If I've gotta work, I might as well be comfortable doing it

Back to the main rant

I've been craving for a facial for some time now. If you read my last post, you know I've been trying to....rectify the situation. Which hasn't worked out yet. I thought I was being greedy (wanting two dicks and all) so I thought maybe I'll start with one and work my way up. After all, this one is with me all the time now til...end of the week before he flies off for a month plus. So two birds, one stone. Right?

I've been getting the husband to hold off on jerking off for the past 5 days before last night. I figured I was sure to get a facefull at least

Now this poor guy had been working his ass off the past few days too, prepping for his big upcoming work trip. Plus the blueballing, I figured I'd cut him some slack. So last night I suggested we go out after dinner. Dinner was late cos he was working til 9pm. I put on a backless micro dress, threw on some sneakers cos I was prepped to be crouching low, and told him to pick a spot we could go to so he can face fuck me and cum all over me. Blueballed husband by this point, was throwing on shorts and a t-shirt and couldn't decide where to go.

Dilemma one, we could call a cab and go far to a spot knowing it'd be empty and we'd have privacy, or, we could go somewhere near and be nearer to home IF we had to rush back We picked the latter, and it was awkward walking out trying to not look obvious what we were planning with a giant tent in his shorts, wet spots and all (fuck that was embarrassing) and me ass trying to creep out with my dress riding up the faster we walked.

We headed for a park near our place but it was packed with walkers and joggers and just people hanging around. So we walked further. Found nothing, and walked further still. Didn't take long before we were both perspiring in the humidity, and losing steam. I looked down and his hard on was clearly gone. The little make up I had bothered putting on was smearing. We thought fuck it, we'll walk back.

I was fighting back every urge to get all cranky cos my plans were on the way down the drain fast. I had to hold onto my dress as I walked cos if I didn't, my ass would show and I wasn't wearing anything under. If I pulled a lil to hard, the top half might slide and my tits would show. I could tell he was too cos we were silent on our way back, he had been working long hours all week and, well, bluebells. LOL

When we got closer to our apartment, I decided I had to do something to ignite the spark. I brushed my hands down from his chest to his crotch, then took a step faster so I was in front of him. I swayed my hips a little more as I walked so my dress lifted and half my ass was showing. He caught up with me and grabbed my ass, and I reached down to his crotch, which was slowly pitching a tent as we walked. We got back to our building, and in the lift on our way up, he was already pressing me into the wall, fingering me as he sucked on one off my nipples. We got off at our floor but instead of turning towards home, I pulled him by his dick through his shorts towards to stairs.

I leaned over to check if there was anyone anywhere below us and he came up behind me and slapped his dick on my ass. He then slid his dick inside me and started humping away. To be honest, that caught me a little by surprise but hey, I wasn't complaining. At this point the straps of my dress had already come off and my dress was hanging on my waist, and he was using it as a handle to pull me in as he slammed his dick into me. I told him to pull me hair, and fuck me. FUck me hard. I also wanted to tell him to cum all over me, as in a reminder to cum on my face, cos thats what I was building up to. He then got all excited and before I could say anything, I felt him blow his load inside me. Hot cum hitting my insides. It was a huge load too. Which was hot, but I kinda wished it was someplace else

We took a few minutes before making our way back, and I was dripping cum when I walked so I walked with my hand literally between my legs. We went back, fooled around a bit more in the shower and him being so damn tired, crashed for the night. Me, on the other hand, didn't even climaxed -_-

He owes me for that one and I fully expect him to repay . So in bed, I couldn't sleep cos well, I wasn't yet fulfilled. So I tried sexting the bf AND the fwb. The fwb was a dud. Stagnated replies didn't quite cut it. I video called the bf and the phone/video sex was hot. I saw him blow his load all over his tummy but I just couldn't cum. I ran off to sleep and then this morning happened. So.....this is whee I am . LOL

The husband probably needs another good nights sleep before he can perform the way I know he can, so in the meantime. I guess its erotica and porn. And some toys. Maybe I'll buy some new ones. Ah well.
Hotwife. Thats not exactly what it means
Posted:Jul 13, 2020 3:41 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2020 6:27 am

Hotwife. That’s a term I never thought I’d identify with. Bear in mind I literally only found out it’s exact meaning a few months ago. What can I say, I’m a slow starter 😝. Anyhow, I only found out during the lockdown when the husband and I were surfing through porn sites, and the term came up. I’m a lil embarrassed by the fact that I had to Google the exact meaning but paid no more attention to it after (what is, after all, just labels... 🙃)

So I caught up with a very old friend and ex fwb of mine (“Ex” cos we no longer share the desire to have said benefits, but I do still find him easy to talk to. In fact, seeing him again has left me with questioning my very own taste in men AND my own senses 🤣. Anyhow) a few nights ago and in the process of catching up, I was telling him about my most recent, failed endeavour, involving the husband and the current fwb.

Short digression - Long story short
I had floated the idea of meeting up with the fwb to the husband and he had suggested me simply inviting him over. He has also increasingly expressed interest in watching, and participating, in me with a bbc. So the plan was to get the fwb over to a meet and greet, to see if everyone could click. That never happened cos none of our schedules allowed. Then one evening, right after I was done at the gym, all of a sudden they both had free time and wanted to meet. So we did. The meeting went well, we all got along really well, and even set a date for him to come over a day or two later. Then he (the fwb) went to eat durian (it IS in season) the day he was supposed to come over. Now, L if you read my last post, one of the main things I wanted was a facial by both of them. Like a load. LOAD. So, knowing what, will make his cum nasty, I cancelled our meeting. I then asked both of them to hydrate and steer clear of certain foods😉. It was a list. (Yes yes....hey, can’t fault me for trying). We set a next date which was about a week later. Then a day before that, we get news that the husband has to travel. Travelling now meant he had serve do a quarantine (two weeks) when he got there, then do his rounds there before coming back. That meant him being gone for a month. That kinda threw our plans awry.

