Why are people so homophobic?  

rm_two4twoorone 60M/58F
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10/14/2010 10:50 am
Why are people so homophobic?

I see so many couples that say on there profile,"No Bi sexual or Bi curious men at all." Is it that there so afraid another man is going to touch there man? Geesh get over it people. No one is going to touch anyone without your permission for one. Just cause a person is curious doesn't mean a thing.If your not then your not but why judge another because they are? Why be afraid of them?Men find women who are bi very hott and sexy. Women seem to find that most men who are bi are hott and sexy. Men seem to be the ones so afraid to be given a name. So many i think are just afraid to tell there wives that they have these desires or fantasies. Afraid of what they or there friends might think.As you get older you really don't give a crap what others think. Who cares what they think? Is it going to hurt you that they might think something about you? Then you're not comfortable with who you are to begin with if you do. By the number of single men i get hit on by everyday, even thou my profile says, NO SINGLE MEN NEED APPLY, I just find it hard to believe that all these couples are so afraid of bi sexual or curious men or even women in many instances. Like your cock or pussy is going to know who's tougue is on it anyway...lol. So you all that are so worried, scared, homophobic, or just to afraid to secretly admit your desires, explain it to me. Tell me how you expect to have a open, honest, fun relationship in the swinging lifestyle if your hiding your innermost feelings from one another? After all, she had enough guts to tell you didn't she? You love or desire her less for that? Has she got bigger balls than most guys on here? What's your views?

rm_twistedbahr 61M/54F
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10/15/2010 9:37 pm

I have got to agree with two4twoorone,but what can I do?Im a tomboy and have had lots of women come on to me,everyones 1st impreshion,shes gay.truely I am a gay man traped in a womans body.

epssax2 75M  
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11/13/2010 7:05 pm

Social mores are hard to change. Man on man is still taboo. I agree, I like oral sex from a man or woman. Its a pleasurable experience no matter who does it.

male4funbtown 58M
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3/31/2011 7:08 am

Hi I have recently met with a couple that has introduced me to the new sensations of the anus/sphincter ring zone and prostate stimulation and Wow! why hadnt anyone told me She had a strap on and they both were in all places and they made me feel awsome and i am looking for another couple to play bi with anything goes if we are all comfy. would like to here if you might be interested you guys are both sexy as hell id love to be sucking your clit while your mans pounding away and I am a great cleanup man. I luv creme pie! I live in Bloomington and i am so glad that I got over that homophobia we in the midwest have been raised with. sya hey anytime txtph eightonetwo-threetwofive-foursevenfiveeight. Carpe Diem!! ~Rick

kentuckiana 65M  
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4/8/2021 3:18 pm

Nice post-frank and well reasoned!

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