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A Man, His Wife, and Her Friend  

sweetpie2002 34F
2 posts
1/7/2022 3:22 pm
A Man, His Wife, and Her Friend

The doorbell rang and Sheila answered it. “Oh, Mandy,”
she said, “I’m so glad you stopped by! Come on back to
the kitchen. What a coincidence. My husband just
saying that, since I’d mentioned you so often, he’d
like to meet you. And here you are!”

“Yes, here I am,” Mandy laughed. “Are you sure I
haven’t met your husband some time?”

“If you have, he doesn’t remember it. And I don’t think
he’d forget someone as stunning as you.” Mandy
indeed stunning. Honey blond and wearing a bright,
winning smile, she slim in the hips with a flat
tummy and curvaceous bouncing bosom.

“Oh, you’re just saying that!” Mandy protested,

“Not at all, I’m just stating the obvious.”

A tall dark-haired man rose to greet them when they
entered the kitchen. “Kevin, this is Mandy,” Sheila
introduced him. “Hello,” Mandy said hesitantly,
blushing and turning her head, for Kevin completely
naked. Sheila put her hand on her friend’s arm. “Don’t
be embarrassed,” she reassured her, “he almost never
wears clothes when he’s home. It’s O”

“But couldn’t he put on a robe when your friends come
around?” Mandy asked. “Don’t be silly, Mandy,” Sheila
chided her, “that’s just the time when he doesn’t wear
a robe. Isn’t that right, Kevin?”

“Yes!” Kevin said.

“Come on now, Mandy,” Sheila coaxed, “I think he’s
really, really attractive. Look at him and tell me if
you agree.”

Mandy turned her back to Kevin and said to Sheila,
“This is crazy. What have you two got going, anyway? I
come in and you show me your husband as though he were
a wonderful new set of china. What am I supposed to do?
Ooh and aah?”

“That’s a great idea! Let’s hear a great big ‘OOOOH”
for Kevin!”

Sheila laughed happily. “But you’ve got to see him
first,” she added. When Mandy just looked at her,
Sheila continued, “Ok, o It’s a game Kevin and I
play. We take turns being each other’s ‘slave’ and
today his turn. I told him this morning he’d have
to stay naked all day, even and perhaps especially if
some of my friends dropped in. The rules of the game
require the ‘slave’ to do whatever the ‘master,’ or in
my case the ‘mistress,’ tell him to do. He isn’t
allowed to speak, incidentally, unless I address him
directly. (I have the suspicion, by the way, that I’ll
get the same treatment when my time comes!) So be a
sport, Mandy. Turn around and ogle him, look him up and
down. Don’t hesitate he’s just a ‘slave’!”

“You guys are weird,” Mandy declared, but nevertheless
she glanced at Kevin, looked away, and looked back,
this time not diverting her eyes from his body, though
Sheila noticed she avoided at his face.

“Kevin,” Sheila said, “bring me a clean dish towel.” He
went to a cabinet the women watched his dangling penis
swing when he walked and returned with the requested
item, which she tied around his head, covering his
eyes. “Now, Mandy, you can look without him
bac Doesn’t that make you feel better about it?”

“Yes, I guess it does,” Mandy admitted, scrutinizing
Sheila’s naked husband more boldly. “He’s limp,” she
said, beginning to get into the spirit of the game,
“and that’s an insult to me. I thought I sexier
than that.”

“Oh, no, you’re as sexy as ever,” Sheila replied, “all
it means is he’s even more embarrassed than you are!
But that’s a benefit for us because now we get to watch
his prick get hard.”

“It doesn’t seem to be doing that now,” Mandy said

“It will and you can make it happen.”

“How?” Mandy asked, eager now.

“Rub his nipples! Go on: pinch them, roll them between
your fingers, pull them. And if you him really
hard, suck them. Kevin! Mandy’s going to play with your
tits!” Kevin put his hands behind his back and thrust
out his chest. Sheila, though not Mandy, noticed his
penis twitch.

“Are you sure it’s alright?” Mandy queried, “He’s your

“Of course, it is! Isn’t that right, Kevin.”

“Yes,” Kevin answered, and this time Mandy, too, saw
the twitch. She stood at arms length from him.
Gingerly, she put her hands on the reddish pimples
protruding from his hairless chest, and began slowly to
rotate her palms over them, feeling them stiffen with
her touch.