So yeah, that was what I was telling him about. He said a bunch of other things but what stood out was him saying that I was officially a hotwife. I still don’t agree with the term. I always thought we were swingers, if we would allow ourselves to fall into a label. Aaaannyways. Shelving those plans for now. I’ll probably meet with the fwb after the husband flies off. In the meantime, we got that to deal with. Ha. Hotfwife 😝
This is a load off.
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 6:49 am
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 5:03 pm

Fuck. I had set out writing about a few things that I had wanted get off my chest and halfway through, I delete everything cos this came and I figured I'd just put this out there. So here goes.

I can't speak for everyone, but I've found that I have a love/hate relationship with cum. More accurately, sperm. But calling it sperm makes it so....well, out of context. SO....let's put it in context. I like facials. Yes yes, for you corny mofos, the beauty treatment too. But more specifically, letting my male partners cum on my face. I could go into detail how I like it, but let's not. That isn't the point of this.

Point is, I like it. That's the love bit. What I don't particularly like about it is, IF said partner has been drinking too much coffee, or wine, or ate something funny, or even not drinking enough water, it fucking stinks. Well, it can stink. Badly. Worse when it hits you, or splatters and lands right on the upper lip, and the smell hits me hard. Now THAT, is gag worthy. It's easier to control with the husband and boyfriend - I end up nagging them to death on the importance of adequate hydration. That serves two purposes too. One is the above mentioned, and two, it makes for big loads. Or bigger loads.

Which brings me to the nagging point in my head - other than hydration, what control the load? I could google this easily but for the moment, let me rant. I find the older the guy gets, the less load is shot. As hard as it is for me to admit it, there it is. The husband is in his mid 50s. His loads are getting less each time. Maybe its cos he's older, or maybe its his gawd damn penchant to masturbate. He's got a jerking off issue, I think. LOL. And then there's the fwb, in his 20s. We had an....ok, correction. We've had more than a few interesting video calls where we've egged each other to cum, and damn his loads are...well, let's just say I've had my face literally covered before. I think he had to hold it in for a few days for that to happen, but still.

SO yeah, anyhow. This is it. That's whats been bugging me the whole day. Thinking about cum. Good gawd I gotta to get out a lil more.
Coming out on the otherside....brighter?
Posted:Jun 27, 2020 2:27 am
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2020 12:06 am

Been trying to post for a looong while now. This (blogging) was supposed to be my therapy but who fucking knew locking everyone up at home would have made us all sooo damn busy?! 😝. Seriously though, shit had happened, blew up, blew over, and started all over again, a few times over now. But! I’m actually Glad it happened. I suppose everything does happen for a reason and for now things appear to be better off.

First up, sex has been fantastic. One of the perks of being married AND having stuck at home together. Lol. Forced to deal with our own shit with nowhere to run off to. This has been the longest the husband and I have been in one place together since we got married. So a fuck-ton of issues to deal with. Most of it has been dealt with, and is being dealt with so, at least it’s being handled. Throughout, sex has been good. I’m a little ashamed to admit that THAT, is a surprise. From angry, slapping, hair pulling sex (which I find to be really the most tiring....right?) to dirty, name calling, different kind of slapping and hair pulling, to porn inspired horny sex, to...dress up and all that. Dick on tap has never been this fun.

Which made me wonder, when did we go from secretive office fling, dirty, cheating sex (which literally was how we started) to (I hate to admit it) monotonous sex since we got married? It’s not like we haven’t tried. We’ve been using toys and dress ups, to public sex, even swinging. It always almost felt.....monotonous and....obligated. If it’s one thing I can be thankful for in the lockdown, it’s us figuring out that it had become that way, and moving forward to fixing it. I guess the difference is the emotions attached to the physical experience...? Pls chip in if you guys have your own theories. Always fun to discuss 😋

Speaking of which, I’ve also been coming clean to the husband on missing the boyfriend (which he’s aware of. We’ve been staying in contact ever since the start. We even had a few watch each other cum calls together. Which is surprising in itself, considering how insanely private the husband and I are). I also told him(husband) that I e been chatting up the fwb of late. We’ve been trying to arrange something but clearly, circumstance have prevented that.

So a few days ago I mentioned the Feb to the husband again and without hesitation, the husband suggested asking him over. That came as a bit of a surprise to me. Maybe it’s all we’ve been watching. Lol. So now I might just do that. I DO so miss standing sex with a bigger partner. 😉

So yeah, a few things going on. We’re also exploring heading back to Bali but we dont have anything concrete yet. We’ll see. Aaaaanyway. Will try to update more now that lockdown is somewhat lifted slightly. Strange how I have more time when I’m required to leave the apartment 😑.

Anyways. Gotta run. Thanks for reading (if you read through). Stay safe y’all!
Lockdown is as lockdown does
Posted:Apr 16, 2020 8:11 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2020 9:12 pm

Shit is hitting the fan eh? one hand I’m quite happy actually see the earth healing. the other, shitload of people getting sick and dying ain’t good.

Anyway. I’ll leave the heavy thinking people who are a bit more qualified do so. I’ve only got shit closer home (literally) deal with so I’ll just deal with that This is probably one of the longest stretch of time that the husband and I have spent together after we got married, as ironic as it sounds. This extended duration of being in each other’s presence had led to many things. Some of which is quite surprised to say, is pleasantly surprising. In the past week alone, he’s surprised me with his reactions to some of the many things that we had talked about.

