Meeting at a dance club  

stcardsfan100 57M
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8/11/2021 8:36 pm
Meeting at a dance club

I agree to meet you in the hotel lobby as I am in town for a conference. We go to the dance club in the hotel because I know you like to dance. When I first see you I just luv how you accentuated your cleavage. I tell you how sexy you look and give you a hug...pulling you close to me. I just love feeling you pushed against me. I take your hand and we go to the club. The bass is thumping and I immediately take you to the dance floor. We face one another and groove to the prince song...prince is one of my fav artists to dance to. The song ends and they go to a slow jam...mmm perfect. I pull you close to me and wrap my arms against you. Feeling your breasts pushed to me...mmmmm I whisper in your ear "you are so damn sexy tonight." my hand slides up and down your sides...and then clutches you ass...I push you closer to me and you can feel my hard on pushing on my pants. I hear you moan under your breath as you feel my hard on. Then you turn around and push your ass back to my dick and gently grind your ass in circles...I stretch my arms out.., snapping my fingers to the music and say "Mmm..All for you". You feel so good and you have made this dick soo hard... You turn back around and I whisper in your ear "I want you baby. I want to fuck you right now...follow me". I lead you out of the club and head for the hotel elevators to my room. I am on a high floor and my room has floor to ceiling windows. As we enter the room I thrust my toungue in your mouth and kiss you passionately... Our tounges play with one another. My hands gravitate to your breasts as we kiss... Mmmmm soo damn big baby, I luv it. I rub your nipples through your bra and feel it get hard. I luv how you squirm under my touch....your hand gravitates to my hard on...first rubbing through my pants and then unzipping my pants and taking my dick out. You drop to your knees and take my dick in your mouth. " oooohhh baby yes. Sooo good". I lean my head back and moan. Then I slide my hands in your hair. Gently pushing you onto me. You look up to my eyes as you suck my dick. Our eyes meet and it drives me crazy. You then pull your breasts out of your top and tell me" I know you want to fuck my titties... Don't you??". I say " hell yes!". You are too good to me baby...and you wrap your tits around my dick... Engulfing me. My dick gets lost in your hot cleavage....I moan as my dick slides in and out of your tits. You lean foward and try to suck the head of my dick with each stroke. Mmmmm Mmmm...god I love the feeling of your breasts wrapped around my hard feel so good. I tell you that now it is my turn and I pick you up and move you over to the bed, i tell you that I want to fuck you. I want to feel you. As I lay you on the bed I help to disrobe you and take my clothes off. My dick is still hard as a rock and you are so wet. I lay you flat on the bed and I spread your legs apart. I kiss the insides of your legs and work my way up to your wet pussy...kissing the insides of your thighs,sliding my hands up your legs. Then I circle your clit with my tongue. My hands gravitate to your breasts, squeezing them in my hands. Ohhh yes I love to feel them in my hands. My tongue continues sliding up and down your pussy lips as I squeeze your tits. My fingers pinching your nipples as they get hard. I then spread your pussy lips with my fingers and thrust my tongue deep inside your pussy...,mmmm lick lick lick. Flicking you with my toungue. You buckle under my toungue and are so close to orgasm. I lean up and ask you if you want me to fuck you. You beg for my hard dick. I slide my cockhead across your pussy lips treasing you... Feeling your pussy just grab at my dick. Ohh I love that feeling. Then I slowly slide my hard dick inside you. Ohhhhh shit i love the feeling when I first enter you....sooo tight and wet. Your pussy muscles just work my dick over....tight then loose then tight again. I tell you to fuck this it over. Mmmmmmmm. Pushing in and out. My hands grab your legs an slide down to your ankles....spreading your legs apart as we fuck...mmmmmm. Then I tell you that I want to fuck you against the glass....your back to me, similar to doggy. You tell me that you want want to see the whole city as we fuck.

You move to the window... Placing your hands on the window and I follow behind you.... Grabbing your waist you turn your head towards me and kiss me as I slap your ass and slowly guide my dick back in your pussy....I reach around and grab your big tits and start to grind your pussy with my dick. Oh fuck yes, this is so hot....push that ass back to me. Give me that pussy baby. Soo good...,i slap your ass and tell you to fuck me. Mmmmmm.god your going to make me cum..., where Do you want it..."on my tits" you say. Mmm I like it... I trade places with you and you drop to your knees and wrap those tits around my dick again and start to milk my dick....ohhb shit yes baby... Any second it cummmmmmmms.....mmmm hot cum shoots out all over your big breasts. You then take my dick in your mouth and suck the rest of the cum out...ohhhh damn...mmmmmmmm

Tell me what you think...mmmmmmmm

Blackpussy206 51F  
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8/21/2021 1:17 pm

So fucking hot!!!

fancy_legs 50F  
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1/13/2022 1:15 pm

Where do I sign up to meet you at a dance club??? Would be a great pleasure to explore your body.

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