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Staci’s Playground intro
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Let’s give this a whirl!
Am trying this at the suggestion of a few folks.
1. 95% of the pics that will be posted are moi! Yep, am doing this for my entertainment. So there will be the good, the bad and the ugly. (Lots of ugly). If others enjoy it, it will make me happy! But these are my pics, posted on, to be viewed by members. So please don’t steal them and post some other place. If I wanted them posted someplace else, I would do it.
2. Any other pics that get posted will be given credit. I only post pics that are found free and available to download from the World Wide Web.
3. Comments are encouraged. Good, bad, indifferent. Go for it!

This will evolve with more info as needed or suggested.
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Hump day!!!
Veröffentlicht:1. Dezember 2021, 10:35 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:3. Dezember 2021, 2:48 Uhr
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So how is everyone? Still recovering from turkey day? Really? I know. ’s rough. And here we head into a kinda short month. And starts all over. You’ll make . I’m sure of .
So ’s a pothole in the 2 lane black top that goes from the highway into my lil town.
City won’t fix it. Says it’s a county thing. County won’t fix it. Says it’s a city thing. 😡
And the crap part is that I can never seem to dodge it. ’s always another car passing me at the time I come the pothole. Everyday. If I slow down, so do they. If I speed up, so do they. I cannot avoid this damn pothole!!😡😡
Also terminated an employee this morning. As hard as is find help, I had do this. Makes room for someone wants work. I terminated him due excessive tardiness and absences. 3 weeks. Late every day he showed up and always had leave early. Missed several days. Then, comes in ask me for a raise. WTF? So, for 3 weeks he worked a total of 50 hours. Yep. Anyway, I explained all this to him. And then I asked “do you understand why I’m letting you go?” He said “yes. ’s because I asked for a raise and you don’t want give me more ”. WTF?? 😡
Good luck kid.

Anyway. Still bathing.

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It’s Monday!
Veröffentlicht:29. November 2021, 10:27 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:30. November 2021, 12:13 Uhr
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Omg. Long weekends are a killer for . So this week definitely will be start slow and taper off. It’s nice weather, so maybe, just maybe get lights put for Christmas. We’ve recently inherited several large pieces of antique furniture, so there is no room for a tree this year. Not sure what we are going do with the furniture. family heirlooms her side of the family. Slight difference in our families. My side, we dont keep much. Sell it, donate it or whatever. Let’s not clutter. Y’ may laugh if y’ have seen my garage, music room or patio. 😂. It’s cluttered. But I’m always in the middle of a project.
Anyway, years ago, the pump went out at the lake house. So, an early morning wash was just the thing get going. Wish I was there now. Will be there in 2 weeks, but it will be waaaayyy cold for this.
Hope everyone has a great week! See ya soon!

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Things that irk
Veröffentlicht:28. November 2021, 3:58 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:30. November 2021, 3:17 Uhr
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Yep. Irk. Interesting little word.
Went to a large beer/liquor store. On the hunt for a certain beer. They had 1 six pack. Sales associate walks by and I asked if they had some more in back. He never missed a step, said no, and kept on walking. He was gone before I could ask if he would check. 😡
Then, go to a grocery store. They have 2 six packs. Nobody around, so there won’t be any asking. I accept that in here. I toodle up to 10 items or less checkout. One guy in front, twiddling his thumbs. Checker standing there, twiddling her thumbs. Hmmm 🤔. Maybe we are waiting on a manager? Price check? I’m staring at other lanes, wondering what my options are. Then, here come the special younger generation. Young college age. Socks with slide sandals. Sweats. Stupid haircut. Casually walking. No hurry. It’s his world. Puts a package of cheese on the counter and the checkout process begins again. The cheese is in the farthest corner away!!!😡 judging by his speed, this had probably been 10 minutes. Only 5 of which I had to endure. Me and other guy were checked out in less time than I had waited. Sheesh. Don’t keep shopping once you’ve hit the register!! 😡
Other things- people that get out of the car to order at a drive thru. Freaking just go in!! Don’t run back and forth to make sure who wants lettuce, who doesn’t want fries and who can’t decide on a milkshake flavor. Go in or go someplace I’m not. 😡
The dried stuff on the lotion bottle. How the hell does it clog up so that it squirts up and I get a money shot in the eye? Dang. 😡
If you have more than 10 items, don’t you dare eyeball the express lane. 10 items or less!!! Read the freaking sign.
I could go on. That was just some things that irked me yesterday. There were more.
I’m home now. Have my beer. And I’m calm now.

