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There Are Different Kinds of Great Fathers
Veröffentlicht:20. Juni 2021, 12:53 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:15. Mai 2022, 11:22 Uhr
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It isn't just in humans that fathers show such a wide degree of parenting styles, roles and responsibilities. The same is true in the animal kingdom.

Perhaps the most unusual of all animal fathers are seahorses. They are one of the only m.ale animals in the world t.o get pregnant. The female deposits her eggs into his brood, then he fertilizes the eggs and carries them t.o term. As you can see in the image, they can get quite large. Seahorses can deliver as few as five babies or as many as fifteen hundred!

After a summer of hunting and feeding, Emperor Penguins enter their breeding season in the fall, where each mother produces only a single egg. After she transfers the egg t.o her mate, she spends the rest of the winter in the open water. The father penguins huddle together, guarding the egg. By time the egg has hatched, the father penguins will have lost forty-five percent of their body weight. They then leave to feed at sea.

Bald eagles mate for life, and parent many eaglets, often returning t.o the same nest year after year. Both eagles take turns adding sticks t.o the nest and keeping the eggs warm until they hatch. The fathers do most of the hunting and feeding by gently placing small pieces of meat into the young bird’s mouths. As the eaglets mature, both parents care for their young together until the baby birds can fly and hunt on their own.

Male silverback gorillas lead cohesive families, defending females and offspring from threats by charging and beating their chests. They have an important role in their offspring’s socialization and support infants during times of weaning. Virunga National Park is home more than half the world's mountain gorilla population.

A hardhead catfish doesn’t get pregnant like a seahorse, but he does put up t.o forty-eight of his fertilized eggs in his mouth and carries them with him for sixty days. If that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, he doesn’t eat for this entire period.

M.ale lions often laze around in the shade while female lions hunt all day. However, they will put their lives on the line when it comes t.o protecting their territory, their females, and their cubs. The lionesses hunt and provide for the pride, allowing the males and cubs t.o eat first, and in return, the lion fathers do whatever it takes to protect his family.
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Giving In To Temptation
Veröffentlicht:8. Juni 2021, 12:50 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:18. Oktober 2021, 17:34 Uhr
21121 Aufrufe

"I don't have t.o prove anything t.o you."

He nodded. The barely hidden fury in her eyes was easier for him t.o handle than the glaze of fear it replaced.

“Then for yourself.” Deliberately he smiled, baiting her. 'What's the matter, do I scare you?"

He'd pushed exactly the right button and they both knew it.

She tossed her hair back and slowly, purposefully slide her hand from his shoulder t.o his chest. She wanted a reaction but he only lifted an eyebrow and with the slightest grin, watched her.

So, he wanted to p.lay games? Well, she was up for it. Tossing common sense and caution aside, she pressed her lips against his. They were firm, cool and unresponsive. Damn him!

With her eyes open, she watched him, getting frustrated.


"Not hardly." His eyes might have remained calm but if she had bothered t.o check his heartbeat, she would have found it erratic.

"You're not trying very well,'" he mocked her.

He slid a hand down t.o her hip, shifting her balance just enough t.o have her sway against him. "You want m.e to believe that's the best you can do?'

Angry humiliation ripped through her. Cursing him, she dragged her mouth t.o his and poured herself into the kiss.

His lips were still firm but they were no longer cool. Nor were they unresponsive. For an instant, the thought of retreating tugged at her. And then the needs, almost forgotten and silenced for too long took over. A flood of longings, a whirlwind of passion overwhelmed her.

She could feel the long, hard length of him pressed against her and the slow, deliberate stroke of his hands as they moved up her back and into her hair.

His mouth no longer patient, took and took from her.

She shuddered against him and made a sound that was part protest, part confusion as she tried t.o struggle away.

"I am not finished yet," he cautioned her.

"That makes t.wo of us," she responded defiantly.

