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My Art and Practice of Yoni Massage3/29/2020  0  
massage vids with lots of oil?3/26/2020  6  
"I don’t even like your type of pain... We just fit together like wet on rain..."12/15/2019  6  
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Love to have a male massage my breasts.4/17/2019  20  
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"I've seen you in my fantasies - protagonist of dirty dreams" - for my dancers4/6/2019  3  
The encounter...a letter to her3/20/2019  0  
Bombay Diva3/12/2019  1  
Such a Good Imagination3/4/2019  0  
Spa Day!12/29/2018  1  
A Dud, And A Redemption12/19/2018  12  
Hot wife getting naughtier. I invited my husband watch me fuck two men!12/5/2018  13  
Moments between us11/8/2018  0  
Have you ever fallen in and out of love 10 times in 45 mins...10/3/2018  9  
Again I have been a very naughty hot wife. I fucked three men in one night on my own!10/2/2018  5  
Unexpected Expectations. A Poem9/5/2018  2  
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Sensual Emails5/4/2018  0  
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This is what I get for caring what other people think😣2/24/2018  10