FWB vs. NSA vs. FB - Setting the record straight.  

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8/17/2021 2:14 pm
FWB vs. NSA vs. FB - Setting the record straight.

Hi, all. Thanks for stopping by. I have finally reached a critical point to where I have broken down to get something off of my chest in regard to FWB vs. NSA. Far too often on this site I am seeing people misusing these terms and I can only assume that most people do not even understand the difference between these two abbreviations. In fact, I'm seeing a lot of people using these two terms interchangeably. NO, no, no!!!! I'm also seeing people using these terms side by side, as in: "I'm in search of an NSA FWB". What? It's either one or the other! They are two entirely different things!!!
Therefore, I've stepped in to set the record straight, in hopes that at least some people will actually read this, by chance, and learn something from it. Or at least, this is my take and understanding on the matter:

NSA - This stands for No Strings Attached. This sounds very straight-forward, actually. People who seek NSA are purely after casual hookups and is generally a one-time physical sexual event. Essentially, meet, screw and leave; to be very blunt about it. People in this league typically do not want any small talk, no coffee or dinner dates, no hugs, no snuggling & cuddling, no emotional or intellectual bonding, no personal life information shared, nothing of meaningful human ties or otherwise. The idea here is to meet, screw and leave....hence, No Strings Attached. Purely physical and no obligations. This would mean that this agreement is known that both parties involved are free to routinely see and sleep with other people up front and that no commitment, obligations, jealousy or feelings between each other should be had.

FB - This stands for Fuck Buddy. Generally speaking, a FB is similar in sense to what an NSA is, except that you keep this "friend" on the side for casual booty calls now and then for an ongoing thing. It's a mutual agreement between two "friends"....you know, typically for those who don't score at the club after 2:00 a.m. and both parties need a piece of action.

FWB - This stands for Friends With Benefits. Again, this also sounds fairly straight-forward, yet many people seem to interpret this as a hookup friend and often times confuse it with the above terms FB and NSA. NO!!!!! A FWB relationship is something that actually DOES have expectations of some level of strings and commitment involved, being that your main purpose and intent is to establish a meaningful friendship with someone and to expect emotional and intellectual attachments with someone. A FWB is a friend! It is someone you share adventures with both in AND out of the bedroom. It is someone who you can talk to about anything, someone you can count on during the good and bad times, someone that comforts you, someone you can rely on, someone you can go on dates with, someone you can spend time at the park with and so forth. Think of this person almost no differently than any other besties that you have girls' night out with or the guys you go bowling with. They are FRIENDS! The only difference here is that you have intent for intimacy to stem from that pre-established friendship. The sexual / intimate 'Benefits' part of a FWB is merely a bonus perk of the actual Friendship. This is drastically different from an NSA or a FB ordeal. In a FWB relationship, you are knowingly signing up WITH a level of some strings and commitment attached; whereas an NSA or FB, you aren't!
In many instances, a FWB is an ideal situation. For the married people, a FWB is obviously a way to fill the voids of the lack of friendship, activities, attention, affection and intimacy that many lack at home, without the extreme, unnecessary or unrealistic measures of a divorce. For the singles, a FWB can also be a way to fill the voids and simulate a real dating relationship, without the major obligations and responsibilities of actually committing entirely to one. It also allows for alone time and breaks from seeing each other vs. a live-in relationship.

Please understand these terms and use them accordingly. I constantly see people on here using these terms improperly or interchangeably, which is not only incorrect, but confusing and frustrating to determine who is actually here for what legitimate purpose. Hopefully that is some guidance to anyone who may be misusing these terms.

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8/17/2021 5:31 pm

Good luck getting people to comply . . .

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BiggLala 49F  
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8/17/2021 6:43 pm

This is a very well-written post; one of the best I've seen here when people post about this topic. You break the three terms down beautifully. The only thing I'd add is that FWB relationships can often be non-exclusive, meaning both parties can "date" other people...responsibly of course.

Great post!

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spunkycumfun 61M/66F
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8/18/2021 6:47 am

Well distinguished.

seems6666 51F
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8/18/2021 10:39 am

Ah.. but you see by posting they are looking for all 3 ... they are hedging their bets!! .
I tried a FWB once... he just wanted sex.. (so benefits without the friends) ... he got kicked into touch real quick!
I think most people know what the acronyms stand for ... unless they're on another planet ... but it's like the number game.. hit on enough women and you're bound to score at some point!

seems6666 51F
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8/18/2021 10:46 am

Further down the blog page.. I found this "Looking for nsa sex or submissive to train or play with!"
Now.. i'm not sub in anyway but if I were to become sub, I would want plenty of strings (or ropes) excuse the pun! and a LOT of trust..

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