stellahoneyyy 22F
155 posts
4/12/2021 9:48 am

Hey babies!!! All of my IM's were deleted.. so if you sent me a and I never got back to you that is why. I'm not ignoring anyone who would love to chat with me. So please again to start a convo <33 thanks babes

funintx80 41M
3 posts
4/12/2021 9:51 am

It happens

TxDuckHunter512 50M  
16 posts
4/12/2021 9:56 am

Trying but doesn't seem to be working. My cam is on though.

Beau4F 65M
25 posts
4/12/2021 10:08 am

So happy you "found" yourself!! Honeyyy indeed!

BiSussi 61F
1189 posts
4/12/2021 10:20 am

What a shame, it happen to me while my boyfriends were fishing
I thought my boyfriends IT knowledge had something to do with it, but now I know my suspicion was unfounded, it must be an issue. Thank you for your post it will bring harmony back into my heart and my house
___________________________________________-_____________ __________ _________
All I wish for are men I can fall in love with and who like Making Babies and not just want Sex! After all, when it comes to Virgin, Experienced or Very Tight I have 2 out of 3 to offer

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

flannel_light 59F  
4195 posts
4/12/2021 10:29 am

It happens to us all. Good luck on here

The Light is shinning and she is lonely and waiting in the darkness.

NoLimitsNyphos 42M/32F
33 posts
4/12/2021 10:36 am

Y’all can always leave feedback and notes on our blogs t👀!

Leegs2012 48M
86097 posts
4/12/2021 12:25 pm

It happens every now and then.

sunluver6922a 51M
29 posts
10/23/2021 8:44 pm

you are beautiful would love to meet you

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