When is a guy bi-sexual?  

sexy4uplay 63F  
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3/13/2018 9:10 pm
When is a guy bi-sexual?

Hi Again,
This seems like an odd subject to blog about because I am not attracted at all to bi-sexual men. But I figured that since there are so many guys that are openly claiming to be bi-sexual on the site and so many that hint they have that leaning I thought it might be a good discussion topic.

If you claim you are a bi-sexual male but have never interacted with another man are you bi-sexual just because you have the urge?

How about if a man is sucked by another guy ... lets say a woman is sitting on his face and another guy sucks him without him knowing it is a guy ... the girl sitting on his face says "do you like that?" and he says yes ... is he bi-sexual?

Or how about the guys who have a profile shot of their butt ... does that make them bi?

Just wondering what is it that makes a guy bi? Any thoughts anyone has on this topic?


Tim99028 57M  
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3/14/2018 2:54 pm

Hi there! Thanks Sexy, interesting topic.
I've had that experience, during a threesome, lady was top and tailing me with her pussy right in my face. Her and her husband were obviously down at my nether regions! Yes I did wonder who was sucking my cock, and was certain of it while I was taking a breath!
In the end I didn't mind, I was obviously enjoying eating her pussy, and it didn't matter who was sucking my cock. The sensation was the same.
I'm not homophobic and don't mind being near a naked man during a threesome. But can't say that this makes me bi sexual.
It was all about the threesome and pleasuring the woman and hey that is a fabulous experience being with a woman who is just fizzing at the attention two men can give her!

AlohaScott 59M

4/29/2018 4:32 pm

Like Tim, I too have had that same 3sum experience. Someone was sucking me and it felt good. I am not homophobic either but I want to think it was the wife. If it was the Hubs I know some women he needs to give a class too, lol. On the same line, does it make me gay because I enjoy prostate play? One woman opened me up to this experience a few years ago first with her finger and then with toys. It was extremely sensual and pleasurable. And, OMG, when done right the full body orgasms are out of this world.

sexy4uplay 63F  
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4/30/2018 9:28 pm

Hi Tim,
you sound straight. My bf says his definition of a bi guy is a guy who looks for guys and plays alone with them ... or if a guy reaches out to another guy ... who knows.

sexy4uplay 63F  
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4/30/2018 9:36 pm

Hi Scott,
I don't think that enjoying your prostate makes you gay ... or even bi ... well unless you are enjoying your prostate by another guy putting his cock in your ass ... lol ... but seriously if a woman enjoys pleasuring you in this way and you enjoy it then why not?

jrinco 64M  
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10/3/2018 11:42 am

This is a great question.....like the others, my experiences have been with MW couples.....a little casual contact.......help guiding my cock into a particular place....thay sort of thing. While I was occupied with the wife, two of the guys started sucking my cock.....while unexpected, it felt good.....it didn't bother me at all.........they were sharing their wife with me....it felt good.......I just went with it. Neither of the guys seemed to want reciprication......perhaps in the moment I would have????? That being said, I have no interest in meeting with guys alone, or seeking out guys. It's been a while since I've been with a couple......hopefully I'll find a couple again and will see what happens. My profile says Bi-curious......my thinking is showing I'm not afraid of some casual MM content.

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