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this way to heidi
A window into my soul, a doorway to my world. Sharing whatever experiences i have and encounter in this mad, mad, mad world
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Gawd that was awkward
Posted:Mar 15, 2019 2:10 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 3:54 pm

And hello there! It's been a long while since the last post so I'll try not to let this go on and on and on and on.....what? Oh yeah, ok. First up, kind of an update - finally back in Bali after spending literally the first quarter of the year back in Singapore. Lots of ups and downs, and I've been wanting to write about a few things but I just haven't been very inspired and disciplined to sit down and get it done. But anyhow, I got back over the weekend and it kinda leads into what gonna post about.

One of the first things I did after getting back was hit the beach. I needed to feel sun on my skin, and have some quiet time to myself but getting there was one problem. I had wanted to go on Sunday morning but the bike wouldn't start (who knew leaving it for two months plus would be such an issue? Clearly not me ). SO I had to push the bike to the workshop to get that sorted. So new plan, I went on Monday, which turned out well cos the husband was also back and we went together. So we rode out to our usual quiet spot (about an hour from where we are), parked up a hill and walked down. It was a -20min walk and there was no one in sight.

Naturally we got a little naughty and started stripping. We had to walk through some greenery before coming out in the open, go down a slope and turn a corner before getting to the beach. Suffice to say, it wasn't a popular spot and we like it for that exact reason. So by the time we got out into the open, we were both naked and had even kept our clothes in our bags. The husband came up behind me, held onto my hips and was literally poking my back with his dick. I reached round, grabbed it and was playing with it the entire walk down. By the time we turned the corner, I was basically leading him by his dick. lol
We turn the corner (which was a giant rock) and came up to the beach. And what do we see? Two families playing by the beach. Well, one family was running around closer to the water, the other had food out and was prepping to eat.

Of course they looked up, and of course we all saw each other. . What could be worse, you ask? Realising that we know them. Thats what. They half waved, half tried to hide their shock. I managed a weak wave back before turning around to go back up the corner. Once we got around the rock, I dropped my bag and started fishing for my clothes. I didn't even bother putting my bikini back on. I just threw on my tank top and shorts, and the husband threw on his shorts. We were about to head back up when one of them came over, shouted to check if we were dressed before coming round the corner and inviting us over. He tried to tell us it wasn't a big deal but we declined, made some small talk and went back up and home. We couldn't stop laughing the entire way back though. Did I also mention they've approached me to tutor their once, after riding out I used to teach

We'll see if the offer still stands (not that I'd ever want to take up the offer...just saying )

Flashback even further - the last week of Feb, the bf was in Singapore for a weekend for work. It was a last minute assignment for him, he came in on a Friday afternoon and had to work til late, so the husband and I didn't get a chance to meet him then. The bf had to work on that Saturday too but I had agreed to go with him to a party that he was invited to. I wasn't thrilled on going but it was the nature of his job to attend these parties and if I didn't go with him, we wouldn't have had a chance to meet. The husband couldn't make it so I went alone.

The party was like any other, I guess. They were all a lot than I was, and it was filled with pretentious people and the small talk wasn't pleasant (yes, I am being a little harsh. Must be ) But I do remember them serving this sweet beverage which didn't taste like much so I kept knocking it back (they kept coming back to refill my glass. What was I to do? ). After my third glass, I still didn't feel anything so I thought all was good. Then seconds after thinking that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Or a dick slap. A really unexpected, hard dick slap. I noticed my legs being a little wobbly, and then next thing you know, laughing my ass off whatever the fuck they were talking about.

The bf was nice enough to ask if I was ok. Of course I was not, but in that state, my reply was "hey! fill me up!!" and holding my glass up . I don't know how long it was before we left and was headed to someone's house for an after party (heh...check me out, going to after parties). We got there in someone's car and 5 of us had to squeeze in the back seat. I was seated on the bf's lap on the extreme left and was leaning to the right on another guy who was seated in the middle. On the right was another guy with another seated on his lap. Every time the car moved left or right, we (the other and had to reach out to put our hands on something to keep our balance. By the end of the ride I had my hand on her thigh, she had her arms around the neck of the guy in the middle, my head on on her left breast and I felt a hand pinching my nipples All through this, the bf was grinding himself against me. Absolute fucking chaos. LOL

We got to the apartment and a few minutes in, I had to go to the bathroom. Of course, the bf offers to help. I went up the stairs, found the bathroom and took a piss. I didn't lock the door, and midway through my piss, the boyfriend comes in. I do my thing, wash and dried myself. I was about to stand up to pull my underwear up when the bf squats, grabs my underwear and pull it off my feet. He pulls my hips forward and starts massaging my pussy. I was giggling when he slid his fingers in and starts working me up. This went on for awhile before I told him to stand up and go wash his dick LOL

He dropped his pants and was washing it in the sink (real classy LO and I didn't realise at the time, but I lifted my dress over my head and dropped it on the floor. He spun round and I sucked him off. I was playing with his dick, and licking his balls when he stood me up and bent me over the bathtub, and slammed his dick into me. I must have been really wet cos he slid himself out and pressed his dick on my ass. I don't remember this, but apparently, according to him, I kept saying yes. Slowly but surely, he slid his dick in my ass wand was pounding quite furiously. Hair pulling and all. Apparently we made so much noise two of the guys came up and was already watching by the time I noticed.

