Wonderful Conversations A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 52F  
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6/22/2019 11:58 pm
Wonderful Conversations A Poem

I think of him
And I have mixed thoughts.
I am so in awe
Of his consideration.
I love our conversations
About any and everything.

Neither of us
Are perfect human beings.
We are all too aware
Of this fact.
But when we chat
We figure things out
Or get affirmation
On things that
We have done
Or making an attempt.

I guess my only concern
Is that he is attached
He may never leave
His partner of decades.
Our chats are something
That make him feel
Human again
As his partner has
Been non affectionate.

Our loneliness is diminished.
Through these wonderful conversations.
I hope he knows
How very thankful I am
And wish him the best
Of everything.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

yesmamallthetime 52F  
10855 posts
6/23/2019 12:03 am

I will thank you next chance I get...

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

Philherdesire 51M  
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6/23/2019 12:03 am

I am a little concerned..

yesmamallthetime 52F  
10855 posts
6/23/2019 12:06 am

Thank you for your concern. We only chat. He is not local to me. I am thankful for our chats. I know I have kind of learnt hard lessons with guys who have been attached. That is too much drama for me to deal with.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

scoupe42 56M  
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6/23/2019 1:15 am

My friend, I hope someone local comes your way and be your everything.

nite_axn 34M  
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6/23/2019 1:22 am

is it really?

dogslife2live01 67M
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6/23/2019 3:28 am

"As his partner has
Been non affectionate."

and when something is broken
and when he does not seek to fix it
discard it
but seeks someone new to play with
does it not speak volumes
of how it got broken in the first place

there is a world of difference between insanity and stupidity

OldTatted 60M
132 posts
6/23/2019 6:05 am

Sometimes people are so in love with their partners that when things like sex disappear and people seek out other "distractions" doesn't mean that they stopped loving their partner. They just miss the things, like sex and a connection, that they just want to feel them again. It's not like another poster said, broken. Sometimes no sex hurts both partners but the one that still needs it will look for it and try not to hurt their loved one. The person can also feel for the one who gives them that comfort but won't leave their partner even though they have truly "fallen" for "the other."
Just my 2 coppers worth.

warriorholding 53M  
85 posts
6/23/2019 6:21 am

Good to be honest and show how you feel rather than have an 800 lb. gorilla in the proverbial room.

Arunjyoti1975 48M  
1 post
6/23/2019 6:49 am


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