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Stepping Back Is Good For the Soul
Veröffentlicht:13. April 2021, 13:29 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:15. Oktober 2021, 18:12 Uhr
35766 Aufrufe

Recently, I took some time to step back and step away from here. I needed the break to reflect. refresh and reenergize. Here's what I confirmed for myself:

Each day is a blessing. Each day is an opportunity to start afresh. Each day gives you a different feeling and the chance to build yourself even better.

Life's hard knocks have taught me how to survive and how to stand up for myself. Others should not mistake my good-natured demeanour for being a pushover.

Being loud and obnoxious has never been my style. Sometimes, staying silent is the best option. It quickly quiets those looking to stir up trouble when none exists and they realize they can't bait you into a meaningless debate.

Salt and pepper shakers. I have sets that belonged to my great-grandmother. my grandmother, my mother and my own. All but one pair (that I use every day) are sitting in my china cabinet. The old ones are rarely taken out but hold fond memories of special family get together and are hard to part with.
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A Checklist For Healthy Living
Veröffentlicht:1. April 2021, 18:20 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:16. April 2021, 11:55 Uhr
31457 Aufrufe

The choices you make every day, affect your health and even how long you might live. These tips will help you avoid problems that can lead t.o illness:

> Wake up and smile. It will help put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

> Meditate / Pray. A clear mind is one open t.o learning.

> Drink more water.

> Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains every day.

> Cook Your Own Meals. You can control what you are eating and save $$.

> Read and write more. Exercising your brain is as important as physical

> Remove clutter (less is more).

> Drink alcohol only in moderation. That's no more than one drink a day for
women, for men.

> Do some sort of stretching every day. Your body will thank you later.

> Learn t.o love sleep. Get seven t.o eight hours of sleep each night.

> Do something you love every single day.

> Forgive first. You will feel better and so will the other person.

> Be positive. Don't overlook your mental health. Attitude and stress can affect
your physical health.

> Don't waste your energy responding t.o nonsense.

> Spend quality time with family. You can never get back the time you have lost.

> Show gratitude.

Do you have a written or unwritten checklist that you follow?

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I Will Always Remember
Veröffentlicht:31. MÀrz 2021, 19:12 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:12. April 2021, 11:47 Uhr
29039 Aufrufe

I still remember the outline of your lips and fingers.

The way they seared every inch of my soft and wanting exterior.

The world spun and the traffic below our window rolled on, completely unaware we had lit the room on fire.

Your touch burned me t.o the core.

It was the most magnificent pain I have ever experienced.

And then you were gone.

But I will always remember.

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Want To Go To Dildo, Newfoundland?
Veröffentlicht:28. MÀrz 2021, 12:53 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:27. April 2021, 17:39 Uhr
29224 Aufrufe

Yes, that really is the name of a town in Newfoundland. Does the name of a city or town draw your attention and influence your choices?

There are a lot of oddly-named places across Canada. I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you and how they got their name.

Snafu, Yukon

This community was christened after the military acronym-Situation Normal: All Fouled Up, b.y the U.S. military while they were building the Alaska highway. Snafu served as one of two forest fire crew camps in the Yukon in the ’50s. It’s now a campground surrounded b.y lakes and a popular destination for canoe trips.

Stoner, British Columbia

Which came first: Stoner or Stone Creek? Locals reportedly use the latter, with “Stoner” presumably a modern- derivative.

Legal, Alberta

Legal owes its name t.o Emile Legal, the bishop of St. Albert, Alberta. The bilingual town was settled mostly b.y homesteaders from Quebec and is now renowned for its public murals. It was named “French Mural Capital of the World”.

Happyland, Saskatchewan

The full name for this community is the Rural Municipality of Happyland no. 231. The community supposedly got its name from an early resident who was very pleased 😊 t.o be there.

