about tired of jerks  

rm_two4twoorone 60M/58F
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1/3/2012 9:47 am
about tired of jerks

for all you males sitn at home pounding there meat and accusing others and us , that we are not a couple should go find a woman and come on over. we have nothing to hide. Sorry my G/F is not the exhibitionist you all want. Yes she works weekdays so no she is not here all the time. so either accept us or just continue to dream and accuse because you are to chicken or cant be open with ur spouse. We have a open relationship but we don't cheat on one another and dont appreciate the others who do cheat!

Bilovers4life 39M/39F

3/10/2021 9:58 pm

We do not have a open relationship but we have came across a few that were cheating on their partners. Usererly not knowing this after several conversations together. This is a swinging site. I always thought our number one rule is complete honesty with ur significant other. This goes for all of us no matter which type of swinging relationship each couple has agreed on and comfortable with. The cheaters, the ones that lie to the spouse, honestly crawls all over me. We might like what we do but cheating is a no go for all of us. They give the rest of us a bad name. And we have a hard enough time being accepted for how we choose to do in our most privite part of our lives. If anyone finds out the judgment is outstanding. Plus we get grouped with those who lie, cheat, and sneak around the others back. Wish more people could understand the difference between what they do and the rest of us.


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