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this way to heidi
A window into my soul, a doorway to my world. Sharing whatever experiences i have and encounter in this mad, mad, mad world
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It’s cold here. And other cold ass stuff
Posted:Dec 13, 2019 11:22 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:52 pm

It is cold like a mofo here. Ok. To put it in perspective, it’s cold for me. For this part of the world where it’s summer all the time. The temperature has decided to drop by more than a few degrees and I’m feeling it. Of course the rain and winds and the fact that I’m surrounded by trees would to that too. I’m trying not to complain ( on, I think I just did 😋) but it’s so cold I get the chills all through the day, and especially the night. And when that happens my nipples get hard from the cold. My nipples are tired from getting hard all the time. Is that even possible?!? 🙄. Lol

Speaking of erect nipples, I was last night with a few visiting friends for dinner and then drinks after. I kept catching one of my friends husbands staring at my tits. 😑. It started inconspicuous enough. I caught him looking down my top a few times when I bent over to for something. Then as the night wore on, it was as bad as every time I turn to face him midway through a sentence, I see him just staring. It was....troubling. Lol. It started irritating, then it became really puzzling. Like what are you hoping to see? 😣 I had the bf join me late into the night and even he noticed, and was..... unsure of how to react. Lol. It was awkward.

Like what would you do if you’re and you keep catching someone staring at your partner’s tits?

No really. I’d like to know 😊

And speaking of awkward situations, about a month plus ago I met up with two of my former housemates back in Singapore. We met up at a cafe one afternoon and one of them was complaining to the rest of us about her ass hurting. Her bf ( we all knew😋) and her had anal sex a few nights before and he had, technically, rammed his dick into her ass after easing the tip in, without warning. No slow stroking, none of that 🙄. Naturally we were all concerned, asking if she knew if it was torn, if she had to go to the dr, and all that. The conversation then took a turn on how our own first anal experiences were.

I really have to admit I’m lucky cos my first time was actually pleasurable. I think that kind of set the foundation for my continued....pleasure from it 😊. I remember I was , going on . I was going with this guy for awhile and had asked him to finger my ass when he was fucking me from behind a few times already. It was awkward and dry so that didn’t work too well. When it finally came down to it, he made sure he had a ton of lube ready. The first time was overkill. There was too much lube but I remember being surprised how easy it was after lubing ourselves up. 😝. But anyhow. When we got up to leave, only then did I notice the tables around us were also occupied and half of them gave us cheeky smiles, and the other half made every effort to avoid as we passed them to leave. Lol. That was dumb.
No fucks given
Posted:Nov 12, 2019 5:00 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:52 pm

Nope. None found here. Apparently. It’s only recent that I’ve found that to be amusing or cool when it’s intentional. When it’s not intentional though, becomes a whole other thing. Lemme explain

Yesterday, midway through trying to resolve something for work, the wifi crashed. After the mandatory few minutes of panicking and swearing, I grabbed the first piece of clothing I got my hands on (a loose-fitted neon pink sleeveless tank top and a pair of shorts) and rode out to a cafe to use the wifi. I rode to a cafe where I knew had reliable wifi (of course, right?) and also ran by this lady who I’ve come to regard as a friend. She’s a single mom, are grown up and flew the coop, and all that. So every time I’ve visited her cafe, we end up chatting for hours. Annnnyway. I got there, ordered my coffee, sat my ass in a corner and got to work. It was a little over an hour before I was done and finally looked up from my screen and noticed my surroundings.

I caught my friends eye and she came by from behind the counter. I was ready for her to give me grief for not offering her a proper greeting of stepping round the counter for a hug when I got in earlier, and I was ready to apologise and explain. But! Instead, this was the conversation starter

Her: what, the fuck, are you wearing?!
Me: huh? What? Uh..yeah, it’s a bit bright.
Her: No. Why are you out in your sleep clothes?!? Did you just jump out of bed?!
Me: Again. What? No! These are not my sleep clothes! I don’t have sleep clothes! I don’t have sleep clothes! I don’t wear anything to sleep!

I then explained what happened and how I panicked. At that point, we were both laughing our asses off. She told me I could have at least put a bra on cos in the hour when I was frantically alternating typing on my laptop and my phone, I “spilled out” of my top a few times. I was adjusting it subconsciously, but I kinda had my tits...hang on, tit out half the time. I admit, I was caught off guard. I wasn’t expecting that 😋. I apologised if I had caused anyone to leave, but she was still laughing and told me it wasn’t that big a deal. At least no one kicked up a fuss. It was at that point when she told me that I must really not give a fuck anymore. On one hand, I kinda don’t, that I think I don’t, I do. Know what I mean? So I spent the whole day today thinking about it - I want to choose when I wanna give a fuck or not. Like I don’t want to unconsciously not give fucks. Unless it’s warranted. Lol
I dunno. Now I’m struggling a lil. Am I embarrassed? A little. Not too much about flashing though. 😋. More so about not being conscious....?
Ol'scatterbrain. Welcome baaaack..
Posted:Nov 2, 2019 3:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2019 7:50 pm

Fuck. Ok. Lets do this. I suppose there isn't a better time to post this, granted my last post, but...gimme a sec. My thoughts are running all over....let's put this all down. Before I continue, while all this is going down, there's a single thought in my head. Well, at the back of my head.... it's probably the fuck up from the last one, but I keep thinking, damn I need to get laid. So that's what's been niggling at me. Now, the husband situation is still.....not sorted. So that's one avenue I can't turn to. Needless to say, I've been badgering the boyfriend.

So we've been going back and forth in the past week or so. Tensions have been running high (mostly from my end, taking into account everything that is going on) so we've been fluctuating between sexting, planning and arguing mostly. The last time I went to look for him in HK, we included two of his friends into our fun. I didn't ask, but I sure as hell was thinking about it, but he suggested asking one of them to come down to Bali too, to in the year end. Arranging between the two of us has been hard enough, so throwing in one more person is....challenging. But! We're trying tot make it work. And good news is, it's actually in the works. So fingers crossed there.