I don't know why, but I started swearing and laughing. His dick still in my ass, the bf lifted me up and towards the bedroom. As we passed the two guys, one leaned in and nibbled on my nipples. The intent was to push him away, but I guess he hit a spot and I kinda pulled on his hair a bit. Ok, a lot

We got to the room and I had my belly on the bed while the bf continued pounding on my ass. It was a few minutes before the bf blew his load in my ass, withdrew and I turned on my back. Al I heard was "rubber...rubber..." Guy two climbed onto the bed and I climbed on and rode him til I came. I was slumped on him when I felt another dick press on my ass. All I could manage was "fuuuuccccccck" before he slid in. Slowly at first, then faster. Guy two on the bottom caught the rhythm and there was a LOT of sliding. Rather embarrassingly, I was growling. LOL Guy three pulled out really, really abruptly and all I heard was a loud "bloop". I wanted to check but guy two at the bottom lifted me up and put me on my back and fucked me hard. I looked up and saw the bf and signalled him over. He came in for a kiss but I pushed his face away and wanted his dick. I pushed guy two to my right, leaned left and was sucking the bf off and I came hard. So hard I was trembling slightly. Guy two withdrew, ripped off his rubber and came on my tits. The bf was hard again in a few minutes and I wanted to ride him, but he pressed me down onto the bed and assfucked me again, and blew another load in my ass.

We rested fora few minutes before dressing and going back downstairs. I wanted to leave immediately cos, well, there really wasn't any reason to stay. But we stayed for one more drink. Which was a mistake, cos I felt something and rather morbidly, I jumped up and checked and I had , and other....not so pleasant fluids, flowing out of my ass and I had stained the couch that I was sitting on. FUck. I was mortified. I apologised and offered to clean bu the host said it was ok, and I just HAD to run off shortly after.

And THAT, was awkward.
still blushing writing this. LOL
aDICK-ted ;)
Posted:Jan 26, 2019 12:31 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2019 7:44 pm

HI all! I've been trying to trash out a blog in forever but just can't seem to finish one. If anything sums up my last two weeks, it's probably this - I was in a cab on my way to a meeting. The journey wasn't far (40mins, tops). I get to the building, and it's in an industrial site, where it looks like a multi storey carpark, except the ceilings are waaaay higher than normal. It's kinda like storage areas, and the office I was supposed to be going to, was one of these. So 40min cab ride, got to the building, spent 30mins just searching for the damn unit. The cab driver and I simply couldn't figure our way around this giant multi storey carpark. The driver was getting cranky, the meter was running. We eventually found it, and the meeting took about 10mins to conclude. What a fuckload of a waste of time. LOL. I was really happy it concluded so quickly, and so positively. But damn the journey there was a bitch.

So anyway, that was earlier this week. Well, actually that doesn't sum up my week at all. LOL. That's just how I feel. What's more interesting is, uh...well. Ok. Ever since the boyfriend left shortly after New Years, the husband and I have had more than a few opportunities to spend some quality time together.. And don't get me wrong, we have. It's just that, the sex bit is a bit of an issue. We've had sex a few times, but it's just not the same. What I'm really afraid of is, without getting too damn kinky, we're gonna find it hard together it on. Like that has become our new norm, you know? At times, I'd just like to kiss, and have some good old fashion missionary, maybe a bit of doggy, and some cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, and maybe a bit of back and forth and thats it. Some good ol fashion stuff.

But the few times we've tried, we've both found it a bit hard to muster up that final bit of energy for it. Then we got busy. We're both in Singapore now. When we first got in, that very evening he got a call from a friend of his to meet for some drinks. Now I found out, and I was sulking a little cos we literally just got in. I thought some time together would have been nice. So he then asked me to join him. I wasn't too keen, but he was quite insistent, so we went. On our way there I was asking him who this friend was, and how come I've never heard him being mentioned before. He murmured something about one of his golfing buddies or something. When we got there, I was a bit surprised he was a bit younger than the husband. He was actually closer to my age. We got to talking and my initial impression was that he was really nice. He was paying a fair bit of attention to me (they both were, to be fair) when he asked me something and I was trying to answer.

The entire thing went pleasant enough and after a few drinks, we left. At this point, I wasn't thinking of anything and had no intentions whatsoever, In the cab on our way back, I was asking the husband about this friend of his, and the husband, I thought, was selling him a bit too hard. I was about to ask him what was up with him (the husband) when he asked me if this friend of his was someone I'd be physically interested in. It came as a huge shock cos the husband has never even suggested anyone in his circle of friends to be included in any of our fun. So I asked him if that was whatI thought it was, an introductory meeting between all of us, and he finally gave in and admitted it was. I was, why didn't you just fucking say so?! To be fair, he said he didn't want my judgment of his friend to be clouded by anything. Which was true; his friend was quite cute Would that have swayed me though? I'd like to think I'm a little more professional than that.. (kook....maybe I'm not. Shut up)

So anyhow, I told the husband that we'd all need, or at least I do, need to get to know each other a little better..Then two nights later on my way back from work the husbands drops me a text asking if I'd wanna go for a jog with them both.This was strange on sooo many levels (It's been a loooong time since we both went running) but I kinda went with it cos admittedly, it IS kinda cute watching the husband play matchmaker . Both of them were already changed and waiting in their running gear by the time I got back so I did a quick change and off we went. I still wasn't sold on this guy, but kinda went along cos the husband seemed so enthusiastic about him. We weren't running very fast, so we were mostly jogging and talking. Midway through the run, something strange happened.

We had to jog single file cos the path was a little narrow and there were other people walking and jogging. I let the two boys run ahead and they were both running and still talking and laughing. Then at some point, the thought just came to me. Well, more like an explosion in my head. I was running and watching them, and I guess my mind decided for me, that I was going to go home and fuck the both of them. It was weird, and super trippy. It was hard to explain, like It wasn't a conscious decision, cos consciously, I was still trying to decide. Then all of a sudden the decision kinda got made in my head. So fucking weird.

We turned the corner and jogged back. I didn't tell the husband and we jogged all the way back to our place, where we started. This friend of his was asking if he could take us all out for dinner. The husband kinda shrugged and motioned to me with his head, indicating I should decide. I thought about it for awhile and told them let's decide when we get upstairs cos I needed to use the bathroom. When we got back inside, both of them made for the kitchen for a drink while I kinda made my way up the stairs back to the bathroom. I was actually thinking about how to do this, then I just blurted out,

Me: "Hey! You guys need to shower, don't you?"

Both of them stuck their heads out to look at me. So I asked again

Me: "If we're going out for dinner, don't we need to shower?"