Ok, before going there, I find a need to go back a few weeks. This was still when we were going into our respective offices sporadically. Work was a bitch (it still is) for the both of us and our business was also suffering (it still is. But then again, who isn’t in these times). So the husband went through a good week and a half of being really, really fucking unbearably cranky. Which was understandable. But still unbearable. So there was one late evening when we were in bed and I can’t even remember what, but I had asked him something and he went ballistic on me. He lashed out and started screaming and was verbally attacking me. Now this was...over a week in of crankiness on both our parts, so I was fucking tired already. He was being unreasonable and I was literally about to snap myself. But I think it was fatigue, cos I didn’t. I just sat there and gave him the whole fucking night to rant. Then in the morning (at this point neither of us had slept an ounce) I made us breakfast. Half of it was me trying to be patient and supportive, but I swear it was mostly fatigue. Of course this fucker ate and left for work and I did the same. That day felt horrible, needless to say. But when I got home I had flowers and dinner already waiting, and a massage til I slept. Ha! Who’d have thought 😋

So anyhow, since that day he’s been nicer than usual. I know he’s trying a lil harder, which makes a lot of difference. Now back to this past week. I’m still sidetracking but bear with me.

My fwb has been texting me on and off. We were supposed to meet up earlier this year but didn’t get a chance. Anyways. I had a work call one morning this past week and I took it on my work laptop. It wasn’t a video call so I switched off my video. I had taken the home office so I had the door shut and the husband was working outside. While all this was going on I had the fwb on a video call on my phone but I had muted the audio (obviously 😝) and for whatever reasons (being confined for so Long I suppose) we both started stripping. Lol. Now this wasn’t new to me😝 but I just haven’t done this with him before. But it was We got each other off and I am kinda surprised I enjoyed watching him shoot his load on his own thighs 🤣.

Now back to the husband and what we spoke about. So, one of the evenings we were lying on our balcony floor naked, in the dark, just watching other people in their flats/apartments, just doing their thing. Maybe it was how surreal it felt at the time, maybe it was just us enjoying being voyeurs, or maybe it was cos we had just satisfyingly fucked each other silly, but I remember lying on his chest when he asked me what I miss most now that everything is locked down.

I was quite surprised at my own answer too but without much thought, i told him at that moment, I actually missed clubbing. Lol. 😑. Not like in general, but...more the feel of when I used to club, back when I was clubbing more often. I then told him about the time a loooong time ago, when I went down on this pair of twins in a club 😝. That was also the same night I walked out with cum on my cheeks 🙄. Lol. We went through a few more stories when the conversation got directed to the feeling of reckless abandonment that I like. Normally, I h like really hate it when he paychoanalyses everything like that.

BUT!! This time round, it led something....excitingly positive. I told him about my fwb. He knows vaguely who my fwb is, as someone I used to date but he wasn’t aware that we were still seeing each other. At this point, I should add that the husband...has been prone to a bit of jealousy. It took him (the husband) years to get comfortable with my boyfriend (who is thankfully fine but still stuck in HK, FY so I I didn’t think he would have reacted so positively (to me, anyway 😉).
Side note: the fwb is a big, black guy. He stands close to 2m tall and lifts weights so. A big dude 😘
Anyhow, I told him about the fwb and how I want (and I stressed “want”, not “miss”) his dick. Like I want to fuck him hard, and I want to be fucked hard by him. I wasn’t thinking lying there on his chest, naked in the dark, but I remember getting aroused again as I was telling him. To my surprise, the husband said he was sure we could arrange that once things got better. Can you say woooo!! Lol 😘.

So yeah, that was that. Of course I told the fwb about it and you know, we’re making arrangements but we’ll see. Here’s one more (big? 😋) reason to hope things get better soon. Yes’s rather selfish but...what the hell. I’ve been so riled I’ve been draining the husbands nuts dry. Lol. Maybe THAT was his ploy along. Heh.

Anyways. Thanks for reading. Hope everyone stays safe.
Ass infatuation
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 3:52 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2020 9:10 pm

This is picking from the last post. I actually didn't get a chance write anything down.

Before that though, is it normal for want smack the husband the time? Well, maybe not the time. It's either. I wanna fuck him or punch him. Is this what marriage is? LOL. Ever since we got married, even before that, his work has him travelling half the month every month. I travel a fair bit for work too, but nothing crazy like him. Ever since we got here we've been grounded, and with the lockdown (call it what you will), this is about as much time we've been stuck together. We usually are already stuck together when we are together, but damn. . I'd say, the percentage is...split about 60/40 now, with 60% being me wanting to punch him. LOL. Ah well.....

I was saying. A few weeks ago I found a studio that offers exercise classes and yoga etc. A friend of mine brought there and it was ok. I mean, it was a good workout and . But what got was this other lady in the class. Class size was small. They limited it 6 people per class (which I quite liked). But anyhoo. This other lady. Daaaamn the ass her. I've always appreciated nice asses. Guys and girls. I particularly have a soft spot for thicker, muscular thighs and a round ass
Which makes this a lil puzzling cos this lady had a thick, round ass but she was far from muscular. But either way, I couldn't stop sneaking peeks at her ass. Okay, okay. I was staring. I think she kinda noticed and was a lil uncomfortable. But hey...I guess I'm not that inconspicuous . There was another worth mentioning. It was of the other instructors. Damn this one was fit. She had on exercise shorts which weren't covering much (But I kinda get it from the functioning standpoint. I like my shorts and tights riding too. Otherwise it restricts movement. Honestly. ) So yeah, I've been leering at them two asses the last few weeks. I don't know what is but I just can't seem to get these two asses outta my head. So yeah, thats my infatuation. Trust me. I don't get it either. LOL

And now that everything's shut, thats one more thing I'm missing :S.
Ah well. It is what it is. Hang in there peeps. Stay safe. Catch ya again
Lipslip and ass infatuation?
Posted:Apr 1, 2020 2:34 am
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2020 7:51 pm

The world is going to shit and this pervy lil mind cannot keep it together 😋. To be fair, the first half of it isn’t completely my fault. Lemme explain.