A few days ago, thing, we were sexting/ arguing/ planning. It was back and forth and I shouldn't have responded. But I did. At the time, I was texting a of mine, trying to sort some stuff for work. I remember being furious one minute, then calming down, and then texting back and forth. Aaaand of course, I texted the wrong person. Fortunately, it wasn't a very explicit , but it kinda insinuated a bit of taking turns, and tying down. I remember the excitement building up as I typed, and then looking at the recipient, then freaking ! Fortunately, my didn't make a big deal of it, and even made a joke of it. I understand this isn't even one of the more embarrassing shit that I've unfortunately done, but fuck. That was embarrassing.
So yeah, Never EVER sext and work at the time.

I've also made it a point to not be present on social media, particularly fb. I even went as far as deleting my account a few years ago. But! (This is gonna sound dumb but hey, what do we do, right? ) I've taken to logging in using the husband's account to do my stalking. LOL. Anyhow, one of our mutual friends posted a few photos of us all hanging . This was....about 6 months ago. There wasn't a LOT of photos, but there were a few that I was in, that kinda...ok. It was a party at one of the husband's friend's place and it was a bbq. I was in denim shorts and a tank top. It wasn't even the smallest shorts I have, but in the few photos that I was in, you can actually see the colour of the underwear I was wearing . It's not one of the things to freak out about, but for fuck's sake...right? So now on one hand, I'm thinking of dropping them a to tell them to take it off. The photos. Not their clothes. We're not THAT kind of friends. But on the other hand, I'm not even on the platform....argh fuck. One more thing that's gonna bug me for some time.

Which brings me to porn. Of course it does. LOL. So, to battle the....I need to get laid frustrations, I've been scouring porn. Admittedly, I haven't watched porn in a long time. Last time was when the boyfriend was here last....was it..? Anyhow, easily, more than half a year ago. So I found myself scouring the inter webs, and I found I've somewhat keep going back to gay porn. Like girl on girl, guys on guys. A little bit of mixed here and there. Strange. In the fact that it has never done anything for me (guy-on-guy) before, but it is now. Ah well, moods and tastes change. Not sure if any of my boys are into it. We're gonna need to talk about this - mental note.

Anyhow. I'm gonna time on this haphazard post. Gotta prep for dinner.
Thanks for reading 'll
What the fatherfuckin hell...?
Posted:Oct 29, 2019 4:39 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:52 pm

Why is it the term "fatherfucker" isn't used as much, and doesn't carry as much weight as "motherfucker"? Somehow one seems a lot more callous than the other. Hmm...

Ok. I should get round to finishing this. It's been a long day. Theres a slight reprieve cos I had to cancel a conference call, but the downside to that is the reason it got cancelled in the first place - the wifi here is sketchy. As a result, I've had to come out to a cafe to do my work. It's not so bad, considering, the food here is pretty good and the coffee is decent. But a whole fucking day here and I'm about done. Also, I've about hd it up to my nose with bad pick up lines. Who knew I'd get hit on more here than in a bar. LOL

It's been a fairly rough couple of weeks. I took one afternoon off to help a friend pack cos his visa was up and he had to leave. Not sure if he'll be back but, more on that another time. There were a few other people there helping him out as well, and most of them were acquaintances. There was this one older guy (late 60s, I later found out). I've always figured him for a "juicer" (and I was right, by the way) cos he was a buff. Like too buff for someone his age. Anyhow, I see him at the gym often and I found out that he was scheduled to leave the country as well. I've never spoken to him at length in the past but did while we were all helping out. Turns out he was a pretty nice guy. We had a good time that day and I left it at that. Fast forward a few days tot he weekend and I was walking back from the beach. (I've been hanging out at the beach quite often of late. Why move here if I'm not gonna enjoy the beach, right? ). It was early evening by then, and i pass a pub on my way back to my bike. I hear someone calling my name. I turn and see this muscle head waving and walking towards me. Turns out its the same guy from a few days ago. Now right before I left the beach, I had a heated text discussion with the husband, then boyfriend. Then heated text discussion became heated sex text discussions, then heated discussions arguing again. So I was all riled up. We started talking and he asked if I wanted to share a few drinks. I declined enough to make it seem like when I said yes, he felt like he was successful In truth, I kinda needed a drink too. Maybe a few.

"A drink" ended up with dinner (pub food, how sexy ) and a bit too much drink than even I anticipated. But I was in a mood so I asked him to accompany me to club cos I felt like dancing. Bear in mind we were both not dressed for clubbing. And he literally admitted to being too old for it. But I kinda knew at that point he was gonna follow me anywhere so we went. We found one a few doors down that let us in (I think cos it was still early and the place was pretty much empty LOL ). He ended up sitting by the bar looking super awkward (which admittedly, I found kinda cute ) and me just dancing by myself. I saw a few younger guys come in and were already inching closer, so I danced my way closer to the old muscle head. Didn't take long before he was leaning into the bar and I was grinding my ass against his crotch. I suggested we leave, but I couldn't even walk straight so he took my bike and gave me a ride back.

This is where it literally became comical. Painfully comical. On the way back, I was already fiddling around his crotch on the bike. He kept laughing and pushing my hands away. We got back, and I suggested he come up. He replied he really wanted to, but we needed to go back to his place first. I literally went, WTF?? He then admitted he needed a certain miracle blue pill. He really, really wanted to do without, but knew he can't and needed it go get going. Ok. We were outside my place, but without even getting off the bike, we rode back to his place. Once there, I figured we'd go in, right? But no. He insisted I wait there while he ran up, grabbed what he needed to, and ran back down. Took us about 45mins before we were back at my place, but this time, all that buzz (both from the alcohol AND the lead up) was gone. But I thought, I really needed to get laid. So i said fuck it (literally) and we went in. I got him in the shower with me and maybe it was the hot water, but everything came out. He confessed to not having sex for years (which is understandable, tbh), and that he always wanted to, but had never had sex with an asian girl before. The only thought that came to mind, at the time, was "umm...ok. So what do I do with this info...? ). Needless to say, he was a tad....ok. No. He was pretty damn clumsy. He tried to eat me out but it didn't go well (I had to stop him). He also did this clawing thing to my breasts, which I can't fucking stand, so I stopped him there too But we got going eventually. That blue pill though I HAVE to write to Pfitzer (I think I got the spelling wrong...) to thank them for that. At least. Overall, the sex was okay. Wasn't bad...but....let's just say I've made arrangements for the boyfriend to come in earlier . He DID surprise me by kissing me after he came in my mouth. Heh. People may surprise you.