Husband: "Yeeaaah....?"

Me: "So let's go. Any later and we probably won't get seats anywhere."
Husband looks at friend, shrugs, and makes his way up the stairs

Me: looking at friend "You coming? Cos I don't think I'd join you for dinner if you're not showering... "
Friend: didn't say a single thing, just ran up the stairs

The husband tried to strip me while his friend watched but kinda gave up on that idea (sports bras - lemme tell ya, not ideal for sexy stripping ) I got them to strip and we washed each other down. I got them to stand in front of me while I sat on the edge of the tub and played with their dicks. Fuck! I got a thing now for playing with dicks and balls. Just can't get enough, in my current state. LOL

SO I was playing with them, sucking, licking, caressing and massaging both of them when the husband pulled me into the room. I got the husband to sit on the edge of the bed and continued sucking him off while I stood with my legs straight and ass in the air for our new friend to explore. I kinda expected him to go down on me to be honest, but next thing I knew, he slid hid dick inside me. I panicked at first, then relaxed when I reached down and felt rubber on the edge on his dick. I was shoving the husband's dick down my throat while this friend was already furiously pounding me from behind. I reached back again, grabbed his index finger and moved it to my ass. I looked up and saw how excited the husband was getting. I held his dick in my hands and was thrilled to see how hard he was. SO tapped the friend to stop, climbed on the husband and had the friend stand facing me and sucked him off while I rode the husband.

This went back and forth for awhile until the husband decided to get up and got me to lie on my side. I got the friend to lie in front of me. He was moving into position, and before I knew anything, the husband had lubed up my ass and was driving his dick in. In the surprise, I kind flipped onto my back and the friend was kinda kneeling in front of me and leaned over to face fuck me.
This was going a little faster than I had expected, but...ah well .

Didn't take long before I asked if they would DP me. I didn't have to ask the husband, but kinda threw the question out either way. I climbed onto the husband and rode him for a bit before the friend slid his dick in my ass. The rhythm was a little off, so I pulled them both in a little closer, told them to stop and I gyrated my hips. They followed pretty well after that and uh...rather unashamedly, I came hard. Twice.

I asked them both to cum on my face, so the friend sat on the bed, took of the rubber from his dick and was stroking his dick in my face. The husband lifted my hips up and slid his dick in my ass and was furiously slamming into me. I kinda knew it but before I said anything, he blew his load in my my ass. I felt the heat literally spray inside me. The friend came shortly after and we just slumped into bed. We didn't end up going out for dinner and just ordered food delivered

But yeah, that We've met up again two more times but uh...I'm running out of time so I'll leave it as that.
Will post again soon. Thanks for reading!
The Nut Job. Is it funny only cos it hurts so much? :P
Posted:Jan 10, 2019 10:35 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2019 4:40 am

I had an early call this morning that started at 7am and was done shortly after 9am, so I squeezed in a bit of beach time this morning. A friend of mine is also in town for a week so I brought her out to a fairly secluded spot where we could soak in some sun without clothes and not be bothered. It's quite a long ride out but the privacy is really worth it. By the time we got there it was already late morning and the sun is unforgivingly scorching. We didn't end up staying long, but in the brief time there, we spoke about a few things. Actually ,It was more her talking and me just, not responding

One of the things she was telling me about was how she has a stalker online, like this person is clearly following her online activities and even sending her messages. Now, as a whole, it seems fucking creepy and scary, especially seeing how this person knows her name, but on the other hand, I kinda thought it kinda came with the territory. She's teaches exercise classes back in Singapore, is in her mid to late 20s, and is actively posting a TON of pictures of herself and her activities on social media. She's also an active participant in bikini contests ( I suppose you'd have to, in her line of work. Well, not HAVE to but...kinda like advertising...?), so I suppose it comes with the territory. It seems rather simple to me. If you don't want to be bugged, then don't post photos of yourself wearing close to nothing for pretty much everyone to see. It's not her fault, I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't condone mofo'ing psychos who think it's ok to stalk. know. Ah well....

Speaking of unwanted attention, 2 guys that I used to go out with recently dropped me a line, seeking to re-establish contact again, which is weird cos we, both parties, actually made it a point to NOT contact each other
I wouldn't call them both ex's. Well, maybe one is and ex. We were dating in 2006 (fuck that's a looooooong time ago) and we were also working together at the time. I'll always remember this break up cos we were working late one evening, and it was the first match of the football (that's soccer, my American friends ) World Cup. Most, if not everyone, in the office had left to go watch the game, and this guy and I kinda stayed behind and got it on in the office. Our boss at the time came back and caught him with his pants down by his ankles, humping me, with my legs around him and my skirt hiked up on the photocopy machine. LOL

It's funny now, but fuck that was bad. We were given the weekend to clear all our belongings from the office. He got so bitter about it, we hardly spoke to each other after that He was pretty much being a prick about the whole thing and at one point, even blamed me for it. I haven't really spoken to him since and he's sent me a message over the New Year asking me how I was and If I'd wanna meet him for dinner or drinks. I haven't replied

The other guy was an army boy I knew in a club when I was in my mid to late 20s. It was a fling and last a good few months. This one's a bit of a nicer surprise. Except one of the first few things that pop into my mind was how I used to cum all over his face LOL. I used to sit on his face and he'd make me cum like that. It wasn't the best head I've got, but I guess significant enough cos that was the time I figured out that I'd like it . Anyhow, I didn't reply his messages either

Anyhow, back to the task at hand - I went to play volleyball by the beach. It was by a club so, there was a net and it was a proper game. In one of the games, one of the guys on the opposing team spiked the ball. I couldn't reach it cos I was moving in one direction and he had spiked the ball in the opposite direction, BUT, the ball was coming to me. Instinctively, I stuck out my leg, and the ball hit my shin and bounced straight into one of my teammate's groin. Now, I've seen enough nut shots to know it hurts But last evening's one didn't seem that bad. But I guess it was. He crumbled and went down hard. lol

