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Dont take shit too serious..Lifes too damn short12/7/2021  0  
Baby please be kind to me12/4/2021  0  
Lets exchange fantasies12/4/2021  0  
Do not be surprised12/2/2021  13  
Within the Heart w/pics12/2/2021  6  
The Nature of Self Discovery12/2/2021  0  
Why Am I Here12/1/2021  0  
**** Your December Love Forecast ****12/1/2021  15  
The Dong Dynasty12/1/2021  11  
I Am11/30/2021  20  
Interests and Desires11/30/2021  0  
"Sweet Dreams Are Made of These..."11/29/2021  0  
After Shower...11/28/2021  0  
Coercion11/27/2021  0  
Control11/27/2021  3  
Frustrated Submissive11/26/2021  0  
She Deserves a Toy11/24/2021  0  
Princess on intro to humiliation and forced exhibition11/20/2021  3  
A Fantasy at Work...11/19/2021  5  
Secret desires11/19/2021  12  
Cross Dressing and Cock Sucking11/17/2021  8  
Free for six day.11/15/2021  0  
Radiated w/pics11/14/2021  6  
Sensual Caress w/pics11/13/2021  8  
HRT is working!!11/12/2021  3  
Bubbles and romance11/11/2021  2  
Why Size Matters11/10/2021  6  
We are a happily married couple that enjoy sex with each other and others11/9/2021  0  
So I'm looking for a relationship elsewhere (or here), but fun on here until so. Filters, fakes etc11/8/2021  0  
How is this fair? Kind of prejudicial and double standard because I'm a guy! Told I'm not Bi enough11/7/2021  0  
Bye Bye11/7/2021  0  
Dark Lust w/pics11/7/2021  7  
Dedication to Sensual Deities w/pics11/6/2021  5  
I am a very submissive bi man that you can use as you want to!11/5/2021  0  
How fncked up is  0  
Knowing How to Truly Engage A Woman Like Me11/5/2021  9  
Comfortable silence11/4/2021  2  
What we are looking for...11/3/2021  1  
Erotic Fantasies w/pics11/2/2021  5  
I'm selfish11/1/2021  1  
**** Your November Love Forecast ****11/1/2021  15  
Amorous Incantations w/pics10/31/2021  6  
My Submission10/30/2021  0  
Slave10/30/2021  0  
Inquiring Minds Want To Know10/30/2021  14  
Mistress10/29/2021  1  
Calling all freaknasty sluts!10/28/2021  2  
PART2 How it started.10/27/2021  0  
Hide and Seek10/27/2021  0