But anyhow, that was that. A few days later I get a call from the friend who I was helping pack. I pick up the phone to him screaming at me. Turns out, the muscle head was his dad! . In my defence, how the fuck was I to know? It didn't seem like it when they were there together. He wasn't mad that his dad got laid, or I got laid, but it made it weird for him. Which is fair enough too. LOL. I mean, for fuck's sake. sigh. Now I'm glad they're both leaving. Why didn't I put two and two together? Ah well.. another one for faux-fucking-pas

Maybe I should compile a faux pas list. Good gawd....that would be a long one. LOL
That's it for now. Til the next one
This is a rant. You'v been warned
Posted:Oct 15, 2019 9:40 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2019 6:47 pm

Oh for fuck's sake! This morning started ...well, not perfect. But fine. Seems like fine is all I get these days . I shouldn't be complaining, I know, but fuck it. It's my blog and this one is gonna be a fucking doozy

Had to take a few calls starting 6am this morning. Of course, they were half hour late cos its just so fucking hard for them to on time in the fucking evening and deprive us all in this part of the world of sleep. But I digress. Yes, I am in that kind of mood. @ calls in, everything was still....fine. Third call comes in and they switched it to a video call instead, and I had to run back to put my top back on. Not much, granted, but two layers in this humidity. Fuck them. . But! The content of that call. By some miraculous nature of corporate bullshit and bureaucratic red tape, something (I can't say someone cos we all know no one is at fault in these circumstances) fucked up my project that I've spent the last 6 months working on and it's now for shit. If that's not the best bit, I had to be told to calm down AFTER I've been patronisingly told how all the work I've done in the last 6 months was a waste of time. -fuckers.

Strike one

Then I get a from the husband. Backstory: we've been having a bit of issues lately. I'd like to say it's not "lifestyle" induced but really, hand to heart, I really can't. In the last couple of months we've spent more time in the arms of others more than we've had with each other. We've taken breaks from each other so this isn't new. But doesn't make it any easier. I don't see it as a BIG big problem we have, but a problem nonetheless. There was a trip we took together (him with his girlfriend, me with the boyfriend) to Thailand in...what was it? July? I had trepidations but that was a real, good surprise. And THAT was a LOT of fun. I've been meaning to blog about it but that'll have to wait. Anyhow, we came back and one thing led to another and it just keeps piling up and we decided about a month ago that we'd take another break from each other. We've had two breaks since we got married (and more than a few before marriage) so there's nothing to indicate that this will be different. And yet. So anyhow. I get a message from him this morning that adds on the the shit I've had to take for breakfast. Also, motherfucker.

Strike two

And for some fucking reason, all this energy, mostly anger, is translating to...dare I say it - lust. LOL. In the midst of it all, I find myself consciously/unconsciously deviating towards erotica and porn and reading and watching some....realy interesting shit now. I've dropped the boyfriend a and ever-so-reliably, he's responded with the expected - he's already scheduled to fly in and spend the year-end with , but can't finalise his dates cos he's waiting on to finalise mine (there might still be a bit more traveling on my end). I've also dropped the BBF (best black friend, a good friend and fwb) a note and also, ever so reliably, hasn't replied yet. LOL

I don't know if that's a strike three. But we'll see if today throws any more fucking curve balls. Woo...testicle joke there
I least have plans for later. We shall see how that pans . If not there's always a stroll the beach to enjoy. !
Sorry, that's my anger-induced Tourette's acting up.

gonna go sit on Mr WIlson (a strap-on vibrating dildo I have. Can you say over-the-top? Heh...hey, don't judge now) for a bit to see if I can work this damn energy off. already running ideas of where I can strap him to

Aaaand taking the rest of the off. Fuck this shit. !
Thanks for reading
Sexual favours - worth it? Has it ever worked out?
Posted:Oct 14, 2019 10:25 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2019 7:06 pm

I wanted to post about something else but I've been having a few blasts-from-the-past in the past week so let's run with that. The first one is downright irritating

Late last evening I was sitting at my dining table working on my laptop. My dining area is outside, meaning it's sheltered but there are no walls. (I don't know how else to explain it ) It gets a bit chilly and very windy here in the evenings so fortunately, as it turns out, I had on an oversized t-shirt. This was slightly after 9pm last night. I had the main lights off but had the light from the inside of the house on so I could see, plus the light from my laptop, but it was still dimly lit, which was the point. All of a sudden I hear voices, like ' voices behind the main door. I ignored it figuring it could be the neighbours, then all of a sudden, I see heads popping over the wall. A few of them climbed up to peep over the wall. That freaked first, then I got mad . I got up and screamed "HEY!!" expecting to scare them off, or find what the fuck was going on. I did not expect a female voice to reply. LOL. I switched on the lights outside and inside and asked over, and turns out it was my old neighbours. They were our neighbours we had the first time we moved here years ago. It was just the mom, her 2 , and 2 of her ' friends. Her husband was not there last night. I was staying in a different area back then and she actually went round searching for , and found . And this while on holiday! LOL. So I HAD to invite them in. It was a bit awkward considering I only had a fucking t-shirt on. . Every time I thought I'd excuse myself to go put something else on we get distracted by one of the (who were all less than years old). They moved away years ago but decided to come back on a holiday and then decided to come for their old neighbour. How sweet right? But for fucks sake, the climbing over and peeping into other people's homes is a little....irritating. It would be creepy, but then they were fucking lil ones so....irritating :S

Anyhoo. Over the weekend I also met up with two old friends of mine who had left the island but have since came back. We used to frequent the same and they'd lend their surfboards and teach to surf (I still can't ) and such. I always thought they were very to be living here (well, they still are They're in their early to mid 20s now) But anyways, we were talking about a few things and it kinda spurred into thinking about sexual favours.
By definition, sexual favours would mean that you get something out of a sexual act. So by definition, I guess I can say I have done it.