By the time he rolled over and stood up, he was already tearing pretty badly. Heh...I laughed. The apologised profusely, of course. Which got me thinking, for all that bravado, one outshot and he turns into a crybaby. LOL

Okok, I know. It hurts. I'm not making light of it. Actually I am. Heh...but I'm not saying it doesn't hurt. I think that was my funnies for the week

Again, thanks for reading.
Year end parties and pet-names. That's a fair bit of bodily fluid swapping ;)
Posted:Jan 6, 2019 9:37 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2019 12:32 am

Happy New Years all! Have I wished you already? Dammit I can't uh....well, I just wished you again so... I hope it's going well enough. Officially first week in and kinda feels the same
I mean, seriously, what changes, right? Personally, the coffee I get from the cafe is still the same. Good some days, burnt and horrible the next. I mean, it too much to ask for some consistency?
Then again, I keep coming back. Mainly cos they've got the strongest wifi I know of, and that makes my work a lot easier to do. I could do my work at home but every time someone sends me something I'll have to stab myself in the ear from waiting too long

Anyhoo. It is hot and humid as fuck here in bali. Ok, that's not new. But it's still an issue. It's great for wearing very little and getting a nice tan. Or just soaking in the sun. It's not so nice when you step into an enclosed space and everyone smells from the humidity. Every time I step indoors, I swear, the default scent is exhaust and sweat. . Still, I shouldn't complain Yes yes....I'm in a lil mood today.

Let's change the subject then. Christmas party. I said I'd post how mine went so, here it is.

We got invited to a party at a friend's place. It was always gonna be one of "those" parties cos, well, that's what this friend always does. I was a bit hesitant to go, mainly cos I'm not crazy about most of the people who attend these parties (I've been to two before and it's usually the same people. It's a small group here, as it should be. But I just don't like some of them). Also, it was pretty far from where we are, so the long ride up isn't so appealing. But at that point, the three of us (the husband, bf and have spent the last few days glued to each other, so the boys decided we'd go, and I got out voted. So we went.

When we got there, I saw a few people I really preferred not to see, and saw some new faces. It was an hour or so of pleasantries, some light food when it got cheesy quite quickly. They did the "drop your keys in a bowl" thing to swap partners, and I declined. There were only 8 other people there so it kinda made things a bit awkward. The rest went on with it and I kinda sandwiched myself between my two boys. Lemme tell ya, the good thing about bringing two guys to these parties is, it doesn't allow for much room for others to join Kinda defeats the purpose of going to these parties to begin with, but, you know, just in case you go and don't find anyone suitable, just bring two guys

So yeah, I didn't start off in the mood to go all out, but...something about other people in the room going at it. I suppose it's live porn. We were sitting on a giant beanbags, and all three of us were watching different people. Some were awkward, some were passionate. Regardless, that got us in the mood and before I knew it, I had my dress pulled over my head, my underwear removed and I was sitting there completely naked, stroking a dick in each hand. I got them both to stand up right beside each other and I knelt on the beanbag and alternated between both dicks, sucking them off, playing with their balls. It must have been the knowledge of an audience present, cos I made the blowjobs loud and sloppy. Like I was shoving their dicks down my throat and encouraging both of them to face fuck me. We couldn't decide after, who it was more a turn-on for, me, the boys, or those watching

Despite how I felt in the beginning, I WAS looking to have some fun, but I never thought we'd go that far. I came three times that night. Twice in that room on those beanbags and once more when we moved outside by their pool. The evening was kinda dampened by this one guy who kept coming over to fondle me. He came over twice, while the husband, bf and I were in mid-thrust, to squeeze my ass once, and fondle my breast another time. I could out later he was a newbie, but still! Fucking basic courtesy here, right? Ask or check if it's okay before putting your hands where they don't belong

We left shortly after 2am. The hosts kept asking us to stay over but....I wasn't about to fall asleep there. Like eeew If the evening was surprisingly hot (and it WAS), the ride home was worse than a cold shower. Try riding home at 2am in a little dress and no underwear. That shit will sober you up fast! LOL. So yeah, that was my Christmas Eve. New Years was a lot more quiet. We spent the entire evening at home . Which is pretty ironic cos we actually got a LOT more fun in. Just the three of us, building castles in the sky....just the threes of us....

Oh! And uh....ok. The husband has a thing (well, he has many such "things" but..) where he growls. Like when he's going down on me, he sometimes growls. That's why I call him my bear. It's like a pet-name. You know...the irritating thing where couples do..give each other pet-names. . So yeah, he's my bear. Some of my friends hear it and they think it's cos he's like my teddy bear, or that he's hairy. He's actually not hairy at all, although he works out and he's quite wide. But the truth is, I gave him that name waaaay back when we used to work together in the same office and he was cheating on his wife with me. He fucking growls. It used to get to me, but these days I actually find it a bit funny. Like sometimes I hear a growl coming from between my legs, an I can't help but laugh. LOL

So he did it a few times at the party and for some silly reason, I felt embarrassed. Like for him. LOL. Of course it wasn't a big deal, and it only mattered to me. But....heh. The silly hang-ups we all have. I suppose in hindsight, that party was a bit more significant that I'm giving it worth. I've never been to a public party with both the husband AND the bf together, let alone bare my ass and fuck both of them in front of people I don't know, and some I care less about

Ah well, we live, we learn. Thanks for reading
Kinks - just thinking about it
Posted:Dec 28, 2018 8:24 pm
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2019 2:18 am

Hey yo! The husband and the boyfriend have gone surfing this morning so, figured I'd use this time to pop out a blog. I had intended to sleep in but...once I got up, I thought I'd get a bit of work done. And once the computer was on, I

I also got a text from a friend at the gym asking me when I'd be back there working out. Innocent enough question, but she literally texted me "when is the nipples of steel coming back to the gym?" Which is a weird thing to ask. First up, I think her grammar is wrong. Isn't it supposed to be "when ARE"?

