Men that look.  

psbiguy 61M
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2/12/2018 12:23 pm
Men that look.

I always wonder why men will look at my profile and then get upset when I flirt them...Isn't a flirt how says hi on this site.

uncutSr6 77M
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6/23/2018 4:06 pm

Most men like to watch other men play with their cock's.

pineconer9 71M
244 posts
7/29/2018 7:45 am

They know what they are doing. I see many of men viewing my site and it is obvious that I am a M on my profile..and then when I look at there profile it no where states that they are looking for me etc....and have chatted with many that say they are straight and no mention of men but as we chat they are interested in other men too..have had some hot correspondents like that.. so maybe just fantasy and they are getting off to it and may never go any further..

David20180101 77M

10/3/2018 4:12 pm

Flirts work for me.

David20180101 77M

12/2/2018 10:00 am

I luv uncut cocks. Your heads are so soft and all the skin is a pleasure to my tongue and mouth. Wish mine were uncut!

1sybercowboy 70M  
1 post
12/22/2018 3:19 pm

Any one here is either here to watch or be watched, and I find no broadcasting women so those guys are here to watch other guys, just won't admit it.

mem71 78M  
7 posts
8/29/2019 11:44 am

Well when I get a flirt, I try to reply. In your case I let you fuck me when I can get the time. And speaking of that I desperately need to be fucked.

amorosomfd 75M
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8/10/2020 6:41 am

There has been an international study some years ago with the result that 40% of men worldwide, regardless age, ethnicity, religion, color of skin, have the wish (or even desire) to have sex with another man. It is supposed that the inofficial number is much higher, around 60% or above. Shame is the main reason not to admit this wish - not even to oneself. Most of these men are married or at least in a relationship with a woman, and they are afraid to shock their partners and too loose them. In more than 35 years of work as a couple and sexual counselor I've heard many of these male "confessions" and as well many desparate wifes how to deal with the fact when they found out their husbands are in a sexual relationship with another man. Both partners need kind of comfort but the more they need encouragement to cope with the new situation. The men denying their wishes for any reason of being socially adjusted will have it in mind however for the rest of their lifetime. If you are afraid of water of a lake because your fear to drown you'll never know if you possibly may swim and survive - i.e. try it, it's the only way to find out. The desparate wifes either separated for social, especially religious reasons, but some of them took the chance to stay together with the husband, either tolerating his new way of life or even taking part and making this adventurous journey together. It takes a lot of courage for both partners...but the result
is a more intimate relationship, more stable than before.
Whatever situation we find ourselves in - we always have a choice.

Thanks for taking the time to read my text - a bit longer than usual...

funbeingnude 69M  
364 posts
12/1/2020 3:49 pm

I like to do more then look

Papawforyou 63M  
28 posts
4/4/2021 6:23 am

I love to watch Guys play with their cocks and more, I am very bi and have lots of straight guys look at my profile. Are they straight or just afraid to admit they are bi as well.

IneedHEAD 65M  
30 posts
6/30/2021 7:09 am

well if you're ever in Vegas.... "LOOK" me up baby!

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