“Be sure to watch his prick, Mandy,” Sheila said. Mandy
looked down and discerned that, indeed, the male organ
firming. So she took each pseudo teat between a
thumb and forefinger and compressed it. The penis rose,
though still pointing downward at an angle. When she
pulled the nipples out from his body, tugged, and the
angle became perpendicular, she clamped her lips onto
his left breast while rolling the right between her

“Oh, Mandy!” Sheila gasped, “Look!” Mandy raised her
head and followed instructions. Kevin’s penis, thick
and trembling, stood at a right angle from his body.

“May I touch it?” she breathed to Sheila.

“Yes, of course, please, please do!”

Her hand crept to the throbbing rod of male flesh where
she fitted her fingers around the glans and lightly
caressed the tiny hole in its center with her thumb.
Kevin bent his knees and moved hi s pelvis in an effort
to force himself further into her hand.

“Lie down, Kevin,” Sheila said softly, “Lie on your
back on the floor.” He immediately complied, Mandy’s
hand maintaining its hold on the handle her caresses
had produced. The two women knelt on either side of him
and together they fondled his body:

Sheila flicked his erect and sensitive nipples with her
forefingers and Mandy flicked his erect and sensitive
penis with her tongue. Sheila stroked the hair under
his arm and sucked his tongue deep into her mouth.
Mandy stroked his inner thighs and sucked his root deep
into her mouth. Kevin squirmed under their touch and
moaned. In a barely audible voice Sheila said, “Would
you like it truly in you?”

Mandy raised her head and asked plaintively, “May I?
May I, really? You don’t mind? I mean, after all, he’s,
well, he’s….”

“Be my guest, Mandy. Enjoy!” Urgently, Mandy kicked her
shoes away, stripped off her pantyhose, and, lifting
her skirt, moved to straddle her friend’s prostrate
husband. “Wait,” Sheila said. “Your dress is in the
way. Take it off, in fact, take off everything. And I
will, too. We can enjoy him together!” Naked, they
faced each other across the equally naked male with a
fully erect penis pointing toward his navel.

Mandy stood at his feet, Sheila at his head. Together
they were an exemplary illustration of the similarity,
yet the difference, in female forms: Sheila compact
and petite; Mandy taller and fleshier. Sheila’s
legs were short and delicate; Mandy’s legs were long
and sturdy. Sheila’s short dark hair reflected in
her thick and curly pubic thatch; Mandy’s long straight
blond hair likewise harmonized with her thin and wavy
genital pelt. Sheila’s breasts, with longish thin
nipples, drooped scarcely at all; Mandy’s breasts, very
large with plump dimpled nipples, swung down and out
from her chest.

They grinned impishly at one another and Sheila said,

“Ready!” Mandy responded and, kneeling, held Kevin’s
stalwart penis at the entrance to her womb, and slowly
settled her body onto it.

At the same time Sheila knelt over his head, separated
her vaginal petals with her fingers, and lowered them
to his lips. “You may lick me now, Kevin,” she said,
and he eagerly began to lap over, around, and within
her covert delicacies.

Mandy slowly moved her vagina upon the welcome visitor
within it. “I am very well filled, very well filled
indeed,” she said and leaned forward to rest her hands
on the floor beside Kevin’s body, a motion that caused
her heavy breasts to swing down, brushing his chest.

Sheila kept herself from settling completely onto
Kevin’s face, so he could breathe while he executed
cunnilingus, which is a husband’s pleasurable duty. As
his tongue on her clitoris increasingly excited her,
she stroked Mandy’s soft blond hair. Suddenly she said,
“Mandy, may I hold your breasts?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mandy gasped as Kevin thrust against
her and her climax approached. Sheila seized the double
handfuls of uniquely female flesh that hung beneath her
and breathed, “Stop moving, Mandy; hold off, if you

Breaking his silence, Kevin panted, “I can’t hold off,
no matter what she does!”

“Just keep sucking me, yes, oh yes! Suck, suck, suck!”
Sheila screamed, and then, “Fuck him, Mandy, fuck him!
Let’s come !” And come they did, the three of them
together in a gigantic corporate orgasm.

The women dressed and Mandy left. Only then did Sheila
take the towel from Kevin’s eyes.

-= The Wife =-

The doorbell rang and Kevin answered it. “Oh, Mandy,”
he said, “I’m delighted you stopped by. Come on back to
the family room. What a coincidence. My wife and I were
just reminiscing about the last time you were here. She
remarking about the marvelous time she’d had.”

“Then I can reminisce with her. Because I, too, had a
marvelous time. How about you?” Kevin simply put his
hand to his chest, rubbed his left nipple through his
shirt, and smiled. She returned his smile and squeezed
one of her own breasts. No words were needed.

