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Exploring the CAM world
Posted:May 7, 2019 10:40 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 11:16 am

So I had another no show last night, actually, now that I look back, he was out to waste my time and just seeking free sex chat for a day as we built it up. Gets very frustrated especially because I could have been setting up a real date.

But I had my hotel room none the less and horny as hell so I was going to make the best of the situation and get on cam. I started with the TSDates cam. I use to get on here a lot to do cam stuff so I recognized a lot of names in my room. Did have a few buzzing me a lot but about 20 minutes into my show started having trouble with the site and I lost the connection.

Rather than fight with connection issues, I decided to get bold and try a different site for camming. To my surprise it was easy to register on the site, and I was on cam receiving tips in no time! A lot to get use to on this new site. I did like that they had an option for those watching to watch for free, so it was really no risk for them to try out and see if it was for them.

Within two hours I had made about ten times what I make in tips and doing private shows than I ever made on TSDates. But most importantly, everyone on the site seemed to be having fun. Definitely a site that made my night and was worth exploring! Met a lot of new friends on line and found men also would suddenly leave my broadcast because they had a "private show" request of their own. Fun was def had by all.
Stormy Nights are Made for Fucking
Posted:May 1, 2019 12:38 pm
Last Updated:May 7, 2019 10:25 am
I have been hearing from "Harley Guy" quite a bit lately. Sex has always been really good with us, but lately it has reached new heights for both of us. Still I was surprised he was pushing to see me again last night, it had only been a week or so, but I am always up for a good fuck session!

Kept pressing me to come over early. Said we could hang out, watch a movie, etc. He knows I have a troubled home life and like to be out, he wanted to be my safe haven. So is just what I do on a very stormy night, expecting dinner, a movie, a friend... and of course some good fucking at the end of the night.

I wore my sexiest bra, one brings my tits out there, and a short flirtatious skirt, with panties though. I was expecting a night of teasing and building things up till we finally couldn't resist each other.

As soon as I walk in the door, a passionate kiss, nice. Then he wants me to change into one of his shirts. Sweet, but doesn't even acknowledge the time I put into getting my outfit together. And of course no bra. The first shirt was too tight for my big tits. He wanted something he could have good access with. The second shirt better, but not the sexy, flirtatious image I had put together.

He served left over stew he had from the other night and wanted my skirt off. We watched the news and then he suggested a movie. He had no movies and didn't even have cable. He streams from off sites. We started with documentaries from Netflix and finally settled on old reruns of Frasier. All the while he was groping me and fingering my pussy.

Seems his idea of hanging out was 4 hours of foreplay. Definitely not as he presented the evening. He spilled my drink onto my clothes and put them in the wash. Looks like I was going to be there at least 2 more hours.

We are very well matched as lovers, but as far as this hanging out as friends first thing, we are definitely not on the same page. I decided to save the night I needed to get with the program. No more Frasier. No more being groped. As he was putting my clothes in the wash, I went into his bedroom, got naked and waited for him in bed.

He came in, happy to find me there, turned on some romantic music and we began to fool around. I needed to feel he had control over me. I showed my ass and begged him to spank me. Then harder, told him to redden my ass. He then began playing with my pussy and soon had me squirting like a faucet! As usual, I cum best with his cock in my mouth, so of course he willing let me indulge.

By the time he went to put my clothes in the dryer, I was begging to be fucked! I could tell he was really enjoying fucking my pussy, but always has to visit the asshole. Went in pretty easy with little adjustment time and I was soon cumming again. His hole of choice to cum in last night was the pussy though, unusual for him, but I could tell he was really enjoying the way my pussy grips him as I get excited!

We went into another bedroom with a lower bed so he could pound my pussy deep from behind while he stood. I do like the way he can get every inch of thick cock in when he gets me from behind. I tell him how much I love being fucked by his cock and how big he feels when he fucks me from behind. My pussy tightens around his cock as he pounds me till he releases his load, very deep in my very wet pussy.
Morning Ass Licking Date
Posted:Apr 30, 2019 10:15 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 6:18 pm
Had a date this morning, was short, but got the job done! This was with the guy from the 3somes I use to have with Vicki. He was obviously looking for someone more kinky, but it can be difficult with a conservative, reserved man, but I do introduce him to new things.

Arriving right on our agreed on time, I lay waiting for him in bra, crotchless panties (ok they didn't match) with thigh highs and heels. A few hugs and not too intimate kisses and he was naked on the bed, on his stomach his dick pointed down for stroking, ready to be taken care of.

Starting with a complete rub down, occasionally teasing his taint with the back of my nails I tell him how much I miss him and always love how smooth his skin is. Occasionally he reaches back to with my nipples and tits. Soon I am kissing then licking him in long licks down his back, across his ass crack to his taint and then to the head of his penis in one long lick. My pussy so wet as I begin to rub it against his legs and run my crotch across his backside. I take my bra off and let my tits rub and massage him as well... then begin to suck his cock and lick his asshole. I tell him how hard he is today & stroke him while tonguing his asshole deep as he likes it.

Flipping over, I begin to suck his cock while stroking it and he requests the flogger to my surprise. I had a lot of toys out if he wanted to explore, but I used the flogger on his cock last time and guess he enjoyed it more than I realized. I quickly got out and teased him with it lightly at first and then added a few light whips to his cock, telling him how he must be punished for letting another slut take care of his cock when I was not available. He tells me I can use it harder.

I add in some medium blows to his dick with the flogger, mixing in the soft and teasing moves.... mixing in the sucking of his cock and taint.... mixing in making him fuck my titties.

