That... That... That... MAN!!!  

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That... That... That... MAN!!!

Sometimes I wish I hadn't given up my house phone in favor of my cell phone. Especially when dealing with people like this. There was nothing more satisfying then the old school slamming the reciever into the cradle. Snapping your cell phone shut just didn't have the resonance, but it would have to do. I slammed my slider against my thigh and cut out the grumbling heated voice. I tossed my phone down on the floor and hung my head between my knees, fighting the urge to scream at the phone. It wouldn't have done me any good anyway, I'd hung up remember? The were at school and I was sitting here slowly contemplating how to murder a block head. First I'd kick him really Really REALLY hard somewhere that he would not appreciate it. The shin maybe. Then I'd randomly put paper clips on all his sensitive areas. I was feeling a little better already. I chuckled at the idea of trying to figure out how to put a paper clip on one of his nipples. This pleased me.

I picked up my lap top and sighed down at the screen. I just didn't see it. The evil man that needed to be shot drawn and quartered was my editor. The agent loved the book, the publisher loved the book, I loved the book. But the agent and the publisher agreed, my English sucks. I needed to correct things like spelling and grammar that Microsoft had missed. Stupid software, supposed to save me from myself. But the editor, that sleazy little weasel, he didn't like my "flow" the way my characters came together. He wanted me to change certain parts of the book. Razz and Frazzen sucky bucky little of a Monkey's ass bone. I was looking at the scene in question, trying hard to see whatever the hell he was seeing. He said the scene was too busy, had too much going on. What was too busy. She enters burned out building, finds a still alive but badly hurt boy her own age, she screams... end scene. Ok so she is really wrestling with her emotions here, she's imagining what it was like when it burned... but those things she's imagining are important to the story line. It sets up the idea that she has foresight later. I grumbled. Did he bother to read the rest of the book before he nit picked this part?

I looked up at the clock it was only a little after 8. I had time. I picked up my phone and slipped it in my pocket, picked up the print out version of the book that I'd been going over( it was COVERED in his red ink stupid hand writing) and headed out the door. Mr. Smartass's office was only across town. It didn't take me long to get there, there was probably more swearing at other drivers than necessary.

I stormed in his office and past his fumbling secretary. He was sitting at his desk with his feet up on it reading a manuscript. He looked up startled when I came in. Ok so this wasn't the best choice of business attire. I was wearing my jogging shorts and a tshirt, and a hoodie. My hair was up in pigtails. I had been jogging before he called and ruined my morning. "It's ok Miranda, I'll deal with it." He said to his huffing assistant. She glared at me and stormed out, I walked up and tossed the inked up copy of my manuscript down on his desk. "Did you even READ the whole story before you started suggesting changes?" I asked him, barely containing my anger. I planted my palms on his desk and glared at him. He slowly took his feet down from the desk and picked up the manuscript, flipping all the way to the very last page slowly, every single page had red ink on it somewhere.

"I guess in order for me to have marked every page, I would have had to have READ every page, don't you think?" He said calmly. I glared at him harder, "Looking at it doesn't mean you read it. Shortening the scene in the village is like cutting this story's balls off and telling it to have a happy new year." He'd been about to take a sip of coffee, I could see it ALMOST spray out his nose, but he kept control and swallowed. That just made me madder. Him being able to calmly disect and destroy something I'd been working on for nearly 10 years. He calmly put down the cup, probably deciding that it would not help his disposition if he burned out all of his nose hair with hot coffee. "I think it is just too much, Jo. You have a tendancy to ramble. Talking about a boy that isn't there and he sobbing and crying over the little sword is just more than is necessary." I snorted. "She's got foresight and psychic touch, she picks up the sword and sees what happens, it's part of how she recognizes Gregorio later in the book. Without that scene there is no reason why she would know who he is." He sat forward in his chair, "But why does she need to know who he is, couldn't if just be spontaneous, a chance meeting, instead of a massive bloodbath right from the start?" I threw my hands up. "It's a VAMPIRE novel, there's bound to be blood and guts SOMEWHERE." He shook his head, "It's everywhere, this is one long blood bath from around page 120 on to the end of the book." I wrinkled my nose at him "Well the PUBLISHER likes it the way it is." He stood up and mimicked my posture, leaning across the table with his palms flat, "If the publisher liked it "the way it is"" he mimicked, "then why are you paying me to fix it?" I snarled, "Because I speak English and bad English and I have a little trouble with the English... that's why. Your not being paid to fix the story your being paid to fix my crappy spelling and grammar. You want to write a story write your own!" I smacked my hand down on the desk for emphasis.

