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Posted:Jan 20, 2019 5:22 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2019 12:42 pm

It is so funny when you put idiots in their place they convert to name calling like the jerk asshole they are. got a message from such a asshole name freakylover 0690, because I told him to no, I am an old ass menopause pussy lololol, I told him to be careful of his reply because the idiot left a phone number, he stated that it was a dummy phone for being on this site so I laugh, name calling is so damn ish, oh oh he told me no one want me, isn't that funny because he did, Some will comment that I was wrong for putting his name in my blog, it you play ish games then ish games shall be and should be played back to you, some one tell you no just move on to the next per, geezs how hard is it?
Posted:Jan 11, 2019 2:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2019 10:50 pm

Ok whether you support trump or not we are in this together, it will effect all of us about this wall, now I understand we can't let every one into the country, but unless you were born Native American your ancestry came from another country looking for a better life for their family, now if the Native Americans had built a wall none of us would be here, think about it. Some are agreeing to this out of hate, some out of fear,but most say that we have too many other issue to add more that doesn't have merit. Who really profit from this wall? I think the companies and the private land owners, and some lobbyist, think about while you are out there saying we need it, the citizens will not.profit. only pay the bill. These lobbyist, already rich company will profit, we will only suffer more tax debt.
Posted:Jun 23, 2017 12:07 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 3:37 pm

I started to take a honest look at what I want on this site, and boy I see why I turn down so many invites, I am not into one night stands, I don't want a different lover every time I have sex, I know some people on here don't have a problem with that, That is what they want not me, I know we write a lot of things in our profiles, I am guilty of it to get the views or response, but do we really want what we say in our profiles? are we being honest with ourselves. It seems hard to talk to the other per about your wants when their mind is set on having sex with you, I am not looking for marriage, a long term relationship or being someone's mistress, I just want one lover whom I have sexual excitement with, a lover that I have fun outside the bedroom, a lover that listen when I rant, and I do the same for him, a lover to say " hey want to take a drive to nowhere just because " , some will say that is a relationship yes it is. anytime you spend time with someone over a period of time it is a relationship, that doesn't mean it is a serious relationship, It is a friend with great benefits, because we don't promise each other anything, we just enjoy each other with the time we have together, THAT IS WHAT I HONESTLY WANT, WHAT DO YOU HONESTLY WANT? those who read this blog before you respond please really think about what I have written, Thank you for your comments and taking the time to respond to my blog
why do we ?
Posted:Jun 12, 2017 9:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 3:43 pm

I was just reading blogs and came across a very interesting blog, It got me thinking about men and women, How we rely on the porn industry, society to tell us what is norm , what is perfect, and what make sex better, Why can't we think for ourselves? Why can't we just enjoy what we like, We should use porn as entertainment or for some ideas, but to rely on it for our sexual info is crazy, I think there is a great lover in everyone, but they are so caught up on what society think or say what make a great lover, they lose confident, We all have our likes and dislikes, If we stop and start doing what is pleasurable for us and our lovers not what porn or society say, we might just become the best lover to our partner or partners,
W T F????????????????
Posted:May 24, 2017 5:25 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 3:46 pm

Hi everyone, I received a two week free gold membership, ok thanks TSDates, but what got me saying WTF is I was looking at some of my messages, they put this read receipt on one of the reply, so I wanted to see what this is all about, I click on it and it was saying for 29.99 a month I could be a VIP, so I continue to read the perks, it was laughable, you got to check this out if you haven't already, I guess being a VIP will get you more or sex faster that not being a VIP, I am still laughing, I guess if they could sell you a piece of land under the sea or on the moon to get you laid, they would try, I am hoping no one is buying this snake oil from them
You know the encounter will never happen,
Posted:Jan 12, 2017 2:09 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 3:51 pm

Look I am not the best looking woman in the world. I may look good to some and ugly to others. But I just can't understand why people contact people about getting together when you live countries and states apart, I know some will travel to meet but not everyone will, I have gotten several messages from men from other countries and two or more states apart about getting together, REALLY? I am going to leave the safety of my home and state to meet someone I never met or know anything about for a sexual encounter? Yes I know some people will. I am not one of those people. I know that a lot of people on here are standard members and can't read profiles, BUT people state or country they live in is posted by their name, I don't send messages to anyone who live more than 25 miles away from me to get together, but having just a friend to chat with I don't care how far you live, we are chatting as friend, People want to say that there are too many fakes and flakes on here, Well think about who you are sending messages to and where they live, I have read blogs from people who got stood up from people living in the same city, So why would I take the chance of trusting someone who live hundreds or thousand of miles away from me? We all are adults on here ( I hope ) think before you send that message wanting to get to know someone who live so far away from you. I am not trying to offend anyone, just saying you have to think with your brain not with your sexual needs or wants. Thank you for your comments and feedback
Do the opposite sex turn you on or off?
Posted:Dec 13, 2016 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 3:54 pm

I was thinking as I look at other members blogs, I began to notice that I am more turn on when I see a woman's body than a man's sexual parts, Don't get me wrong I love men but just looking at a pic of a penis isn't going to turn me on, Yes I have been with women But I rather have that committed relationship with a man, It is weird I know, I am pondering the turn on too, maybe because my generation was taught it is taboo for the same sex to be together, I guess when something is forbidden you want it and desire it more, now seeing a man with a towel wrapped around his lower body is a turn on, seeing his chest is a turn on, or wearing certain clothes is a turn on, seeing the print of his penis in his pants is a turn on, but just looking at his penis isn't. I don't know if that make me Bi lol but seeing a woman's breast or her pussy is such a turn on for me, now if I see her in her clothes, it does nothing for me, thank you for reading my blog and your comments and your insight.
Follow up to young and tender
Posted:Dec 5, 2016 4:28 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 3:57 pm