The first thing that popped into my mind was, how would she know I like my nipples pinched or nibbled hard? (Ok, not all the time, but at times, I do. But that's another story for another time). Then it became apparent that she was merely referring to how my nipples poke through my workout tops. I remove the paddings from most of my exercise tops and sports bras. not crazy about them sliding around. I realise that's a personal preference, so fine. What I didn't know was, how it had become a thing in the gym. And it's not like I can control them (Both, my nipples, AND their reactions). So yeah, that's that. I'll see if I remember it the next time I head back there. It's a lil hard to squeeze in gym time with both the boys around.

Speaking of which, last night we were talking and I was asking the bf what happened the the lady he was having a fling with earlier this year back in HK. He was dating this married lady (he's got a thing for older ladies so, no surprises there. I mean, duh right? ) She was married so they kept things under wraps for the duration of their...thing. He ended it (by just not calling her back, which I think is quite rude, but under the circumstances...) cos she had a thing for scrubbing his dick with...items. So the last straw for him was when she forced him down and insisted on rubbing his dick and balls with a steel wool. Yes, the kind you use to scrub metal pots and pans

LOL. The husband and I both laughed at the story, but evidently it was very painful, and traumatising
Which also kinda made me think about our sexual preferences. Which are also kinks, right? Could be something as outrageous as that, or as simple as hair pulling. Wouldn't all that be lumped into that general term? That's why I've always found it a lil hard to tell people about it when they ask (not that people ask. I mean, it's not a usual conversation topic with most people I meet and converse with).

But anyhow. In the process, also trying really hard to not overthink it, like dig too deep into what our lil kinks are, know what I mean? Like I like having two dicks to with. I like riding one and sucking on another, or one pounding into me another down my throat. I also like having a lot of hands on me. Or being double stuffed. I like the attention, amongst other things. I won't try and list all of what I like here, it'll take too long I think Also, I'd have to really think about it.

What saying is, we like what we like. I try not to think too much into it cos it might take the joy out of it, know what I mean?
Darn insects...
Posted:Dec 26, 2018 9:31 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2018 5:16 pm

Hi all, I hope your Christmas was good. The husband is coming back tonight so, the last day or two has been spent trying to get as much time alone with the bf as we can. It's mostly just me taking him around to check out the things I get up to here. Speaking of which -

We went to check out a waterfall yesterday and it was quite a ride away from where we are. I wasn't crazy about the idea cos we've rented a nice place to stay in this week and it has a pool and all, and I didn't really want to head out. But! He really wanted to go so we went. We rode out and found it easy enough and it wasn't crowded, but there were a few other people already there. We hiked and hour uphill and found a smaller, less picturesque waterfall, but at least we were the only ones there. Or it appeared to be, at least. We found a spot to drop our bags and jumped in. After swimming/lazing in the water for awhile, we didn't see or hear anyone so we stripped. I didn't want to go back up to our bags so I left my bikini on top of a rock, which seemed like a good idea at the time. We swam for a little more before we started fooling around. At the back of my head I was already being paranoid about bacteria and stuff so I told him there's no way we were fucking here. Let's head back. So we did. I swam back to the rock and my swimsuit was gone. Neither the top nor the bottom could be seen. We searched around for a little but I was kinda resigned to losing them already, at this point. We dried up as best we could, I threw my dress on and we rode back.

Now, Aside from losing what was an expensive bikini (which was ridiculous considering how little cloth it used ), the hike and ride back was....unpleasant. Lemme tell ya, hiking in a, although not dense forest, in a dress with no underwear on is providing fucking mosquitoes and bugs with a buffet. I got bitten in areas where insects should not have access to. Not fun.

Anyhoo. He's coming with me to a nude yoga class this evening. He says otherwise, but I'm betting he's thinking of all kinds of sexual energy that goes on in there. Which, to be honest, is as far from the truth as it gets . I mean, I don't know how sexy it is to be staring at hairy assholes LOL
I dunno. Maybe it can be. But something about class just makes it unsexy. Ah well, we'll see

Also, I've been meaning to do a Christmas post. As in what I got up to on Christmas Eve but uh....I'll get round to it. I'm still kinda processing it emotionally

Til the next one. Happy Holidays
How is this possible? Hang on...Happy Holidays!
Posted:Dec 25, 2018 8:23 pm
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2019 2:18 am

I come to the same cafe for my morning cup of coffee a few times per week when I'm home. How is it possible that every day the coffee is different? (No, do NOT answer that. Factoring in human error, different grinds, beans etc. I'm kinda aware...but still!) Today's coffee is....mildly horrible.

But! (I am SOOooo gonna jinx this by saying this) Thing's are going well on this end. The bf is in town, he got in over the weekend, which was a surprise cos he was only scheduled to fly in closer to New Years. The husband is out though. He's gone to Sg to spend some time with his . I had the option to go along, but I wasn't feeling very.....friendly, so I declined. Besides, it's his bonding time with his so...I shan't get in the middle of that. Aside from that, we're all getting along AND having some really good fun.

So, I realise I'm a day late, and I'll drop in when I have the time again. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!
How is this possible? Hang on...Happy Holidays!
Posted:Dec 25, 2018 8:23 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2018 5:02 pm

I come to the same cafe for my morning cup of coffee a few times per week when I'm home. How is it possible that every day the coffee is different? (No, do NOT answer that. Factoring in human error, different grinds, beans etc. I'm kinda aware...but still!) Today's coffee is....mildly horrible.

But! (I am SOOooo gonna jinx this by saying this) Thing's are going well on this end. The bf is in town, he got in over the weekend, which was a surprise cos he was only scheduled to fly in closer to New Years. The husband is out though. He's gone to Sg to spend some time with his . I had the option to go along, but I wasn't feeling very.....friendly, so I declined. Besides, it's his bonding time with his so...I shan't get in the middle of that. Aside from that, we're all getting along AND having some really good fun.

