Need some advice!  

somethinggood57 70M  
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8/1/2020 2:11 am
Need some advice!

I just recently bought a electric penis pump. I'm 7" hard and thick! I didn't buy it make my cock bigger, I bought it for use during masturbation. I have a manual penis pump, and I enjoy making my cock hard as I can take , and setting there with my cock inside it. So I decided buy a electric one. I got one problem. If I can get some advice, I would appreciate it. The electric pump works great, except one thing. When I turn it on, it not only engulfs my cock, but it sucks my balls in also. And it's really painful. Any suggestions how I can stop it from sucking my balls in the tube also./8\8

any1wanna123 46M
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9/11/2020 11:31 am

MMMMMM yes you must press it against your pelvis above your balls and be careful as you pump it UP. Hot cock bi the way

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