The first one was a complete dud. At the time, I didn't feel like it, but in hindsight, I got completely taken advantage of . I had a fairly charming (ok...ok....I was completely swooned at the time ) teacher in and leading up to one of the holidays, after our final year exams, he kinda showed up a club that we said we'd be at. I ended up back in his hotel room (which was coincidentally close to the club ), we had sex, which was not fantastic if honest, and I got for it. Mofo actually offered . I didn't know how to react the time so I took it. Fuckin'ell. Ah well

Second one was sleeping with the boss (okaaaay. This, admittedly, I've done one a few occasions. But this one I got something of it so....let's just count this one ) This was one of my earliest jobs. I got promoted as a result, and was clearly not equipped the time to handle the extra responsibilities. Needless to say, things started fucking up and wasn't long before I kinda had to cut ties with that place.

Haha! Good times
So anyhow, let's leave it at that for the moment. Gotta get back to work.
Again, thanks for reading!
Good Dick/Bad Dick
Posted:Oct 7, 2019 6:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2020 6:51 pm

Alright! Second blog in relatively quick succession.'s to me trying to keep blogging

For the past 5 months, I spent a lot of time in Singapore for work and I had got really close to this friend of mine. He calls himself my BBF (best black friend), and those were his words, not mine so... LOL. So anyhow, we had spent a good amount of time together, when we can. By definition, he's a good dick. Not just for size or girth....actually, in this instance, that matters little. (ok, maayyyybe a little. Let's just say that is an added bonus ). By definition, he's a good dick cos mainly, he's a good friend. He cares, listens, and basically, bothers. Like what any good friend would do. It's just an added bonus that we have pretty good sex when we can. So every time I tell some of my other friends about him, they just make the assumption that it's cos he's got a big D. (Just to clarify, I'm more enamoured by his big balls. I'm....kinda into playing with his big balls of late )

That's one thing. Of course, it can't all be good. He's also one heck of a bad dick cos he is flaky as hell. He's engaged, and hence, finds it hard to keep to our appointments. Which is understandable, cos I do the same thing to him when the husband and/or the boyfriend is around. So meeting up is and has been quite a hassle. The months that I was there (where he's based) kinda allowed us to meet up more often, but it also increased the times when he puled no shows.

Classic example - a few weeks ago I flew in for the F1 party. The office was calling for meetings but I had the option of not going. Then, literally a day before the race, I found out a few friends of mine had flown in and had extra tickets and asked if I was interested. Made some quick bookings and I went. I know nuts about car racing (except fastest guy wins), let alone F1, but I really wanted to catch Red Hot Chilli Peppers I dropped him a text on the Saturday that I got in, asking if he was going, and letting him know I was. No reply the whole day, then right when the concert was about to begin, he floods my phone with texts, trying to arrange for something. I left it halfway and went to enjoy the concert. After that, I went with my friends for food before we all hopped in a cab. Only in the cab, I saw his messages telling me he had managed to book a hotel, but not in town, and asked if I'd be interested to join.

So just like that, I told the cab driver I needed to change location, and had to deal with the flood of questions from my friends in the cab. I deflected as much as I could, then jumped out when I got there So this is me, sweaty as fuck, after spending about 6 hours out, jumping, dancing, drinking and screaming in the Singapore humidity. I walk up to the front desk to collect the keycard he had left me, makeup smeared, sweaty, probably reeking of alcohol (yeah, not my finest hour ), got up to the room and found him sitting in the dark, naked, watching tv. LOL

I remember very clearly, that I had decided to kick my shoes off cos my feet were killing me, but for some reason I just dropped my handbag, let the door shut itself and ran and jumped into bed with him. He didn't resist We were kissing and fondling and I had moved up til I was sitting on his thighs and stroking his dick like I was jerking myself off LOL
I was wearing shorts so I was also rubbing myself on his dick. Without much effort, he reached his arms around me, lifted me up (did I mention I fucking love it when he does that? Admittedly, I'm not that light so...yeah. Me like) and carried me to the balcony. He stripped me off but kept my choker on, then knelt between my legs and ate me out. We had our lights off but it was still pretty bright, and the buildings around us were all lit up so...disclaimer: IF you saw "someone" that evening, uh....well, keep it to yourself eh? . We fucked each others' brains out that night. It was hard, fast, rough, sweaty and everything in between. Its been a long, long time before I had to take that walk of shame, wearing the same sweaty clothes when I left the hotel the next....afternoon. LOL

But yes, there you go. Good dick.

Then the weekend right before I left, we had set the evening before for a last hurrah before my flight out. I cleared my schedule for the evening, did some extra cleaning (the enema kind )even had some...coconut oil prepared. Then this fucker bailed on me. All the set up. I suppose it comes with the territory. Heh...either way, that was a bad dick moment.

I suppose you win some/lose some.
Thanks for reading
Chocolate Starfish and Banana Benders (Tasters..?)
Posted:Oct 3, 2019 2:14 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2019 7:28 pm

A few months ago I revisited this particular beach club that I had sworn I'd never go back to (I should keep my promises to myself, to be honest...). Its a relatively nice club, but service is horrid, and the vibes there just rubs me the wrong way. But! This time round, I was asked by friends I had not seen in years. There were 4 of us and marriages (and divorces, unfortunately), babies, and relocation has prevented us from meeting up. So this was going to be the first time we could meet up and have a girls' day , so....what do you do, right?

We let the moms in the group decide and these poor, deprived ladies decided they wanted an ass-, bikini clad, day in the sun, sipping martinis, mai tais and what not, and working on tan lines, so off we went. We got there early, found ourselves a nice spot, and a couple of hours in, we were having a really good time. I didn't notice them when they got in , but there was another group of mixed couples right beside/behind us. They started getting weird/hostile towards us. Like passive/aggressive weird (ain't that the worst though..) They kept muttering not so nice things, directed towards us, but never once, outrightly AT us. I ignored them the entire time cos I was actually enjoying the catch up with the girls, and all of us actually found their behaviour amusing. Anyhow. This went on for about an hour before we left for lunch.

