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WTF is this Starbucks?
Posted:Jan 29, 2019 1:06 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2019 8:44 pm

So this happened. I requested a "friend". She accepts. We chat some trivial stuff. She lives nearby. Not many Friends live nearby, so I get excited. She says she doesn't care much for the site. More chit chat, work, the beach, cold weather and being bundled up in a couch naked and not afraid, etc. I try to dig deeper and get to know her likes/dislikes. Eventually, I asked her if she's married. It was not obvious that she was on her profile. She says, she is single. I said, "..well, that is that". "But, Would you be interested in a possible threesome?" My wife is beautiful and trying to get her to be with girls, which she likes". She says "What??? Delete Yourself!, and Do Not Contact me ever again!!!" Like, WTF happened? Everything was fine talking trivial stuff, sex comes up, bam! Bipolar much?
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My lusty lesbian "friend"
Posted:Jan 18, 2019 10:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2019 4:20 pm

I live in a town where the gay scene is very visible. It is a place where there are gay guys, gay girls, gay couples of every color and even many gay divorced couples. Even their pets are gay. I work with gay professionals. My neighbors are lesbians. My best friend is a male gay successful professional. You get the idea. When my wife and I go out, it is a given that we will run into some of our gay friends, Our town is not that big, but it is a tourist destination, so the gay bar scene is vibrant and fun. My experience has been that my male gay friends are a bit more reserved with me as a straight male. They greet me with a handshake, but greet the other gay males with a kiss. I have no problems either way. My latin culture is one of hugs and kisses anyway, so no feeling of self-consciousness. Somehow, the greetings turn into an awkward half-shake/hug/cheeky maneuver. I have never been hit on by any of our male gay friends. Our lesbian friends are very direct. My wife is a hot little number with great hair, beautiful eyes, curves that kill, and a beautiful smile. Everybody loves her. The gay guys think she's hot. I have to pry our lesbian friends' hands off her. We have this friend who is very successful business woman. She has a lesbian live-in girlfriend. She used to be the butch type, but lately she has turned to a very feminine lesbian. She ALWAYS greets me with a "close kiss". The more she drinks, the more "handy" she gets. She is flirtatious, touchy-feely, and ALWAYS sneaks kisses when my wife is not around. She is the affectionate type, but her mannerisms are definitely different towards me, than other males. One time she asked me: "When we first met, did I hit on you?". I said "No, why would you say that?" She said "because you are beautiful". She doesn't act like that in front of my wife. One time we were sitting at the bar in a restaurant. They were at another table with the rest of their group. As my wife went to the restroom, she comes over, kisses me on the lips and says "Oh, you're still here". We were not even with them at all.
One time I asked her: "Do you consider yourself Bisexual or Lesbian?" She answered "Lesbian". None of our other lesbian friends act like that. I've heard the saying "Every lesbian is different", but this one really is different. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the attention. just wondering, should I push the envelope and see where my lusty lesbian friend takes it?

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