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Wednesday Musings
Posted:May 13, 2020 3:28 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 9:34 am

Is working from home the new norm? For now, it is. The impression I got from a town hall meeting that my office had was that the soonest the higher ups may start moving folks back to an office environment is the end of June. I am hoping I will be able to continue to work from home, it's going well, though I do miss my co-workers. The co-workers that I had become close to text with me back and forth throughout the work day so I am staying in touch with them.

I've got a vacation planned for June. I'm going to the beach with my , -in-law and two amazing grandchildren. I will be the beached whale hanging out with them and you know what, I'm fine with that...who knows when I will get motivated to get back to watching what I eat and exercising!! Anyway, I went all out and bought a 1st class airline ticket, roundtrip.. I'm excited because I've never flown 1st class before, so this will be a new adventure!!

I do have a dental appointment this evening. I''m kind of nervous about actually going out and to a doctor's office, even though it is the dentist's office. It's time to start getting back to maintenance and up-keep appointments like the dentist.

What I'm looking forward to is when my hair appointment gets rescheduled. I looked on my calendar today and I was supposed to go to the hair dresser back around 04/08/2020. I'm trying to be patient but every time I look at myself in the mirror, I realize how much I need a haircut!!!

I learned something new in the realm of psychology. My ex-husband was guilty of the flying monkey syndrome!! This is where a narcissist has someone participate in some form of abuse. In my particular case, my ex-husband would encourage our oldest , our , to follow me around all day long, yelling, screaming and eventually, physically beating me up. I kept this to myself for years because these type of things didn't happen in "good" families...did they? My and I have always had a love/hate relationship, which affects me more around holidays or special days. Mother's Day is a definite trigger date for me. We are currently not on speaking terms, as well as no other form of communication, especially social media...sad but that's the way it has to be. I can't be subjected to her crap over and over again.

Other than discovering flying monkey syndrome, I've had a good work week so far. Time to head to the dentist and see how that goes. Happy Wednesday!!!
Rainy Tuesday
Posted:May 12, 2020 9:29 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2020 3:05 pm

The weather continues present unseasonably cool temperatures and lots of blasted rain. I had turn the heat this morning because the house temperature had dropped down 65 degrees and that's just too cold to function outside of the bed and covers.

I had the pleasure of enjoying my friend, J. last week. He came over and we masturbated for each other and then he played with my pussy until I got off on a bigtime orgasm and then I told him nasty stories while he masturbated himself.

We got high, got naked, masturbated and talked. It was a good way to spend an evening. Yes, we violated the distance socializing in that we were less than 6 ft apart while we masturbated. We both needed the physical, sexual outlet.

Even though I make do with masturbating myself with my various toys and the fantasy sessions in my head, it is nice to change it and have a real live person here with nasty .

I think we are supposed start warming a bit temperature wise tomorrow with a gradual heat wave coming in but thunderstorms are predicted for the rest of the week as well.
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Another Rainy Day - Friday
Posted:Apr 24, 2020 7:23 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2020 10:43 am

Dear Gawd, It is ANOTHER rainy day here in Tulsa. At least it is Friday!!! I have my yard scheduled be mowed and edged on Friday mornings but postponed the yard maintenance next Friday as it's just too wet and it is getting ready to rain some more. I don't want my yard guys sinking their mowers in my front yard!!!

Just another dreary day here in Tulsa!
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Posted:Apr 23, 2020 6:08 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2020 6:56 am

It's cloudy and a cool 56 degrees outside. I have been sleeping so hard lately that when that alarm goes off, I'm scrambling trying turn it off and justify getting 15 more minutes of sleep in.

I managed pull myself up and out of bed after the alarms went off and managed get my bed made, get dressed and into the living room/makeshift work space and get the TV turned on in there and get my day started.

Coffee. Gotta have those morning cups of coffee which have multiplied in how much coffee I consume for my work day. At least I'm usually done with my coffee by the latest, :00 am.

I've got get with it and get some yearly training done as there appears be several courses that I have complete at various times through the month of May. My immediate supervisor likes make sure we complete required individual annual training courses before the month that they are due. So, off training I go.

