Delores Has Nice Boobs.  

utfrangrl 47F
24457 posts
6/12/2019 5:35 am
Delores Has Nice Boobs.

Some photos of my friend Delores from my Naughty Community site group showing and sharing her nice boobs. She not only likes to show her boobs, she also likes to have her boobs played with to. Would you like to play with her boobs?

uncutdevil 37M  
266 posts
6/12/2019 5:42 am

would love to fuck Delores's boobs

sexstarvedme1966 55M
381 posts
6/12/2019 5:46 am

I'd love to play with them. They are indeed nice. Very nice.
Just a pity I can't reach that far!

C8998063 36M
81 posts
6/12/2019 6:11 am


pnlooking4fun 46M/42F
46 posts
6/12/2019 6:14 am

they are nice

hrnybkr 56M

6/12/2019 6:14 am

Definitely Id love to play with them Maybe add some a my cream

gwme1997 42M
16 posts
6/12/2019 6:21 am

Very nice!

Apollorising58 61M

6/12/2019 6:39 am

Yes indeed she does!

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scott6250 59M

6/12/2019 7:50 am

Yes, very nice!

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

BoobsandMore2 83M
571 posts
6/12/2019 8:30 am

Would love to do to them what she is doing to them in No 4 Picture. Pull on those nipples, yes please!

binudecpl4u 66M/62F
48 posts
6/12/2019 10:30 am

We would love not only play with them but suck her nipples too!!

Leegs2012 48M
86905 posts
6/12/2019 11:30 am

Ohhh she has a sweet body!!

TellMeWhatToLick 52M
9 posts
6/12/2019 11:53 am

Delores Has Nice Boobs

nice indeed. they would be wonderful to fuck.

Virgo0893 28M

6/12/2019 1:20 pm

Yes very nice and yummy

Buddieboy11 60M/65F
207 posts
6/14/2019 2:59 pm


pohoja1000 53M  
4 posts
6/16/2019 4:53 am

Delores is quite gorgeous. I'm in love.

Epiphoneguitar 60M
53 posts
7/15/2019 10:53 am

Yes, they are beautiful.

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