Party or private meet ?  

wendyandblaze 56M/56F
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7/31/2012 3:42 am
Party or private meet ?

Do you prefer to attend swingers parties or meet others in a hotel or home for private fun ? >>!
Rather attend parties and get it on.
Rather meet private for some fun

We are Wendy and Blaze and we love to swap with other couples.

chilenoxx1879 56M
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8/1/2012 7:36 pm

encnatado asistiria

Take_Us_Now 50M/45F

1/7/2013 2:45 pm

For us, the party scene is just not there. We much rather prefer the couple to couple meetings. Going for drinks and some nice talking with each other to get to know what everyone is all about. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes it doesn't go any further. Just depends on the always.

Darbintx 52M
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1/8/2018 5:23 am

I voted for the party but we have gone both ways. Going to the club is always fun, and taking home a couple or two is always fun too!

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