Over lunch, naturally these people came up in our conversation. Turns out, at numerous points, I was kneeling on my deck chair, and had bent forward (to for my drink/snack, or for whatever other reason) and had inadvertently flashed them my anus. LOL It's a beach club, and it seemed like a g-string friendly environment (we were not the only ones in g-strings), so I don't get how they were offended by...the sight. Like seriously, what were they expecting? And I'm pretty damn certain mine was clean too. lol. Maybe they liked theirs bleached....? Ah well, fuck em. I just thought that was post-worthy. Like anus' are like nipples. Show your ass, its ok. Show your asshole, it's a big deal.

On a similar note, I was also trying to explain to some casual friends how nude yoga really isn't sexual. The topic came up and somehow they found (or I might have let slip) that I do it regularly (or as regular as I can manage) and they had questions. I tried to explain as best I could that it's only arousal IF the whole situation (mindset, ambience, etc) allows it to be. In a class setting, or at least in my class setting, it really isn't . Everything hangs /flops here and there, and hairy asses....uh...not too sexy. LOL. I don't know if they got it but..anyhow.

Back to the girls' day . One of the things that came up was how nice it'd be if dicks tasted like bananas. LOL. I mean, some of the mare already curved like it. Unfortunately some dicks don't taste half as good as a banana. I suppose that's why blowjobs only happen when you're horny. The things we do when we're horny... LOL
Oh...shout out to banana bender shaped dicks. Oh yes....
Planes, trains and automobiles
Posted:Jul 21, 2019 11:26 am
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2019 8:40 pm

I just got back from a friend's place. We were close for awhile but kinda drifted apart a few years ago after an issue we had. But either way, she's dating someone new now and invited me over for a gathering (Not just me, but a few of us. So we all went over for dinner). The evening itself was so-so. It was nice catching up again after so long, but the thing kept getting to me is, she's got a self portrait, a giant poster of herself, nude, on the wall in her bedroom. I had forgotten all about it, but seeing it again earlier just made all those feelings I had about seeing it the first time, came flooding back. I mean, how....narcissistic must you be to have , hanging on your wall? Like, blown up so the actual picture of her, was actually bigger than the real person. -_-

Heheh...she can do whatever the fuck she wants, I know . It IS her home. But still, I can rant...right? My blog, my rant. Anyway, back to what I was about to blog about. I better get this down before I get distracted again and delete this.

We've (the husband, boyfriend and i) been doing a lot of traveling in the last few months, both for work and . On one of those trips, we were in a night flight to Japan. I was pretty tired leading up to flight so when we got on, I knocked out. I woke up midway through the flight and it was dark. Not pitch black, but almost all the lights had been switched off. Actually, I woke up cos the boyfriend was running his fingers against my thigh. It was a three seater and I was in the middle, and I was leaning away from the boyfriend and sleeping on the husband's arm. I took a few minutes to gather my thoughts before turning to face forward, before parting my legs. Not needing another invite, the boyfriend slid his hands down the front of my leggings. got me going and I reached out with each hand to reach for their crotches.

woke the husband up pretty quickly and before long, I had a dick in each hand, jerking away. I had half the mind to lean in and taste them but there wasn't enough space and uh, well, dick is kinda...not too appealing, to be honest (long hours of waiting, and repeated visits to toilets, no shower...I'll pass on the taste test ). I kept looking around to see if anyone was watching but I could't see anything in the dark. Didn't take long before they blew their load. I didn't even ask where, but I'm guessing mostly on the floor and in the blankets Yeah... part, not too pretty. lol

So yeah, was quite a fun experience. We haven't had pubic fun like in awhile so... was good We didn't get to do anything on the trains we took, but when we got back to Singapore (I'm here for work for an extended period of time, and the boyfriend is with me), experience spurred us on to our automobile adventure. There was a week when the husband flew in where we rented a car, and they took turns driving while we took turn having sex in the backseat. lol

Kinda like college days. I was also told it's similar to a theme they have in porn..? I actually have no idea. Either way, it was really fun. The idea of it was more fun than the experience. I mean, there really isn't much space in the back seat. And we rented an MPV too. What WAS fun (and I can't believe we've never actually done it together before) was uh...well, we tried anal masturbation. There was one point where I got my hands tied down with the seatbelt and I was lying on my left, facing the front, and my right foot was pressed up on the headrest of the driver's seat. I had a toy in my ass, and they were alternating between a vibrator and their palm rubbing my clit. Fuck. I didn't expect to like so much. But fuck I came a few times. The boys would just stop the side of the road, swap, and we just kept going.

In the beginning I was still trying to see if anyone saw us, but after awhile, I kinda lost track of it. I can't even tell you now if we where on a busy road or not. LOL . Anyway. IF you saw us, uh...I hope you didn't take any pictures. At the very least, if you did, I hope it made your day better.

Thanks for reading. I'll uh...try to blog more often
Wednesday, part two - 4Ds in a day and a half
Posted:May 27, 2019 4:30 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2019 5:33 pm

Ok, I feel talkative (or is that type-a-tive...?) so let's pick this up from my last post (Payback's a Bitch).

So, quick recap - this was a Wednesday evening and the husband and I were on our way to the airport. I had just fucked his brains out so we were't that all talkative in the cab. Which kinda defeated the whole purpose of me actually going with him to the airport cos we both had travels coming up and it would be awhile before we actually would be in each other's presence again. BUT! Alas, we were both tired, and we took the journey to the airport to recover. We didn't end up tying anything down cos the moment we got there, he had to run to catch his flight. I saw him to the gate, kissed him farewell, said we'd tie it down when he touched down and left.