Long story short, the husband and I decided in Feb to fly into Singapore before shit hit the fan. Granted, we didn’t expect it to be so bad, but either way, we’re kinda glad we did. So we got into Sg end of Feb and have been here ever since. It wasn’t lockdown then (well, it still isn’t at the moment) so we took the opportunity to head down to Universal Studios. We haven’t had time like this so we figured, why not. It was supposed to just be the both of us, our lil day out but somehow I might have blurted it out in a casual conversation with a friend, and it turned out she brought two friends and met us there 🙄

But anyhow, before we knew they were gonna be there, we had made and plans to enjoy our trip in our own way. The husband highlighted that we haven’t had any public fun in a loooong time, and I agreed. So he excitedly whipped out his camera and picked out one of my micro dresses for me to wear. I told him to hold on to his horses cos it really wasn’t practical. I wanted to go on the rides too, not just prance around and flash him 😑. So after a LOT of back and forth, we settled on a pair of short, denim shorts and a grey sleeveless tank top. The day came, and we picked a weekday too just to make sure there wasn’t too many people.

We rented a car the day before, left in the morning, went for breakfast and got there shortly before noon. In between, there had already been a lot of posing and photo taking. It’s mostly of me bending over and pretending I don’t notice the perv of a husband sitting and snapping from afar. Lol. But in the car while he was driving, I kinda slipped my hands in his shorts and got him excited and took a few of the tent that was forming in his shorts, and then a few more of his erect dick peeling out. Tbh, it was quite fun but I still don’t get as excited as he does with this photo taking thing. But anyhow.

We pulled into the carpark and it was empty. Like dead empty. I suggested we park further into a corner (he didn’t argue, of course😝) and while he was tryi Ng to park, I undid my seatbelt, leaned over, pulled his shorts down (with his help) and started sucking furiously on his already erect dick. He pulled my top off and undid my bra easy enough. Didn’t take long before he unclipped his seatbelt, unbuttoned my shorts and pulled it down to my knees. I wanted to pull it completely off but I was already pushed into the back seat. He climbed in behind me, pulled my thong aside and slid inside me and was furiously slamming himself into me. I was actually just about to tell him to not cum inside me but was trying to cum myself (in my defence, my face was pressed into the seat so it was hard to say anything 😝). Next thing I knew, I felt him tighten up, and then a hot load inside me. I was like , what the fuck... 😝. Lol. It was quite hot, it’s just that I didn’t cum yet.

We laid there for a lil more before cleaning up (wet wipes are the best, I tell ya) and made our way. Didn’t take long before I knew I should have said something before. The minute we were passing the temperature checks, I felt....cum oozing out 😳. It only took minutes but by the time I ran to the bathroom, my underwear was kinda soiled. I cleaned up, again, removed my underwear and went on the rest of the day without. (what else was there to do, right?). The husband was irritatingly pleased by this and insisted on holding on to my soiled thong. 😑

We did a lil more perving...well, mostly him. I was checking out things in the gift shop while he was following my around holding his camera suspiciously low 🙄. Lol. But by the time we went on our first ride, we kinda forgot about all that and just had fun. We bumped into my friend and her two male friends a short while after and we all just ended up moving around the park together. All three of them were in their late 20s I think, so most of the conversing was done amongst themselves, with me chipping in every now and then, and the husband even less. The whole time I was trying to figure out if they were a gay couple, (didn’t take Long to confirm that they weren’t gay. At AL, then I started to wonder which one my friend was dating/trying to date. The dynamics was pretty weird but they were all pretty friendly in general so we got on cordially enough.

It was a really hot day so we were all sweaty by the time we took a short break about...mid afternoon. We found a spot to sit under the shade and the concrete benches were pretty low. We were seated in a circle cos that’s how the benches were laid out. I can’t even remember what we were talking about but I barely noticed the husband drifting off. I looked up one moment and he was walking about, just a short distance away with his camera held to his eye. Honestly didn’t think much of it but we were there for about 45mins before going for a few more rides and then heading back. The husband and I left them the moment we exited the park and we haven’t had any contact since.

I didn’t think too much about that day after, except that I had more fun than I thought I’d have, and that I’ve now got weird tan lines. But a few days later, the husband showed me some of the pictures that he took. Most of them were expected cos I knew he was shooting. A few I kinda expected too cos he’s been known to sneak pictures when I’m not looking. Then there’s the lipslip ones. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I mean, of COURSE it’s a thing. Why wouldn’t it be a thing?

The cameltoes, ass shots and downblouses, I kinda expected. The lipslip? That was....fucking mortifying. Apparently the entire time we were seated during that particular break, there was...a few lipslips. I understand how that can happen. Those shorts were deliberately tiny. The husband who was seated beside me at the time, had noticed the two guys who were seated in front of me, were already trying to be discreet but clearly they noticed something. He followed their gaze and it was....straight down towards me lap. He then inconspicuously went off and took pictures of them looking, and adjusting themselves in their seats, and then went behind to use his zoom lenses to take a few photos of said slip.

