High Heels Poll.  

utfrangrl 47F
24457 posts
1/19/2020 7:48 am
High Heels Poll.

High Heels Poll.
Hi blog friends. This is my high heels poll. Vote for the one high heels view you like the best, and feel free comment on the others .

Leegs2012 48M
86905 posts
1/19/2020 8:37 am

Nothing like a pair of high heels on a pair of hot, tone sexy LEGS!! like yours Fran!

undercover_bi469 57M

1/19/2020 9:32 am

I worked as an EMT, brought a woman to the ER that had fallen on the subway stairs in spike heals. The ER nurse (female) told her, " Shoes like that belong in the bedroom, behind your ears." She instantly became all the EMT's favorite nurse. Attitude is everything!

Chubbihorny 50M/39F

1/19/2020 9:46 am

love them all!!!

hotguy1422006 58M
702 posts
1/19/2020 9:47 am

There should be all the above but I pick number 1

dolf1949 72M
40 posts
1/19/2020 10:10 am

Had to vote for 5. Great thighs.

Justaverageone 36M
4 posts
1/19/2020 11:36 am

Beautiful all of them

janrobaz 36M/34F
95 posts
1/19/2020 11:53 am

Like number 3 but all are hot looking.

knl24u 50M/48F
965 posts
1/20/2020 6:18 am

Do like the red heels they are

kgbuds69 33M/31F
926 posts
1/20/2020 7:23 am

Like the white heels look.

swngriders 51M/48F
1399 posts
1/20/2020 8:19 am

Number three is sexy hot looking.

allnitelong2063 57M
230 posts
1/20/2020 9:00 am

I vote #3

rhf44 60M/57F  
36 posts
1/20/2020 12:46 pm

# 3 love the ankle strap and open toes

fitnovaguy 56M

1/20/2020 2:23 pm

I love dainty strappy, open toe, barely-there with high spiked heels

Lickyouright37 40M
16 posts
1/20/2020 8:34 pm

They all look kinda sexy

GrahamLind 46M
31 posts
1/21/2020 1:00 pm

High Heels Poll High heels always look sexy.

mike92hd4928 58M  
23 posts
1/23/2020 10:45 am

I love them all but stilettos are my fav

mattevanscdf 45M
10 posts
1/27/2020 3:41 am

To be honest, you look awesome in any set of high heels. amazing stuff.

brow6902 56M
99 posts
1/27/2020 7:01 am

three or five , both very sexy!

pleaserman9 28M
24 posts
1/30/2020 5:28 pm

High heel very sexy

malecny7 74M  
4 posts
2/10/2020 8:49 am

I like 2 but in black

exhibicionista46 46M
314 posts
2/13/2020 12:12 pm

love them all

sissysummer9 58T
20 posts
2/29/2020 2:43 am

#3 is the hot sissy love all

robin55441 64M
172 posts
4/15/2020 12:11 pm

Just something about red heels that is so hot!

Cosemet1 33M

4/16/2020 7:50 am

I like #1 with the ankle strap and no hose. #1 looks so sexy that I want to run my hand up and down those legs all night

roko_1970 51M
14 posts
4/17/2020 4:29 pm

Definitely number 1 or 3....so 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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