Anal Virgin  

somethinggood57 70M  
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3/6/2020 2:35 am
Anal Virgin

I am trying to stay straight, but I am maybe Bi curious. I'm a widower and because I spend a lot of time on , watching porn, and alone. I have become a compulsive masturbator. Every night I set nude and fondle myself, and masturbate on cam which I enjoy doing.
I have bought anal sex toy, vibrators, blow job machines (which was a waste of ), and recently some g-srings (that turn me on when I wear them.) I have even started shaving my pubic area (which I enjoy now feeling hairless)
I am 68 years old. Recently I let a friend I met on give me a BJ, I got so turned on I returned the favor (neither of us came in his or my mouth , we finish each other by jacking off. And the bad thing is I enjoyed suc/8king his cock. (It was the first time I sucked a cock since I was a .) and of course I enjoyed getting my cock sucked. I have met 1 other friend on that sucked my cock, and again I returned the favor, with the ending . Jacking off to a finish
. I have a nice looking cock, and get alot of offers for BJ's, but I turned them down, except for the 2 times. Because I'm trying to stay straight. But everytime I masturbate, I always want my cock sucked.And I could up the men gave me a Bj for one, but I don't
.Just recently I received a late from one of the men. And I knew that he was going to offer me a bj. But insteasd he ask me to perform anal sex on him.I have never done that,. But I was really horny , and told him I would. Then because he lived a 1/2 hr away and it was late I changed my mind and told him it was to late. But he said that we could do it at another time. I don't know if I should perform anal sex on him or not. I'm trying to stay straight, But I'm scared, that just like giving a Bj, I might enjoy it. But I'm always hornyand I am open minded. Any suggestions?/8=8\8happym;...\8

ciclonandcoke 52M  
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6/16/2020 11:56 pm

Just go for it and try it out. It's completely normal with guys. You will absolutely love it. I still love girls but playing with cock, sucking and fucking is really hot!

hardANDready4U10 53M
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5/11/2021 12:44 am

I say give it a try. If thinking about giving him anal gets you hard, go for it. I'm sure he'd enjoy taking his cock in his ass. And he is probably really tight and would wrap nicely around your dick.

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