Just between you and I  

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9/26/2016 5:20 pm
Just between you and I

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9/26/2021 6:10 am

Yeah white candles.... If I went into detail you would think I am full of shit LOL. Google search white candles, spirits, cleansing. Churches burn white candles to ward off spirits that cling to people as they come into the house of god. I live in an area where there is many spirits. I live near a small creek, Fort Lincoln is nearby plus Indian tribes used to live in this area. I could go on and on with stories of spirits, things ducking into shadows, objects moving or falling over when I never touched them etc... I white candled each and every room in my house (5 bedroom with finished basement and jacuzzi room) with smaller curly birthday candles. Here say has it that spirits do not like the smell of candles, simular to burning sage. Each room I sat while the candle was burining and had a chat with these so called spirits. You need to talk nice to them because they are looking for attention. Explain to them things like how much more fun they would have and how much attention they could get if they were over in a neighbor's house instead of yours. DOn't be rude with them because that is the kind of attention most of them are looking for is that kind of reaction. They will stay if they get reactions from you. Like I say, I live in an active area, I even have a 'ghost meter' that after all the weird stuff that happens here I bought around a year ago finally. According to it (the electro magnetic readings) I have found htem lingering in the house on occasion and have been able to follow them around when normally there is no reading in those areas. Lately I have been using those candles in the small aluminum cups made by Mainstays that are white and unscented. I do believe they are called 'Teilights'. If I know that one has occupied the house again, I will light one where I sense that they are at and let it burn until it goes out. I will talk to the spirit every now and then telling it how much more attention it could get if it were at another place where there are more people etc... Yeah I am weird... Yeah I am weird, cursed with the abulity to see or sense spirits ever since I was a kid. I only began to understand it, or actually believe it after researching it on the internet. I always just thought that I was weirding out until I understood it. Oh by the way, you can't doubt yourself while cleansing with a white candle. if there is a spirit there it will be able to tell, you have to be strong but friendly while talking ot them. Some day maybe, I will tell you about a worm hole that I found while mountain riding on snowmobiles, boondocking over in the Big Horn Mountains near Medicine Wheel.... LOL enjoy the new house !

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