About 20 minutes into the date, he is stroking himself off to climax while I suck and with surrounding areas. I quickly lick the head of his penis to clean off his cum, too sensitive I move and lick off his load from his stomach. Didn't miss a drop of his pure, clean cum!

No, I don't really think he was being taken care of by another slut, even though it is ok if he was, a cock needs to be taken care of. But, he certainly enjoyed being punished for it!
Lunch with an Older Friend
Posted:Apr 25, 2019 10:21 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 6:19 pm
On my drive out to Kansas City I decided to meet up with a friend I met a couple dating sites ago. A nice older man that even though I haven't seen him in a couple years, continues to send occasional gifts to my PO Box. He was recently hospitalized twice for congestive heart failure so I knew he would appreciate a visit.

Dressed as ordered in a short skirt with no panties so he could have easy access to my pussy during lunch if he so desired, we met for lunch at Denny's. I wasn't sure what to expect since it had been awhile and I knew he had been through a lot. As I made the turn into the parking lot, a man begging for change caught my eye and I chuckled as I thought, is that my date? Of course not, but not far from it!

Greeted him with a deep kiss in the parking lot, the driest kiss I ever experienced. Seems he is taking diuretics, and a lot of them. Wow! What an effect! But of course I returned his kiss passionately. He had a bottle of my favorite for me, Crystal Head Vodka along with a bottle of orange juice. How sweet!

The waitress could tell we were a couple. Not sure if she saw our encounter in the parking lot but I found it arousing to be dressed in this short skirt, obvious age difference and for her to know I was just out slutting around. He told "old man" stories while we ate, about people I don't know who have this or that disease.

One of the fantasies I have is to be used by much older men. I often masturbate to thoughts of visiting nursing homes and letting them use me one by one in whatever capacity they can. This date was right up my alley actually.

After lunch, he invited me to follow him in his car to see where he is staying now. Of course I am going to go. I had been to his trailer a couple of years prior where he has one room set up as a sex room with about $5000 worth of sex toys, crops, ties, etc. I was not sure what to expect in where he was staying now. Over the years he had shared many fantasies with me, everything from collar/leash/caging me, being his puppy to having all his friends use me to having a dog fuck me (now that one is just not my thing).

Finally we reach our destination. A bit more than down the road. Nice single level home but I do notice another car in the driveway. But no surprises there. We walk in and two dogs, one rather large are caged, he uncages them and they immediately are attracted to my pussy smell, but unclipped nails, I push them off as they jump on me, he puts them outside, so no surprises there.

He does hint at the larger dog cage and how there is dog food for me and water. I guess my fantasy of being caged and such is a clean cage, not one that has been inhabited and smells of dog with the water provided having been used for an actual dog.... guess I more of a "let's play it, not an unsanitary environment," so I take a pass on that.

In the living room, he sits in a chair and I on the couch, putting a leg up to clearly expose my pussy. Immediately he moves to the couch and feels my pussy and begins to kiss me. I tell him I am not really that into kissing, he says he is. I said it makes me feel dirtier if we don't kiss. He is ok with that. He proceeds to finger fuck my pussy and my ass. Directs me to get on all fours, which of course I do and begins to finger fuck me hard, then tells me to ride his fingers. I do as told.

It didn't really get me off but did get my pussy wet, probably just the old man using me and telling me what he wanted out of me excited me. Surprised he never pulled out my tits.
Water Sports with Huge Cock
Posted:Apr 24, 2019 2:11 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 6:20 pm
Very exciting and kinky date last night! I have been seeing him for about a , but it's been a few months. When I get looking for fun, I know it will be an intense experience! He can be extremely kinky and has the biggest, thickest cock I have ever encountered!

Preparation starts about two hours before he gets there. I drink lots and lots of liquids and hold it! He is also into very sleazy experiences but I couldn't help but shower after my morning date, even though I know he would prefer I didn't. He arrives, looking better than ever, a long awaited encounter for both of us, I start with my full bladder, seeing how long I could last, well, not very long actually.

Soon had him laying in the bathtub, naked, my standing over him. I have been getting over my shy bladder and will often pee on cam. I hover over his face and begin to pee into his mouth. I can hear him swallowing, but I also hear the drain, usually he doesn't miss a drop, I comment and fully release my bladder. I have made a mess of him, aim not so good, pee all over his chest, face, hair. I also notice his massive hard on and mount him in the bathtub.

Usually I have him shower off first, but lead him to the bed still wet with my urine. The bathtub was too restrictive in size. We kiss & I can taste the residue. No, I am not the recipient of goldens, at least not in the face, but the residue does excite me. Animalistic instincts take over both of us as we fuck, well like Animals!

Lots of foreplay and fucking and licking for hours, soaking the bed with my squirt more than once! He knows I to be extremely aroused to take big of a cock in my ass, and we both know he will be putting it there before the night is over!

I was ready. I was on top so I try to sit on his cock. was not going to work with a cock big. Even face to face ass fucking was not going to work with size, least not on this date. I get on all fours, face down, ass . I can feel the head of his penis slowly enter my ass. I slowly take it all in after it over lubed. It takes awhile for my ass to adjust to his size, then he slowly begins to move, then thrust, then pound. I get ever inch of thick cock in my little tight asshole. He enjoys the view watching his cock, in and out of my ass.

When he pulls out I go to suck him again, I can taste my ass on his cock. ATM excites . Makes feel so dirty, I so dirty. Everything about our encounter is dirty.

A couple times during our he was close to cumming and I backed off so he could last our two hour encounter, now is the time. He begins to stroke as I watch. I love to watch him cum, he is one of those guys who can shoot his cum. He has told me of how he can shoot it in his mouth when he masturbates. Finally he does cum and it shoots like a fountain with a huge load.

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