So, I realise I'm a day late, and I'll drop in when I have the time again. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!
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Back home finally! And it was. the hubby's weekend, I'd say
Posted:Dec 19, 2018 2:05 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2018 12:07 am

I'm Back! Back in Bali! Finally! Well technically, I got back last Friday but it's been one heck of a few days so....seems a little longer than that. But! Either way, it's good to be back. there were a few things that I said I'd do when I get back (like hit the beach, soak in some sun, soak in some sun nude, stuff like that), and uh...I actually haven't got through them all, but for good reason! The husband and I have been catching up We've both been on the road a fair bit, so..the last few days have been a good opportunity for us to catch up.

For the record, it's the little things that matters too. Like I did the cleaning of the house, cooked, ate and napped after getting back on Friday, and I was doing all of the nude, and something about all of that is just so...satisfying. LOL

So first evening back, the husband suggested we'd go for a jog together. We haven't done that in a looooong time so I figure, why not. We ran for about 20mins out before we turned back. It was a nice relaxing run and when we got back, I stripped, as I do, threw my sweaty clothes into the laundry basket and went to the kitchen to get water. Next thing I knew the hubby was behind me kissing my neck, and had slid down and had his face buried between my butt cheeks. lol He's got a thing for smells and uh...the whole run thing was just to get me sweaty. We all got our "thing" so I kinda let him do his thing. He carried me into the living room and set me down on the couch and ate me out. I'm not exactly small and light, so I appreciate when being carried After I came once, he ran off into the bedroom and came back with a blindfold and a few belts. I wasn't planning for such an elaborate fuck, to be honest..LOL

He tied my hands and feet together and put the blindfold on. I'm more a visual person, so I'm usually not big fan of blindfolds, but what can I say, he was so enthusiastic so I ran with it. SO yeah, Friday night, sweaty and tied up, and fucked. What was surprising was how patient he was. He IS patient when it comes to sex, but I wasn't expecting this level of patience . Hands and feet bound, I got fucked on my back, then flipped over from behind. I wasn't prepped for it, but I even got anallized (is that a legit word?) The surprise of it was really fun. And it was long drawn out too. One sec I'm here, then he'd drag me up and cary me to another part of the house, and got fucked there. The thorough-ness of it all. Hahaha...damn that was fun. Surprisingly fun. The blindfold, I'm still not a fan but...ah well.

Then on the weekend the husband and I met up with one of his friends, Kira. Well, he's had an on/off thing with her for a long while now and she was in town so he suggested that we'd meet. Now, off the bat, I knew he must have been planning this for awhile now, and it wasn't just "chance" that she was in town the weekend we both got back but, hey...gotta give the guy a break too, right? So I went with it and we met up first for lunch on Saturday afternoon. We've met once before, her and I, so it wasn't a first meeting, but it was still awkward nonetheless. We had a pretty good conversation, but she was a little uncomfortable at times, which, I suppose, was understandable.

We left lunch making further plans to meet later in the evening. She was there with a few friends and they were going to a particular club that night, and had asked us to join her there. (Did I mention she was a lot younger? She's 24, had fairly large tits and is just soooooo typical of the kind of girl the husband drools for LO The husband and I were both dreading the clubbing thing, but he's driven by the need in his loins so he was thinking with the other head and seemed like he was down for it. I've had more than a few "me" fun this year so I figured I'd go through with this with him. So we went. And yes, it was bad. Horrible. LOL. We stuck out like sore thumbs. We found a corner to ourselves and just watched these younger people danced I was knocking back shots too, mostly to numb the pain of embarrassment, but also to loosen up a little. Kira came by and we ended dancing a little before she ran back to hang out with her friends. The husband was enjoying himself rubbing his crotch against me. We lasted less than an hour before we left the club, and walked down the same street, just bar/club hopping.

Kira joined us a short time later for a few drinks before we all decided we'd go back to our place. We couldn't get a cab so we ended up walking about 45mins back. We were all sweaty when we got back and naturally, that got the hubby hard. I led her into the dining area under the fan and started undressing her. We kissed, and I tasted the inside of her mouth and sucked on her nipples as soon as I got her dress off. I was about to go down on her when she stopped me. Turns out that's where she drew the line. So I looked up and the husband already had his dick out. So I dragged her over and got her to suck him off. At some point I climbed on his face and he ate me out but most of the night, I was just watching them. It was nice seeing how hard he got He went on for about half hour before he blew his load tit fucking her I thought we'd go again but we just spent the night talking. I invited Kira to stay the night ut she left right after. Ah well.
I'd have expected to have a bit ore fun in that but it was still a good few days. I really can't complain. I'll leave with that. Until next time, thanks for reading.
I.....didn't know I do that :P A Sexual Frustration post.
Posted:Dec 4, 2018 10:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2018 7:53 pm

Hey! Second post today! Imagine that having a relatively slow day today, but this is amidst a rough few weeks work wise. I've been traveling for work for more than a month now, only interspersed with a week at home before traveling again. So I think that must be contributing to the problems. Also, in the last few weeks, I've made a rather large mistake at work that kinda made me feel small; had someone else fuck up and push the blame on me; and had a few vendors/agencies pull out of projects at the very last minute, which kinda snowball the fuck ups, if you know what I mean. There are also a TON of "strong pull-out game" jokes in there so, yeah. aware of that

So the last week has been quite bad, work wise. It's been made worse by a silly argument that erupted into a huge fight with the husband over the weekend (screaming via , the works) We haven't spoken since. In the meantime, I've been in constant contact with a few people. Notable
Person 1) one of my Best Friend who lives in HK, going through her own divorce, so, plenty of ammo there for plenty of back and forth .
Person 2) the bf who I met in HK while I was there but didn't get up to anything cos I was severely ill. We're trying to meet up, and trying to get him to Bali when I eventually get back cos, from my last post, I also in severe of nude beach time and he is one who's company I could use
Person 3) one fwb who I met up in Singapore last month. We had a good time then and we've been communicating often since.

Ok. So. Most of it is me venting to person 1, and most of the vents in the last two days is how much I want (I believe I used the word "") to fuck persons 2 & 3. Like fuck hard.

