Keep w/pics  

scottv69 59M
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8/9/2021 3:40 pm
Keep w/pics


Keep your sweetest desires tucked

away in your passionate heart and

slide your amorous amorous wants

quietly into your soul and push your

sexual thoughts deep into your mind

and your wildest fantasies away in order

to make wonderful love to your partner

more exciting and intensely joyful.

***The pics are of me and my ex-wife***

scottv69 59M
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8/9/2021 3:44 pm


largedown 30M
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8/9/2021 4:32 pm

Sounds great!

scottv69 replies on 8/9/2021 4:57 pm:

author51 58F  
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8/9/2021 11:08 pm

Beautiful read and photos my friend. Good to see you back Hun.You were missed..xoxo

scottv69 replies on 8/10/2021 8:22 am:
thank you my friend on all accounts.

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