Now at this point, I was a bit clammy. I just had sweaty, messy, soak the sheets sex less than an hour ago. I could feel his and my cum soaking my underwear already as I was walking. My nipples were sore AF from the nipple clamps. On one hand, I just wanted to go back, have a shower and maybe even soak in the tub for a bit. On the other, I was still feeding off the residual energy from our little playtime, plus I was also eagerly anticipating the arrival of the bf flying in the next day (that would be Thursday evening). I walked past a Starbucks and figured I could do a small detour, pick up a drink then head home. I could have a quiet evening, let my libido calm down a little before the bf gets in.

I check my phone while waiting for my drink and lo and behold, I got a few texts from a few different people. Two stood out. One was from Alex, an ex who's become a somewhat regular fwb working in Singapore.

His text read, "hey babe, heard you're back. How long for? Let's catch up". Which is usually means his fiancée is outta town, or somewhat occupied, let's hook up. I've grown quite fond of him since he's matured (plus he's a big boy. Like...BIG boy ) so I replied. I told him I only had a day before flying out and I only had tomorrow lunchtime free. We could catch up then IF he could. He replied but I didn't really read cos I figured I'd have til the next morning to deal with it.

The other text was from this Greek guy Tass who the husband and I met a few weeks ago in a swingers party in Bali, at a friend's place. The party was a dud. The husband and Just didn't feel like we wanted to play with other people at the time (I think it's mostly us. We don't do too well with people we don't already know ). Long story short, we were playing by ourselves in one of the rooms and Tass and his partner came in. They kept their distance and we ended up watching each other for a bit before they came over and we talked. We got on really well before the husband and I moved to the bathroom. A short while later, we hear them arguing about something. It got really heated and that kinda made things awkward and killed the mood. We went back out to grab our clothes and got dressed. They both apologised. We left and they somehow got our numbers and we've been texting each other since.

So anyhow. He works in Singapore too and he was asking if I was free. He and the husband were texting each other about something else and found out that we were both in Singapore. He asked if we wanted to meet him. No mention of his partner or anything so, I left it as that. I told him that I was at the airport and I had just sent the husband off. A bit of back and forth and he offered to drive down (his office was 10mins from the airport), pick me up and send me home. We had a nice conversation about a few topics so, figured we could chat for a bit. I bought him a drink, as a gesture for him sending me home, and by the time I collected my drinks, he was already waiting.

We were talking in his car and he was asking why I was in a sweater. Cos sweaters in Singapore was..let's just say they don't usually go together. Humidity and all that. I was kinda surprised how candid I was. I actually told him I had to throw something on cos we were late (I didn't go into details ) and my nipples hurt so I couldn't wear a bra. This was the next best thing. We were laughing about it and it was funny flirting, If you know what I mean. We got back to my place and we were still talking in his car, in the carpark. One thing led to another, he leaned in and kissed me, I kissed him back, I thought he smelled nice, we were exploring each other mouths with our tongues and he slides his hand up my sweater. My nipple were still super tender so I was a little cautious, but he was sooo gentle, caressing them first then fondling them, then sucking on them. I pushed him off and suggested we move upstairs.

We got in the front door and picked up where we left off. My sweater came off quickly and he was back on my nipples again. Gently, yet increasingly firmly, moving from one nipple to the other, not neglecting either . His hands moved between my thighs and quickly felt how soaked my panties were. I was instantly mortified, more that I had allowed myself to forget why But he got instantly excited, and must have thought I was excited. Don't get me wrong, I was, but that wetness isn't mine alone. Before I could react to my own thoughts, he pulled my panties aside and was now fingering me. Not...too fast...but very consistently. I found myself swearing....which he took as a sign to go faster. He read it right this time Then before I knew it, he pulled my panties off, lifted me to sit on my kitchen counter (I don't even remember moving into the kitchen ) and ate my pussy.

It was one of those moments where I felt like I should have said something, or at least try to stop him, but I didn't. And he ate my pussy out . He fingered me and licked my clit and I came once quite quickly. I realise now it was from the thought that he was swallowing both the husband's and my cum. He threw on a condom and I had hm fuck me there on the kitchen counter. That was the second chest that day that I had dug my fingernails in. . This chest had hair on it too, which I never thought I'd appreciate. Heh
I kept him there the whole night and fucked twice more that night. We even had to make a run out to a 7-11 to buy more rubber .

The morning after was less awkward than I expected it to be. He got up way early, showered, packed up and left. I threw on a t-shirt, went to the balcony which overlooks my building's entrance. He wave as he drove off and I lingered a little to watch him turn out, hit the main road and disappear. As that happens, I see this big black guy, walking towards the apartment building and waving like a crazy person. It took me a few seconds to finally recognise it was Alex, my fwb. I stood there watching him make his way through the entrance and enter the apartment building. I was thinking, what the fucking fuck?? SO I ran to my phone, grabbed it and was about to call him when I noticed my message conversation with him. I didn't reply his texts cos I had met with Tass the evening before, he gave me a few more messages and then one close to midnight where he suggested he'd come over with breakfast and we could hang out a little before we both had to run to work. I was staring at it wondering when I had replied "ok" to it when the doorbell rang.

I let him in, he had coffee and bagels so.... I told him I didn't remember replying him, but he could stay, just let me shower. He asked if I was really tired last night when I replied. It was then that I realised, that was about the time we got back from the rubber run. We (Tass and must have been about to go round 3. I just said yes.

I went upstairs to shower and left the bathroom door open, cos, well... Alex just stood there watching me soap up. I turned around to face away from him and a few seconds later, I feel his hands on my shoulders, massaging them. He then moved down to my arms, and the lower he went, I felt his dick poke me in the back. LOL

I spun round, wipe the water from my eyes and ran my hands across his chest. Fuck they're really large, broad chests. Then down his abs, then his thighs, then the inside of his thighs, and large tight balls. Fuck I love them large balls
By the time I got to his shaft, it was already angling upwards. I was stroking his dick and suddenly remembered that THIS was the reason I actually agreed to go out with him in the first place, all those years ago. . He was dating this other girl at the time and she told one of our mutual friends, who then told me, about how big this guy was. It made me chuckle to myself for a little. Now, I'm quite tall, I think (I'm abt 1.77m tall) and my hands aren't large, but they aren't small. Let's just say I can grab his dick one hand in front of the other, and still suck on the tip of his dick.