For the record, those photos, along with the rest of the photos, will stay in his camera. He’s not allowed to download it or store it anywhere else. 😝

He also told me that’s why for the entire duration that we were hanging out together, they made sure to walk behind me, particularly when there were stairs 😑. Lol. I’m actually a little surprised and disappointed with myself I didn’t noticed. But overall I had fun. And the husband sure had a lot more fun than I, and it kinda broke the routine with us so....I guess that’s a win-win...?
Wedgies are supposed to be uncomfortable. Or are they?
Posted:Feb 22, 2020 10:04 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:54 pm

Been trying to increase the intensity of my workouts of late. But! (Or is that BUTT!) Something else has been brought to my attention. Was at the gym this morning and someone actually came to ask me (I knew this person, FYI. Not some creepy stranger ) why I like wearing my workout leggings, regardless of long or short ones, so high up. So just to be clear, I wear them up cos I like to have a full range of motion when I'm working out.IF by doing so, they end up riding up my ass and pussy, then I guess it is what it is. Right? One one hand, I understand how that can seem...obscene. Especially with some of my lighter coloured leggings. But gawd damn they're comfortable and my workouts are hard enough, the least I can do is make it comfortable. So yeah. If it's distracting or offensive to some people. I really can't afford to give two fucks I'm just working out.

Which also brings up the point - when it rides up and I get full range (especially leg days. Or when I'm running around) It's actually really comfy. Like I'm not wearing anything. Which is exactly the point. Comfort, right? Which also brings up the point of thongs. Most of my swimwear are thong bottoms. And that's similar with my underwear too. I mean, they're comfy as fuck. So why have we been led to believe that wedgies are uncomfortable when we, ok, maybe in this case, me, give ourselves one all the time? "They" have been lying to us the whole time! . Fookin liars!!

Which kinda also brought up the idea of working out naked. This was our dinner conversation a few nights back, by the way. . At first I thought, yeah, why not. Then delving further, we both agreed it wouldn't be as comfortable as we'd thought. In the end, we both agreed that the bouncing around is gonna get in the way, so guys would have their bottoms on and girls would have our tops on. Just for support. Then the whole idea of hygiene comes in and we realised we'd just as well come back to square one LOL

That's why items like leggings and spandex tops are so popular, I'd imagine. Feels like no clothes on but with hygiene taken into consideration. So all that to come back at point 1.
Anyhow. That was a big, round circle. Hehehe

Speaking of which, a friend of mine was complaining to the group that she's having trouble convincing her husband to wax. At present moment, he's sticking to shaving his balls and the stubble that follows is causing more trouble for both of them than they're enjoyment. Now this entire conversation happened one evening when we were all out for dinner, and bearing in mind, we've had a few bottles or wine and other spirits by then. So anyhow. I suggested, just make it his worth to wax. Like give him a good bj right before, and promise him one better after he waxes his balls. Let him imagine how much better it'd be. I'm sure that'll be motivation enough. Of course everyone was cheering and laughing. But somehow or rather, it has escalated to him getting a bj from both of us IF he waxes. Now I didn't promise that. Neither am I interested in her husband that way. But it was funny that evening, and awkward the following days. I haven't met them as yet but....for fuck's sake. I've got enough dicks in my face as it is. I really don't need one more . LOL
I just ca't believe I have to talk my way out of something I didn't even commit myself to. :S

Anyhow. That was a digression. The wedgie thing was the point of this post.
Either way, gotta run. Thanks for reading Hope your weekend is running well
V-day plans, weighing dicks, and much more musings. Plenty to think about
Posted:Feb 10, 2020 4:06 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:54 pm

Adult cream pie
I was out with a friend earlier and we passed a bakery that had a sign that says they have a adult cream pies. Of COURSE I had to stop to check it out. LOL. (I'm such a sucker for tacky, cheeky marketing) Turns out it was just cream pies with alcohol in them. To be fair, they were pretty good. I got one to try. They taste nothing like the cream pies I had in mind but.... They were pretty good. What was even more puzzling, my friend didn't even get it. Either she wasn't familiar with the term, or it just slid over her head.

Betting for the other team. Or is that the same team....?
So this friend of mine just had a divorce after 20 odd years of marriage. Most of that 20 odd years were good. Turns out her now ex-husband had cheated on her for a second time and didn't want to end his affair. Fuck. Yet another one. THere're tons of that going around already. I guess this one surprised me cos....well, I just never thought it'd happen. But anyway. The divorce was finally settled and they're both moving on. Turns out now, she's done with men and is only dating women. That also caught me completely by surprise. She's never shown to be open to it in my years of knowing her but, on the other hand, I guess I can understand. She's in her late 40s and has never even kissed another girl before. There's more to it than that, but I'm embarrassingly interested to know how things turn out with her I'll keep you guys in the loop if/when I find things out (Busybody?! Me?!? Nooo.....)

Feel sexier in a full body swimsuit than in naked yoga
Over the weekend I went to try out rowing. It was kinda like dragon boating, but on steroids It was basically on a larger boat, and we had to constantly row out into sea against large waves. It was a good workout, tough as hell. It was scorching so I wore a full body swimsuit. Well, almost full body. It had long sleeves, but it only covered up to my knees. So that was Saturday morning. Sunday morning, I went to naked yoga. I've been trying to be consistent with that now that my travel is halted. Both occasions, the husband was with me. I thoroughly enjoyed both but the husband was telling me how distracted he was in naked yoga. (He's been saying that for a long time now ). We talked about it at length and I realised that I felt sexier in my full body swimsuit than in naked yoga. I liked how it hugged my body and how it felt on my skin. Naked yoga was.... a lot of work. Both were a lot of work. Maybe it was the adrenaline in the rowing that got me going. I dunno. Worth exploring further.

Valentine's Day plans (sexual bucket list)
Speaking of the husband, Valentine's Day just so happens, falls on a Friday this time round. We've always made it a point to not give in to the marketing side of it but this time round, we've been talking about some plans. Well, more ideas than plans, at this point. We've been talking about our own sexual bucket list. I don't really have one per say, like not an official list, but we've both been trying to tick things off that we've been wanting to try, and we're going by turns, which to be honest, kinda adds a bit of pressure to it.