Climax, Saskatchewan

This Saskatchewan village was settled b.y Christ Fugelstad, an immigrant from Climax, Minnesota, who was apparently either terribly homesick or terribly unimaginative. (the original Climax owed its curious name t.o a chewing tobacco company.) Today, Climax has a small but thriving population of One Hundred and Ninety-five

Crotch Lake, Ontario

The name comes from the fact that the lake has two narrows, and the point where they meet resembles the crotch of a stick. The lake has seventy-seven campsites and is part of the canoe route through the Mississippi River.

Peekaboo Corner, New Brunswick

A small community within the village of Norton, New Brunswick, Peekaboo Corner is named for a poorly-placed house that stood on the corner, blocking the vision of passing drivers. Hopefully, the name delivered a cautionary message to future motorists.

Sober Island, Nova Scotia

Some locals claim that this remote island in Nova Scotia was named b.y British soldiers who landed there with no liquor on their ship. Today the island is known for its oysters, and for the Sober Island Brewing Company, a popular brewery despite not actually being located there.

Dildo, Newfoundland

No one can quite confirm where the most infamous of all funny Canadian town names comes from. Some say it comes from a French word for the island, “ile d’eau” or a Spanish word for the bottom of a boat. The term has also been known t.o refer t.o a pin placed in a rowboat that attaches t.o the oar. You can always ask its mascot, Captain Dildo, for his take on the tale.

@Readers Digest
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Not His One Night Stand
Veröffentlicht:26. MÀrz 2021, 19:42 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:30. Mai 2021, 12:52 Uhr
26561 Aufrufe

She looked around the dimly lit bar. The music was dying down and most of the tables had cleared. She knew it was time to get going.

Almost reluctantly, she slowly stood up and after a moment, he followed her. She felt his gentle touch as he placed his hand on the small of her back and guided her towards the door.

Outside, the night was cool and the stars twinkled as they lit her path.

She could smell his subtle, expensive cologne. He was strong, intelligent and confident. Previously, she hadn't tried finding someone who challenged her in the ways he did. She’d always just gone with the unquestioning, less challenging ones, those who didn't dare ask too many questions.

She looked up at him and his questioning, blue eyes which seemed t.o see too much. She took an instinctive step back, confused and suddenly spooked. His head had already dropped forward and his lips brushed against her cheek.

“I don’t know what I am doing here. I have policies about these things,” he said as his lips fell t.o the hollow of her neck. She knew better, but she didn’t want it t.o stop. The kiss was light and teased her.

He raised his head. “I am not into one-night stands. I’m too old for that sort of crap. I have all the things I’m proud of in my life. I don’t believe in one-night escapism anymore. I don’t see the point.”

She tried t.o open her mouth t.o argue but he cut her off by brushing his lips over hers. She was startled and surprised. He stopped and lingered for a moment. He held her lightly, giving her plenty of room; it made her both grateful and disappointed.

She had just started t.o lean forward when he broke off the kiss.

“I’m interested in you,” he murmured against her ear. “You are not what I expected. You are smart. You are complicated. And I already know you won’t go home with me tonight.”

“You are right. I won’t,” she whispered.

His hands fell from her back as he stepped away. Her arms grew cold as she shivered and watched him walk over t.o his car. She didn’t call him back. She had her own vehicle so she could drive herself home. It was another of her self-imposed rules, designed to keep herself safe.

She watched as he drove away. And, after another moment, she went home. Alone.

Sometimes not doing something is the best choice.

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Fearing The Return To Normal
Veröffentlicht:25. MÀrz 2021, 19:39 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:15. September 2021, 10:37 Uhr
26492 Aufrufe

Not everyone is excited or mentally prepared t.o go back t.o their lives because the pandemic has been a forced respite. It’s provided a guilt-free release from the pressures of work, social and family obligations and interactions. Even the words “return t.o normal” bring on a touch of anxiety for some people.

Many people have discovered they appreciate the ability t.o work from home, and t.o have a legitimate reason t.o avoid unwanted or stressful social activities without feeling guilty. For others, it’s provided an opportunity t.o spend more quality time with those in the same household and t.o spend time on hobbies.

