The Solivagant (Chapter 1)  

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The Solivagant (Chapter 1)

A novel in process

The Solivagant

Chapter 1
They sat silently, the students were focused on their professor, particularly the women, as he sat casually on a desk he placed closer them, so they would feel less separated by the typical classroom setting .
He displayed an air of quiet confidence, the kind of feeling that can come from someone is comfortable with themselves, but was something much deeper as well resulting from what intellect and life experiences provide.

He had dark brown hair with wisps of grey and white on either side and his well trimmed beard which added a certain allure and sophistication. As he spoke he always made eye contact with his students and his eyes were dark and piercing, intense, yet filled with warmth and if you happened be caught in them could be an experience not soon forgotten.
Looking from student student as he spoke, Evolution being the steady unrelenting power of change. Every life form known man has found a way adapt its surroundings and create in that process, an identity that is both at once unique and yet connected everything else. The tremendous burden of life is survival, live, procreate and ultimately, die.
Making way for what? Something new, better adapted, stronger more intelligent; more....?” He let the question hang suspended as he waited for them contemplate its possibilities.
“Human life, arguably the most complex creation; seemingly given the task of dominion over all it surveys. Yet it is still flesh, bone, and blood; brought into awareness. By what authority? For what purpose?
Out of the womb of the ocean and into the light, from some universal abyss and onto the terra firma. Crawling on its belly until it can learn to stand and walk. Clinging to life by some intuitive nature that helps protect it from its own ignorance, so it can survive and continue the work of its creator. Exactly what that is, becomes the conjecture of the religious dogma, of the philosophers, of the poets, of the dispassionate lords of science and of the mystics and prophets.
Yet, what are its numbered days to contain? Bearing witness to a chaotic planet spinning around a solar furnace within an unending cold and lifeless darkness; pitted with dots of light so distant and yet to become more than messengers of hope, absorbed by time, their energy and light, already spent and gone, eons ago in a now extinct universe?”
“Well, people, I am afraid that is all we have time for today. Please read chapters one through five before next Thursdays class. I want to continue our previous explorations into the aboriginal social structures, and in particular the use of masks and how those were applied to their ceremonies in community gatherings, celebrations, conflict and often prominently and most importantly in fertility ceremonies.
I am sure that will give your energetic libidos something contemplate.
Enjoy the weekend and the nice weather we are finally going have. is nothing like spring excite the passive mind and body.”

She was standing at her desk slowly gathering her things together as the class room emptied out. She was coyly catching glimpses of her professor as he stood by the open window re arranging some of his notes.
The intoxicating warm spring air and the sunlight helped to create a heightened sense within her which was already difficult to control.
Her hair was the subtle colors that exists within those warm hues of deeper brown, somewhat curly and wavy at the time, which had a way of always seeming care free as spilled over her shoulders and yet would never make her seem out of place in the most formal occasions. framed a face which still bore an innocence of childhood and yet something which spoke of the sensual womanly beauty she would always posses, even in her old age. Her eyes were the color of the ocean, and impossible label as they always seemed be
changing somehow, mystical and deep, beckoning you search them for what might lie within.
She walked up her professor was still looking at his notes.
“Professor Esposito, Sir?”
He looked up and seemed to suddenly awaken when he saw the women in front of him. “Yes, Miss?”
She looked into his eyes, with a delicate shyness as she introduced herself.
Celina Tachira.”
I just wanted to tell you that this class has been so important to me and I......”
He waited briefly to give her the opportunity to find her meaning.
She lightly bit at her lower lip as she continued.
“Well, I feel like something special is happening to me... I feel this energy, a stirring inside, something awakening, it feels like it exists in some deep well of intuition or something that, I can’t quite grasp because it is in the fog just ahead, or ....”
Pausing again she blushed at her thought not fully expressed. He smiled in a way to attempt to put her at ease as he spoke.
Celina looked at him with a confidence that her words could not betray.
;m sorry, I have a hard time putting it into words and I feel a embarrassed. He studied her without making it overt or uncomfortable as he spoke.,
it is sometimes extremely difficult express our most fundamental nature, especially in the face of our current social systems and attitudes, which have seemed evolve away from .
We are taught from a very early age suppress .
That is why studying our nature in a historical context; through the experience of our ancestors or tribal cultures which, are still hanging on by a thread today; can sometimes reveal how and where has been hidden. Our deepest connections each other are more than coincidental. We share a legacy of human existence, forged in the fire of experience. You know those times when you meet someone or even just see a photograph of them and you have a sense of recognition that creates a sensation of connection, or familiarity that you just can’t explain?
It can be a complex awakening; quite frightening actually. But ultimately extraordinary in its power and revelation.
“What are you majoring in?
She looked directly into his eyes and they spoke of an inner self assurance and a certain delightful shyness all at once.
She spoke and then lightly laughed in a manner that was warm and promising as the spring day itself.
I am in my fourth year, anthropology and abnormal psychology. It's a double major and I think it's actually killing me.
Neither of them could release each other from their gaze. was an interval of time that would in most instances become quite uncomfortable or an awkward feeling, but that was not the case. was instead the sensation of knowing something, without knowing it; an experience of the discovery of something new but also timeless as if it were something remembered.
He touched the back of his closed hand to his lips and shook his head playfully up and down.
I do not doubt that. I am very impressed and also very sorry for you at the time.
They both laughed.
was another period of silence and then he looked at the clock.
Please forgive me Celina but I am forced take my leave of what has been a most unexpected and enjoyable moment; in what is typically the well trodden path of my daily routines. I have the pressing requirement of an academic meeting that will now be even more agonizing than usually is as a result.
She held out her hand and said.
Thank you professor for giving me a moment of your time.
Her hand was the hand of an artist, was graceful and slender. She held somewhat differently than you would normally expect receive a handshake. was slightly more closed than open as if inviting the receiver explore and carefully place your own within it as opposed just grasping .
He looked at her hand for a moment in recognition of the difference it presented. Under other circumstances he might have brought it his lips and inside he wanted but under the circumstances he just lightly placed his fingers into the opening until she allowed him inside.

(More chapters to come. Let me know if you want to read them and I will continue to post them. Thanks for reading. )

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