Have a great Thursday!!!
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Posted:Apr 18, 2020 9:01 am
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2020 6:07 pm

The days run into each other, I did realize it was Saturday as I laid there in my bed and tried to wake up. I was so tired yesterday. There was a crazy amount of information/material rolled out this week on the various changes that are going to be happening with the department I work with/for. Good changes, changes that should have happened years ago but because of COVID19, the department is pushing to finally bring itself into the 21st century. There is an all out push to go paperless, totally and completely which is HUGE!!!

It will take years to accomplish but I think EVERYONE is on-board and it will happen. It will be a GIANT clusterfuck but eventually there will be some semblance of flow to the processes again.

I've been home alone now for 30 days. My brother is going to come to Tulsa today and bring me a couple of masks that he has that may help me be able to mask up in public without have major panic attacks. Apparently the masks he's bringing are heavy duty and semi-hard so they don't lay right on my mouth and nose, which is what is freaking me out, I feel as though I'm going to suffocate with my current medical mas

This will be the first person that I've actually interacted with live and in person.

I'm also supposed go a funeral home for one of my best friend's mother's viewing. Her mother died this past week of natural causes, she was 97 years old and she died. My poor friend is having a VERY difficult time coming grips with the fact that there are no official funerals and the funeral home agreed have a viewing today but only one person at a time. My friend is down at the funeral home for this viewing from :00 am - 4:00 pm I am pretty freaked out that I need go and I will, it's just got all freaked out because I've come this far with the social distancing and was not able even go view my own grandmother's viewing/burial.

So, I'll venture out later today to be there for my friend. I've made up my mind that I'm only going to be staying 20 - 30 minutes. Then I'll be back home safe and sound.

I've been doing some , calculating on whether or not I can afford to do an outdoor living space that will include a dual temperature swim spa. I want to take out all the green that currently surrounds the crumbling patio that I currently have, that is covered in those tiny pebbles that cut your feet when you try to walk across it barefooted. I want to take out all that is there and lay a concrete slab that will be plain, simple, perfectly draining and so easy to walk across and right to the swim spa. I can envision it, it will be super simple but VERY functional, I'm working on the direction I want to go with the financing but I may have to wait on it all until businesses and government open back up and I get my property down in southeastern Oklahoma sold. I feel that I need to move and do this outdoor living space addition now, not wait, get it done so I can enjoy it. The actual install of the dual temp swim spa won't take but a day or but preparing the pad for it and
getting the patio slab laid will take a couple of weeks from what my research is providing . I've seen some pools being installed in the neighborhood over the past couple of weeks when I've ventured the grocery store and it makes want make some calls and get my own project underway.

It would be a lot of but I have my heart set on doing this project. I want be able enjoy my home over the next years. If I continue put it off, I will never do it.

Other than the trials and tribulations of being quarantined and thinking about what life is going be like as the country opens back up...life is pretty dull and boring.

Happy Saturday!!!
Masturbatory Observations
Posted:Apr 10, 2020 7:26 am
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2020 8:23 pm

I'm still trying decide if I'm okay with this sheltering in place situation. Not that I have much choice, but it has created a multitude of emotions.

I am working from home. I am eternally grateful that I have a job, that I am able still get a paycheck and keeps busy most of the day. I like that I work the early shift which starts at 7:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. I have plenty of day light get whatever I need get done before dark, especially with the daylight savings time in place.

I have gained about hours back into my life not having to commute to and from wor 50 minutes each way wasn't bad. I call it my transition time. But no need for that now. I have decide if I'm going have a wine cooler after I finish my shift...after all, it's 5:00 pm somewhere!!!

So, gaining hours back into my life since I don't commute to work and back, well, I've got some time to indulge myself in some satisfying masturbation!!!

I decided to get my g lass dildo out with my favorite vibrator. I love how full my vibrator makes my pussy feel, not to mention how great the rotating pearl like beads are in the shaft, then there is the little bunny that vibrates and tickles my clit...it is truly heaven between my legs!!!