He snatched my wrist and pulled me forward his lips crushing into mine. I was pulled off balance and for minute didn't know what to do. I was completely and utterly shocked, his hands found their way into my hair and urged my head to tilt just enough for him to deepen the kiss, his tongue probing into my mouth and stealing whatever else I had been about to say. Slowly he eased back looking over my face like he was trying to decide if I was going to hit him or not. When I didn't do anything but look at him breathlessly, he came around the desk and lifted me so I sat on it. He planted his palms on either side of my hips and pressed his forehead against mine searching my eyes. "I'm not trying to take anything from you, I'm trying to help you." I started to say something and he got me with another earth shattering kiss. His VERY skilled tongue stealing whatever protest was about to escape my lips. I whimpered softly and slowly slide my hands up his chest, pushing his suit jacket off his shoulders. I grabbed ahold of his tie and pulled as I leaned back across the desk my legs winding around his waist in a way that was unmistakable. It also made it perfectly clear that he wanted it too. The bulge just beyond the fly of his smart dress pants rubbed teasingly against my inner thigh.

His hand slid down and twisted one of my hard nipples through the thin material of my tshirt. He slid the zipper on my hoodie down a little lower and slid my shirt up his lips and fingers teasing my breasts over the top of the cups that held them. I moaned softly and he cast a glance over his shoulder. He pulled his tie off and quickly stuffed it in my mouth. Much to my suprise. He then pressed the button on his desk to call his secretary. "Miranda, Ms. Desamado and I are going to be going over her manuscript, please hold my calls." "Yes, Sir." came the prompt reply and he turned off the intercom. His teeth raked harshly over my nipple and another muffled response came from behind his tie. His fingers slide down my stomach and inside my running shorts. Quickly discovering there wasn't anything under them. He moaned against my breast and slowly began to tease my clit. His free hand slid up my arm and urged it above my head, doing the same with the other. I clung to the other side of the desk and arched my body closer to his. It wasn't long before his fingers were sliding within me. testing my wetness as his lips, teeth and tongue ravaged my aching breasts. God it'd been so long I could hardly hold back.

My leg went up over his shoulder and He pulled aside the shorts leaning back to look at my wet sweet center. He released himself from his pants and I blinked at the size of his shaft. My eyes grew wide and he half smirked as he trailed it up and down my slit getting the head good and wet before urging me open I moaned the entire time he SLOWLY slid into me. It seemed like an eon had passed before he was all the way in. For a moment or two he didn't move, his hand slid up my inner thigh and his thumb parted my lips around his shaft. He seemed to enjoy the look of his shaft buried in me so deeply for a second and then his thumb brushed over my clit making my jump like someone had hit me with a live wire. His thumb teased an agonizing circle around my clit and the feeling of him so deep inside me I orgasmed hard. That sly grin still played around his lips as he slowly began moving his hips back and forth. Sliding far out of me until his head was barely within and then pushing forward with infinite slowness until he was completely buried again. My body longed for him to go faster and I arched towards him. He seemed to be enjoying this erotic torture he knew he must be putting me through. I whined and whimpered and he kept his slow pace, still terrorizing my clit with his thumb, one of my legs over his shoulder and his other hand on my breast. I whimpered and began to tremble beneath him, one long continuous orgasm he continued to stretch out. He stopped moving all together. His thumb pressed down on my swollen clit. His fingers pinched around my nipple and his cock just barely inside me. I looked up at him pleadingly.

His smile grew and he pushed forward quickly. Slamming into me so that the breast he didn't have a grip on bounced hard. His hands slid around my hips for leverage and he pounded into me. I couldn't help cumming again and again and again. When he was spent he rested his forehead against my thigh and slowly pulled out. Just leaning there catching his breath for a few minutes. I blinked in sheer amazement. I came in here hating this man and that was the best fuck I'd had in months. I pushed the hair back from my forehead as he backed away and straightened his clothes. I pulled his tie from my mouth. It was wrinkled and wet from me biting down on it. I sat up and pulled my bra back up over my breasts before pulling my t shirt down. He looked at me with smokey eyes and I picked up my red inked manuscript. I walked over to him and slowly pulled him down for a kiss, his hands came around my hips and pulled them against his. His spent shaft spasmed inside his pants, stirring perhaps for round two. He smiled down at me. I smiled up at him.

"The village scene. Stays as is." I patted his cheek at the shocked look on his face and walked out past a very confused Miranda.


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lonelyoldsquid 59M
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11/3/2010 8:44 pm

Good story, makes me wanna be in the editor's shoes

63funseekr 58M

11/20/2010 6:34 am

Hell. I was caught up in the story long before it turned into a vivid encounter. Nicely done!

aaronsforeplay62 59M  
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12/1/2010 5:07 pm

that was pretty smokin' hot

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