We didn't last long in the shower. A little foreplay was enough. Mommy wants her big D. We started on the bed, then I got him to fuck me standing up on the stairs. I even managed a quick enema in between and lubed the fuck up and
got him to spread my ass. We were both late for work. He got in slightly before 7am, we both only left at 1030am. This was actually tiring.

Went through my day a little dazed, and had to stay a little later after work, and had to skip picking the bf up. I had left my keys outside with instruction on where and how to get them, so by the time I got back, the bf had already unpacked. I was actually really tired by the time I got home (wonder why...heheh) but I really couldn't resist jumping on the bf. I don't admit to myself that often, but damn my bf is cute. LOL

I got him to do ALL the work though, which he was more than happy to oblige. We both came once, but it was a long drawn out one for me, and it was a big one. I knocked out after and only work the next morning.

SO yeah, sorry, another long ass post. But that was my...4 dicks in...about 72 hours post.
To be honest, I've had more in the past, but that was during one of those gatherings can have more than one at a go. This one wasn't as planned, but a fair bit of effort had to be put into it and...fuck it was tiring.

Either way, thanks for reading
Payback’s a Bitch. 😉
Posted:May 26, 2019 9:11 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2019 5:33 pm

Hey yo!
Sorry it’s been awhile. I’ve logged on a few time since my last post but haven’t had the opportunity to blog. I’ve got a bit of time before my next meeting so let’s see if I can finish and post this before then 😊

This happened on a Wednesday earlier this month. The Husband and I were both in Singapore for work. We had flown in on the Monday and the husband was scheduled to fly on Wednesday evening to Europe and I was flying back to Bali on the Friday. Now the bf was scheduled to fly into Singapore for work too, on Thursday evening for a week and was gonna stay over our place. So this gave us a day together before I flew back. Ok, so scene set, let’s move on.

Since the Husband was scheduled to fly in the evening, he was working from home that day. I wasn’t. In the morning, he was already up and about when I got up and prepped for work. I came outta the shower and was putting my make up on when he came in with coffee. He put the coffee on a table and sat on the bed and just watched me (which I think is nice that we’re still doing stuff like that after a few years of marriage 😝). I stood up after I was done to get dressed but he stood up and cut me off my jumping in between me and my clothes.

He grabbed me by the hips, pulled me in and started kissing me. I returned his kiss and tried to pull away but he held on tight. At this point, I already felt his hard on poking me in the belly. 😋 After struggling for a bit, I managed to push him away and told him I needed to get dressed for work. I got to the bed (I had laid my clothes out on the bed), bent over to grab my bra and he came up behind me (at this point he had already dropped his pants 🙄) presses his dick in between my butt cheeks. I thought, what the fuck, and tried to stand up but he used one hand to stop me by pressing his palm on my upper back. One hand on my upper back to press me down, one hand on my hip to keep my ass up, he slid his dick up and down on between my butt cheeks. He pointed his dick down and slid lower, parting my lips and even rubbing on my clit. This got me going a little and I reach back and directed his dick into my pussy.

I was still a little dry so he took awhile to slide his dick in, but once he was in, he started slamming into me from behind. My feet were on the floor so I was still standing but he had pressed my head into the bed so I was literally bent over, ass up. This went on for a few more minutes (I think) before he withdrew, told me to stay there, and ran off somewhere. I could hear him fishing for something in the drawers but I couldn’t see what.

He came back, flipped me over onto my back and started tying my wrists to my ankles. He had used a few Velcro straps (no idea where or when he bought them😝) and basically started at my wrists and tied my entire forearm to my shins. I was getting really anxious about being late for work but also got really excited by his enthusiasm over what he was doing. 😝. When I was all tied down, he fucked me hard and frantic. Naturally it didn’t take Long for him to , and he withdrew and sprayed all over my belly. He smeared his all over my chest and tits and was playing with my nipples with one hand and fingering with the other. He tried to get to but even though I was riled up, but just couldn’t . I thought, fuck it, told him to untie cos I really had to get to work. Of course I had to shower again and ran to work.

Rushed through work that day and managed to get home shortly after 5pm. He had to be at the airport by 7pm so I knew he’d leave at 6pm. That gave me an hour to play with. He was doing some last minute packing in the bedroom when I got back, so I dropped in, grabbed some things from my cupboard without him noticing and ran back down into the kitchen. I basically hid in the kitchen bathroom, re-did my make up, got acquainted with My Magic bunny, read some erotica, watched some porn to get myself going, then put on a choker that read “FUCK ME”, nipple clamps (I so had to be in the mood for this) and waited for him. I heard him come down the stairs with his luggage and he was calling out, looking for me.

This was payback 😉

I came out from the kitchen in nothing but heels, a choker and nipple clamps and walked straight at him. The only words that he managed to mutter were “what the fu...” before I grabbed his tie to pull him closer so I could lean in to stick my tongue in is mouth. I broke off our kiss and turned to walk up the stairs, leading him by his tie but he didn’t move. “Fuck. I’ve got a flight to catch!”

I didn’t say anything to him. I turned back to him, with my other hand, grabbed his crotch. I was massaging his balls and rubbing a quickly erecting dick. I kept tugging at his tie but he still wasn’t moving. I undid his belt buckle and his pants quite quickly and let it drop to the floor. I let his tie go and used both hands to pull his underwear down and his dick sprang up in attention. Lol. I didn’t even have to put my mouth on his dick and he was already stepping out of his pants and kicking them off. I stood up and led him up the stairs and midway through, he picked me up and carried me the rest of the way to the bedroom and threw me into the bed. He jumped onto me but I pushed him back and told him to take his shirt off, lie back and put his hands over his head. I then took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed his hands to the headboard of our bed. Nice and tight. 😉

I kicked off my heels, stood up onto the bed and walked over him slowly til both me feet were beside his ears and I was standing over his head. I then squatted down and played with myself, holding my pussy inches from his . He kept lunging forward to lick and I kept pulling away. After his fifth try, I lowered my pussy onto his mouth and was grinding his head one point. I stood up abruptly, took a step back and lowered myself on his dick. this point I was already soaking from a whole day of charged up energy, and his saliva, and he slid right in. I moved my hips up and down for a few strokes before sitting down hard and grinding back and forth.