As Mandy preceded him through the hall, Kevin admired
her rippling bottom, the cheeks of which were encased
in skin-tight designer jeans. Because he had been
blindfolded during almost the entire time when she
there before, he hadn’t had much opportunity to observe
her charms, though he definitely had felt them.

As they entered the light wood-paneled family room,
Kevin said, “Guess what, Sheila: it Mandy at the
front door.” Sheila wore an almost transparent front-
close soft-cup bra with holes through which her
erect nipples projected, a matching G-string darkened
by her pubic hair visible through it, and high-heeled
open-toe mules. She did not spea

“A-hah, Sheila, so it’s your turn to be the ‘slave,’ ”
Mandy said.

“How did you guess?” Kevin responded. “Fetching outfit
I got for her, don’t you think?”

Mandy made herself comfortable on the sofa and agreed,
“Absolutely charming, I suppose now you’re going to
send her out for cigarettes in it.”

“That’s an interesting idea,” Kevin said, “but the
rules of our game don’t allow it. She’s not permitted
to cover up when visitors come, but I can’t make her
expose herself in public.”

“Too bad,” Mandy feigned a sigh.

“I suppose you’d suspend that guideline if you were
playing this game,” Kevin laughed.

“Oh, definitely,” Mandy quipped, “I wouldn’t have any
rules at all. Anything goes! What’s the point in having
a slave if you can’t make her or him obey outrageous

“You have a point there,” Kevin said. “What do you
think, Sheila? Should we abolish the rule?”

“No,” said Sheila.

“See?” Kevin shrugged, “Nothing to be done about it.”

“Too bad,” Mandy said again. Kevin wasn’t positive she
was kidding this time. He reached over and plucked one
of Sheila’s bare nipples as if he were picking a berry
from a bush. “Nice juicy tidbit here,” he commented and
leaned down to give the tit a quick suc

“May I do that?” Mandy asked from the sofa.

“Sure, if you to. Sheila, take your boobies to
Mandy so she can suck them.” Sheila leaned over and
rested her hands on the sofa back, which neatly
positioned her spandex-sheathed breasts for Mandy’s
mouth to fit onto their exposed tips.

While Mandy sucked, Kevin said, “My program today is to
find out how many orgasms Sheila can have between ten
and twelve o’cloc Since its almost ten right now, you
got here just in time to help me produce them.”

Mandy took her lips away from Sheila’s nipple long
enough to say, “You can’t produce her orgasms; only she
can do that.”

“Is that right, Sheila?” Kevin asked.

“No,” Sheila said and shifted her breast slightly in
Mandy’s mouth.”

“See?” Kevin said. Mandy’s response to nip her
friend’s tit with her teeth and Sheila yelped.

“I didn’t tell you to speak!” Kevin said with mock
sternness and then went on, to Mandy, “I’m also going
to make her come in different positions and places.” He
glanced at his watch. “Ten on the dot; time to start.
Would you mind pulling down the G-string and checking
if she’s prepared?”

Mandy drew away the patch of cloth covering the fuzzy
mound in front of her, put her hand on it and fingered
the dark hairs. She moved her head affirmatively
without removing her mouth from Sheila’s breast.

“I thought she would be,” Kevin said. “Ok, Sheila, you
may straighten up now.” When she stood her reddened and
elongated nipple popped from Mandy’s lips and the wisp
of fabric that had covered her groin fell to her
ankles. “You really ought to ‘do’ the other tit,
Mandy,” he said, “but we must get on with the

“I’m disappointed, of course,” Mandy pouted prettily,
“but I’ll survive.”

“That’s a relief!” Kevin laughed and settled into a
chair. “Ok, Sheila, it’s time for ‘O number 1.’ Mandy
says you’re the only one who can produce orgasms so
we’ll begin with one you do all by yourself. She and I
will sit here and watch while you masturbate. It would
be nice if you could cum standing up, but if that
becomes difficult please feel free to sit or lie on the

Sheila looked a dismayed, but she stepped out of
the G-string, kicked it away with one of her heels, and
immediately held her breasts, down at them
while she gently stroked their bare tips with her
thumbs. Then, with closed eyes, she raised her fingers
to her shaved armpits and trailed them down her sides
to her hips and around to her inner thighs before
squeezing her mons veneris with one palm and her gently
swelling belly with the other. (Kevin noticed that,
outside her jeans, Mandy’s hand pressed onto her own

Her feet wide apart, Sheila separated her vaginal lip s
with two fingers of each hand and began to
them, first gently and then with steadily increasing
intensity. The muscles of her hips and buttocks
tightened and her breasts strained against the filmy
cloth containing them. Suddenly she thrust two fingers
deep into her vagina and pressed her clitoris firmly
with another. The only sound came from panted breaths
escaping her parted lips.

