not a swingers party!!  

wickedcat2006 46F  
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5/13/2020 8:46 am
not a swingers party!!

A friend of yours invited you and your partner an adult only couple party..At the party there were couples(your age group). At the party you met a few new couples and an old pal of yours.
After a few hours and lots of alcohol. you feel horny.. you look around and couples are kissing and you start kissing your partner.. a few seconds later you hear moaning.4 out of the couples are nude and making out..
oh baby. it turns into an orgy party..some went into separate rooms and few continue having sex in an area where others could watch..
a few couples were watching and you are so turned on... what would you do?
leave the event
make out with your partner in clear view of others
find a room and make out in there.

Scottjel316 50M
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5/14/2020 11:51 am

It about having a good time

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5/14/2020 2:04 pm



brow6902 56M
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5/15/2020 8:22 pm

full buy it right there, cause its about feeling good and being in the moment.

Sassy000001 50F
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6/1/2020 6:23 am

I don't care who sees me having sex. If they don't like it they can leave. Hopefully I'll attract a few new partners.


DaddysWhore92345 49F
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7/5/2020 12:28 pm

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