The last adventure we had was the swingers party we went to a few weekends back. It was groundbreaking in its own way. We even managed to play with different people by ourselves, in different rooms, at different times. We both only crawled back into bed with each other in the morning. What was groundbreaking was, we were both comfortable with that. We spoke about it at length, and had a really good time. So I guess that didn't count, cos we both kinda wanted it and decided together to go.

The one before that was his. He's always talked about getting a bj while getting his head massaged (LOL. Fuck. Typing that out was kinda funny ) Late last year we went to Krabi, him with his girlfriend and me with the boyfriend, and we made that happen for him, so, that was his turn done. Which makes this weekend my turn to pick. The thing is, I can't think of anything. And I've been mulling over it for a good few weeks now

To help me out, I figured I could list a few down. I'll even list some of his likes, maybe I'll spring him a surprise
My likes:
- Dominated completely. Like rough, hair pulling, slapping, maybe even a bit of choking, biting. Tied maybe? Could go together with a collar...
- Something outdoors. We ARE already going clubbing after dinner, so....might fit this one in easily. Just gotta pick out what to wear
- Dominating. I'll definitely tie him down for this.
- Gangbang. This one is higher on the list . But it'll be tricky cos we don't have any partners/playmates around.
- Cumbath/bukkake. This one has the same problem as previous item. I mean, gotta cut him some slack. There's only so much cum coming outta him. LOL
- Role-play. Slutty wife...? This one's a bit or a stretch. I go out and flirt with a few people, get him riled up. Etc. Except I'm not feeling this one at the moment

His likes:
- Something outdoors. He seems to like this in particular
- Something olfactory. He's a big smell-type person. Has made numerous requests for me to not...wash. This one needs getting into character for
- Roleplay. He likes the school girl thing. Again, not feeling this one

The plan is, we're going for dinner with two other couples (not that kinda of couples. Non swinging kind) and then clubbing. So something like camping is out. Ah well. We'll see. I don't want to pick one thing just for the sake of it. It won't be as enjoyable. We might just end up tiring ourselves so much we come home and sleep. LOL

Thinking about that, bring me to question - How much does a dick weight anyway?
I was recounting my time with my fwb a short time back. And he actually gave me a bruise on the side of my eye from a dick slap. Funny as hell, but no kidding. Of course, I googled it and it was some way of calculating which concluded that it could be up to 60grams upwards. And this fwb has a fairly substantial BBC (I sooo hate the term but it is what it is ). So my conclusion was, it HAS to be more than 60grams. It was painful. Umm...well, after the fact I sooo like it during the play. Brings me to the conclusion that you cannot make the right decisions when you're horny. Especially when you're horny as fuck.

This is more a rant was a long one.
Just bouncing ideas. Thinking aloud. If you have some ideas, or wanna share your V-day plans. Please do
We went to a swingers weekend getaway ;)
Posted:Feb 2, 2020 10:33 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:54 pm

Okay. Gonna just lay it . Two weekends ago the husband and I went to a swingers party. We had been invited a few weeks ago but we've both been undecided on whether we should go or not, and we've both decided to go, and then backed a few times. So it was always at the back of my head, but....anyhow. They (those invited to the party) had all met up on a Friday afternoon and the husband was traveling only going to be back on the Saturday so until then, we had decided we weren't gonna go.

I was ok with that cos I had already made plans to spend a day with my fwb who was in Bali for the weekend. I thought I'd get that done, then spend the rest of the weekend onwards with the husband. Keeping myself busy

I had met my fwb and was having dinner with him when I get a from an old friend of mine. He was also in town but he was attending the party on the weekend. I had told him I wasn't going to attend, to which he insisted that we should catch up once before they traveled for the weekend getaway. It was already late but I knew he was going to be gone on Friday afternoon, leaving us with not much time so I checked with the fwb and agreed to meet him for drinks. I had assumed he was going to be accompanied with his partner (he WAS there for the swing getaway and it was couples only) but he showed up at the bar alone. We caught up pretty quickly and I introduced this friend to the fwb and they kinda it off and got along really well (boys and their boys-club mentality, I guess ). There was a fair bit of flirting between this friend of mine but nothing came of it and we left after a few drinks.

I guess I must have had a really good time cos I was really horny when I got back and took it all on my fwb Oh he didn't mind it at all. LOL. We spent the next day home mostly (I guess I kinda wanted to get the most outta my last day with him. ) but the fwb wanted to the clubs in the evening. This friend of mine then started texting me saying we left a few things hanging the night before, which I agreed. To my surprise, he asked if he could join me. Of course I agreed to it and told him to meet me at the club that we were going to.

I didn't say anything to the fwb but late that night, we were dancing and grinding in the club when I get a text from this friend of mine. I texted him to meet me at the bar and made my way there. Of course I dragged the fwb with me. We greeted, shared a kiss now and then and had a few more drinks, grinded between both of them before making our way . The fwb wasn't thrilled when we started leaving together, and kinda pulled me aside and asked if he was joining us. I kinda told him that we were going back to my place, so we go by my rules, and that night it was either it was all together, or we all go back alone. Didn't take long before he agreed

I guess the idea was always gonna be waaaaaaaay sexier than reality, cos it was a bit awkward for most bits. We did have a good time.....well, at least I did . But the timing, and the chemistry was...yeah. Wasn't great. But! Like I said, I DID have a good time. I even managed to get them to help me clean up and changed the sheets and all.

So the husband came back earlier than expected and was home before 2pm. I was still...pretty dazed from events of the night before, plus I haven't slept much so. He got home, unpacked a little before I hopped into the shower with him. I missed him and well, I could have spotted his hard on a mile away so LOL I got him off in the shower and he threw me onto the bed to return the favour. Midway through fingering me and eating me , he brought up the idea of going to this party. Now, to be fair, that wasn't the best time for me to be making decisions. But given the headspace I was at, of course I agreed. I came. Made a few calls, showered again, and packed for our first swingers weekend getaway in a few long years.