Working from home has eliminated daily commutes, and many are using the time saved t.o add exercise into their routine and t.o eat more home-cooked meals.

Many people are hoping t.o continue working from home, at least part-time, even after everyone is vaccinated and the world goes back t.o "normal".

If you’re feeling anxious about the “Great Restart”, remember t.o be patient with yourself and others. After a year or more of isolation, returning t.o normal will likely be a shock.

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Be Thankful For The Bad Things In Life
Veröffentlicht:24. MÀrz 2021, 20:06 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:26. MĂ€rz 2021, 10:12 Uhr
25879 Aufrufe
This says it all.....

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Being Vulnerable Is NOT A Weakness
Veröffentlicht:23. MÀrz 2021, 20:08 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:4. September 2021, 17:58 Uhr
25785 Aufrufe

Allowing yourself t.o be vulnerable can be scary. But, it’s also a powerful and authentic way t.o live. It takes strength and bravery.

Being vulnerable means being honest about how you feel. It’s about opening yourself up t.o someone, letting that person into your world

Being vulnerable involves uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.

Vulnerability is often seen as a weakness. Deciding t.o put yourself 'out there' is the opposite of being w.e.ak

I am sharing this as a reminder t.o everyone that every time you allow yourself t.o be vulnerable, you actually empower yourself.

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No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent
Veröffentlicht:22. MÀrz 2021, 17:30 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:25. MĂ€rz 2021, 3:40 Uhr
25398 Aufrufe

Life is tough. Most of us don't have things simply handed t.o us. Along the way. we will encounter all kinds of people, many of who will try t.o stand in our way of success. They may try different techniques including trying to make us feel inferior. I posted about this before and felt it timely to share it again.

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

These words are a remarkably insightful statement about self-esteem. When I saw them in a daily newsletter, I wanted t.o understand their origin.

Eleanor Roosevelt uttered that phrase about an awkward event in “1935”. The Secretary of Labor in the Roosevelt administration was invited t.o give a speech at the University of California, Berkeley . The customary hostess of the event was unhappy because she felt that the chosen speaker should not have been a political figure. She refused t.o serve as the host and several newspapers viewed her action as a rebuff and an insult.

When Mrs. Roosevelt was asked at a White House press conference whether the Secretary had been snubbed, her response was widely reported. “A snub,” defined the first lady, “is the effort of a person who feels superior t.o make someone else feel inferior. T.o do so, he has t.o find someone who can be made t.o feel inferior.”

Throughout my lifetime, I have encountered people who tried t.o use this tactic. With maturity and life’s experience, I realized it has everything t.o do with them and nothing t.o do with m.e. They often have insecurities and it helps them t.o feel better about themselves if others are unhappy. A happy person will not be motivated t.o make others feel miserable.

I am a strong, confident, resilient woman who has faced many challenges head-on. I do remind myself of this, counting each as a blessing with the refusal t.o be made t.o feel inferior by someone else’s insecurities.

@Quote Investigator

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What Am ‘I’ To Do?
Veröffentlicht:21. MÀrz 2021, 17:46 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:25. MĂ€rz 2021, 9:53 Uhr
25777 Aufrufe

Of everything I have seen, it's you that I want t.o go on seeing.

Of everything I have touched, it's your flesh that I want t.o go on touching.

I love your laughter.

I am moved the sight of you sleeping.

What am I t.o do?

I don't know how others love or how people loved in the past,

I love watching you, loving you.

Being in love is my nature.

What am I t.o do?

@Pablo Neruda
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Saturday Sillies
Veröffentlicht:20. MÀrz 2021, 16:54 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:18. September 2021, 16:08 Uhr
24638 Aufrufe
This first day of spring was a glorious day filled with sunshine, blue sky and smiles. On that note, I have no great words of wisdom, trivia or interesting information to share. So here are some things that made me laugh.

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