From a few years ago. I didn’t like the purple. I liked the brown. She said the purple looked great. Turns out, she liked the brown better too. 😜

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Well Hellooo
Veröffentlicht:26. November 2021, 6:06 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. November 2021, 3:35 Uhr
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Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving day!
I did. I spent the day alone. Except for doggo. First time in many years.
Wifey was out of town. A relative had surgery, so she went to help out for a few days to get things situated. One stayed at the dorm. Commitments for the football team, that are undefeated so far, made traveling to much of a whirlwind timeline. The other went hunting with friends. So I stayed to babysit the mutt.
I played video games most of the day! Yes!! Cranked up, all out first person shooter!!! I have lost my touch I guess. Got my ass handed to me most of the time.
We usually do turkey day with her relatives. It’s a large family. And when they are all there… holy crap. It’s loud. It’s a lot to take in. Everybody talks at the same time. And they have to talk louder than the others to be heard. So, I like to man the fire pit or the grill or maybe pick on a guitar in the background. But it’s fun.
My side of the family is quieter, more reserved. Much smaller family. Just different.
Anyway, I had a good day. Doggo had good day too! Several rawhide treats to keep him at bay while I gamed. We had frozen pizza. It was awesome. Not really. But it was ok. 🤪
Wifey gets back today sometime. So, now I’ve got to clean up a weeks worth of bachelorhood!! Sheesh. I don’t think she will suspect a thing.
I’m sharing grandmothers pecan pie recipe. Best in the world.
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup Karo syrup light
3 eggs well beaten
1/4 cup melted butter
1 cup of pecans.
Mix sugar, syrup and butter
Add beaten eggs and pecans after
Bake one hour at 350.
There’s a note on the recipe card that says “if starts to bubble in center too much,cut temp to 325”

Have a great weekend!
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Trying again
Veröffentlicht:18. November 2021, 13:47 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:21. November 2021, 18:12 Uhr
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So, some of the pics didn’t post with my earlier post. Not sure if it was kept out because of content. So, trying again. 😃

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Throwback Thursday Thing
Veröffentlicht:18. November 2021, 3:09 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:21. November 2021, 13:06 Uhr
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Wanted to talk just a bit more about the music scene. I started easing out and eventually dropped most of the music scene when we had little ones. Later it was to much of a chore to go out at 9 and stay until 1 a.m. on a Tuesday night. 😜. The scene was very cliquish. So on nights I could make it, I might never open the guitar case. So, what I was able to participate in the other night was awesome. The ones that had lots of friends there to cheer them on was great to see. I visited with a guy that wasn’t old enough to drink. He hit the stage, I thought I was watching a young Waylon Jennings. He was amazing! Should’ve got his autograph. The talent there was over the top! It’s wonderful to see this resurgence. My hats off to all of those guys and girls. Oh yeah! The girl. A lil hot mess early 20’s. She played and sang like Dolly, with lyrics that took you back. Made you tap your toes. My jaw hit the floor. I hope these people go far and enjoy it.
So, any way here’s mine. Somebody, please, give me a third verse. And maybe a title. Mostly based on fact.
“Walking Girl”
Wicked skies close over me
They say we need the rain. need the rain to break the heat
Dark cafe, empty chairs and I’m alone
Wicked skies bring the wind and the front door slams home
And she’s walkin, she’s walkin away
Takin with her my sunny days
She took my last smoke, my pride and my keys
Wicked skies won’t you rain down on me

You’ve got the reins she said man let’s ride
Two chrome wheels and leather, you know we’ll get wild
There’s Texas towns that ain’t never been tamed
By sunup tomorrow yeah they’ll all know our names

Front door slams silent in the wind
Someone laughs says set’em up again
Bartender says son I know why you’re blue
Walkin girl did the same to me back in 1962

Chorus - exit stage.

Have a great day!

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It went like this
Veröffentlicht:17. November 2021, 3:39 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:18. November 2021, 7:12 Uhr
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Good morning! How are you? I’m good. Hard time sleeping last night for some reason. Will make the day on about 2 hours. Bleh.
Oh yeah! Here’s how the story goes.
So last Thursday, I entered a Singer/song writer event at a local place. I haven’t played on stage like that in over 10 years. I was excited. The event is for local musicians to showcase original material for a chance at $1000 and some studio time. Also, winners get played on the local red dirt radio station. Red Dirt being not main stream or pop country. There are several rounds. I think the event lasts until April or so. One Thursday a month.
Anyway, I brushed off 2 songs. One, I have never like the last verse, so I played around with it. The other, it needs tweaking, but it would do for an opening song. You were to play two songs. One as a warm up and one for the contest. I played the rewrite for wifey. “That’s great” she said. I played it for oldest “ehhh, ya know…”. Ok. Back to the drawing board. We did this a few more times. I finally selected one version and went with it.
Big night came! There were sooooi many people!! I’ve been out of the music scene for a bit, and only recognized a few guys that I had played with before. Maybe 50 musicians? A lot!
They cut us to one song to make time for as many as possible. My turn came. I strap on the guitar and head on stage.
There are some judges and some voting is based on crowd response. So, a big support group helps. Some guys there had several tables worth of support. I get a welcoming round of applause from musicians and about 300 audience members. Wow. This wasn’t like the old days. Anyway, I strum the guitar, and off we go! Not bad I thought. I should’ve picked a more upbeat song. That’s another story. I get to the 3rd verse. I forgot the words. Damn. I kinda fumbled through the first line that I had rewritten. And then I go blank. I couldn’t even remember my name. So, in those few seconds, I managed to remember the original writing. Finished the song out. Sheesh. Oh well. I got some nice comments and a applause. It was fun! I blew it, but it was a blast! I won’t go on to next round, but I enjoyed the heck out of the event.

