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An Erotic Birthday Present
Posted:Jul 20, 2019 3:04 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2019 7:31 pm

We had been seeing each other for a while and my birthday was coming up. so My girlfriend asked me where do I want go for my birthday. I told her dinner then I will let you know. I told her I wanted her to wear a mini skirt to dinner. She said ok. We go eat a wonderful dinner. We the restaurant.

So she asks me, "So, where do you want me take you now?" I reply, "A topless bar!" she has never been to a topless bar before but was always curious what it was like inside. So she agrees. We enter the bar through a bouncer greets us with a smile. We sit at the bar as she looks around. The bar is long with a stage and several poles. There are all kinds of women dancing. Skinny, chubby, big breasts, small breasts. The bar maid is wearing a skimpy outfit. We order drinks. She looks over toward the rear of the bar where there are couches. On those couches there are several patrons getting private dances from the topless ladies working the club. The DJ is playing the music loud.

She has been anticipating good sex from this night . She has been so appreciative of how I have been treating her and she wants show it by fucking my brains . She's been thinking about it for a of days and the thoughts have been making her very horny. She cant wait have my cock inside her.

She starts observe the girls giving their customers their lap dances. She watches their moves and starts to move her own hips to the beat. The music is roaring and plays a very catchy beat. I whisper in her ear, "I want a private dance for my birthday baby." She smile and nods at my proposition. I grab her hand and lead the way toward and empty area on the couches. I sit down looking at her as she starts dancing. she is enjoying the music as she wants to please her man. She moves her hips and bends over in my , making sure my mouth brushes her cleavage. I grab her tits as she continues dance, making her slightly wet. She stands up do a teaser dance showing me how well she moves her hips. She then bends down kiss me but just a quick kiss it was. The beat of the music, her mans clean smell and now kissing me is turning her on more and more.

She continues dance and bends down her knees in front of me. She grabs my swelled cock and notices I have no underwear on tonight. I am commando and I planned it this way. she continues to massage my tool through my light, thin shorts as my cock is erect. she begins to kneel on the couch in front of me making sure I touch her pert, erect nipples.

My hands, underneath her shirt fondling her chest. She begins to bend forward and I kiss her neck. her pussy is very wet at this point as I begin to touch it under her skirt. I bypass the small stretch of material that is now her soaked underwear and place the tips of my fingers at the opening of her vagina. She moans as she gyrates and my fingers enter her honey hole. The beat is so good and loud she loses her awareness of where she is. She moans but no one hears her through the loud music. My fingers moving in and of her, I pull my hard cock, her skirt covering the action like a blackout curtain. I take my fingers, wet from her passion and rub it on my cock before I enter her. It slides deeply inside her. The incredible feeling of her man's first entry almost makes her cum right there but she holds on. She rides her man the beat of the music as she stares at the mirror in front of her. She rides me harder and harder the beat as bends my ear and tells me she can't take it she's got cum. I tell her I am ready too so let's go. She begins to cum as the music plays, her man cumming with her as she screams. She tries to tighten her pussy as best she can to squeeze every ounce of cum from her birthday . He deserves it. she finally comes down as I whisper in her ear, "That was an amazing fuck you just gave me, I love that. Thank you so much! This is what I hoped you would do me." She climbs off of me find patrons and strippers clapping their hands near us. of the strippers hands her a $20 bill and tells her, "You earned this baby, have a drink on me."

We go back the bar where we laugh, watch some of the dancers have a few drinks and continue on a wonderful evening.
Quick drip
Posted:Jun 18, 2019 9:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2019 7:29 pm

This starts with us making in your house. We do not have much time as you have an important business meeting attend at work very soon. My lips meeting yours as our tongues touch. My hands cradling your .

We are in our underwear in the bedroom. You hold my semi hard tool through my underwear and tease it as it gets more swollen, I start kissing your neck and sucking on it like I have never kissed a neck before. My wet kisses turning you on as you put your hand down my underwear feeling my full cock now.