It was evening by the time we got to where we had to be and, of course I see the friend who I had spent the night with the night before with his partner. Neither of us said anything . That first night we didn't interact much and spent the time to ourselves (which is...admittedly, a little silly, given that we were at a swingers getaway) but we spent the next two days being properly acquainted (or re-acquainted, for some of us) with everyone else at the party. I thought I wasn't gonna ave fun but I'm very, very pleasantly surprised that we both (the husband and i) did. We were even comfortable enough playing away from each other a few times. Now I would have liked to have a bit more girl time but they didn't seem too....willing. Maybe girls take longer to warm up t each other. This lot do, maybe. But I know them now and a few of them actually live on this island so...plenty of opportunities I guess.

In hindsight, the most fun wasn't actually the hook ups. I think I enjoyed myself the most when we were all playing games. We had yoga in the mornings, which became nude yoga very quickly, and even then the yoga wasn't too serious. But yeah, games in the nude. Always makes them a little more enjoyable. I gotta admit though, rather embarrassingly stereotypically, I kinda hooked up with this guy a few times purely cos he was attractive. LOL. But in my defence, that WAS kinda the point....well, partially the point. Fuck. He was build like a bull (pardon the pun). Think he's Scandinavian. Physically like he's been chiselled from marble. Rather thick too . Except he kept licking my armpits. LOL
Why can't I ever get the normal ones...

Anyhow. Thanks for reading. Figured I should put this down before they become a distant memory
Thanks for reading!
Some more self indulgent thoughts. Eeks!
Posted:Jan 21, 2020 1:11 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:53 pm

This has been bugging me ever since. About two and a half weeks ago, the husband kinda mentioned something to me mid thrust. Ok, the situation was, I was bent over and he was behind me, mid hump, his hands on each of my butt cheeks, he mentioned that my left butt cheek was slightly larger than my right. (Yeah. Just the kind of sexy talk I need ) After we finished, we spent a bit more time analysing (Uh...not to be confused with anal-ising. That didn't happen that night) in front of the mirror. I don't really see it but I've been thinking about it a lot in the time since and I can certainly feel it. My left is way stronger and more stable than the right. Heh. Who'd have thought.

I got back last night but got up early this morning and it was bright and sunny. So. I rode out to the beach to try and get some sun. It’s been awhile and I miss it so. Anyhow. Barely 10mins in, I felt all conscious with my bare ass out in the sun. Was even contemplating cutting it short but the decision was kinda made for me when it started raining. Heh. Don’t you just love Bali weather. New target - might go to the gym later this evening to work out the imbalances.

Hang on, there was a point to this post. Oh wait, there isn’t. I just wanted to reflect on some of the likes and dislikes that I’ve recently discovered/rediscovered, and some that surprised me this past few months. We all adopt roles when we’re having sex. When we’re playing with each other. More so when we include a third party. But even if it’s just the two of us, we still role play. I’m not even talking about dressing up and any of that. Some days, he’s more dominant, some days, I’m more dominant. Not planned, uh…unspokenly (I’m aware it’s not an actual word ) agreed That kind…? Anyhow. On his "in control" days, he likes it when I play helpless. I've always preferred the "mildly resisting" role but of late, I quite like the "helpless" role too Which is somewhat surprising. To myself.

Also in December, I pretty much had the bf over the entire month. I had to leave him alone in the last week of the month cos I was away but...ah well I'll make it up to him I was saying. Two weeks of December, we had one of his friends join us too. As much as I liked the attention, staying with two boys can be...challenging. LOL. One of the saving graces was literally, Playstation. I do play a bit of videogames, but I've always thought these boys spend too much time on it. Until I realised that was the easiest way I could get some alone time. . I also rediscovered how fun it was to play with them while they play their games. I guess it's the adrenaline. Similar to the husband when he watches sports, its a heck of a lot easier to get them hard while they're gaming. Is this true across the board? Anyone else has uh....similar experiences? Please do tell

What else did I had in mind? Oh! I bumped into an old classmate from way waaaaaaay back. We were classmates when we were 14, then we remained schoolmates all the way through University. Bumped into her while at the airport, we swapped numbers and now I'm caught in a whirlwind of messages (she added me into yet another group chat ). So anyhow, I just found out that way back then, I was always known as the girl without underwear. LOL. For fuck's sake it wasn't all the time. Get spotted a few times and that shit sticks. I've had a fair bit of....achievements in those days but, fuckin A. That's all they remember me by. LOL.

Do you know what you're remembered for in school?
By your peers. It's quite bad to find out sometimes. LOL
It wasn't me :P
Posted:Jan 19, 2020 6:44 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:53 pm

Hola! I've been trying to get laid all of the last...two weeks...? Before I left Bali for my work trip, I was already thinking about it, mostly cos my fwb in Singapore and I had been trying to meet up again since our last romp. The husband kinda suspected, but bless him, of course he didn't ask So the days leading up to my departure, we had...really good sex. Like, the chemistry was fantastic. He was attentive, caring, and willing, which made me all the more willing to give in to his....requests. So yeah. That was great. Hang on, that's actually great (sorry, couldn't resist)

So after that, I came here and caught up with some friends and that came up (somehow) and some of them believed it was the husband's way of giving me something to remember. (Which worked!). But their was, so that I would't hook up with anyone while I was traveling. I'm not entirely sure that's true (cos well, I know him and how he's like). Cos IF that was his plan, it failed miserably. LOL. It just made me a heck of a lot hornier when I got here

Anyways. The fwb, or as he calls himself, my bbf (best black friend. Or big black friend, depending on...what we're doing ) and I have been trying to arrange for a meet up for a few weeks. But as you know how these things can be, we haven't been able to. It was literally a daily affair. We'd set up to meet, but he can't get away or I had to work. What made it worse was meeting up once over lunch. Didn't take long before we started flirting and the mild touches, then spend the rest of the day sexting each other only to have it fizzle out after such a build up. So it got so tiring I kinda gave up. The weekend came and I made a half hearted attempt to get laid going out on Friday evening. I really wasn't looking, but felt like going out anyway. I dressed up, went out for a drink and was headed back before midnight (that was how seriously half hearted I was ).