For their part, Mandy and Kevin held their breaths as
Sheila kept her fingers motionless for what seemed an
interminable time. Then abruptly the fingers in her
vulva began to piston in and out of their slippery
envelope and the finger on her clitoris began to
revolve rhythmically. At the same time her pelvis
thrust against the fingers within and on it and her
heavier breathing caused her out-thrust bosom to swell
and tremble.

She maintained this excited motion for what seemed to
her audience to be a very long time. Just as suddenly
as she had begun, she stopped and, without removing her
hands, rested, her head thrown back, her eyes still
closed, her mouth open, her breasts rising and falling
as much as the brassiere would allow. And then, with
one mighty shove she buried her fingers in her vagina
and, furiously rubbing her clitoris, came with an
ecstatic cry, her entire body shaking with tension’s

And still she stood, though she swayed on her high
heels. When the convulsions subsided, she moved her
feet together, put her hands at rest behind her, and
stood very straight.

“Number One!” she said with a smile. Kevin looked at
Mandy, who rather sheepishly took her hand away from
her groin. He then glanced at his watch.

“About thirty minutes,” he said. “At that , we
should get many more before noon.”

“I doubt that,” Mandy commented. “The next ones will
take longer and may not even be possible.”

“Is that true, Sheila?”

“I don’t know,” Sheila replied.

“So we’ll just have to find out. Won’t we?”

“Yes,” Sheila said.

“Take off the bra. I think it’s time we let the tits
loose,” Kevin said. Without her brassiere Sheila
totally naked except for her mules, which Kevin had
determined she would retain all morning.

“Sometimes I wish I had breasts like that,” Mandy

“Why?” Kevin asked, puzzled because he thought the
plain white blouse she wore bulged very nicely indeed.

“They’re enough not to sag but full enough to be
a good handful,” she replied. “Mine literally droop.”

“I liked it when they ‘drooped’ onto my chest the other
day,” Kevin smiled at the memory. Mandy returned his
smile. (They both ignored the silent and demurely naked

“That’s right, you couldn’t see them, could you?”

“I had a towel over my eyes, you may remember.”

“I’m tempted to show them to you now, but you probably
don’t any diversion from your ‘experiment.'”

“Oh, I don’t know, another bare-bosomed woman might be
just the thing to bring on the next orgasm.”

“You don’t fool me!” Mandy laughed as she unbuttoned
her shirt and slipped it off. “You just to see my
naked titties.” Her bra followed her shirt onto the
floor. “And here they are!” She leaned forward and
dangled her heavy breasts before him.

Kevin looked at them appreciatively. “Very nice,
indeed,” he said, “You’re welcome to ‘droop’ them over
me any time you to. But I serious, partly at
least, when I said your bare bosom could help generate
Sheila’s next orgasm. More than that, though, would you
be interested in fondling her to climax while I watch?”

“May I? I’d love it!”

“Then she’s all yours. Bring her off as quickly as you
can, though. I haven’t given up on a grand total of at
least four. Ready for ‘O number 2,’ Sheila?”

“I’m ready,” Sheila replied and ruffled her pubic hair.

Mandy held her own abundant breasts in her hands and
gently rubbed their button-like nipples against
Sheila’s spikes before taking her friend fully
into her arms. Their four breasts pressed close
together, Mandy rubbed her jeans against Sheila’s naked
groin. As she did so, she placed her lips on those of
the dark-haired woman.

Sheila returned the kiss with a passion that surprised
Kevin, who realized he learning for the first time
that his wife capable of ardent sex with another
woman. Without breaking the kiss, Mandy caressed
Sheila’s shoulders and back, finally reaching the
buttocks, which she kneaded with her finger tips.

Sheila’s response slowly to rotate her pelvis
against Mandy’s jeans and to nestle her cereal bowl-
sized breasts against the milk jugs opposite them.
After a few moments, the two female bodies literally
writhed against each other. Mandy’s fingers wrapped in
Sheila’s hair ensured that their glistening lips and
flicking tongues did not lose contact.

