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i want to screw nice young ass11/25/2021  0  
anyone serious an real11/12/2021  0  
Did They Really Mean to Say That?11/1/2021  12  
November...11/1/2021  4  
Remeber the Duck Tail and Poodle Skirts?????10/30/2021  17  
Saw the new neighbor for the first time...10/28/2021  4  
Looking for a Black Bull to screw my wife NJ10/22/2021  0  
Looking for a Black Bull to screw my wife NJ10/22/2021  0  
Favorites10/20/2021  1  
FuCkToBeR10/12/2021  1  
The unicorn 3, What starts in the bathroom gets moved to the bedroom.10/3/2021  2  
Hanna Ann10/3/2021  1  
Playtime for baby9/27/2021  10  
Playtime for baby9/27/2021  3  
take me part 2939/14/2021  0  
Keeping the bedroom hot and alive9/7/2021  10  
Quote Of The Day: 9-6-219/6/2021  7  
Odd Jobs8/22/2021  0  
Sassy Lassy8/21/2021  0  
FWB vs. NSA vs. FB - Setting the record straight.8/17/2021  4  
Love to screw but don't drive do live alone so I can entertain anytime you like7/30/2021  0  
My first and last vibrator7/28/2021  0  
Dating sites disolution7/20/2021  1  
BLOG GLITCHES AND UPDATES ON TSdates.com7/20/2021  22  
When is the group sex!7/11/2021  0  
Take me part 1427/3/2021  1  
Going to work before I go to work....6/28/2021  6  
Love - Sometimes It Is Scary But Never Too Late To Come6/26/2021  7  
I still have two days...6/25/2021  4  
I really thought she was a scammer!6/18/2021  2  
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Boxes6/12/2021  2  
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Screwing with a scammer...5/22/2021  1  
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"Friends"...5/12/2021  14  
nympho or addict5/12/2021  2  
*&^ Boy I messed that up5/9/2021  7  
Why today? Why not.4/28/2021  14  
Call from the Doctor....4/19/2021  6  
Didn't even make it to the bedroom4/17/2021  2  
Myself, so very bare & in your lap ... whisper # 9.4/14/2021  0  
Fucked a friends husband4/11/2021  7  
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Changing Gears....4/1/2021  4