Well, last week I decided to take the glass curved penis and suck on it...OMG!!! That was such a thrill!!! I had a most incredible orgasm by sucking on the glass dildo and fucking my pussy with my vibrator. It was amazing!!! Not to mention how quickly I came!!!!

I tried it again yesterday and same result, a much quicker than expected orgasm of delightful proportions!!!

Just sharing my most recent masturbatory observation!!
Sunday Reflections
Posted:Mar 15, 2020 10:32 am
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2020 8:28 am

Here I am sitting here with my favorite coffee, watching a news station, listening all the information coming out on the Corona-virus. There are several thoughts/questions/conclusions that I've come with all this time, home alone, a sort of self quarantine experiment for this weekend.

I am NOT liking that there are none of the March sports for 2020 in the works. March Madness for college basketball. No Big Dance. Good grief, this afternoon was supposed be the highly anticipated Selection Show. I LOVE March Madness!!! This is a HUGE disappointment.

No Masters' Golf Tournament build up for the tournament in April. ARGHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE Professional Golf, I love watching Men's Professional Golf. It is a weekend watch from the beginning of golf season in February/March...yep, it is not good for Saturday/Sunday Sports watching.

I am glad to hear that professional athletes are stepping up and donating so that the sports world workers that help make the various games, tournaments and anything to do with college and professional sports are going to get paid. Needless to say, this is part of the overall economic disaster.

Next, if I stay home and don't get out and about, don't go shopping unless it is for items/food that I can't live without. I discovered yesterday that I have a good supply of toilet paper to get me through another couple of weeks. That is if I am very mindful of how much TP I'm using with each bathroom visit. With my special health issues (angry colon, a/k/a as Crohn's Disease) if I adhere to the use of 3 to 4 squares of TP and one personal wipe per bathroom visit, I should be able to make it till the TP supply in the stores has been restored to some extent. Good thing I postponed my colonoscopy that was scheduled for this coming work week because I could not have been able to get through the preparation for the colonoscopy without excessive TP use.

From what I'm hearing on the various news channels there is a big push for ALL "non-essential" government employees to go home and telework instead of coming into the office every day. I have no doubt that my non-essential government office is taking pro-active measures to get the pilot program that began back at the beginning of January into full swing. I left the office at noon on Friday and the wave of emails regarding who is eligible for teleworking and what needs to happen with regard to the signing of contracts and such got well underway Friday afternoon. I'm excited about getting to work tomorrow morning to see if I will be one of the eligible workers that gets to start teleworking from home here in the next week or so.

I think my office learned a very valuable lesson in February when Influenza A made a rapid, wide sweep of our office. I keep telling everyone that asks that this year, getting Influenza A was worse than when my colon ruptured and had to have 13" of colon removed. I have not been so sick with everything from throwing up, diarrhea, stuffed up head, severely congested chest, terrible cough that is just now going away. Coupled with all the medications that I am on trying to keep my Crohn's disease under control, I have a VERY compromised immune system. I was ever so conscientious back before I get sick with Flu A about washing my hands throughout the work day, spraying with Lysol and wiping down everything, everyday with Clorox wipes...I've even added the clothes washing additive from Lysol to help sanitize my laundry, bedding, towels, clothes. Even taking all those measures as well as getting a flu shot back in October, I still got Flu A. Getting to work from home will be a blessing for me, if I am not around other folks that may have been exposed, the better the odds that I won't come down with this Covid19!!!

How much more time will I spend online working from home??? Probably quite a bit more because I will have a separate lap top for work and then my personal lap top...so, yes, I will be online a whole lot more throughout the work day!!!

So, the above is all that is going on in my world. I have taken time to masturbate to release some of that pressure. I was able to enjoy my long time nasty friend last Saturday when we met for lunch, smoked some pot, got high, got naked and enjoyed each other's sex. He was able to provide a most incredible orgasm from eating my pussy. Oh MY GOD, I came hard and pretty long for me. My womanly juices flowed. I felt a HUGE wave of relief come over me. I was able to talk him through a very powerful jerking off of his cock while I licked and loudly sucked on his cock in-between his purposeful hand strokes. That was a fun and successful get together.