So Saturday came and the time I was done with my chores and the gym, it was mid afternoon. I check my phone and I get 4 missed calls and 7 messages from the bbf. He managed to sneak time away and had booked a room (overpaid, more like) and asked if I wanted to get together. Now, I didn't want to seem desperate, so I told him yes, I'd go over in the evening. And then I rushed home, sorted my shit out for the weekend (which took really long), packed a few things and left. LOL

the time I got there it was relatively late. Well, the sun had set. The emotional roller coaster was such - It was down cos I had resigned to not getting laid. Then it built up again from the call. Then I was held back and it kinda dropped. Then it was building up on the way over. When I got in I saw him on the phone. He immediately shot up his finger to his lips to ask me to keep quiet. I knew immediately who it was on the other line so I dropped my things and went out into the balcony. I didn't wanna listen in.

It was up enough (the room was on the 31st floor) and it was windy. I kept the balcony lights off. I was just watching the buildings across and around me, then I sat back on a chair, kicked off my skirt, and started playing with myself. It was quite fun. Its been awhile since i masturbated in a balcony so, that got me going. I was facing out too, and I heard the balcony door slide open but I didn't stop. I looked up and saw him just watching me. Then he started stroking his dick through his pants. Then his pants came off. He came over to take the rest of my clothes off, then move a chair so he's seated right in front of me, also nude, stroking his already fully erect dick.

It was a game we played. We kept going and wanted to see who gave in. I was about to stand up when I saw him move Split second later I was pressing his head between my legs. Didn't take much that time, but he got me to once. I wanted to press him against the balcony railing and get his dick down my throat but I didn't get a chance to stand up. His head came up, we shared a kiss and he was sliding his dick into me already. He wa slamming into me so hard the legs of the chair were scratching against the floor. He lifted me up and carried me while me back into the room. We fucked hard a few times that night. Took a few breaks, fell asleep before taking turns waking each other up to fuck like rabbits.

I did eventually get to press him up against the balcony railing to suck his dick the next morning before we had to check out. So uh...if anyone saw a certain..asian girl-black guy bj on a balcony in a fairly prominent hotel in town. wasn't me...?
Ranting already? Shiiiiiit.
Posted:Jan 9, 2020 5:16 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:53 pm

Fuck. That about sums up my day. I'm waiting on a few people(s) to get back to me before I can finish my shit and get the fuck outta the office. You know those days when you can actually leave the office but you stay behind cos you just feel like it? Get a lil extra done. Chit chat with a few friends. Well today is the exact opposite of it. I've been gunning to get outta here since noon but can't. Ah well. Blog time!

Hope you guys had a good year end. Mine was (and I don't mean to gloat...) pretty fucking good Hmm...maybe this is the blowback from that . Anyways. Was about to share a little bit on that but I'm cranky as fuck so I'll bitch on a few things instead

I went to a beach party with a few....friends/acquaintances last weekend before I left Bali for work. A group of friends were in town to celebrate one of them being pregnant, so it was actually a bridal shower/party. Naturally (such a lack of imagination though, if you ask me) the theme was white everything, so we were all in white swimsuits/bikinis. It was a bridal shower but everyone there had their boyfriends and husbands in tow. Which was fine. They had the party in the Villa that they had rented. There was a pool. White swimwear + pool, doesn't take a rocket scientist to expect things to start showing. Everyone was cool with it so it was only a matter of time before one of the other ladies took off her top. (For once I'm glad I wasn't the first one ) I soon followed suit and all the ladies were topless after awhile. The guys weren't complaining but one of them brought up a about them also stripping. I told him he could strip if he wanted to. Its only fair. Everyone's cool with it, right? Apparently not. But before finding out, I took my bikini bottom off. I was in a thong anyway. My argument is, what is the difference? Right?

So I took my bottom off, and one other girl took hers off too. Three guys (my husband included) took their shorts off too. We were all just chilling by the pool, just talking. Then one of the girls (her 's Penny) started throwing some hissy fit. I've known Penny a long time. We used to go man-hunting when we used t work together. I remember fondly us getting laid in the room in HK one time. But anyhow. Penny always liked being the center of attention. Now I understand this is my opinion of the situation but I think I'm pretty accurate on this. So anyhow. Penny throws a hissy fit, acts like she's suddenly offended by the nudity. I think she's more upset that her boyfriend (or fiancé, I can't remember, nor care less at this ) is peeving away at other tits except hers. I thought he was ALREADY doing it when we had on our swimsuits. What's the diff? But anyhow. That kinda reminded me why I haven't been meeting up with them so often even when I'm in Singapore (which they are all based). What. A. Crybaby. Anyhow that kinda fucked up my last weekend in Bali before I flew . I should have just said at home. Bitch

Aaaaand I'm suddenly missing the beach.

Some good news. The husband and I have worked our issues. Well, that's too far forward. We're working our issues. We were separated for almost the entire seconds half of last year. It was a whirlwind of a time in November and December, but somehow or rather, things start moving and we kinda started talking about it a little more and were working on it. So there's that. We're still seeing each other a few weeks a month due to our intense travel. More his than mine, I should I have to admit, we have a really, really complicated relationship. But ah well. It is what it is.

And I gotta run. Finally. Post again
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