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a special day for my
Posted:Jan 14, 2016 1:13 am
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2021 4:45 pm

My hubby spend a lot of time on the road and long nights in a hotel. He leaves e-mails for me for me to read. I love reading erotica about me...
I thought I may share with you if you enjoy let me know...This one happens to have many chapters. I hope it may turn you on as much as me...Feel free to put yourself in the starring roles...cin

a special day for my I
you came home from a long day to our cabin and I met you at the door…I had run a bath for you and took you up to the loft undressed you and helped you and I into the tub ….i washed you while you laid back and relaxed….i had you raise each leg as I shaved them clean paying close attention to the inside of your legs….i told you to sit on the edge of the tub and soaped your pussy and shaved it clean having you bend over and made you free of any hair….i could tell by your breathing that you were getting aroused as I made you smooth….you looked at me and licked your lips and winked playfully….i finished and we both stood and got out of the tub and I took a big fluffy towel to dry you I did not miss an inch of your body….i could see by the look in your eyes that you were anticipating a night of wonderful sex….i led your naked body into the bedroom and I could see that your nipples were very hard….you seen on the bed I had laid out clothes for you….a pair of thigh high nylons…a pair of high heels and a sheer black gown….you squealed when you seen your outfit and I helped you lower the dress over your head and you made a comment that what no under garments? babe not tonight….i took you over to the full length mirror and you adjusted your breasts as the dress was cut down to your navel….you loved the look as your nipples pressed against the fabric….. I could see that you were proud of the girls and you liked the way men looked at your chest when they talked to you….you couldn’t understand why other woman were so upset when men did that….i love when men pay attention to your sexiness…your hair was still wet and we let it just dry natural giving you that come fuck me look that is so you….you looked like a slut and you loved it….slutty but yet very classy….high end….i placed a set of pearls around your neck to finish the look…you looked at me and I was still naked when you asked what you going to be wearing and where are we going….babe I’m not going anywhere and you gave me a quizzical look….hun I have loaned you out for the evening and you must finish getting ready….you grabbed your stomach I could tell that you have that funny feeling in your belly but you trusted me and you knew the feeling was a good feeling an adventure….i told you to put on your makeup and I watched as you did as I laid on the bed….my god you couldn’t have not looked sexier and more desirable to me….you could not wait to see what the night ahead had in store but again you trusted me….as you were finishing you looked at me in the mirror and could see that I was rock hard and was playing with my hardness…you picked out the reddest lipstick that you had and put it on….looking at me in the mirror you turned and came over to me….you took my cock and said that maybe if you put something in your stomach it may calm it taking my cock into your mouth….you were so sexy and sensual looking that it didn’t take long for me to feed you my seed and I came filling your need….you held my cock in your mouth until I became soft….you turned and went back in front of the mirror and replied a fresh coat of red….you turned and ask if I thought you looked as good as you felt…babe you looked better….you turned and watched yourself in the mirror….when you walked the slit up the side of your gown showed a glimpse of your cunt and ass and it pleased you….you asked what was in store for you and I told you that it was a surprise and you asked if you knew him…..i wouldn’t tell you and told you to finish up that the limo was going to be here soon to pick you up…you squealed like a 12 year old and that tummy thing showed up again….you came back over and seeing the wonderment on your face and the hotness of your body my cock was hard again and you bent down and kiss the head of my hardness leaving a perfect implant of your lips to remember you by….i told you that I will be waiting to hear all about it knowing that it turns us both on when we share our adventures with each other….a horn honked outside as the limo pulled up….you opened the door took a deep breath and walked out to the car….the limo driver opened the door as you approached and I could see a smile as big as mine on his face….i am not sure but I thought that I seen a bulge in the front of his dress pants and I’m sure that when you bent over to get in you gave you gave him a great view of the girls.... you looked and smiled at me when the slit of your dress exposed your sex for him blowing me a kiss good bye….i stood by the open door as the limo moved out of site….i was so proud of you and I never wanted you more….what lay ahead was going to be a wonderful adventure of the best kind….


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