I've also been very vivid in my descriptions to persons 2 & 3 (In our individual texts) about how hard I'd fuck them, and in return, how hard I want to be fucked my them. So a lot of our back and forth texting has been, invariably building up this energy inside me. It's a mix of anticipation, frustration, anger, and a LOT of horniness. Anyways. I digress. Back to person 1.

She brought something up that, oddly enough, no one has brought to my attention. It didn't even occur to me, but the more I think about it, the more truth there is in it. Which in itself, is really, really hitting me quite hard.

Anyways, she told me (very bluntly) that every time something big doesn't go my way, I find a partner, or partners, and fuck my frustrations out. I'd like to say fuck it away, but in truth, it doesn't go away. I just take it out with animalistic, sometimes rough, sex. And I scream too (she's been there a few times, as in we're in the same room, so she'd know ). I've always known somewhat of a screamer, but I've never attributed it to my frustrations. Fuck. This is giving me a bit of a complex

So much so, that I actually found myself pondering hitting the clubbing scene here. I know now why I was looking, but damn. Everything falling into place does kinda have a creepy feel to it. Ah well. Finding out something like this about yourself isn't always nice. But damn. It is what it is. still gonna be thinking about it, probably in to come. But... still making plans to get the bf down to Bali when I get back

I know its common to take out a lot of frustrations in the bedroom (or wherever you can), and I know I do it. But I never thought I'd be as transparent as this LOL. Ah well. This is it for midweek self discoveries!
Random update
Posted:Dec 4, 2018 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2018 7:53 pm

Tis strange, this is - I was up late last night and I was cycling through the channels on tv in my hotel room and I stopped and actually watched a bit of kickboxing. And, actually appreciated it I join a class back in Bali once or twice a week, and I guess it rubbed off. Never thought I'd actually sit and watch something like that Anyway. Back to this.

I joined a yoga class in the hotel gym last evening. I saw the notice in the morning and made it a point to get back in time for it last evening. The class was ok. It wasn't too hard (I felt like I could have done more but the stretch was good) and there were only three of us in class. The thing was, I felt like my clothes were in the way I was in a pair of exercise shorts and a t-shirt and it felt movements were impeded somewhat. The husband says just used to the nude yoga classes I do back home, and I suspect he's right. Which is also strange cos, aside from really liking nude yoga, I've always thought it was just a way to get naked. I've always found excuses to do everything naked, and this was one. But after last evening, the lack of clothing actually helps. Huh...go figure.

Speaking of which, I miss the beach. Specifically, I really miss being nude on the beach, soaking in some sun, humid air, sea breeze and all that. I've been on the road for awhile now and it's been too long since that has happened. I was talking to a colleague yesterday during lunch and she was asking if liking the cool weather or if I miss the heat back home. It's a bit of both. I've always like Taipei and this trip kinda reminds me how much I like it. I also miss home. She said she's planning a holiday in Bali and I offered to bring her around, which I will. I'll just leave out the nudity bits cos I kinda like that on my own Or with some good company. Definitely not someone from work

As usual, there's something else that I wanted to rant on about but I kinda ran outta time. Gotta get back to work. I'll post again. IF I don't get distracted...
Open Relationships - What a other people! :P
Posted:Nov 24, 2018 1:37 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2018 12:26 am

Open relationships. How do you even begin to explain yourself and your choices to those friends of yours who ask? I've had my fair share of experiences trying to explain what it is and how it makes sense to us, not only me, not only him. Granted, not all my experiences trying to explain myself have been bad. I've had some good, understanding reactions. And I'm not even looking for understanding, just non-judgemental. Most of the time though, its tiring AF trying to explain myself. It's the same for the husband too. It's tiring. So most of the time, we just don't bother. The only problem with that is, if/when people find out, and we try to explain, it gets weird, sometimes.

Anyhoo. I usually keep it to myself, and for those who know, know. And those who don't, don't. I have a bf, and keep a close knit of friends who know, and an even smaller group that I actively play with. So I haven't had to have this conversation or anything of the like for awhile now. And lo-and-behold, I get it happening all in one week!

I've been in SG this past week and the husband came by so we could spend a bit of time together. As luck would also have it, I got sick the past two days and have been crashing through the weekend. But that's beside the point. Back to this. Last night, feeling a bit better, we went out for dinner. We bumped into one of our old friends, who used to work together with us. It was us, this friend of ours, and his wife. Like I said, we all used to work together but he was always more the husband's friend than he was mine. You know, one of those. Since we've known each other for a good few years now, we got quite comfortable with each other's company.

At one point, I came back to the table and the was greeted by a sudden, hushed silence. It was so obvious it got awkward. So, naturally, I called them out on it. (granted, I really wasn't feeling well so, social etiquette wasn't at it's best). The friend and his wife kept quiet about it, so I pressed the husband on it. He laughed and said it was nothing. Of course I pressed him a little more, cos it obviously wasn't nothing. . Turns out, the wife saw me while I was out with my fwb a few weeks back when I was here last. She told her husband, who then had texted my husband about it. I don't know how my husband responded to the texts, but apparently, they felt the need to bring it up again. Cos they thought I was cheating on him, and for reasons unknown to them, my husband knew and didn't want to do anything about it. You can see how it looks like. They felt like I was I was bullying him or something. (and for the record, they ARE nice people)

Didn't help when my initial reaction was to laugh. They started getting a little worked up, and the husband and I had to calm them down before we told them we were in an open marriage. I was trying very hard to not tell them how we started but I suppose, it couldn't be helped, so we had a long drawn out conversation on how we got into it and how it's like for us, the problems we've had, and how it works for us. I thought it was an honest and careful description that my husband and I gave, and it took a fairly long time too. So it was a bit of a kick in the face when all he (our friend) could say was, "So you let other people fuck your wife?!?" And he kept directing his question to my husband too. I'm like, "hello? I'm sitting right here". And no one "lets' other people fuck anyone. It's a conscious decision by both of us. (Hang on... I suppose that does mean we "let" it )

It got a bit awkward for only a little while after that, but as soon as they knew (and all credit to them, by the way) I wasn't cheating on the hubby, things got back to normal. But still, its THAT kind of reactions that make it really tiresome to explain ourselves. Which is. bitch, cos it's exactly those kind of situations that require us to explain ourselves..
Ex's, Nudity (of sorts), and big Ds. It's a weird combo
Posted:Nov 20, 2018 11:29 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 1:55 am

Ha! What a weird way to start the day!