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Wednesday is upon us
Veröffentlicht:10. November 2021, 2:39 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:17. November 2021, 15:09 Uhr
1830 Aufrufe
So Wednesday means we are closer to the weekend. Whew! I like to start my week slow and then taper off. Not sure what happened to this week. 🤨
Went phone shopping yesterday. Bleh. The experience seems to be getting better as far how to get a new phone set up. But the cost is not. Chargers and protective accessories almost $300!! Phone about $600. F^*k. It’s a scam. One of the best ever.
So, a few weeks ago I I gave someone the finger at work. I’m not shy about letting my opinion be known. Yesterday I had to have a meeting with upper management. It was not acceptable behavior. I laid out the flaws in the person that received my opinion. Laid out the flaws in their system that led to me having to show my opinion. And asked them to remedy some flaws, or somebody else would receive my opinion. You can’t fix everything. Baby steps. Just throw me one bone for now. Sheesh. I’m still employed, which is good. But everyone is shaking their heads, furrowing eyebrows and acting as though I had committed a much more heinous violation. I shot someone the finger. That person probably needs to get a little thicker skin. But, this day and age, he is a victim now. I’m going to ask him if he squats when he pees today. Am just curious.

Anyway. Have a great day!

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Sunday funday
Veröffentlicht:7. November 2021, 12:51 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:24. November 2021, 18:10 Uhr
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Well hello !
I’m back from hunting. Yeah, empty handed. Had a chance, but, decided against it. So, just watched the world turn the lights and enjoyed a great morning. About start cooking a late lunch/early dinner.
Rewrote so lyrics for a sg. I think we get 2 sgs. Will see how it goes the music later night. Will run it by wifey and oldest get opinis. Anyway…
Cool mornings and great afternos here so far. Lawn is starting yellow a bit. Plants have been brought in. Am looking in grow lights for them. Anye? 3 pineapples that are doing well. Would like keep it that way.

You never run out of hot water.
Yes, they still provide othbrushes if you forget yours. 😃
I always get us a room with 2 beds. You can get e ssy and sleep in e.
I leave a tip for the cleaning ladies.
I want find a seedy motel. Vapor light in parking lot. Ne vacancy sign. Cri scene place, right? Hmmm.
What would happen there?

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Happy Friday!!
Veröffentlicht:5. November 2021, 3:34 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:7. November 2021, 12:08 Uhr
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Yay! We made it. Will toodle out to country this weekend for hunting. Maybe will have some luck. Cooler weather makes things more active.
Has been a busy week and I’m looking forward to doing nothing.
Today I’m considered fully recovered from eye surgery. It’s great!
Sitting in garage this morning. 37 is too cool to have coffee outside.
Staring at my guitar. Haven’t played in a few months. There’s a singer/songwriter event coming up and I’m thinking about entering. Has been a while since I’ve gotten on a stage. Life happens, right. So, while sitting in a blind this weekend, I will dust off a couple of songs and see if I can remember how to play them.
Also staring at dust and cobwebs here in garage. Sheesh, when was the last time I cleaned in here? It’s a wreck!! That may need to jump to top priority.
Hoping the site doesn’t edit this. My last post looked like a drunk toddler wrote it.
Do you have specific chores that you hold off on doing until winter?
Do you have hobbies that get more attention when you’re stuck indoors?

Hotels. Gotta love them.

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Hump day and early throwback
Veröffentlicht:3. November 2021, 7:33 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:21. November 2021, 11:52 Uhr
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So how’s it going? All good? That’s great! Glad to hear it.
We’ve had a few days in the 40’s. It’s been nice actually.
thinking back on a post that Squirt_Professor had up a few days ago.
In high school, I had a an old Chevy truc Used farm truc perfect. Wasn’t as fast as some of my buddies’. But that was o I’m still alive. 😜
It took some rough roads and took a few minor wrecks. Sparkomatic stereo. Yep, listening to bob seeger and cruising. My off and on girlfriend had a Volkswagen bug. Yellow. It awesome. I loved driving and riding it. Wanted to trade the truck for it. She a junior when I freshman. Thought I hot shit dating up. 😂
So, she had big boobies. Petite with D cups. Can you imaging rolling around in a beetle like that?!? Not sure how we managed but we did. In an off period I started listening to don henley, “boys of summer”. It has always stuck with me. Her in ray bans and the beetle.
Night moves has stayed too. We lived it, right? We all did.
Thanks for listening. just reminiscing this morning. About to turn a year older. Remembering 35 years ago.

Anyway, found some more boat pics from our lake place. And found a few new ones I took to tease wifey with.

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November kick off.
Veröffentlicht:1. November 2021, 7:40 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:3. November 2021, 3:16 Uhr
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Ah November! My birthday month! Woohoo!
Cooler weather hit. Switching from shirts to pants now. There will still be a few days that I can wear shorts at work. But it’s pretty much over. Feels strange wearing jeans today. One of the biggest things is keeping my thighs shaved. 😂

So what are you trading in for the cooler weather?
Other habits that change now?

Thought we would wrap this series up and get prepped for the next one.

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