Well well, I found another young and tender guy, the only problem is he is 18,damn, damn damn, ladies when I say fine I mean fine, thick body, strong legs, and the dick is very large, I have not had the pleasure of tasting and feeling it, but you can see it the print, outline in his pants, shorts, whatever he wears, We flirt with each other everyday, he always give me a hug and I make sure I feel that dick against my body, MY other stud works and attend school so it is hard to see him, he is 20 damn damn, I mean never thought about being with someone so young, I mean they are younger than my youngest , But But But I want to soooooo bad, As I said I need my job, Maybe Maybe I will see them off of the campus, and get my chance lolol, But I will be in New York for the holiday and I wont see them until the next semester start, But They are on my bucket list to fuck, suck, and lose my mind for about three hours, lolol, maybe together would not that be fun
Young and Tender
Posted:Sep 11, 2016 8:40 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 3:59 pm

Since I have gotten older, I never wanted a younger man or say a man around the age of my adult ren. But I started working at a college and oh boy! Everyday this young man come into student lounge and flirt with me, He is blonde, blue eyes, I think a football player. So on saturday I was off work and my boss ask me to come in. I did well he came in with a group of friends they stayed until we closed, we lock all doors, so they were trying to leave and I said I was napping them, he laugh and said go ahead I will make it worth while for you and wink and blew several kisses at me, damn I was so horny after that , I started to think what it would be like to have sex with him, I mean he is the country boy type, and he wear loose shorts where his dick can be seen through his shorts and my eyes where fixed on it , I don't think it was hard but it was large, I need my job, so a little flirting is ok, I wont go beyond that, but I am wondering if he ask would I or wouldn't I fuck him, I am really thinking about the things I would do to him and what I want him to do with me, oh oh boy, He is hot hot hot, thank for reading and your comments
Just thinking
Posted:Aug 25, 2016 12:54 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 4:03 pm

How many of you that have been on this site for a long time start to rethink about what you really want after being on here so long, I know some have been lucky and others have not, It seem like it is full of fake people, I know some areas are better than others when it come down to meeting someone, Since I been on here I have met two nice guys, I get a lot of messages from guys who want to meet, but mostly they live out of my area, I understand that standard members can't read profiles so a lot of them really don't know what you want or looking for, I think that is unfair to all members, I think we should be able to read the profile, so they don't waste your time or theirs. But anyway I am still rethinking about what I want, I do know I don't want to have an affair with a married man, or a man in a relationship, I don't want a one night stand or hear you will be in my city for the night or weekend so lets get together, not going to happen, well some are going to say what are you doing on here then, well good question, To read blogs, comment on blogs, and if along the way I meet that per who peak my interest and I peak his interest, that would be great,
Tell me sweet little lies
Posted:Feb 19, 2016 1:10 am
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2017 4:50 pm

I wonder can we be honest with each other? or do we know how to be honest? When you get a message do wonder if the per is being honest with you? If you read their profile are you wondering if they are being honest and upfront about it? Or are you being dishonest to yourself believing that everyone on here is honest? Ok we all know this is a sex site or hook up site, but do you have to be so dishonest about being married or a couple, or anything in your profile. Will it get more women or men by lying to the per or pers you are trying to get? I was thinking about because I read a blog on here from a blogger who was lied to so badly, She didn't get what she wanted but he got what he wanted a per to use, I look at it this way everyone on here has feelings no matter what they are looking for, No one can say if you have an encounter you would or would not fall in love with that per or care deeply for that per, you never know what may happen , but would you use that per because they have deep feeling for you? knowing you feel nothing for them but you can get what you want out of them because they feel for you? For all those who read this blog please just think about this before you comment, Don't get me wrong I never said I was a saint, Yes I have done it before and regret the hell out of it, it bother me for a long time and I vowed to never do it again. BECAUSE KARMA IS A BITCH. AND IT DOESN'T FEEL SO GOOD WHEN IT HAPPEN TO YOU.
It boggles the mind
Posted:Feb 15, 2016 5:13 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 4:07 pm

I got to messages today , the first was from a so call couple, he tried to speak as the female, lol I told him that if he really read my profile he would know that I don't date anyone under the age of 40, he then said his girl was 37, and he could send me pics of her. then I said I thought this was the female messaging? no answer for that I still said no thanks, but their profile list as 33, I have never change my age on here, TSDates always do it for me, so if she was 37 why would it say 33, then the second one was from a man in two states away from, I may have been a strong but I am just sick and tried of men who know we are 100s of miles away from each other trying to hook up? senseless right. I told him first before you get started , if you really read my profile, so he would not waste his time or mine, he stated he did read it , I said ok then , but mind you no further contact from him. Why is it so hard to read people profile and if they do read it , Why do they think, they will change your mind on what you want or don't want? It boggle my mind how some of us don't think anymore just do without thought.
Posted:Feb 7, 2016 12:02 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 4:18 pm

I was reading a lots of blogs about people not being able to do things on this site that they use to, Some are standard members and some are gold members, So that got me thinking about my billing info, I been a member since 2009 and thank goodness only my expired card is in record. And that card is no longer valid. I think everyone should check their billing info and make sure that your auto renew is off if you aren't happy with this site anymore, So if you leave or decide you no longer want to be a gold member you won't be billed for something you are not getting. I want to thank all the people who have inform us about what is going on here. I saw three decline renews in my billing record so they tried when I wasn't active on this site to bill me but the card wasn't valid.

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