It was furious riding. one point I really thought my abs were gonna cramp up. Lol. I stopped for a few seconds to lean forward and put the chain connecting my nipple clamps in his mouth and he caught them between his teeth. I put my hands back on his chest and sat back up far enough that the chains tightened to make my nipples scream. I then continued riding him. Didn’t take too Long after to feel him shoot his load in three bouts and I felt spray inside . That only made ride him harder😋. I was literally hell bent on cumming. I was close, but just of reach. I kept grinding on him, kept feeling my ass slap his balls. this point he was groaning but he bit his teeth harder and I kept grinding harder. When I finally came my entire body just locked up and I tightened on him. I didn’t even realise I had dug my fingernails into his chest.

We were both panting and only when I tried sliding off of him that I realised his dick had gone limp inside me. 😝. I slid off, undid the nipple clamps very gently, uncuffed him and I laid back down. He staggered to the bathroom, cleaned up as best as he could, and got dressed again. I had to the cab driver back, ( his phone was ringing the entire time we were fucking) apologise profusely and promise a big tip before he agreed to turn back for us. I didn’t have enough time to shower so I wiped myself down, threw on a denim mini skirt and a sweater and were off to the airport. I would have worn a T-shirt but my nipple were so fucking sore I couldn’t wear a bra 😝

There were a few things that transpired after that but I’ll leave this here and add that as another post

Til the next one.
What. A. Buzzkill. :S
Posted:Mar 27, 2019 5:04 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2019 5:33 pm

Right. So today started out pretty good. It started out with a plan. I would get all my work done in the morning, meet up a friend at the beach, hit the gym, then head home to do my laundry, cleaning, and even cook myself a meal.

I got all scheduled work done by noon, then met up a friend on mine for lunch before we went to the beach. We haven't caught up in a few months so this was a good catch up. The beach was empty too, so that was a real bonus. We sat in the shade mostly but it was still good to be nude outdoors again. I'm also a little inspired to let the bush grow out... I'm never gonna admit it to her but.... Heheh...full bush...kinda digging it for now.

Anyhow. She was telling me about how she really likes being thrown onto the bed. Or anywhere soft I'm assuming, when she and her husband are having sex. It's the notion of danger...I guess, but also knowing you're not in real danger...? I suppose it's the helplessness too. And I kinda get it. I mean, I DO get it. I guess similarly, that's what I like in a group setting. Like it takes a LOT of trust to be focusing on a dick in front of me and just letting another person stick whatever it is he's ticking behind me. Right?

I was also trying to explain to her how I kinda get confused on who's legs or hands it is when we're all together. I don't know if she got it but...anyway. So the mood was setting up to be one of those "watch porn and magic bunny" evenings, which was nice. Some me time is always good. We spent about two hours just lazing around and catching up before we got our asses to the gym

Squeezed in a good 90-minute workout and was really feeling good and productive. And I don't know about you, but going into the gym with all those thoughts at the back of my head....and then getting a good workout, it really got me horny. I was literally already working myself up while cooling down on one of the bikes.

So it was all good, and then I had to check my phone. There was....quite a major fuck up at work and someone from my team had given me 6 missed calls. That Kinda started killing the mood already. I ignored it and rode home, figured I'd deal with it then. I get back, strip, throw all my clothes into the washing machine, and y phone rings. Apparently someone had fucked up and it kinda required me to call in for a meeting. My inbox was exploding. So in the last....lemme see, two and a half hours, I've been on the phone, pacing up and down trying to sort shit out.

I was pacing so much it got cold and I had to throw on an over sized t-shirt. SO now I'm left with still trying to sort out this mess, setting my laundry to wash and no time to clean up or prep my own dinner. It's also safe to say magic bunny time....has to be pushed.

Which also got me, regardless of what it is (even pornstars, I'm guessing) as a notion, is a real buzzkill. It's the...frame of mind that you need to adopt for it...that....really kills the libido.

Doesn't it? Anyone has other notions about this? Oh please do share...
"Please enter from the back side"
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 12:08 am
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2019 10:20 pm

Lemme make it clear - this isn't an ass story. Well, as starting to type this, it isn't. It's just I've been seeing this sign on more than a few shops. Particularly, this sign has been posted on side entrances. thinking, it's a literal translation from the native language to English notifying you the main entrance is around the back. Or is front? Either way, I thought it was funny

in India for work and was schedule to leave this evening but was told last night I have a formal dinner to attend tonight so.... flying out early tomorrow. Did I mention I fucking hate these formal dinners? But the boss insisted enough to change my flight back so I guess gonna go. I just hope what I have is appropriate

Anyhow. Right before I left, I was spending some time with the husband and we were just lazing around at home. It was one of those evenings where I wear a short skirt and he kinda follows me around the house, perving away. (What? You mean not everyone does ?!? ) We got to talking about how some people just don't like giving head. (It came about cos I was thinking about the last time I was with the bf and his friends and one of them was reluctant and it ended being awful and awkward. But I didn't tell him . But anyhow). And we both agreed if the partner is reluctant, then we're better off not getting it. Spare everyone involved the pain, right?

Which also got us talking about going bottomless - there're topless beaches, and generally, places where going topless is not too frowned upon. But the minute you go bottomless, then it becomes an issue? Doesn't make sense. And rule applies to both males and female too. Fuckin strange one, this is...

Oh! On the topic of strange, the husband and I haven't had sex in awhile. Like a few weeks. I sat on his face and he made once. Does count? I don't think it counts...but anyhow. So yeah, no sex with the husband for about a little over a month now, since before we left Singapore. I suppose it's quite normal in marriages....right? But the thing is, we've had plenty of opportunities but we just didn't take the extra step. I mean, for fuck's sake, I grinned on his face til I came....if wasn't a prelude, I don't know what is. But it just didn't happen.

I don't think it's something I should be worried about....for now. Right? I dunno.
What do you guys think?

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