I am looking forward to seeing what this upcoming work week is going to bring...
Things They Are A'Changin'!!!
Posted:Mar 14, 2020 12:32 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2020 4:1 am

So, I handled the 1 year anniversary of my husband's death. I visited his grave site find a pic I am guessing was left by his step- that he did not adopt. This was the step that thought my man was "giving" him the farm upon his death.
This step called "the bitch that stole the farm" out from underneath him. Seriously, in this world if you don't have it in writing, why would one assume anything?
Yep, I'm that bitch that is taking care of herself!!

So, there was a pic at the bottom of my husband's headstone of the family with wife #3. This gal had 4 when she married my husband and because there were several baby daddies involved in the creation of the 4 , she would not let my husband adopt any of her . (THANK GOD!!!!) So, it was strange to find a pic sitting at the base of the headstone of my deceased husband. It is good that whoever brought this pic was able to spend some time there at the grave site. Funny, but of the four in that marriage came Tulsa one time each when they heard their DOD (Dear Dad) was really sick and about die. Only once in the 15 that we lived here in Tulsa.
Thank goodness the National Cemetery has rules on grave decorations so whatever floral or whatever it was besides the pic had been removed on the most recent flower pick up date. The pic was left because it was up against the headstone. I took the pic and have since shredded it along with all the other pics my husband had from that marriage. No sense in me keeping them and I REALLY enjoyed shredding all those pics!!!

Okay, so as this work week progressed it became real clear that this Corona virus has freaked the whole country out...so much so that when I decided I could not live without the orb water fountain that was at my local wholesale club, I made a list of a few other household items I needed, toilet paper being one of those items. Well, guess what???????? There was absolutely NO TOILET PAPER in that big ol'store!!!

Not only is there not any toilet paper, there are no Idaho potatoes at the grocery store, all sold out of potatoes...not sure what other food items as I was only interested in what I will eat if I have it in the house.

All week long there were many, many emails from the higher ups in charge of my workplace going on and on about people traveling and having to self-quarantine, which I felt does not apply to me because I don't travel anywhere other than to other parts of my state of Oklahoma. Nevertheless, there is lots of protocol that is being developed for folks that are traveling out of this country...not that anyone I work with goes anywhere either. Okay, well, some people actually travel to other states here in the US.

Yesterday before I took off for the afternoon, there was an email sent to those of us that have not been selected yet nor trained to start working from home. It appears that there is a HUGE push to send the rest of us that meet the initial criteria home to work over the next month or so. Since I left at noon, I did not get the rest of the emails or information about the immediate training that has to happen before we can start working from home. I guess I'll get caught up on Monday of this next work wee

How cool will that be, work from home??? If it will keep me from getting sick with the Corona virus, I'm all for it because my bout with Influenza A back in February was an absolute nightmare!!! Though thinking back on the symptoms that I had with Influenza A matched some of list of symptoms that are listed for the Corona Virus. I wonder if someone tests positive for Influenza A can they also have the corona virus??? Add that question to the rest of those from around the world. At least there are some people that have had the corona virus and recovered from it. Nevertheless, it is getting more real every day.

I have been wondering how long the toilet paper shortage will last. I decided to take a look in my supply cabinet in the garage and I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to find 2 9-roll packs of TP out there. I am thrilled that I will be okay for a couple of weeks or more with the supply I have here at home! That's a relief!
I got my kitchen sink fixed yesterday. That's why I took off for half a day because I was having the heat and air guy come and do the semi-annual check, filter replacement. Since I use the same company for plumbing, I decided it was time to fix the pipes under the sink, as well as check the water pressure of the kitchen sin

I prepared myself that I was going have spend big bucks get the kitchen repairs done. After hours and fifteen minutes I am pleased say that it only cost $300 and the cost of a new faucet!!!

It was a great Friday a difficult anniversary wee

It is rather crazy that there is no March Madness, no Masters' Golf Tournament. With Football season being over. I'm not a baseball fan but I do like watching the Olympics...good grief, this shit is getting REAL!!!!

Stay safe and hang in there...should be an interesting next couple of months!!!
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