I pull my underwear off as well as your panties, leaving your bra on.
Your panties come off you wet as you want that cock to fuck you for hours but you do not have time. You want your wet pussy worked over by your man all day long but your business meeting awaits.

You lay on the bed as I feed you my hard tool. you take it in your mouth, licking, sucking stroking it as my hands run up and down your sensitive body. I lick my fingers, preparing to touch the top of your pussy. Your man, knowing the rules of never touching the top of your vagina without wetting them first. My fingers massaging you as if knowing exactly where to go. You spread your legs inviting me to take you as you suck my cock.

Wetness drips out of your hole as my fingers probe your burning vagina, my thumb paying attention to your clit. you taste a little pre cum on my cock getting you even hotter as I grunt trying to get a hold of myself. If I came in your mouth right now you would be just as happy as that would also drive you over the edge as well. However you want your man cum inside you this time. We roll over as I am on my back and go into a 69 position. you are on top of me deep throating my hard cock as I work your cunt over.

I pause a second as I slide over to the edge of the bed where your nightstand is. You think, What's going on? I dig inside the drawer pulling of your favorite toys. The fact that your man is willing to with your toys gives you a loving feeling as you know your quick orgasm is important to him. He knows you need a quick cum session. You at me with great surprise. I pull then turn on your favorite toy. It vibrates and I start to caress the inside of your thighs with it, teasing you. You cannot concentrate on my cock much as I take over your body with my fingers, your toy, and my mouth.

You do your best, sucking my dick in between your moans as you start to cum. I moan and as you down you see cum from your pussy drip down on me. I tell you cum and you oblige by having an intense orgasm, your man controlling when you cum. No man has ever made you cum on command like that. You feel every inch of your body as your tight hole grabs my fingers, your toy stimulating your swelled clit. When you finally come down you are still holding my hard cock.

It is if I awakened a crazed sex maniac inside you as you come of your cum stupor. Now you mean business, you want my cock inside you now, no excuses, little time left. We go from our 69 and you me as you put that cock inside you like you own it. It goes all the way inside you immediately. This is no joke as you are going squeeze the cum of me and you are going cum again as you ride your man.

Time is of the essence as your meeting approaches. You start riding my cock as I slap your ass. you can cum again but you need your man cum. You ride me like the world is ending, our breathing becoming heavy. I tell you fuck my dick as your cum lubes my rod inside you. Finally, I moan telling you I am cumming as you start cum too. We scream together as my cock convulses, spurting its love gravy uncontrollably inside you where it belongs. Making my cock cum brings you an intense orgasm----again. We cum together you collapse on top of me spent, exhausted. My cock softens a little and pulls of you, spent and satisfied. Our cum pours of you, soaking your man's pelvis and the sheets. You roll off me as we sit there laughing about a great time we had. You are late for your business meeting now, so you get dressed as I lay there, my wet cock hanging the side, cum all over it.

You wipe up your wet pussy, wash up, put on your panties and get dressed in your formal clothes and . You smile as you know you worked your man over into a submission on your bed. He will lay there for a while paralyzed by your body.

Shortly after you are at your business meeting at work as you feel our cum leak of you while sitting in your chair. You squirm in your chair as if you are trying put it back up inside you but that is not how physics works. You try your best keep a straight during the meeting as the hotness of our quick lovemaking is distracting you. You cannot get a sentence and shake and nod your head during this important session. You are dying go the bathroom rub yourself all over again but cannot do that right now.