Sheila reached between their bodies, separated her
vaginal petals, and then ground her open vulva and
exposed clitoris against the coarse cloth concealing
Mandy’s corresponding organs. Seconds later, Sheila’s
body stiffened and shoo Her knees buckled and only
Mandy’s tight embrace kept her from sinking to the
floor. When her legs would hold her again, Mandy
released their lips, fell to her own knees and planted
a moist kiss on her friend’s already moist nether hair.

Sheila, her eyes glazed, smiled at Kevin. “Number Two!”
she said.

“That beautifully done,” Kevin said to Mandy, who
still kneeling on the floor. “And expeditiously,
too. It’s exactly eleven o’clock with time for two more
orgasms before noon.”

Mandy stood and shook her long blond hair. “She can’t
do it, she simply can’t do it.”

“What do you think, Sheila?” Kevin asked. “Are you
still willing to try?”

“Of course,” Sheila replied. “A slave obeys orders and
I’m a slave.”

“But you look like a rather exhausted slave,” Kevin
said kindly. “Lie on the sofa and relax a bit.”
Gratefully, Sheila stretched out on the large divan
with her feet together and her head on a throw<b>
pillow. </font></b>She folded her hands on her abdomen and closed
her eyes.

“She’s really very beautiful,” Mandy said. “Thank you
for letting me make her.”

“It’s I who should thank you. It took you less than
twenty minutes to elicit her second orgasm. But it must
be a frustrating for you not to climax, too,”
Kevin replied. “Only a . And I didn’t mind, after
all, I knew her orgasm what really important.”

“I’ll make it up to you some day if you me to, of

“Is that a promise?” Mandy grinned broadly.

“That’s a promise,” he declared with emphasis. “But now
we must make haste toward ‘O number Three.’ He sat on
the couch beside his recumbent wife and put his hand on
her thigh. “Are you ready, Sheila?”

Sheila opened her eyes. “I guess so,” she answered a
trifle hesitantly. Kevin combed his fingers through her
luxuriant damp hair and said, “We’ll take it slow and
easy. All you have to do is focus your mind on your
clit.” She nodded and closed her eyes again. He went to
a side table, opened a drawer, took out a dildo, and
noticed that Mandy’s eyes widened at the size of it.

“I wish my prick this big,” he said.

“You don’t have to,” Mandy said, “it’s not the size
that matters, it’s what you do with it and I have
evidence that yours is a whole lot more than
satisfactory in that regard!”

“It’s kind of you to say so,” Kevin responded, seating
himself again at Sheila’s side. He laid the vibrator on
the sofa, gently massaged her belly, and then cupped
her breasts, which he fondled tenderly while he
moistened their nipples with his tongue. She responded
with soft purring sounds, raising her bosom to welcome
his ministrations.

“May I help?” Mandy asked hungrily.

“No,” Kevin replied quickly, “this orgasm is mine.”
Without replying, Mandy seated herself nearby and
cradled her bare breasts in her hands, reconciled to
being an observer.

Kevin eased Sheila’s legs apart and studied the ever-
strange region between her thighs. How exotic this
familiar female anatomy would always be and how
enticing, how desirable, how exciting. He slipped a
finger into the cavity hidden by puckered skin and
hooked a knuckle around her pelvis bone to press upon
the so-called G-spot, which corrugated in
comparison with the smoothness of the tunnel leading to

Sheila raised her hips and exhaled. Keeping his finger
buried in her vagina, Kevin switched on the vibrator
with his free hand and moved it on her pelvic area,
coming to rest over her clitoris. He did not press down
but let it hum lightly on the hood of flesh that
shielded the focal point of her excitation.

Sheila exhaled “Aaah,” and stretched her body,
luxuriating in the exquisite pleasure. Slowly Kevin
moved the vibrator into the velvety canal between her
clitoris and the entrance to her vagina. He held it
there while he extracted his finger from her warm
interior and used it to move away the hood, revealing
her tiny “female penis,” red and pointed in arousal.

She flinched when he unexpectedly touched it with the
tip of his tongue, but when he continued to lick she
responded with rhythmic movements of her pelvis and a
look of something approaching bliss on her face. He
momentarily interrupted his attention to her clitoris
exciting to him as well as to her in order to insert
the delicately buzzing vibrator into her vaginal
cavity, where he held it as he returned to her almost
infinitesimal focus of arousal.

He had barely begun to tongue when she erupted in
orgasmic spasms that racked her body not once, but
many, many times. Kevin did not even dream of leaving
her body until she had completed this most massive
orgasm of the morning. Sheila didn’t open her eyes, but
merely clutched her breasts and opened her thighs
further when she triumphantly said, “Number Three!”