I was on the train this morning headed into the office. I had an early Conference call so I've been up early, but only headed into the office past peak hour just so I wouldn't have to deal with the crowds. Anyhoo. So I was in the train, reading something and I look up and see an ex of mine from way ack in school (that's high school). I got a bit of a shock cos she looks exactly the same, except maybe she's twice the size she used to be, but her face was exactly the same. I went back to reading cos I really wasn't feeling sociable, but looked up a few seconds later and saw her smiling and waving at me.

I went over to say hello and we exchanged pleasantries, like normal, sociable adults do . It was a good 10-minute ride before I got off first, and we caught up as best we could. It was nice, and outwardly, wasn't awkward at all, cos the conversation felt smooth and friendly. But all the while listening to her, I couldn't help thinking to myself, I used to fuck this person! LOL. Shit. Is that normal behaviour? Like she's telling me how she's married, with 3 , and her oldest is 12 , and standing there listening, but at the back of my brain, memories of me sitting and grinding on her face just keeps flooding back. . It got to the point when I felt awkward from my own thoughts. Fuck. What the fuck's wrong with me

Then right before lunchtime, I get 7, 8 msgs on my phone from this friend of mine telling me where I can go to get squat proof leggings. Ok, hang on - a bit of back story. Not a long one so, bear with me.

Yesterday evening I accompanied her to the gym. We went to the gym she goes to and she signed me in as a guest considering not here long. We did one of those group classes, and I lifted some weights after that (only for about 10mins, I wasn't inspired). It was a 20-25min walk back to my hotel so I didn't bother changing and walked back. She offered t walk with me, which I thought was really nice of her. The entire way back, she kept telling me how see through my leggings were.

First thing I thought was, why would she only tell me after it was over? She kept telling me how some people in the gym were looking, especially when I was squatting. I thought, they were gonna look anyway. The ratio of guys to girls in the free weights area was 7:2 or something like that. I couldn't think of anything to say to her that wouldn't draw out the conversation a little more, so I just thanked her and left. Then after seeing her texts, I realised, I really don't care. LOL

Most, if not all of my workout bottoms, be it long leggings or shorts, are almost not squat proof. And I really don't care. Most of the time I just wanna work out. Hang on, I actually DO care.. I've got a thing against ugly panty lines, so to avoid that, I just don't wear any under. But yeah, other than that, I really can care less. I didn't want to get drawn out into explaining myself, so I just thanked her and said I'll check them out.

Uh..there was something else that was digging at me. I went for a massage when I was in Jakarta about two weeks back. It was the one in the hotel so I made my appointment, threw on a dress and went down. The girl at the front counter told me they didn't have any female therapists at the moment and asked if I'd be ok with a male one. I told her it was ok, so she led me into a room, told me to take off my dress and lay on the massage bed in my underwear. Before I could say anything, she shut the door and left. So there I was, thinking, I don't have any underwear on. So was I suppose to lie nude? Most of the massage places I've been to kind of operate the same way, so I stripped, hung my dress up and laid on the massage bed. The room was air conditioned so I took a towel and covered myself.

A knock on the door and a male voice asked if I was ready. I told him yes, and the door opened and he came in. I couldn't see him cos I was face down. He mumbled something in Indonesian (I can understand some of it, but I couldn't make out what he was asking), and he asked me again. I wasn't sure what he was saying, then he pulled the towel up for a peek and he shrieked (it was at this point I figured he was gay ) I looked up, and split second later, the counter lady was at the door. Apparently, he panicked cos I was nude and he didn't want to get in trouble, him being male and in an enclosed room with me. He kept saying in Indonesian, "why did she take everything off? Why did she take everything off?" LOL.

The counter lady started tell me, only the dress. Only remove the dress. I had to explain that THAT, was exactly what I did. I just didn't have any underwear on. . I told them too, that I was ok with it. I just wanted a massage. But apparently there are laws (not surprising) that didn't allow them to. So yeah, no massage that day. I thought that was a f funny one to include in this blog.

Okay. So now finally, onto what I was here to blog about
A short while ago I hooked up with a fwb. We got up to quite a bit of fun, but one thing kept getting to me - the way he was sucking on my nipples. Now, don't get me wrong, I like attention to my nipples (along with everywhere else), and most of what he was doing was ok. But the way he was sucking and nibbling on my nipples, especially when I was on top, riding him, was a little off putting. He was suckling at them, like...weird. LOL. What was he expecting? Milk? Fuck no. I had to stop him a few times.

Thank the heavens he actually made it up in some other areas (I literally told him, he should be thankful he had a big dick. Otherwise, he'd be too fucking weird to even bother getting together with! LO And the fun you can have with big dicks though . Now not saying I prefer big dicks, or that's a criteria (although I only agreed to date him cos I heard he had a rather larger than large dick ), but the fun. Suddenly spooning has a whole new sensation, or I can even spoon with me lying directly on top of him. I was suddenly trying all the porn star moves. LOL Like double-handed hand job, or almost deep throating AND jerking him off at the same time. But dick slaps though....not fun. Feels like getting hit in the head with a fucking baton! Hahahaa

But yeah, that was fun while it lasted. I think it was only fun cos we didn't spend too much time together. I could already feel his presence grating on me I bet it was the same for him too. No wonder we split when we did. Heh. In any case, I've got a trip to HK coming up and that's always nice. Gotta make time for the bf who wore there so, that should be a little more fun.

Oh damn. Sorry, wasn't expecting this to be such a long one but uh...well.
Thanks for reading!

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