The memory of our lovemaking putting a smile on you now and forever.
Hot date, outdoor dessert
Posted:Jun 17, 2019 9:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2019 9:18 am

This story starts with us about go dinner at a nice restaurant. We have been seeing each other for a while and things are going well. When I called you about the date I told you to wear something light, and casual. It was a nice summer night so you wore a slip on summer dress. I pick you up at your place. We meet kiss and start hug and feel each other up. You are not that hungry except for dessert. You have not felt my cock for a week and you need it bad. You feel my cock and begin massage it as we are at your door. we are kissing passionately. You were getting a little wet before I arrived thinking you want fuck me as soon as I enter the door. in fact you were rubbing yourself waiting for me on your couch. As we kiss I tell you please calm down as I am hungry and I have a nice plan in mind. it will be worth it. You frown as you think about your wet pussy not getting the meat it deserves but you listen and we go into my car.

Our ride to the eatery consisted of rubbing your pussy, soaking your black panties. You are stroking my cock and pull it out as I drive. You start sucking it as we arrive at the place. I tell you, "come on baby we have to eat, we will have time later." Damn, when is this man going to fuck me already? You were ready to straddle his cock right there in the car, in the parking lot. Your pussy is burning and wet. You tell me how your panties are completely soaked. I tell you take them off and go commando, you do so willingly knowing your dress will cover your bare wet cunt.

We enter the restaurant where we eat, smile talk and enjoy a beautiful meal. We have our meal but the whole time you are thinking about thing. Your man's penetration inside you. You can almost cum thinking about it so much. You notice how swelled your nipples are and it is certainly not cold. The waiter comes by ask if we want dessert and before he finishes the sentence you say NO. We get the check where I promptly and you grab my hand quickly leading me the door. your inner wet thighs lubricate you pelvis as you walk the door and into my car.

We get inside my car where you pull my dick as I drive away. You don't know where we are going but you need us get there quickly before you waste a good orgasm. You suck my cock for about minutes when I stop and park. You pick your head up to see we parked at the beach! we get , my cock hanging of its shorts thanks your good work. I go my trunk and retrieve 2 large blankets, a soft cooler and a bluetooth speaker. the blankets are covering my cock as I carry them.

There are very few people here as it is dark. The moon and stars are with a light breeze. we find a secluded spot where we lay the blanket and I tell you lay down for a second. You obey as your pussy drips a small amount of your personal lube. I open the soft cooler and show you I bought you a of your favorite angry orchard flavors. I put a light station on my bluetooth speaker.

I place the 2nd cover over us as you finally get your man where you want him. I lay on top of you as we kiss. You grab my cock and try to put it inside you but I pull away. When is this man going to fuck me already? I start kissing your neck, nibble your ear lobe and work your breasts as you rub your pussy at me, hinting you need me badly. I start kissing you lower and lower my mouth reaches its destination. I start licking and kissing you as you begin cum. you pull my hair and yank my head up ward meet your and command, Fuck me you goddamn tease!!!! "I want cum on your cock you fucker!!!" I oblige my taking my hard cock and pushing it inside you as we into each other's eyes. It fills you up completely and I start fucking you as you hug me with both your arms and legs. I kiss your neck as you see the beautiful moon and stars while looking into the .

You just cant hold it anymore as you cum. waves of explosion overtake you as you involuntary hold your breath for short periods. Looking at the stars as you cum leaves an indelible memory that will last you forever. My hard cock getting soaked by your juices as you yell OMG, OMG. I am still fucking you as you come down. My dick getting harder as I fuck your vagina good. I ask you where you want my cum and at this point you don't care. I say ok this is what I want. I pull of you, my dick the biggest you ever seen. It spurts its man juice all over your belly and as far as your tits. I want show you my shot. I want you know that this is what you do your man as he empties himself on you.

I stop cumming and put my still hard cock back inside you. I lay on top of you so that my sticky cum holds us together like love glue for a few moments. We catch our breath as the ocean waves drown the music. we lay there next each other as wetness still spills of you. We have a few drinks, talk, watch the stars as we made an amazing beautiful memory never forget it. I explained why I teased you so badly. I wanted you see the stars, hear the waves while you came for me. She thought, He was right, it was worth the wait!!!


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