“That more than number three,” Mandy observed. “I
think you should count it as three, four, five, and
six, at least.”

“No matter how you count,” Sheila said from the couch,
“it’s not enough. I more, more, many more!”

“She’s kidding,” Mandy declared.

“Are you kidding?” Kevin asked.

“Definitely not!” Sheila sat up and thrust her pert
breasts forward. “And I’m ready now.”

“It’s only :20. Maybe you can get two more in before
twelve,” Mandy said.

“No need to get sarcastic, Mandy,” Kevin said. “She
seems really to mean it.”

“I know. I’m jealous that’s all.” Kevin chose to ignore
that and facing Sheila, proceeded to take off all his

“This time,” he said, “we’ll do it the way it should be

“It’s really not fair to waste that lovely tool on
her,” Mandy interjected. “She’s already had as many as
six orgasms. Use it in a woman who’ll really appreciate
it me!”

“Now, Mandy,” Kevin said gently, holding his erect
penis in his hand, “you know I can’t do that.”

“I’m sorry,” she replied, “but I’m so horny I can’t
stand it. Don’t worry, though, I can handle that
myself.” She stood, stripped off her jeans and panties,
and stuffed three fingers into her vagina.

“That’s a good . You’ll feel better in a few
minutes,” Kevin grinned.

“I’d better!” Mandy declared, but she smiled, too.

He then turned his full attention to his naked wife
who, despite her declaration that she desired another
orgasm immediately, still flushed and quivering
from the last one. “Really, Sheila,” he said, “I think
we ought to wait until you’ve rested some more.” She
leaned forward, rested her elbows on her knees, and
stared at his penis as though she had never seen it

“No,” she breathed, “I it. I it inside of me.
I to feel it move inside of me. And I it
now.” He took her hand, indicating that she should
stand, and held her , compact body in his arms.
With her erect nipples squashed against his chest and
his upright penis compressed between their equally
denuded bellies, he kissed her tenderly. Then, his lips
moving against hers, he murmured, “I to do you
doggie style here, on the floor.”

“Any way you wish,” her lips brushed his in reply,
“just so you do me.”

Kevin relaxed his grip on her buttocks and her body
flowed from his arms to the carpet, coming to rest on
her elbows and wide-spread knees, her raised bottom
prepared for his entry. He knelt behind her and
carefully opened the double doors to her womb with his
fingers. The reddened juicy interior beckoned but he
contented himself with passing a thumb over the taut
pin at the base of her vertical opening. Sheila gasped
and pressed her breasts to the floor, which raised her
lower offering even further.

He held her slippery portals of flesh apart with the
wide-spread fingers of one hand and, with the other,
positioned his now throbbing penis at the open door
thereby provided. Slowly, oh, so slowly, he entered
until he fully inserted, his hardened testicles,
unable to follow, pressed against her quivering facade.
He rested his hands on the rounded twin hills framing
the cavity his rigid appendage visited and remained
motionless for the moment it took to observe Mandy, her
gaze intent on the coupling of her married friends,
feverishly manipulating her own center.

He then began his exploration of Sheila’s intimate
portion by deliberately moving within it. His right
hand gripped her right cheek but his left moved beneath
his testicles to touch her clitoris and press a finger
upon it. Thus holding her body between his hands, he
increased his movements, both penis and finger.

Sheila moved with him, moaning at first and then crying
out, “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck me!”
And fuck her he did, pounding into her with such force
that only his grasp of her buttocks kept her in place.
She came then with a mighty shove upward onto him and
an ecstatic scream that pierced the heretofore
stillness of the morning. Her knees refused to support
her further and Kevin gently allowed her to sink to the
floor, his still erect implement slipping reluctantly
from its sheath.

At the sight of his beautifully pulsating erection,
dripping with Sheila’s secretions, Mandy’s orgasm
exploded also and her lovely naked body quivered
rigidly in the chair where she sitting. Sheila
raised her head and, before, dropping her cheek back to
the floor, said blissfully, “Number Four!”

Kevin sat beside her and possessively caressed her
spine. He looked at his watch. “There’s ten minutes yet
available,” he said, “but I think we’ll let the record
stand at four orgasms or, if Mandy has her way, seven.”
Sheila turned on her side and propped her head on one

“It four,” she said definitely, “the others were
merely aftershocks.” She smiled then at her unadorned
female friend, “We should count yours, too, and make it
five!” Suddenly she sat bolt upright. “It should have
been six. Kevin, you didn’t come!”

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